Falmouth Business Improvement District _BID_ by decree


									                    Falmouth Business Improvement District (BID)

Baseline agreement of services provided by local authorities within the
Falmouth Business Improvement District area

                   Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Baseline Agreement

Responsible authority:        Carrick District Council

Head of Service:              Aidan Ackerman (Lifeline, CCTV, & Supported Housing

Service Provided,            Total of 16 CCTV cameras within the BID area:
Number of Staff &
Equipment                    All colour pan, tilt and zoom cameras, linked by fibre optic
                              cable through the town centre. Additional cameras provided
                              outside the BID area cover Gyllyngvase Beach and the Beacon

                             The CCTV control centre have a total staff of 18 who provide
                              CCTV operators to proactively monitor and record, 24 hours a
                              day, 7 days a week, 364 days per year via 3 shifts (10.00 to
                              18.00, 18.00 to 02.00, & 02.00 to 10.00). Staff are licensed
                              under the Security Industries Act.

Specification                The footage is recorded and stored from all cameras for a
                              period of 31 days with a facility to display and review. They
                              provide quality evidence sufficient to assist the police or other
                              enforcing bodies in the investigation of a possible criminal
                              offence including on-going surveillance where the criteria are
                              met as authorised by a nominated officer following discussions
                              with the police or other enforcing bodies, under the Regulation
                              of Investigatory Powers Act 2000. To obtain quality video
                              evidence, which enables police or the Council to take civil
                              criminal action in court where necessary

                             Carrick District Council maintains all CCTV equipment ensuring
                              that the system remains in an operational state as required
                              under the Data Protection Act 1998. In the event that a camera
                              or component of the system fails the Council will repair or
                              replace within a 48-hour period. In the event that a repair
                              cannot be carried out within the 48 hour time period then the
                              particular camera or component/s are removed from service
                              and replaced once repairs have been completed.
Performance           Provision of adequate staffing & supervision

Existing Value of   CCTV - Total cost for the service is £275,000, which covers Truro City
Contract/Service    Centre, Falmouth Town Centre, Treliske Hospital, Truro College, &
                    Tolvaddon Business Park

                    The funding for CCTV throughout Carrick is as follows:
                        Camera Maintenance (all for X cameras) = £26,000

                          CCTV Operator Staff = £132,000 once deducted from
                           community alarm and just including the cost of operators with
                           no additional management or support costs

                          Recording media (Tape/CD) £600 (although varies)
Boundary Area       Falmouth BID area

                   Community Safety and Management Baseline

Responsible Authority       Carrick District Council

Head of Service:            Michael Trevarthen (Services for the Environment)

Responsible Officer: Simon Livingstone (Community Safety Officer)

Service Provided        To manage the Council‟s Community Safety activity.

                               Improved lighting in crime „hot spots‟
                               Take measures under the 2003 Anti-Social Behaviour Act to
                                reduce anti-social behaviour
                               Provide a link with the business sector to reduce retail crime
                                e.g. Pubwatch, Shopwatch, Taxi Watch Schemes
                               Implementation of graffiti protocol
                               Provision of sporting/recreational activities for young people
                                i.e. SAVY and Saturday Club
                               Provision of youth facilities for young people
                               Graffiti project aimed at young people, to paint a youth
                                centre to deter criminal damage of their own work.
                               Silent Students Happy Homes (SSHH) campaign aimed at
                                educating students and people socialising to consider local
                                residents during the late hours when on their way home
                                from public houses.

Number of Staff         1 FTE
Performance Measure     Performance against Comparator Crime and Best Value Targets

Boundary Area           Falmouth Town Centre

                               Graffiti and Fly Posting Baseline

Responsible authority:         Carrick District Council

Head of Service                Michael Trevarthen (Services for the Environment)

Responsible Officer:           Alan Miller – Principal Officer, Waste Management

Contractor:                    Cory Environmental

Service           Removal of illegal graffiti

Number of
Staff &           2 operatives & 1 dedicated professional machine - as and when required
Specification     1. Graffiti Reporting - A protocol has been developed whereby businesses
                  in the district can report graffiti and start the task of removal. All Businesses
                  within the agreed hotspot areas have already signed the protocol and have
                  graffiti removed free of charge

                  2. Prioritisation: Reports are processed by the waste management section
                  and work prioritised into responsive order once a signed request for
                  removal has been received

                  3. Graffiti removal: - Reactive by use of specialist team as and when
                  3a. From premises outside of the agreed hotspots - reports are processed
                  by the waste management section and work prioritised into responsive
                  order once a signed request for removal has been received – 1 vehicle &
                  machine & 2 operatives

                  3b. From premises by way of painting – Cory will undertake if requested.
                  Depending on the size, amount, and location there may be a charge. The
                  Community Safety Officer at Carrick District Council may be able to facilitate
                  works through the Community Punishment Scheme operated by the
                  Probation Service.

