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                       Keep America Beautiful Presents Prestigious
                  Iron Eyes Cody Award to Bakersfield’s John Enriquez
              Keep America Beautiful recognizes Enriquez for years of volunteer service
                        during 51st annual National Conference in Washington, D.C.

Stamford, Conn. – December 3, 2004 – Keep America Beautiful, Inc. President G. Raymond Empson
presented the 2004 Iron Eyes Cody Award to John Enriquez of Bakersfield, Cal., today at the 2004 Keep
America Beautiful National Awards ceremony, which took place during Keep America Beautiful’s 51st
annual National Conference in Washington, D.C.

The Iron Eyes Cody Award was named in honor of Keep America Beautiful’s landmark public awareness
campaign of the 1970s, “People Start Pollution. People Can Stop It,” which featured the iconic face and tear
of Iron Eyes Cody and is credited with awakening the environmental consciousness of an entire generation.
This award honors outstanding men for their leadership in raising public awareness of the importance of litter
prevention, beautification and community improvement, responsible solid waste management, and
preserving and enhancing natural resources and public lands.

“John Enriquez is a perfect example of how a leadership attitude, along with simply rolling up one’s sleeves
and getting the job done, can make a significant difference in one’s community,” said Empson. “Enriquez’s
amazing dedication to selflessly helping to rid his hometown of Bakersfield community of graffiti and other
urban blights best reflects why he is a kindred spirit of Iron Eyes Cody.”

This is the second time in two years that Enriquez has received accolades from Keep America Beautiful. In
2003, Keep America Beautiful’s 50th anniversary year, Enriquez received Keep America Beautiful’s first-
ever Volunteer of the Year Award. Because of this extraordinary level of commitment to take action for the
betterment of Bakersfield, Enriquez is also receiving the prestigious Iron Eyes Cody Award. The American
Institute for Public Service also recognized him in March 2004 with a Jefferson Award, one of many awards
Enriquez has received for his civic spirit.

Enriquez’s first foray into community improvement began in the early 1990s. His 90-mile commute from
Bakersfield to Santa Clarita reminded him twice daily of how terrible Highway 99 through California’s San
Joaquin Valley looked because of unchecked graffiti vandalism. Enriquez took immediate action. His
behind-the-scenes effort helped to get a bill passed in the State Senate that called for the doubling of fines
and public service hours for those caught vandalizing freeways with graffiti.

Enriquez organized a local effort as well. He formed the Riverlakes Ranch Pride Committee when graffiti
vandalism struck his neighborhood. He took photographs of graffiti vandalism door to door to ask his fellow
Bakersfield citizens to be vigilant about the problem. While educating neighbors about graffiti, he also
engaged them as cleanup volunteers. More than 50 volunteers met to discuss the problem with community
leaders, including Bakersfield's Mayor, and various city, county and law enforcement speakers. The graffiti
was abated in a matter of months.

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Graffiti education and removal isn’t Enriquez’s only gift to Bakersfield. He was invited by the City of
Bakersfield to help construct a $1 million water display at the Centennial Garden Sports Arena, as part of the
celebration of the city's 100th anniversary in 1998. Similarly, Enriquez has organized contractors, volunteers
and city crews to replicate the historic sidewalk treatments and enhance landscaping outside the historic Fox
Theater. The $100,000 value of this project was entirely donated and has greatly enhanced the cityscape.

Enriquez was instrumental in helping to launch the Keep Bakersfield Beautiful Committee. He now serves as
its chairperson. He also organized Bakersfield’s first Litter Index Survey, and served as the coordinator of
the Keep America Beautiful’s pilot Cigarette Litter Prevention Program in Bakersfield. In addition to serving
as chair of Keep Bakersfield Beautiful, Enriquez was also named to the board of directors of Keep California
Beautiful in 2004.

It is clear that Enriquez's persistent efforts at beautification on so many fronts have been a major factor in
the Keep Bakersfield Beautiful success story. His ongoing efforts to erase graffiti and clear roadways and
neighborhoods of litter show that large problems can be tackled one person at a time. By understanding the
system, Enriquez has made his community a cleaner, more beautiful place in which to live.

For a complete listing of all Keep America Beautiful 2004 National Award winners in all categories, as well
as information about its awards program, please visit Keep America Beautiful’s Web site at

About Keep America Beautiful, Inc.
Keep America Beautiful, Inc. is a national nonprofit education and community improvement organization whose
network of nearly 1,000 affiliate and participating organizations engages individuals in programs that prevent litter and
reduce, reuse, recycle and properly manage waste materials. Through partnerships and strategic alliances with citizens,
businesses and government, Keep America Beautiful's programs motivate millions of volunteers annually to clean up,
beautify and improve their neighborhoods, creating safer and more livable community environments. To learn more
about Keep America Beautiful, visit