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  Area: West
  Month: November 2008

Performance Indicators
Any activity which has resulted in significant fluctuations in the figures from previous months should be
highlighted in the appropriate section of the report:

                                                                                NO. RECEIVED
 YOUTH CALLS (Storm incidents)                                          245 (11% reduction from 2007)
 VANDALISM (Crime Reports)                                              104 (In line with 3 year average)
 MTD’s                                                                                  6
 ASB OFFENCES (fixed penalty notices inc                                                2
 littering and dog fouling)

   CHARGE               ADULT             JUVENILE           SUMMONS              U’TAKING           CUSTODY
      11                      5                11                  10                   1                   0

Please note- Current figures are:
Reports = 11 (BoP, Vandalism, Theft, Road Traffic), MtD = 2, Stop Search = 12
Solved CRs 26, warrant 1.

                                                     Youth Calls

                        Apr       May   Jun    Jul     Aug   Sep        Oct   Nov     Dec    Jan    Feb         Mar

          2007-2008     275       239   235   218      159   240        291    277    151    191    202         190
          2008-9        229       241   202   203      193   249        231    245
Operational Policing
State if undertaken in connection with Neighbourhood Area Priorities, through the Tasking and Co -ordinating
Process, Performance Indicators or Other and should include what activity was done, the results and the impact.

In November the Neighbourhood Action Unit continued its specific focus on key performance
indicators such as hate crimes, youth complaints, vandalisms and minor assaults in public
places. Youth Engagement has and continues to be a main focus for the team as well as
working closely with council officers on initiatives for young people.

November has proven to be a busy month in terms of youth calls surrounding Halloween and
the run up to Bonfire Night. NAU officers along with local Community Beat Officers changed
shifts where possible to allow additional resources which could target predicted hot-spots.
This was a particularly busy period for the unit and excellent support was received from City
of Edinburgh Council Community Safety Team, Environmental Wardens, the Fire Service and
the Education Department to help address community concerns.

Recent emphasis has been focussed towards emerging „hot-spots‟ around Carricknowe,
Saughtonhall and East Craigs where there have been consistent issues around young
peoples behaviour, including a rise in graffiti. South Queensferry and Kirkliston have enjoyed
a relatively quiet period in relation to youth calls, however this is believed to be down to a pro-
active approach in identifying areas where young people have been hanging around.

WA03 Beat – Kirkliston, Ratho Station, Newbridge

Constable Kelly has ownership for the Kirkliston beat.

A recent spate of graffiti in the Clerics Hill area (obscene images and comments on ground,
phone box and letter box) is currently under investigation. Images recorded on the police
digital camera as evidence. The graffiti was promptly removed by the council.
A 14 year old local has been identified for this incident and shall shortly be charged with

On 24th November 2008 Constable Kelly gave Primary 2 + 3 children from Echline Primary a
tour of South Queensferry Police Station. The 50 children, as part of their “services in the
community” programme learnt about the role of the police, fingerprinting and police
equipment. There was also time for the children to have a look at the police vehicles.
A further input was carried out at the Beavers group in Kirkliston.

Over the past month a number of complaints received regarding a number of young people
running through gardens in Buie Rigg and Allan Park areas. Four youths have been
apprehended, returned to their home address and warned in their parent‟s presence. This
would appear to have resolved the situation.

On 20th November the latest Police and Council “Roadshow” was held at Scotmid, Kirkliston.
Leaflets, containing useful numbers and contacts re anti-social behavior, were provided to the

This year‟s annual South Queensferry Festive Operation runs from 28/11/08 to 20/12/08.
Extra patrols shall be targeted in the Almond ward every Friday and Saturday night during this
period, targeting underage drinking and anti-social behavior.

WA04: South Queensferry, Dalmeny;

Constable Jamieson has ownership of the South Queensferry beat.

PC Jamieson is currently organising along with Community Council Members, the community
event "Christmas in Queensferry" which is the Christmas community fair based in the High
Street of South Queensferry. The Fire Service along with the Council Community Safety
officers based at Chesser House will set up a stall at the event and provide information on the
Neighbourhood Partnerships.
PC Jamieson has instigated an investigation into a number of items of graffiti in the South
Queensferry/Kirkliston area. The CEC Rapid Response Graffiti team have also removed
several items of Graffiti in the areas. As a result PC Jamieson is investigating 11 crime
reports for vandalism and related offences. Three of these have potential suspects and
hopefully suspects to be traced soon.

PC Jamieson gave his assistance to a Blew Light Youth Disco with other Community Beat
Officers. This took place at Roseberry Halls Community Centre where they assisted local
youth workers at the event.

PC Jamieson has been working with a Community Safety officer from the CEC to deal with
emerging youth problems at Long Crook, South Queensferry. Planned use of the mobile
CCTV van is intended to deter and identify those responsible for minor anti-social behaviour.

PC Jamieson is looking to organise another “The Big Litter Pick” with the intention of involving
even more people than previously. There were over 600 people involved last year, including
schools, churches, businesses, nurseries, council officers, and as many interested parties
from South Queensferry as possible. The ethos of the event is to instil a community feeling in
the area and get everyone working together at least once a year.

WA05: Barnton, Cramond, Davidson’s Mains and Silverknowes

Constable McKenzie has ownership of the Cramond Beat.

During the first half of the month there was a number of calls to the Silverknowes area
regarding youths throwing stones and eggs at windows. The latter part of the months was a
bit quieter with regards to calls about youths with only a few reports of youths loitering in the
Silverknowes area.

During November there was a large number of vehicles broken into in the Brighouse Park
area. The vehicles were all broken into overnight and not discovered until the following
morning. These incidents are currently being investigated by the officers working as part of
Corstorphine Crime Patrol. Regular patrols have been carried out in the area to prevent
further incidences. Positive lines of enquiry are being pursued in relation to this.