Performance       Monitoring by Client and Contractor twice a week within the inner area - 2
Measure           operatives; waste officer/supervisor
Boundary          Town Centre.

                              Public conveniences Baseline

Responsible authority:       Carrick District Council

Head of Service              Michael Trevarthen (Services for the Environment)

Responsible Officer:         Alan Miller – Principal Officer, Waste Management

Contractor:                  Team Clean

Location of public                Webber Street
conveniences                      Prince of Wales
                                  The Grove Car Park
                       Opening Times:
                           Summer: 0730-2200 0730- 1930
                           Winter: 0730- 1930

Specification          All Three sites are cleaned 3 times a day by two roving cleaners

                       Additional cleansing at various times of the year e.g. events
                          - Extra cleaning and longer opening times

Performance            All sites are monitored by CDC as part of the client functions, and
Measure                there is a quarterly QA inspection undertaken on all sites

                       Checked daily by contractor‟s (Team Clean) supervisor and
                       unannounced by the Client
Boundary Area          Within the BID Area

                                Street Cleansing Baseline

Responsible authority:       Carrick District Council

Head of Service              Michael Trevarthen (Services for the Environment)

Responsible Officer:         Alan Miller – Principal Officer, Waste Management

Contractor:                  Cory Environmental

Number of Staff   Street Cleansing - daily
& Equipment       Mon to Fri 06:00 to 09:00
                  1 x 500 Johnson, 1 x Swingo, 4 x operatives, 1 half x supervisor

                  1 x 500 Johnson, 1 x Swingo, 3 x operatives,
                  1 half x supervisor

                  1 x 500 Johnson, 1 x Swingo, 3 x operatives, 1 half x supervisor

                  Litter bin emptying
                  Mon-Fri: 1 x link tip, 1 x operative

                  Saturday: 1 x link tip, 1 x operative

                  Sunday: 1 x link tip, 1 x operative

                  Roving litter pickers
                  Mon-Sat: 2 x operatives with hand barrows
                  To constantly litter pick/service bins in all of the city centre daily from
                  1.= 09:00-18:00
                  2.= 11:00-16:00

                  Saturday: 1 x link tip, 1 x operative
                  1.= 09:00-18:00
                  2.= 11:00-16:00

                  Sunday: 1 x link tip, 1 x operative

                  Refuse vehicle - trade
                  Mon-Sat: Empty large litterbins
Performance       Street Cleansing: To bring all of the Town centre up to the required
Measure           standard (A Standard) by 09:00 each day

                  Litterbins: To empty all 54 bins daily, also sweep some alleyways

                  Roving Litter Pickers: To constantly litter pick/service bins in all of the
                  city centre
Monitoring        Street cleansing: Checked as part of the daily frequency by Cory and

                  Litter bin emptying: Checked as part of the daily frequency by Cory
                  and Client

                Roving Litter Pickers: Frequently monitored by Cory supervision

Non -           Penalty clause
Boundary Area   BID Area

                                 Waste Collection Baseline

Responsible authority:        Carrick District Council

Head of Service               Michael Trevarthen (Services for the Environment)

Responsible Officer           Alan Miller – Principal Officer, Waste Management

Contractor:                   Cory Environmental

Number of Staff &        2 operatives, 1 x 6x2 Dennis Eagle Refuse Freighter

Specification            Emptying of Trade Refuse on a Daily or Multi day collection.

                         Trade Waste collection throughout the BID area, various frequency

                         Domestic Waste collection - Weekly collection.

                         Domestic recycling collection – fortnightly

                    Trade recycling collection – available by request
Performance Measure Monitored by client and contractor weekly

Boundary Area            BID area

                        Waste Management - Additional Work Baseline

    Responsible authority:      Carrick District Council

    Head of Service:            Michael Trevarthen

    Responsible Officer:        Alan Miller (Principal Officer Waste Management)

    Responsible Contractor:     Cory Environmental

       Task            Resource                     Action                 Performance
Wash and         1 x Link Tip Vehicle    Remove post mounted and       Done in early spring
Redecorate       2 operatives            power wash and repaint        as part of the overall
Litter Bins                              fixed Victoriana bins.        contract specification.
                                                                       No 202

Power Washing    Vehicle, Machine, 2 x   Wash down all surface that    No Programme set -
                 Men                     machine allows                all done ad hoc

Christmas Eve,   Johnson 500             Carry out a late cleanse of   Monitored by Cory
New Year‟s eve   Link tip                the Town centre due to        supervision
                 3 operatives            the next day events - done
                                         between 1700 - 1900
Christmas late   1xLink Tip              All bins emptied with a
night shopping   1x operative            quick litter pick at 16:00
Boundary Area    BID area

                      Planting (Landscaping infrastructure) Baseline

Responsible authority:                Carrick District Council

Head of Service:                      Michael Trevarthen (Services for the Environment)

Responsible Officer:                  Jon James (Principal Parks Manager)

Number of
Staff &            Carrick District Council‟s Community Parks and Open Spaces Service
Equipment          currently employs approximately nine FTE members of staff in the BID area
                   along with the required equipment, machinery and vehicles which are
                   required to carry out the associated operations. Staff work in both gang and
                   static systems.

