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					                          Math Graffiti
1.    Geometry Teachers know all the angles!
2.    Sphere Not!
3.    Life without Geometry would be pointless.
4.    r or are they round?

5.    Geometers are spatial people
6.    A miss is as good as 1.62 kilometers
7.    Calculus takes it to the limit!
8.    Euler was not a petroleum product
9.    A graph is worth a thousand sets of data
10.       is sum Greek Character
11.        Topology: Why Knot?
12.        Algebraists play the field
13.        A solution that doesn’t satisfy, isnt.
14.        Percentages are one in a hundred.
15.        Formal Proof: A black tie affair
16.      Math isn’t just another four letter word
17.         Logic Lives!
18.      Natural Numbers are better for your health
19.        Decimals have a point.
20.      stirs the imagination
21.     Did Oedipus invent complex numbers?
22.   Riemann was a spaceman
23.   Zero is more than nothing
24.   A circle by any other name is just as round
25.   Calculus has its limits
26.   Support Abstract thinking
27.   Trigonometry is a sine of the times
28.     never dies… it just fades away
29.    Algebra is a radical acti ity
30.    Polly here or Polygon?
31.        Don’t put Descartes before the horse
33.    Geometry is just plane fun
34.    Start counting and let me know when you get to
35.    Logarithm and Blues
36.    Math teachers Make little things count
37.    Was Euclid a victim of corollary thrombosis?
38.    Polar coordinates aren’t arctic fashions
39.    Statistics means never having to say you are certain
40.    Compasses only travel in the best circles
41.        Now you secant… now you don’t
42.    Math teachers are calculating individuals
43.    Living is a school of applied probability
44.    Perfect square… a nerd who never makes a mistake
45.    Is postage required for corresponding angles?
46.    Smoking is the leading cause of statistics
47.    Thou Shalt Not Divide By Zero
48.    Thou Shalt Not Put Other Textbooks Before thee in
  math class
49.    Thou Shalt Show Thy Work
50.    Thou Shalt Honor The Order Of Operations
51.        Thou Shalt Not Do Thy Math Papers In Ink
52.    Thou Shalt Commit The Facts Of Arithmetic To Memory
53.    Thou Shalt Do Unto One Side Of An Equation What Thou
  Doest To The Other
54.    Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbors Paper
55.    Thou Shalt Study
56.    Thou Shalt Do Thine Homework, Even If Thou Thinkest
  Thou Knowest Thy Way To Paradise.

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