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           The demon of trusting in others is out.
   So is the monster of thinking I know them, kicked out!
           Expectantly thinking they owe me, out!
             Ridiculously feeling essential, out!!
                        My pride, out!
                        My hopes, out!
                     My happiness, out!!
                 My faith, everything, out!!
    The demon of having my big expectations is out too.
 I puked that one out after I finally learned what they will
                       and will not do.
That other demon of drinking the whiskey to spit red and die
                    everyday also is gone.
         Smoking a cloud everyday too is out, gone!!
                 …I am no longer myself!
              Nor do I know who the hell else!
     However, my demon of giving a care remains there.
          And even when nobody cares I still care.
 It’s because of them and for them that I will expel every
                      demon inside me.
  Great and small I will get rid of them all even if it leaves
                        nothing of me.
                 Written and illustrated by Angel Lebron

Description: About changing one's self.