                   Within the BID area, Community Parks and Open Spaces are responsible
                   for the delivery of management and maintenance of all aspects of public
                   space; this will include maintenance of public space on behalf of Falmouth
                   Town Council through a service level agreement and works for Cornwall
                   County Council through an agency agreement. This will include parks,
                   gardens, open spaces, highway verge, roundabouts, housing estates,
                   shrubberies, trees (not highway trees), planting of seasonal bedding
                   schemes and supply of hanging baskets, highway weed control, car parks,
                   sponsorship, community engagement, community events, Falmouth Sea
                   Front, Pendennis Headland etc. Associated with this will be a full range
                   activities which will included: planting, maintenance of shrub beds, grass
                   cutting, hedge trimming, hard surface management (sweeping of paths
                   etc), tree maintenance, production of plants etc.

                   The service is responsible for the implementation of both capital and
                   revenue projects some of which will be delivered on behalf of Falmouth
                   Town Council and Cornwall County Council.

                   1. Provision or/and Planting or/and Maintaining or/and Cleaning or/and
                      Control of:

                   shrubs, hedges, trees, grass, associated litter, associated buildings, play
                   areas, snow clearance & gritting, water courses, hard surfaces, copse
                   areas, highway weed control, seasonal bedding schemes, hanging
                   baskets, projects, events, trees, tennis courts,

                   2. Design, Procurement, planting & maintenance of Bedding Schemes.

                   This service is carried out in-house

                   3. Hanging baskets & planters

                   This service is carried out in-house

                   Areas covered by community parks and open spaces:

                            Parks and Gardens
                            Open Spaces
                            Housing Estates
                            Countryside Areas

                         Sea Front
                         Hanging Baskets
                         Trees
                         Highway weed control
                         Grass verges
                         Car parks
                         Community Events
                         Industrial Estates
                         Sports and Recreation
                         Sponsorship

Measure         The service delivery within the BID Area will be in line with Carrick District
                Council‟s specification and schedules for its grounds maintenance
                operations within Falmouth. This is monitored by the area supervisors at
                intervals to ensure that the specification and scheduled programme is
                being met.

Non -
Compliance      Through the monitoring system which we have in place for service delivery
Procedure       to the community, we will record each aspect of this, which will enable us to
                know if our teams are meeting the required specification. Failure to comply
                with the programme will result in members of staff being questioned so as
                to identify the reason(s) for the specification not being met.

Boundary Area   Falmouth Town

            Licensing and Enforcement of Street Activities/Markets Baseline

Responsible Authority:       Carrick District Council

Head of Service:             Julian Kitto (Legal, Democratic, & Property Services)

Responsible Officer:         Angie Carveth (Licensing Manager)

Service Provided,      To manage Street Trading under the Local Government
Number of Staff &      (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 to:
Equipment                      • enhance street scene
                               • drive footfall
                               • and manage & enforce illegal street trading

                       Number of licensing officers, which includes one part time
                       enforcement officer, who deal with all areas of licensing.
Specification          Annual Consents:
                       Each trader (currently 7 in Truro City Centre and 15 in Falmouth
                       area) is provided with:
                               • annually renewable consent to trade
                               • official street trading site
                               • maximum site of 16 square feet or 16 foot van
                               • annual application fees payable
                               • street enforcement patrols to prevent illegal street trading
                                 and check conditions of consent are complied with

                       All the stalls are insured by, maintained, stored, transported and
                       erected onsite by each trader, as part of the conditions of consent to

                       Markets and Events:
                       Several events on The Moor including the Farmers‟ Markets, Market
                       on The Moor, Craft Fairs etc such as Made in Cornwall, Food Fayres
                       etc.. Also one-off events such as Christmas town centre events

                              • consent to trade issued for each event per stall
                              • official street trading site
                              • maximum site as allocated by event organiser
                              • application fee for each stall / event
                              • street enforcement patrols to prevent illegal street trading
                               check conditions of consent are complied with

