Rochester Student Peace Counsel Presents PEACEARTnotWAR by decree


									              Rochester Student Anti-War Caucus Presents:
                                                                                                        Please Make a
       PEACE/ART/notWAR                                                                            DONATION for PAINT
                 Music & Arts Concert for Peace                                                  To the Graffiti Peace Mural*
                                                                                         Graffiti Art Peace Mural to be installed by Rochester area students,
                                                                                         and local and international graffiti artists
                                                                                         during the first annual student peace concert at

                                                                                         St. Joseph's House of Hospitality
                                                                                         Saturday, March 24 2007

                                                                                         Please make donation check payable to: P.A.E. (Peace Action &
                                                                                         Education of Metro Justice) and mark the check "graffiti art" in the
                                                                                         check memo section

                                                                                         Mail Donation check to: Graffiti Mural C/O PA&E
                                                                                                                 268 Brunswick Place
                   Saturday, March 24 2007                                                                       Rochester, NY 14607
                      3:00 pm - 10:00 pm
                                                                                         *Please tell us if you or your organization would like to be listed as
  St. Joseph's House of Hospitality, 402 South Avenue Rochester, NY
                                                                                         an event sponsor

    Performances by Spirit of Ontario, Draffin, Subsoil,
            Deb Magone, Musicface, and more

Join Rochester area students against the war as they celebrate PEACE
with a slamming lineup of local, national, and international rap, hip-hop,
and folk music artists, spoken word performers, and graffiti artists.
For more information on performances: Contact

Event sponsored (to date) by: WA-WA (Wilson Anti-War Alliance), School Without Walls
students for peace, PSPI (Parma Student Peace Initiative), Harley School People For
Peace, RAW (Rochester Against WAR) Street Theater, RAW Truth in Recruitment &
Conscientious Objection, Rochester Declaration of Peace, Rochester Poets Against War &
Occupation, Unitarian Universalist Peace Advocates of First Unitarian Church Rochester

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