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									                                 BOGNOR REGIS TOWN COUNCIL
                TOWN CLERK:   Kate Gill, Town Council Office, The Town Hall, Clarence Road,
                                   Bognor Regis, West Sussex, PO21 1LD.
                                          Telephone 01243 825535 Fax 01243 865744

                              Town Force Graffiti Removal Technician
Job Description

Town Force, Bognor Regis Town Council’s highly successful maintenance team set up in 2000, now need to
recruit a graffiti removal technician. This person will compliment and enhance the existing skills of the team.
We therefore need this graffiti removal technician to be able to perform following duties:-

       Works independently and removes graffiti from buildings, fences, concrete channels and other
       Maintenance to existing street furniture and signage
       Removal of fly tipping in cooperation with Arun District Council
       Removes and paints out graffiti markings using a variety of tools and techniques
       Performs general clean up tasks as well as other tasks related to cleaning and removing graffiti
       Performs other works related to improving the street scene and removing visible signs of crime
       Patrols areas of Western Arun
       Maintains supplies and equipment required for the performance of assigned duties
       Prepares a variety of forms, records and reports of incidents for BRTC
       Photographs the graffiti before removal
       Works closely with the Police and Neighbourhood Watch
       Clean full driving licence ESSENTIAL
       Duties include but are not limited to those listed above.

Knowledge of:
    Methods, tools, equipment and proper application used in performance of painting, sand and
      water blasting
    Proper use and care of painting equipment and water bowser
    Proper safety methods
    Precautions and practices for painting, water and sand blasting
    Hand tools and motorized equipment and the operation and maintenance of such equipment
    Effective community relations

Ability to:
    Perform strenuous physical work at locations usually open and exposed to all weather
    Read, understand and follow Material Safety Data Sheets
    Properly and safely use painting tools, solvents and chemicals
    Receive training and apply such training as required
    Perform manual labour
    Follow oral and written instructions
    Establish and maintain cooperative and effective relations with the Town Council’s employees
        and the public
    Demonstrate an awareness and appreciation of the cultural diversity of the community
    All applicants are required to fully complete the Town Council application form. (CV without an
    application not accepted). Information and application are available on our website
    www.bognorregis.gov.uk or on 01243 825535.

    Applicants must clearly demonstrate, through their application that they meet each of the
    employment standards outlined above. All properly completed applications will be reviewed and
    the most appropriate qualified individuals will be invited to continue in the selection process.

    Summary description
    The specifications are not intended to reflect all duties performed within the job.
       Coordinates and performs the work involved in the removal of graffiti
       Tracks locations of new graffiti
       Keeps a written record of work performed
       Estimates time, equipment and materials required for jobs
       Obtains the property owner’s signature on the disclaimer form
       Paints, sandblasts, water blasts and uses other processes of graffiti removal
       Inspects the Western Arun area for unreported graffiti
       Operates a vehicle equipped with graffiti removal supplies and equipment and maintains
        equipment on the truck
       Performs other related duties as assigned
       Needs good judgement and decision-making skills when performing duties, handling various
        types of tools & equipment and when coming in contact with the public and other Town
        Council’s employees.
       Exposure to severe weather: heat, cold, dust, noise, rain and odours associated working
        outdoors on public rights of way.
       The working hours are 8.30am to 4.30pm; Mon-Thu, 8.30am to 4.00pm on Fri with half an
        hour for lunch (subject to change with appropriate notice). Weekend, evening and overtime
        work may be required on an infrequent basis.

Employment Details

       Hours - Monday to Friday with flexibility of working evenings and weekends
       37 hour week
       Optional pension scheme
       4 weeks paid holiday
       Pay Scale £15,459 pa.
       Fixed Term Contract 1st April 2007 – 31st March 2009.
 This document does not constitute a ‘Job Specification’ and accordingly does not purport to represent an
  exhaustive list of all duties relating to the post, but rather it indicates the main areas of activity.
 The minimum annual leave entitlement is twenty days with a further five days after
  fives years of continuous service. The entitlement as expressed applies to a five full working day pattern
  and the present entitlement would therefore be pro rata. Employees shall also be entitled to paid holiday
  on public holidays as they occur.

 Standing order 61:
    a) ‘Canvassing of members of any committees, directly or in directly, for any appointment under the
       Council shall disqualify the candidate for such appointment. The Clerk shall make known the purport
       of this sub-paragrapgh of this Standing Order to every candidate.

    b) A member of the Council shall not solicit for any person, any appointment under the Council, or
       recommend any persons for such appointment or for promotion: but nevertheless, a member may give
       a written testimonial of a candidate’s ability, experience or character for submission to the Council
       with an application for appointment.’

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