                       All the stalls are insured by, maintained, stored, transported and
                       erected onsite by each trader, as part of the conditions of consent to
                       trade and controlled by event organiser.
Performance            Quality and mix of stalls. Street trading policy.
Measure                Checks conducted by enforcement officers who also investigate
                       illegal trading.
Non-Compliance         Action taken by enforcement officer using enforcement policy and
Procedure              Carrick prosecution policy.
Existing Value of      Maximum potential income of £20,000 for whole of Carrick
Boundary Area          Carrick area although concentrated in Truro and Falmouth

                              Events and Marketing Baseline

Responsible Authority:       Carrick District Council

Head of Service              John Winskill (Chief Executive)

Responsible Officers:        Samantha Groom (Tourism Officer)
                             Sian Robbins (Events & Promotions Officer)
                             Joke Snel (Tourism Assistant)

Service                Provide staff and resources for Tourism Development, Events and
Provided                Marketing of the tourism product throughout the Carrick district.

                       The service works in partnership with an extensive range of agencies
                        and contributes through membership of a number of associations
                        and organisations e.g. Visit Cornwall, Cornwall Destination
                        Management Organisation, Falmouth Town Council, Truro City
                        Council, Falmouth Tourism Partnership, Falmouth & District Hotels
                        Association, Falmouth Tourist Information Centre (TIC), Truro Tourist
                        Information Centre, Roseland Visitor Centre, Falmouth Town
                        Management, Falmouth Harbour Commissioners, A & P Falmouth,
                        National Maritime Museum Cornwall, English Heritage, National
                        Trust, Police and emergency services and numerous partners,
                        organisations and volunteer groups for specific events.

              The Service has four key areas of work:

              1. Safeguarding / Increasing Market Share
                  Increase awareness of holiday destinations in the district.
                  Increase visits (staying and day) during autumn, winter and spring
                    amongst medium and high spend domestic market.
                  Develop sustainable year round tourism, assisted by the VICE Model
                          Welcome, involve and satisfy visitors
                          Achieve a profitable and prosperous industry
                          Engage and benefit host communities
                          Protect and enhance the local environment
                  Develop brand loyalty amongst existing and new visitors.
                  Maximise opportunities for partnership promotion to target markets.
                  Promote good practice and design in all new buildings and facilities
                    for tourism or other purposes.
                  Market Research.

              2. Public Product - Working with partners to:
                  Develop products focusing on quality, sustainability and accessibility
                    and community involvement to gain maximum benefit.
                  Ensure a welcoming destination offering high quality value for money
                    diverse experiences that meet customer expectations.
                  Enable development and dissemination of accurate visitor information
                    and thereby enhance visitor experience and spend in the local
                  Engage with visitors to predict, tailor and fine-tune the product to
                    meet emerging trends.
                  Ensure all tourism is managed in order to control its impact on the
                    local environment.

                      Promote local distinctiveness and cultural diversity, providing
                       opportunities to maximise economic benefit through a broad range of
                       events throughout the year.

                3. Partnership Development
                    Enabling effective public / private partnerships to develop for sharing
                       ideas and implementation of projects for groups and communities in
                       the interests of local tourism.

                4. Business Support and Quality
                    Providing an effective sign-posting, consultation and advisory service
                      for existing and start-up businesses.
                    Effective management and sign-posting of visitor queries, comments
                      and needs.
                    Championing quality standards in the industry.

Specification   Promotion:
                    A Cornish River Guide – a guide on what to do, where to go and how
                     to get around the area of Falmouth, Truro and the Roseland.
                     Includes editorial on Falmouth, attractions, public transport links and
                     events taking place.

                      A Cornish River website, which includes editorial on Falmouth, Truro
                       and the Roseland, attractions, public transport links, events. Linked
                       to a DMS database, the website also displays full details of
                       accommodation providers that are members of Falmouth TIC, Truro
                       TIC or Roseland Visitor Centre and is linked to an accommodation
                       booking service used by the TICs.

                      Falmouth map – Production and distribution. Printed annually.

                      Signage - provision of 13 large format Falmouth map boards
                       throughout Falmouth, in car parks and public areas.

                      Falmouth Accommodation Listing – Discover Falmouth.
                       Accommodation list of members of Falmouth Tourist Information
                       Centre produced to supplement A Cornish River Guide and website.
                       Produced in partnership with Falmouth & District Hotels‟ Association
                       as part of the Falmouth Tourism Partnership and distributed on
                       request through Falmouth Tourist Information Centre.

                      Print material associated with promotion and information provision for
                       year round and one off events, ranging from production of official
                       programmes through to flyers, postcards, posters, banners, table
                       cards and signage.