PC McKenzie has also been involved in preparing the West Festive initiative which looks to
target a number of issues of concern to local residents, including crime prevention surveys,
licensed premises visits, hi visibility patrols and plain clothed patrols to identify underage
drinking and those who provide alcohol to under aged persons.
Partnership Working
State if undertaking in connection with Neighbourhood Area Priorities, through the Tasking and Co-ordinating
Process, Performance Indictors or Other and should include what activity was done, the results and the impact.


Sgt Matthews and his team have been regular attendees to the morning TAC process and
have had a considerable amount of work allocated for investigation. Partnership „Actions‟ and
a „daily tasking sheet‟ have added focus to the work of the NAU.

Monthly TAC Actions have been addressed. The Youth Engagement Project (YEP) has
moved forward in partnership with the Children and Families Dept. into its second phase and
bids are being prepared for the YEP to tackle and include young people involved in anti-social
behaviour and not exclusively crimes of violence. Constable Stewart and other officers have
taken part in several youth engagement initiatives and are currently in the process of planning
some more. Meetings are taking place on a weekly basis to ensure the progression of the
Bids have been made to a funding stream relating to the „Youth Matrix‟ and it is anticipated
that Twilight Football will also be attempted in conjunction with the Scottish Football
Association and this is being considered for various suitable areas to encourage physical
activity in young people as well as engaging with them at times when associated ant-social
behaviour is more prevalent.


PC Kelly carried out a joint visit with Services for Communities staff in the Hillwood Crescent
area re a CEC complaint.

PC Jamieson carried out a joint patrol with Services for Communities staff in the Echline area
re noise complaints.

PC Coull carried out 2 Joint patrols with Environmental Wardens at Craigmount High and
Forrester - x3 pupils reported for littering.

PC Coull carried out a joint visit with CEC staff to sign ABC with local youth.

PC Kettles and Sgt Matthews carried out several joint visits to the Dochart area regarding
CEC enquiries.

YEP joint patrols/visits = 6


PC Kelly provided a Police input to the Beavers, Kirkliston and facilitated a visit to SQ Police
Station by P2 and P3 children from Echline Primary

South Queensferry High School

PC Jamieson is currently working in partnership with teachers at South Queensferry High
School on Safety on The Internet and also Keeping yourself safe in the community. The group
of pupils worked with have behavioural problems and are on the verge of getting into trouble
with the police. PC Jamieson is attempting to arrange a visit for them to an operational police
station, hopefully at St Leonard‟s, to try and put them off getting involved in crime.
Good Work or Initiatives etc.
State if undertaking in connection with Neighbourhood Area Priorities, through the Tasking and Co-ordinating
Process, Performance Indictors or Other and should include what activity was done, the results and the impact.


PS Matthews and PC Kettles attended the Lothian and Borders Police inaugural Force
Excellence Awards which aims to recognise innovative work and processes adopted by L&B
Police. The NAU were recognised for their contribution to „Service Response‟ an d received
an award, presented to PS Matthews on behalf of the West NAU team.

NAU staff attended an event at the Capital Hotel in order to meet numerous Neighbourhood
Watch members form the Corstorphine area and outlined plans for “No Cold Calling Zones”
among other ideas for the area.

A/PS McKenzie attended the meeting of the Police and Council led Anti-Social Behaviour
Forum where best practise and ideas for further joint working was discussed. A number of
interesting projects are being considered for implementation.

PS Matthews took part in a staff training day for new Services for Community Staff joining the
CEC. It is hoped that new staff will be better aware of the benefits of co-located work between
the Police and CEC staff and the benefits that each can bring to service delivery


The „Safer West Initiative‟ has continued to run concurrently with the „Safer Scotland Initiative‟
in response to the identified „hot spots‟ within the Neighbourhood Area. NAU officers have
continued to compile all data within a uniquely created police incident and deploy officers
accordingly. Depending on emerging trends identified by both police and partnership staff.


As of 01/12/08 the West NAU is staffed as follows:

Paul Matthews (3995) (NAU Sergeant)
Paul Connolly (4751) WM17:- Carrick Knowe / Forrester
Mark Coull (5040) WE15:- East Craigs
Karen Mckenzie (5154) WA05: Barnton, Cramond, Davidson Mains and Silverknowes
Stuart Kettles (5342) WE14:- Clermiston
Vacant) WM18:- East Corstorphine, WE16: - South Gyle
Jim Kelly (5522) WA03 Beat – Kirkliston, Ratho Station
Rhuri Stewart (5597) WE14:- Clermiston
Jim Loosemore (5861) WE15:- East Craigs
Raymond Crow (5898) WM17:- Carrick Knowe / Forrester
Iain Jamieson (5901) WA04: South Queensferry, Dalmeny
Vacant WM19:- Ravelston, Murrayfield and Roseburn.
Darren Campbell : Drug Awareness Officer

3 new members of staff will be staring the unit in December – PC‟s Billy Telford, Aidan Douds
and Marion McGregor where roles and beats will be allocated accordingly.

Media and Communications (items already issued and further opportunities)
State if undertaking in connection with Neighbourhood Area Priorities, through the Tasking and Co-ordinating
Process, Performance Indictors or Other and should include what activity was done, the results and the impact.
Constable McKenzie has taken over the role of media and communications officer. She will
continue to progress the existing media relations and look at ways to develop our media
strategy further by liasing with various local media organisations.

PS Matthews and CEC staff took part in several articles for the local CEC “Outlook” magazine
which were distributed to almost 50,000 households.

PS Matthews provided a presentation to a delegation from the Hague, who were very keen to
learn from the experiences of partnership working and its positive impact on communities.