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                          STRONGER TOGETHER IN WARRINGTON

                           ENVIRONMENTAL WORKING GROUP

                     MINUTES OF MEETING HELD: 21st April 2009

     Present    Alan Fitzpatrick (Chair)
                Cllr Pat Wright/ John Williams / Lisa Gledhill / Kathy Sephton / Steve Szdunek /
                Claire Ellis / Chris Ball / David Maher / Andy Cutts / Jo Petty / Pat Pointer /
                Sue McChrystal (Minutes)



       Cllr Colin Oliver / Marcella Flanagan / Dave Vasey / Jane Critchley /
       Claire Ellis /

       Minutes of 12th February 2009 were agreed.                                     All to note

       Graffiti NTL Boxes
         - KS informed that going well, StiW Wardens are making a list and they       All to note
           will feed back on monthly basis what has been done.

       Catering Van – Hawleys Lane
       PP informed that catering van is still trading, can’t understand how he can
       continue to trade on a main road.
         - JW informed that Harold Gillicker, Highways Inspector has gone back        JW
           out. Photographs have been taken and he will serve 28 days notice.
           Have also involved Traffic Section to reinforce argument of dangers.
           Problem is Police are not considering it as a danger. Also there is no     All to note
           policy for catering vans, looked at as individual case, however will not
           move on unless considered a danger.


       ‘No Man’s Land’
       AF informed that not heard back from GGH since submitting the quotes for       MF
       tree work and ground work. Will discuss at next meeting with MF.               All to note


       PW raised problem with grass cuttings near the bungalows at Troutbeck
       Avenue and around park.
         - AF informed that KMcC in process of arranging grass collection on          All to note
           mowers. Agreement for grass collection, significant investment
           required. Charged for tipping of commercial/municipal waste. Also
           £17,000 to purchase each machine, (another vehicle).
         - PP stated that Diana Terris came along to Bewsey, grass cuttings
           were everywhere, resident said that she wanted grass cut as good as
           the Town Hall. PP said it was particularly bad on that day.                All to note
         - AF stated that he has a meeting planned for following week with Peter
           Mercer and will feedback concerns. .AF to keep group informed.             AF
         - AF stated that we have a duty of care to blow grass. We will ensure        All to note
           that we do.

       DM stated that sent a list to Kate Whitehead for Graffiti Team for Grassmere
       and Greenwood graffiti to be removed from wooden fences
         - AF informed that a disclaimer for damages has to be signed by              All to note
           residents prior to any work being carried out.
         - AF stated SMc to collate graffiti information                              SMc

       KS has kept CE informed on NTL boxes.
         - AF stated that we need to feed back on actions. Need to alert residents    CE/All to note
           on what has been done.
       Land at rear of Southworth Avenue
       KS informed that she had checked out the land, it was brought out at NAT
         - PW asked if GGH were responsible for the land to rear of fence.
         - KS informed that it was GGH land
         - AF stated that land ownership, issues to be resolved
         - PW stated that garage plots have been sold off to WBC, not GGH, how
            can they own the land?
         - AF stated that historically budget for maintaining brook was to
            Environment Agency and is flailed every 12 months.
         - PW stated that WBC clear above water level, Environment Agency are         All to note
            responsible for under water level, shopping trolleys etc.
         - AF We remove debris that blocks up the waterway, we have done this.
         - KS or LG to speak to GGH, PW advised that PCSO organising with             KS/LG/MF
         - KS not sure what has been agreed with Probation, KS will check with        KS/MF
            MF what in the short term can be done.
         - AF needs flailing, debris removed first. Wild flower area after tidying.   All to note
            Risk Assessments needed prior to Probation clearing.
         - It was suggest that residents could extend gardens
         - AF Alleyway is a public right of way.                                      All to note
         - PW stated that they have done this on other side of Southworth.
         - DM stated that when they went down backs and knocked on doors,

ccdb47ae-5659-48fb-aafd-eecda06ea045.doc)                                                              2
           - there was an armchair in garden, and matching sofa was over back.
           - AF stated that Enforcement Team to look at, prosecute offending          KS
           - AF stated need to make residents aware of the Bulky Waste Collection     CE
             service available and promote the service in ‘Our Street’.
           - DM stated that they had called Enforcement regarding an offence
             committed, thrown kitchen units in brook. Offender prosecuted.
           - AF informed that they try to get Guardian to go to Court who will name
             offenders in their publication. WBC has a policy of do not name and
             shame, but we need publicity to deter people from fly tipping.
           - PP stated that fly tipping one of the major problems raised when
             carrying out surveys.

       AF asked for this to be Agenda Item at next meeting.

       Arena Housing
       KS informed that Dallam were having an open day not heard anything else        All to note
       from Joanne Durdey.

       Still no representation from Arena Housing.                                    KS/AF
       KS to send contact details to AF to progress further

       DM stated that all flats in Vulcan & Valiant are a mess. This is due to the
       high turnover of residents, only usually in occupancy for six months then
       move house.
         - DM suggested flag gardens – walkway to the school.
         - One resident has 3 Rottweiler’s, puts dog excrement in bags and
           throws over the fence, GGH given permission allowing residents to own
         - AF suggested a separate Walkabout –                                        All to note
         - Tell residents they have 2 weeks to tidy up their properties.
       Nothing raised

5.     A.O.B

       Walkabout for 2009/10
       AF stated that Walkabout to be done outside of GGH’s walkabouts.               All to note
       PW is available between 10-12 each day.
       Information to be collated for next walkabouts                                 All to note

       Community Parks
       LG informed that Bewsey Park is one of the 4 parks across the borough          All to note
       chosen, will be brought up to Green Flag standard. Currently in process of
       appointing Park Keepers. Launch each park, residents to get involved in
       their community.

                                       Meeting closed at 11.30am

                                DATE OF NEXT MEETING:
              To take place after information collated following Walkabouts
                           CONFERENCE ROOM, WOOLSTON

ccdb47ae-5659-48fb-aafd-eecda06ea045.doc)                                                           3

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