                      Administration of websites for events managed by the Tourism
                       Service eg www.falmouthoysterfestival.co.uk /

                Falmouth Tourist Information Centre:
                    Management of Falmouth Tourist Information Centre.

                      Falmouth TIC supports the local economy through the services it
                       provides to its many and varied customers. Service provision is in
                       accordance with network regulations set by Visit Britain.

      Responsibilities include: information provision and enquiry
       management, accommodation booking and referral service,
       accommodation availability management, mail order service of
       merchandise and tickets, listings of local services and events.

      Information on local tourist guides and guiding services, public
       transport information, events. Sale of books, posters, gifts, maps &
       souvenirs relevant to the area. Complaint management.

      Maintaining the VISIT database with accommodation booking and
       local area information, maintaining web listing for accommodation
       providers: www.acornishriver.co.uk and maintaining accommodation
       records for the Carrick District for dissemination to VisitBritain

Partnerships and Strategy

      Production of the Falmouth Tourism Strategy and Action Plan in
       partnership with local stakeholders.

      Tourism Officer is a Member of the Cornwall Destination
       Management Board & sits on various working groups including
       Sustainability, Quality & Training, and Visitor Information.

      Tourism Officer is a Member of the Cornwall Local Area Tourism
       Partnership Board.

      Carrick‟s Tourism team have developed a successful Falmouth
       Tourism Partnership through membership of the TIC and partnership
       with Falmouth & District Hotels Association. Chair of Falmouth
       Tourism Partnership Board.

      Only NQAS assessed accommodation is registered at the Tourist
       Information Centre and promoted by Carrick.

      On going support, development and advice is provided to Cornwall
       College and Truro College assisting in the development of and
       providing opportunities for tourism students.

    Carrick's strategic focus has historically been maritime-themed
       events and sailing events in Falmouth, building on the maritime
       heritage of the port and the superb sailing waters of Carrick Roads
       and Falmouth Bay, and gives priority to events which extend the
       visitor season, and contribute significantly to the local economy.

      Carrick generally focuses on one major event each year e.g. D Day
       60th Anniversary, New Trafalgar Dispatch, 200th Centenary of the
       death of Nelson, The Inter-Celtic Watersports Festival, and in 2008
       Funchal 500 Tall Ships Regatta in Falmouth, with Carrick Tourism in
       many cases as the lead accountable body.

      Annual events supported include Falmouth Oyster Festival and
       Falmouth Week.

Events supported in 2008:

Funchal 500 Tall Ships Regatta 2008, Falmouth
10th to 13th September
     As the start port for the Regatta, Falmouth welcomed eighteen Tall
        Ships from 10-13th September. The activities that took place in
        Falmouth were made possible by the support of many partners,
        sponsors, supporters and volunteers. Carrick‟s Tourism Service
        together with John Hick, Chairman of Falmouth Tall Ships
        Association managed the event with Carrick being the lead
        accountable body. This included liaison with transportation
        providers, emergency services, Falmouth Docks and other harbour
        authorities. The team were responsible for marketing the event and
        providing visitor information, developing commercial opportunities for
        Falmouth businesses, recruiting trainees to take part in the race,
        organising crew inter-sport competitions, a crew parade, prize giving
        and party, managing volunteers, ensuring accurate evaluation of the
        event, negotiating with sponsors and managing the budget. Visitor
        numbers exceeded expectations with a suggested 100,000 over the
        four days and an economic impact of at least £8 million generated
        into the local economy.

      The Regatta has been the focus of work for Carrick Tourism the
       Section since July 2006, when Falmouth was confirmed as host port
       for the start of the event, with significant resources from January

      Tourism Team (4 staff) on site for the 4 days of the festival.

      Falmouth Oyster Festival - 16th to 19th October 2008

      Carrick manages Falmouth Oyster Festival with particular reference
       to marketing and publicity, programme for chef demonstrations,
       Chefs Table sales, Raffle management, co-ordination of the Hot Chef
       Challenge evening, management of celebrity chef, provision of on-
       site visitor information and visitor satisfaction surveys throughout the
       festival, coordination of volunteers and students and recycling

      Carrick D C works in partnership with the National Maritime Museum
       Cornwall to manage the event on site including infrastructure, official
       partners and stand sales - currently contracted by NMMC to
       Falmouth Festivals Ltd.

      Tourism Team (3 staff) on site for the 4 days of the festival.

Henri-Lloyd Falmouth Week - 9th to 16th August 2008

      In the past, Carrick Tourism section has given substantial support to
       the event with considerable staff resources for the promotion of the
       event. In 2007 the Events Officer was Press Officer for the event with
       a commitment of 150 hours, and the Tourism Assistant spent a total
       of 120 hours co-ordinating the programme and poster for the event.
       In 2008 no staff resource is available due to the huge staff
       commitment to the Tall Ships event. Tourism Officer elected to chair
       shoreside working group to develop the regatta for 2009.

