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									                                  CITY OF MURRIETA
                          COMMUNITY SERVICES COMMISSION
                          MINUTES OF THURSDAY, APRIL 2, 2009


The regular meeting of the Murrieta Community Services Commission was called to order at
7:05 pm, April 2, 2009, at Murrieta City Hall by Chair Wadell.



Present: Bearse, Courbat*, Holman, Priore and Wadell

*Commissioner Courbat arrived at 7:07 p.m.


The agenda was unanimously approved on a motion by Commissioner Holman and seconded
by Commissioner Bearse. Absent: Courbat.


The minutes were unanimously approved for the meeting of February 5, 2009 on a motion by
Commissioner Bearse and seconded by Commissioner Holman. Absent: Courbat.


Ryan Stromeyer, Todd Srriet, Matt Colisch and Mary Molitor of Murrieta, addressed the
Commission about the need for a BMX bike riding area in Murrieta.


a. Graffiti Report

Maintenance Superintendent Bob Kast introduced Lead Maintenance Worker Mark Durbin who
is responsible for graffiti removal in the City. Mr. Durbin gave an update on graffiti removal
including the equipment used. A table was shown with graffiti statistics from 2007 through
2009. Chair Wadell asked about media coverage to get the information out to the public that
there is a problem with graffiti. Mr. Durbin replied that the information showed this evening will
also be available on the City’s website. Commissioner Courbat asked if there were repeat
offenders. Mr. Kast responded that there seems to be and that staff has been meeting with the
Police Department’s graffiti task force. Commissioner Priore asked if the graffiti was gang
related. Mr. Durbin said that 15% of the tagging is gang related.

b. Review of Conceptual Drawing for Torrey Pines Park

Mr. Kast gave an overview of the proposed Torrey Pines Park plans, which would be located on
an eight-acre site on the corner of Margarita Road and Torrey Pines Road. Some of the
amenities include a shade shelter, barbeques, trash receptacles, a baseball field, and restroom
Community Services Commission Minutes
April 2, 2009
Page 2

building. He also mentioned that some synthetic turf will be installed. The design also proposes
both small and large dog park areas for the site along with a walking trail.

On a motion by Commissioner Courbat and seconded by Commissioner Bearse, the conceptual
design for Torrey Pines Park was approved to a public meeting to retrieve resident feedback. It
passed unanimously.

c. Review of Conceptual Drawing for Grizzly Ridge Park

Mr. Kast gave an overview of Grizzly Ridge Park, which will include a tot lot, picnic shelter and a
trail. In addition, a two-rail fence barrier at the street will be included in the park design for
safety precautions.

Commissioner Priore asked if there was going to be any impact to the staff with maintenance
needs. Mr. Kast replied the majority of the work will be done by the City’s contracted
landscaping company while City staff will be doing the daily pick-up in the park. Chair Wadell
asked about parking. Mr. Kast responded there is some off-street parking but the park is
located within a housing development and is considered a neighborhood park; therefore, most
users will be walking to the park.

On a motion by Commissioner Bearse and seconded by Commissioner Courbat, the conceptual
design for Grizzly Ridge Park was approved. It passed unanimously.


a. Park Status

Mr. Kast mentioned the Park Rangers will be at next month’s meeting to give an overview of the
last year. He also reported on the Veterans’ Memorial Wall, Arbor Day, and National
Playground Safety Week.

b. Recreation Events

Recreation Supervisor Colby Diuguid talked about the opening of the California Oaks Pool on
May 2, winter sport leagues ending, adult baseball, and Club M. He mentioned the success of
the Recreation Expo that took place on March 21 at Town Square Park. He reminded the
Commissioners that there will be a joint meeting between the Community Services
Commission, Planning Commission, and City Council on April 14. The purpose of this joint
meeting is to get an overview of the Parks and Recreation Master Update from the consultant
before it comes back to the Commission for approval.


a. Upcoming Recreation Events

Mr. Diuguid invited the public to participate in the Eggstravaganza on April 11. In addition, the
next Club M dance will be on April 17 and the Teen Car Show is on April 25.
Community Services Commission Minutes
April 2, 2009
Page 3


Commissioner Bearse stated she will not be able to attend the joint meeting. Mr. Diuguid
replied the meeting will be videotaped and will be available for viewing.


At 8:19 pm, it was unanimously approved to adjourn to the regular meeting of the Community
Services Commission on May 7, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. in the City of Murrieta Council Chambers,
One Town Square, 24601 Jefferson Avenue. Motion carried unanimously.

Approved this 7th day of May, 2009.

Edmund Wadell
Chair Wadell

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