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					                   The 16th JUDICIAL CIRCUIT
                   JUVENILE JUSTICE BOARD
                           March 9, 2009
                SCHOOL BOARD – TRUMBO ROAD
                     CONFERENCE ROOM

Ms. Kathy Kirkland called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm.

Attendance was as follows:
Teri Beers                           LaWanna Tynes
Alexsa Leto                          LuAnn Diaz
Diana Reagan                         Maureen Kempa
Rev. Dr. Randolph Becker             Heather Carruthers
Rosemary Enright                     Janine Gedmin
Jane Muir-Isherwood                  Kathy Kirkland
Debra Patteson                       Susan Kunas, note taker

Self-introductions were made around the room.


      The February minutes were accepted and approved.


      Ms. Kirkland reported that she participated in a Circuit Board Statewide Chairs
       conference call on Friday. Ms. Vogel was unable to participate due to a scheduling
       conflict. There was an update from the Legislative Affairs Director about the Bills that
       are in front of the Legislature for DJJ. If anyone has any questions about the Legislative
       Bills that regarding DJJ we can send an email question to Yvonne Woodward. Jason
       Welty is the Legislative Affairs Director. He said they are planning on holding these
       conference calls either weekly or bi-weekly while the legislature is in session. One bill in
       particular allows the Department the authority to make a referral to CINS/FINS Services
       program, for all youth age 9 or under, rather than handling them in the juvenile justice
   The other Bills were about the Blueprint Commission’s recommendations, they want to
    re-evaluate the Detention Risk Assessment Instrument every 7 years and have more
    members on the Detention Risk Assessment Instrument Committee. That is the
    instrument that the department and the court use to decide whether a child meets criteria
    to be locked up in secure detention or whether they score for home detention or if they
    are to be released to their parents. They are going to re-evaluate how that scoring is
   The Zero Tolerance bill regarding youth who get expelled from school for certain
    offenses (no matter what the circumstances) passed the Committee in the Senate. School
    Superintendents’ are also supporting this bill.
   There was another Bill about contracts as well as another regarding the Blueprint
    Commission. Ms. Vogel will have more to tell us later about these as the process goes
   Discussion on the Zero Tolerance policy is to make it less restrictive so youth who forget
    the box cutter in their backpack from their job at the grocery store and also youth who are
    being drug tested frequently and have a lot of supervision cannot re-enter the school.
    There are not alternative schools in Monroe County for them to attend. Anyone who has
    questions, please let Kathy Kirkland know and she can email Yvonne Woodward. Jane
    Muir-Isherwood requested a copy of the Zero Tolerance Bill. Ms. Kirkland gave us the
    Bill information, Senate Bill 1540 and it has already passed the Committee and the
    Senate Bill and the House Bill 997.
   A handout was passed out last meeting on the 2009 State Legislative Requests from
    Circuit 11 that RaiEtte Avael brought to our meeting. Billy Davis, Catherine Vogel and
    Kathy Kirkland met as a committee for this and tried to tailor it more to what we want for
    Monroe County. We discussed most of the changes last month about supervising Home
    Detention and the Zero Tolerance issue and also we want to keep our Juvenile Detention
   Dr. Beers requested the “Legislative Requests” handout be edited to remove the sentence
    on page 2 under the last bullet “Monroe County compared to 31 statewide.”

   Janine Gedmin reported that the Sheriff’s office recently went out in Upper Keys
    locations and sent young underage looking officers in to purchase alcohol. The
    businesses handled them appropriately. There will be an Underage Drinking Workshop
    targeting House Parties and Underage Drinking on Friday, March 13th at the Monroe
    County Sheriff’s Office Hangar Classroom located at 10100 Overseas Highway in
    Marathon from 9 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Debra Patteson will email this notice to the Juvenile
    Justice Board members.

   A motion was made to send the letter that Catherine Vogel addressed to Governor Crist
    regarding the Monroe County Juvenile Detention Center also be sent to the Committee
    Members. The letter was circulated around the table for everyone to review.