              Blue Flag – European Bathing Water Quality and Standards

                    Gyllyngvase Beach has received the Blue Flag award since 2003 - a
                     coveted internationally recognised award only given to beaches that
                     meet strict criteria such as excellent standards of bathing water, first-
                     class lifeguard facilities, good access for disabled visitors,
                     environmental education, clean public toilets and excellent beach
                     cleanliness. Carrick Tourism also manages the application for
                     Porthtowan. There are just nine beaches in Cornwall that have
                     received the award this year.

                    The service manages the applications and promotes the award
                     annually -working towards generating improvements of the beach.

Performance         Safeguarding/Increasing Market Share: Increasing/maintaining
Measure              bed nights

                    Product Development: Monitor visitor feedback.

                    Partnership Development – Number of partnerships supported and
                     projects achieved in particular the successful Falmouth Tourism
                     Partnership generating £18,084 income towards Falmouth Tourist
                     Information in 2008, an increase in members from 2007.

                    Business Support: Number of businesses supported and numbers
                     of new registrations for quality standards in the industry

                    Publications/website – Value of accommodation bookings through
                     „A Cornish River‟ website. Number of visitors attracted to Falmouth
                     through‟ A Cornish River‟ guide.

                    Awards – Blue Flag Gyllyngvase Beach 2003,4,5,6,7,8, Tourist
                     Information Centre Visit Cornwall Gold Award 2004,5,6, Falmouth
                     Oyster Festival 2007 Cornwall and Devon Media Event of Year.

                    Events – are seen as economic drivers for the local economy and
                     can bring considerable economic, cultural and social benefits for
                     visitors and local people. A year round programme of events adds to
                     the visitor experience and appeal of the town. Monitor visitor
                     feedback for events held and evaluate value of the event to the local
                     economy for example Funchal 500 Tall Ships Regatta generated
                     approximately 8 million into the local economy in September.

Boundary             BID area

                           Highways Maintenance Baseline

Responsible authority:      Cornwall County Council

Head of Service:            Richard Fish (Director, Planning Transportation and

Number of Staff          Works are part of County Council‟s term contract for highway
and Equipment             maintenance. Works are prioritised on a needs basis across the
                          county. Under the current setup, the county is split into four
                          divisions. Each Division has 1 No Divisional Surveyor, 2 No Area
                          Surveyors; 1 No Assistant Area Surveyor; 4 No Highway
                          Stewards; and 2 No Safety Inspectors. In addition, the in-house
                          contractor, CORMAC, has regional area and works managers to
                          control the practical maintenance work. Falmouth is sited in
                          Highways Division 2. Work is ongoing to change the highways
                          service to a MAC (Managing Agent Contractor) arrangement
                          whereby all of the “consultant” and “contractor” functions will be
                          merged under a single service provider.
                         As the work is needs based and covers the whole of the county, it
                          is not possible to identify the number of staff that would carry out
                          work and the amount and type of equipment that would be used
                          in the BID area.

Specification      Maintenance of public highway
                         County Council budgets are allocated within defined areas using
                          a weighted road length (road class/urban/rural)

                         The Council has a duty to maintain the highway for the safe use
                          of the public throughout the town including the BID area. This will
                          include all issues defined within the County Council‟s Highway
                          Inspection manual as category 1 defects – this includes potholes,
                          trips, faulty ironwork and covers etc.

                         In the town centre, a walked safety inspection is carried out at a
                          prescribed frequency (varies from 1 to 3 months depending on
                          category of road). These inspections are supported by a
                          maintenance gang which is able to respond to repair any
                          category 1 defects found within a 24 hour response time. At
                          other times, this gang will be carrying out other scheduled
                          maintenance work. The aim of this maintenance work is to make
                          „like-for-like‟ repairs where this is reasonably practicable. In some
                          instances, temporary solutions may be made, and these would
                          normally be followed by permanent repairs which would be added
                          to a programme of work.

                         The County Council operates a 24 hour cover and any urgent
                          highway repairs should be completed within 24 hours.

                         In addition similar regimes exist for the maintenance of street
                          lighting and traffic signals.

Specification   Routine Maintenance
                      For non-hazardous defects and repairs of a more minor nature,
                       the Council will respond in a responsive manner with the works
                       taking place within allocated budgets as part of ongoing
                       programmed works. This could be as a result of routine „service‟
                       inspections, follow-ups to temporary responsive repairs and/or
                       third party reports. Typically this would be small areas of surface
                       repair/patching, straightening/replacing damaged signage, white
                       and yellow lines, repairs/replacement of damaged
                       bollards/barriers, repairs to gullies/drainage, repairs/replacement
                       of seats and notice boards.

