On the night shift by decree


									                                                          On the night shift:
                                                          working late hours, LMC Group completes a complex design
vision.	strategy.	implementation.                         within tight deadlines to transform Leicester City Centre.

                                                      The new Highcross retail and entertainment
Vision                                                centre is designed to make Leicester a
                                                                                                          •	 Hammerson	plc

•	 New	retail	&	leisure	complex                                                                           •	 Foreign	Office	Architects
                                                      premier shopping destination.
•	 	 	x	45m	glass	footbridge	links	                                                                       •	 Sir	Robert	McAlpine
   to the city centre                                 The £350 million new Highcross
                                                      development is set to change the face               •	 SH	Structures
•	 	 6	week	programme	for	
   completion                                         of Leicester, positioning the city as one           Amongst the many stunning architectural
                                                      of the hottest leisure and retail destinations      elements of the new development, are the
Strategy                                              in the UK.                                          feature glazed link bridges that link the
•	 	 election	of	the	on-site	                                                                             John Lewis store with the new complex
                                                      The new mixed-use scheme will add to
   management team and crew
                                                      the existing retail core, with architects           and the new multi storey car park that
   of installers
                                                      and developers working in partnership               serves the centre.
•	 	 ppointment	of	skilled	lifting	
   &	installation	crews                               with major project contractors and local
                                                                                                          Specialist contractor SH Structures were
•	 	 iaison	with	SH	Structures	
   L                                                  businesses, to improve the city throughout.
                                                                                                          responsible for providing these new bridges
                                                      Development work on the new Highcross               as a complete package including the
•	 	ogistics	of	overnight	road	                       centre recently reached completion and the          provision of the specialist glazing.
   closures	&	specialist	access	
   equipment                                          complex that includes shops on two levels,
                                                                                                          LMC group was recommended to SH
                                                      restaurants, cafés and a cinema opened
                                                                                                          Structures to manage the installation of
Implementation                                        in September 2008.
                                                                                                          the overall the build, and to work within
•	 Overnight	works	carried	out                        Major project stakeholders and contractors          demanding schedules with their engineers
•	 	 orkload	scheduled	in	teams	                      involved in the Highcross development               on the complex design.
   according to tasks and skills                      included:
•	 	 eam	effort	and	diligence	
   from	all	on-site	management	
   and crew resulted project
   completion on time and
   to	budget

kings	house	business	centre,	kings	house.	home	park	estate,	station	road.	kings	langley,	herts.	WD4	8DH
Tel:	0845	290	3107		Fax:	01923	277	902			Email:	info@lmcgroup.co.uk
                                                           The skilled installers from LMC Group worked well under pressure and
                                                           helped overcome the many issues associated with such a complex project.
                                                           Rob Nicholls, Project Manager SH Structures
vision.	strategy.	implementation.

•	 Complex	geometric	design	

•	 Over	500m2		total	glazing	coverage		

•	 Busy	road	beneath	structure

•	 	 lass	materials	delivered	from	

•	 Several	panels	weighed	up	to	500kg

With many years experience in the
construction methods required, vast
knowledge of canopy glass and cladding
installations, and with the ability to provide
project managers & skilled resources
on-demand, LMC Group was identified
                                                      •	 	 ll	necessary	health	&	safety	
                                                         A                                                In addition, the complex geometry of so
as the ideal partner.
                                                         considerations	maintained                        many angled glass components & the
                                                                                                          nature of the flashings required, coupled
                                                      •	 	 xtended	hours	and	overnight		
                                                                                                          with the need to manage deliveries from an
                                                         works	scheduled
                                                                                                          overseas glass supplier brought their own
                                                      •	 Overseas	delivery	schedules	managed              logistical issues that had the potential to
                                                      •	 Inclement	weather	endured                        affect installation schedules.

                                                      One footbridge, located over a busy road,              S
                                                                                                          •	 	 tunning	architectural	design	feature	
                                                      required a total of 500 square meters of               within	the	city	centre
                                                      glass coverage, and with several of the                V
                                                                                                          •	 	 aluable	link	for	shoppers	to		
                                                      panels weighing upwards of half a metric               multi-level	car	park
                                                      tonne each, a 50-tonne crane was needed
                                                                                                          •	 	 esult	of	co-operation	between	
                                                      to lift them before our installers could fix
                                                                                                             designers,	glazers	and	installers	
                                                      them into place and work on the flashings.
                                                      Once fixed, the silicone sealant was                The original project schedule was 12
                                                      diligently applied.                                 weeks with an additional 4 weeks, needed
                                                      SH Structures liaised with the main                 to recover the overall program. Most
                                                      contractors and local council officials in          importantly, due to the dedication of our
                                                      order to arrange the temporary closure              on-site team and the flexibility of our
                                                      of the road beneath the footbridge                  crew of installers, the recovery schedule
                                                      overnight, to allow for overhead work               was maintained.
                                                      to take place safely.
The LMC Group on-site management team
was led by John Slaughter and Simon
Hazel and the crew of 14 skilled installers                Our on-site team worked
worked to a tight project schedule and over                tirelessly and overcame
several nights, ensuring that all necessary                several logistical problems to
health & safety considerations were in                     complete this project on time.
place, whilst liaising with project managers
                                                           Rod Milicevic, LMC Group
from SH Structures by way of regular
reports on progress.

kings	house	business	centre,	kings	house.	home	park	estate,	station	road.	kings	langley,	herts.	WD4	8DH
Tel:	0845	290	3107		Fax:	01923	277	902			Email:	info@lmcgroup.co.uk

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