   Kathy Kirkland shared a phone call she received from the Mother of a juvenile victim
    relaying that she is very concerned about a developing gang problem. She was invited to
    come to this meeting but did not shown up today. Ms. Kirkland told her that if she chose
    not to come that she would make sure the Board is aware that she is in fear for her son’s
      safety because of the gangs on Stock Island and the people at school that continually
      threaten and harass him. She has been in touch with the Department referencing the boy
      who beat up her son and it’s in the court system again. Ms. Kirkland discussed that she
      feels there is a lot of graffiti out there again. For a while it seemed to be less. No one is
      present today from the Key West City Police Department; this is where Ms. Kirkland is
      seeing more graffiti. She brought this up to make people on the Board aware of her
      observations and to keep an eye out there. The new Sheriff’s administration is evaluating
      to see if there is a need for a Juvenile Gang Task Force. Known gangs here are the
      “Stock Rocks” and not the same type of gangs that you see in Miami. It seems over the
      last 2 or 2-1/2 years there has been more potential gang activity. The Board expressed an
      interest in having Steve Torrence report more about recent gang activity and if there is
      any interest from the Key West Police Department in attending the Circuit’s Gang Task
      Force. Debra Patteson from DJJ said there is a Gang Officer at Key West Police
      Department, she did not recall his name but would look that up. Debra is the Gang
      Liaison for DJJ; we’ve had a few meetings and every time we have met our numbers
      have decreased. If there is anyone who would like to sit in on the Gang Meetings, DJJ
      will add them to our invitation list. Kathy Kirkland reported that the City of Key West
      has an ordinance that graffiti and owners of businesses have to have it be removed or
      covered within a certain time frame. The Key West Police Department has participated
      with DJJ to have youth complete graffiti removal as part of their community service


     Debra Patteson reported on behalf of RaiEtte Avael today. DJJ provided 2 referrals to
      NAB this month. DJJ is continuing to see a lot of drugs and alcohol issues, as well as
      youth with serious mental health problems. There is also an increase in youth who are
      homeless – youth are being arrested and brought in for an intake who have no stable
      living arrangements - they not staying with anyone or their parents have left the state and
      have left them with friends, relatives, etc. These youth are not the same group as
      runaways who come down. It has been reported Project Lighthouse is packed with youth.


     LaWanna Tynes reported that her Administrative Assistant position is frozen at this time
      and she is not allowed to fill it due to budget deficits. Other vacancies include one
      Supervisor and one Juvenile Detention Officer I position. Detention has 4 new hires that
      are being processed. Youth occupancy today is 4, but detention expects 3 or 4 youth will
      be admitted tomorrow. Capacity is 15.


     Dr. Becker spoke on the Neighborhood Accountability Board; he said that it is under the
      gun to reach the end of this year with some more people involved in the Program. NAB
      has received 2 referrals from DJJ and 3 more from the schools. The program can only
      count those 3 from the school as “half level” because there is less of an incentive for
       families to participate with us. He meets with the SST group at the high school and has
       an ongoing connection at HOB as well as the referrals from DJJ. This is a 90-day
       program; there is some confusion about the end date of June 30th. Dr. Becker reported
       that the youth does not have to be complete by June 30th but that it affects the dollars they
       receive from the Department.


      LuAnn Diaz made a presentation from the Guardian Ad Litem office to discuss recruiting
       efforts. They are really reaching out to the community for volunteers. GAL offers a 30
       hour training and full support to the volunteers. They have many more children in need
       than volunteers. There is no education requirement to be a volunteer; a background
       check and reference check needs to be done.


      There was a group discussion about possible programs and opportunities for the youth to
       participate in this summer.

      Clare Shaw reported on several upcoming grant possibilities that are available.

      Janine Gedmin mentioned that the Sheriff’s Explorer program is trying to get up and
       running again. SRO Sonja Morgan is the contact for the program for ages 9 or 10 and up
       to seniors in high school. She runs both groups, the younger and older kids. There is a
       $25 charge but if a youth cannot come up with the money the cost can be waived. They
       do camping trips, competitions between other explorer groups etc. They are looking for
       more participants. There is also PAL (Police Athletic League) and they go to
       competitions also and boxing.

      The letter to Governor Crist was approved and will be resent with a corrected first page.

      Carol Eisenman has requested that these meetings be changed back to the original time so
       she can attend. This item will be placed on the agenda for next month.

   April 13, 2009 @ 2:00 PM.

   The meeting was adjourned at 2:55 PM.