                      Falmouth Town Council currently carries out weed treatment
                       through an agency agreement within the BID area – although this
                       work is subcontracted to Carrick District Council so that the
                       “streetscene” works (including cleaning and litter picking) can be

                      Gully emptying is scheduled work. There is a hierarchy for the
                       cleaning whereby all major routes are emptied annually, and
                       residential streets biannually. GPS is now being used extensively
                       to provide an improved drainage inventory and records of activity
                       so that “problem” gullies can be identified and attended to on a
                       more frequent basis.

                Programmed Maintenance
                      More significant works (eg resurfacing of carriageways and
                       footways) are identified either through condition surveys or
                       service inspections. The programme of these works is prioritised
                       on a county-wide basis.

                Licensing functions
                      CCC is responsible for licence management of: skips; scaffolds;
                       tables and chairs for pavement cafes; miscellaneous others.

                Statutory undertaker functions
                      CCC is responsible for co-ordination of street works eg: gas,
                       electricity, redevelopment, construction work

                Responsible for enforcement of obstructions on the highway
                      CCC is responsible for taking action against obstructions on the
                       highway – eg advertising boards and goods on the pavement.
                       The County Council reviewed this practice through a Single Issue
                       Panel in 2006. The report is available on the Internet at

                Responsible for road traffic signs
                      CCC is responsible for mandatory (eg No Entry), warning and
                       direction signs)within current County Council policy. Policies and
                       standards are considered annually and included within the
                       Highway Maintenance Plan.

Specification   Responsible for maintenance
                      Responsible for maintenance of new highway
                       schemes/proposals, banners, bollards and road markings.

Existing Value of   Works are part of County Council‟s term contract for highway
Contract/Service    maintenance. Works are prioritised on a needs basis within defined
                    areas. It is not possible to identify the value of work carried out in the
                    BID area, as the costing system does not report at this level.

Boundary Area       BID Area – Falmouth town centre

                                 Street Lighting Baseline

Responsible Authority:        Cornwall County Council

Head of Service:              Glyn Williams - Highway Electrical Manager

Responsible Officer:          Glyn Williams - Highway Electrical Manager

Service Provided,             Highway Electrical Service – across Cornwall
Number of Staff &             Street lighting – 47,392 units
Equipment                     Illuminated Traffic Signs – 15,073
                              Traffic Signals – 158
                              Rising Bollards – 4
                              Car Park and VMS Signs – 94
                              Ice alert stations – 15
                              Speed Cameras – 13

                              Number of staff = part of Highway Electrical Service across
                               the whole of the county & not just BID area
Specification          Term Maintenance Contracts tendered in accordance with EU
                       procurement rules. Maintenance is completed in accordance with the
                       specification and conditions of contract for ICE Term Version.

                              Term Maintenance Contract for street light and illuminated
                               traffic signs. Term 4yrs+3 extension – Apr 2005
                              Term Maintenance Contract for traffic signals and associated
                               traffic systems. Term 4yrs+3 extension – Dec 2005
                              Framework agreement for the purchase of electrical systems
                               – Term 4yr – Nov 2004

                       Maintenance strategy is contained in a committee approved
                       maintenance plan detailing planned maintenance frequencies (3

                       Planned maintenance, lamp replacement, emergency attendance to
                       make safe and non-performance rebates in accordance with
                       Appendix A to the specification.

                       The contract includes:
                       Emergency attendance to RTA and vandalism within 2hrs.

                       All faults are repaired within a target period of 5 working days

                       Lanterns are replaced in 28 working days. Deteriorated columns are
                       replaced as part of a replacement programme and risk assessment.
                       Lanterns are cleaned at every visit and on a planned 3 yearly routine

                       Highways Electrical Maintenance Plan sets out full specification

Performance         3 yearly inspection
Measure             Electrical testing every 6 years, as programmed.

                    Night time inspection:
                    1st May to the 30th September = every 4 weeks
                    1st October to the 30th April = every 2 weeks

                    Emergency Response = 2 hours

                    Intermediary emergency = 24 hours

                    Normal repair = 5 days
Existing Value of   2008/09 revenue allocation: difficult to break-down just for the
Contract/Service    Falmouth Town Centre area
Boundary Area       BID Area –Falmouth Town Centre

                             Events and Marketing Baseline

Responsible Authority:       Falmouth Town Council

Responsible Officers:        Mark Williams (Town Clerk)

                             David Pollard (Falmouth Town Manager)

Service Provided
                   Falmouth Town Council (FTC) are under no statutory obligation to
                   provide an Events and Marketing service and do this on a
                   discretionary basis.

                   Provide staff and resources for Events & Marketing in Falmouth

                   Promote and facilitate events in Falmouth

                   The service works in partnership with an extensive range of agencies
                   and contributes through the membership of a number of associations
                   and organisations.

                   Liaise closely with the Falmouth Tourist Information Centre

                   The Moor:
                   FTC manages events on the Moor via a management agreement with
                   Carrick District Council & Cornwall County Council, the owners of the
                   area. FTC shall manage the Moor and activities on it in accordance
                   with the agreement.

                   Weekly events:
                          Farmers‟ Market
                          Arts & Craft Market

                   Ad hoc events:
                           Waste Management Roadshow
                           Car exhibitions/displays

                   Leaflets & newsletters:
                           FTC issues a number of publications throughout the year,
                           sometimes in conjunction with other organisations, including:

                               Falmouth Town Guide
                               Fathom newsletter

                   Event support:
                   a) Christmas:

                         Christmas lights
                             Facilitate the contribution from town centre businesses
                                towards Christmas lights and town dressing

                               FTC can provide funding of up to £6,000, on the condition
                                that it is matched by an equal amount from other

                           Christmas events
                            A wide variety of entertainment is provided free of charge
                              (with support from local business) throughout the festival

                    b) Ad hoc:
                            FTC can provide staff &/or financial support for events on a
                               discretionary basis

                    Falmouth Pride
                           To promote and contribute to the initiative

Number of Staff &             Town Clerk & Town Manager provide overall co-ordination
Equipment                      of the programme & additional FTC staff provide support as
                               & when is necessary

Specification       Events, fairs and commercial bookings:
                           The existing events/fairs/festivals are all of a sufficient scale
                               and standard to attract additional shopping customers to the
                               town centre shopping area.

                              FTC has a Management Agreement for the Moor with CDC
                               & CCC. FTC shall not book any activity restricted by the
                               categories contained in the agreement. FTC take bookings
                               for activities taking place on the Moor

Performance         Events, fairs and commercial bookings:
Measure                    Clearly, if an event/fair generates sufficient customer spend
                               for the organisers of the event/fair to return in the future, this
                               is one important measure of its success and sustainability.

                           Number of leaflets, adverts etc

                           Provision of markets on stipulated days

                           Footfall

                    Staff appraisals
                            Annual review of officer performance
Boundary Area       Falmouth BID area

                         Ground maintenance/planting Baseline

Responsible Authority:      Falmouth Town Council

Responsible Officer:        Mark Williams

Service Provided         Falmouth Town Council has a contract with Carrick District
                         Council to undertake ground maintenance, within the BID area
                         (including Kimberley Park Gardens)

                         Responsibilities include

                                       Planting
                                       Maintenance of shrub beds
                                       Grass cutting
                                       Hedge trimming
                                       Hard surface management (sweeping of paths
                                       Tree maintenance etc.
                                       Highway weed spraying (via contract with
                                        Cornwall County Council)

Number of Staff &              Cemetery Manager, Kimberley Park Gardener &
Equipment                       contract staff
Specification               1. Provision and/or planting and/or maintaining and/or
                               cleaning and/or watering and/or control of:
                             Shrubs, hedges, trees, grass

                            2. Design, procurement, planting & maintenance of
                               bedding schemes.

                            3. Trees, hanging baskets, planters etc are maintained on
                               a regular basis with a clear programme throughout the

Performance Measure            The service delivery within the BID Area will be in line
                                with the specification and schedules for its grounds
                                maintenance operations contained within the contract
                                between Falmouth Town Council & Carrick District

Boundary Area            Falmouth BID area

                       Policing of Falmouth Town Centre Baseline

Responsible Authority:       Devon and Cornwall Police

Responsible Officer:         Inspector Trott

Service                   Policing of Falmouth Town Centre
Number of               Retail Crime Team
Staff &                There is no such team in Falmouth. Any retail crime is deal with by the
Equipment              Patrol officers on duty. This amounts to 5 officers for the whole Falmouth,
                       Penryn and large rural sector and does not include abstractions e.g. leave,
                       sickness, courses.

                        Beat Managers
                       There are currently 2 dedicated Beat Managers that cover the above areas
                       (and more besides). They are supported by 4 Police Community Support

                        Response Patrols
                       1 response cars is dedicated to the area 24 hours a day for Falmouth
                       although this is backed up by a Penryn and Rural car if staffing allows.
Specification          Personnel & Functions as described above
Performance             To reduce violent crime by 13% per annum
                          To reduce vehicle crime by 27% per annum

                          To reduce criminal damage by 31% per annum

                          To reduce burglary dwelling by 17% per annum
Non-            TBD
Boundary        Falmouth Town Centre


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