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With the arrest of desperate criminals, namely, (1) Ravi Kapoor s/o
Preetam Kapoor r/o F-1/76, Madan Gir, New Delhi, (2) Amit Kumar Shukla
@ Rama Kant Sharma r/o F-115, III Floor, Lado Sarai, New Delhi, (3)
Baljeet Malik @ Poppy s/o Dharambir Malik r/o B-52, Masood Pur, Near
Post Office, New Delhi and (iv) Ajay Kumar s/o Attar Singh r/o
Balmiki Mohalla, Munirka, New Delhi, sensational murder case of IT
EXECUTIVE JIGISHA GHOSH and News Producer of Headlines Today
VISHWANATHAN besides other cases have also been worked out. Articles
robbed from JIGISHA GHOSH, goods purchased by her Credit Card, car
used in crime and weapon used in the murder of SOUMYA VISWANATHAN
also been recovered.


On 19.03.09, on the complaint of Sh. Jagannath Ghosh, father of
JIGISHA GHOSH, a retired central government officer [Deputy Director,
Nirman Bhawan] reported at the Police station Vasant Vihar that his
daughter did not return back from the duty since 17.03.2009. His
daughter was working as Operations Manager in Hewitt Associates Pvt.
Ltd., Noida U.P. She had gone in the night shift and was expected to
return in the early morning on 18.03.2009. On his complaint, a case
vide FIR No. 69/09 u/s 365 IPC dated 19.03.09 was registered. After
registration of the case, an extensive manhunt for the suspected
criminals was launched.


A team comprising of Inspr. Palvinder Singh Chahal SHO/Vasant Vihar,
Inspr. Atul Kumar, S.I. Neeraj Choudhary, SI Upender Singh, Ct. Dara
Singh, Ct. Luv Kumar, Ct. Satbir, Ct. Upender, Ct. Jaspal, Ct. Raj
Kumar, Ct. Naresh, Ct. Mahesh, Ct. Rajender, Ct. Kaptan Singh was
formed under closed supervision of ACP Mohammad Ali, ACP/Vasant Vihar.
 At the outset all information about routine cab members, drivers,
guards, co-workers, transport persons in the company and belongings of
Jigisha were collected.

All co-workers, guard of the cab, driver of the cab were interrogated
in detail and from their interrogation it came out that Miss Jigeesha
was dropped in front of her house at about 4.15 AM on 18.03.2009. From
this information it was suspected that she might have fallen in wrong
hands, hence, the investigation mainly focused into all aspects and
mainly kidnapping and robbery.

It came to know from her family members that she was carrying an ATM
card, a credit card of HDFC Bank, a mobile phone of her mother and
another mobile phone along with regular jewellery items including two
gold rings, two silver rings, one gold chain and her purse having some
cash. Detail of ATM and Credit Card was collected from the bank and
it was found that from ATM, cash had been withdrawn from two places
SBI ATM and shopping was done a number of places in the area of Saket
and Sarojini Nagar. In the process of verification of the details, it
came to notice that two pairs of shoes and some clothes from Reebok
Showrooms, one CD from Planet M Showroom, one 21” LCD LG Television
and one costly watch make Timex had been purchased by the suspects.
From further verification at the timings of the shopping, it was known
that at Showroom wherefrom they had purchased watch, two CCTV cameras
were installed. From scrutiny of CCTV recordings, the video of three
young boys purchasing watch was found. Photographs from the CCTV
were got developed and thereafter, a massive operation for identifying
these suspects was launched by forming several teams, who were tasked
to verify the records of the criminals, ruffians and persons having
doubtful profile and indulging in similar crimes in and around Delhi
and nearby districts of NCR.

Meanwhile, an information was received during this operation that
body of a girl had been found lying at roadside near Surajkund,
Faridabad. A team under supervision of Inspector Palvinder Singh
Chahal, SHO/Vasant Vihar was rushed to the spot and from cursory
inspection of belongings and clothes, the description matched with the
information given by the parents of the girl. Further, all belongings
of the girl were found missing. The photographs of the body were
taken and shown to the parents of the girl, who identified that the
deceased was their own daughter. A team remained in touch with the
police of Faridabad who were conducting inquest proceedings of the
dead body. The team remained in close coordination with Faridabad
Police and assisted the family at the time of their crisis.

After this development, the hunt for reaching out to the suspects was
intensified and a large number of persons were interrogated in the
process. On 23.03.2009, during this process of interrogation and
verification of potential suspects, a vital information was received
that the persons having the same profile would be passing through
Nelson Mandela Road in a Santro Car in order to commit a similar
crime. Immediately a trap was laid by the police team and at about 1
p.m., the suspected car was sighted going towards Vasant Kunj near
Police Picket on Nelson Mandela Road. The said car was stopped and
three persons sitting in the car were nabbed. On checking of their
person and car many objectionable items like Hologram/Car Sticker of
the Judge of Punjab & Haryana High Court, Wireless Sets, Badges of
Media Persons and fire-arms were found. They were immediately taken to
Police Station Vasant Vihar and put under sustained interrogation.


       During sustained interrogation, they disclosed a very sensational
and grim story of their heinous crime of kidnapping-cum-robbery-murder
of IT Executive Ms. Jigisha Ghosh. These desperate criminals were
roaming around in the CPWD Colony, Vasant Vihar at that fateful time
in the late night of 17/18.03.2009 as it was a lonely area and they
wanted to indulge in some serious crime. Suddenly, they noticed that
a cab has dropped one girl who was talking to somebody on her mobile
phone for a long time. Finding her an easy target, Baljeet and Ravi
Kapoor went near the girl on the pretext of enquiring about an address
and overpowered and took the girl into their Santro car. Thereafter,
they took all the belongings of the girl forcibly, asked her ATM Pin
Number and went straight towards Mahipalpur wherefrom they withdrew
Rs.20,000/- from State Bank of Patiala ATM. Thereafter, they went
towards Faridabad and on reaching near Surajkund they killed the girl
by smothering her and dumped the body on the roadside bushes on
Surajkund-Faridabad Road. Thereafter, they also threw bag, both the
mobile phones -one in a running dumper and other on the roadside.
After returning, they also withdrew Rs.5,000/- from SBI ATM, Saket.
At 11.30 a.m., all three again met and went for shopping at Select
City Mall, PVR Saket and Sarojini Nagar Market for an amount worth

       However, it was apparent from the equipment recovered, the
act and their criminal profile that they had indulged in similar
serious crimes, but on sustained interrogation and cross-questioning,
they broke down and confessed that besides committing several crimes
including robbery, snatching, burglary and MV Theft etc. they had
also committed the sensational murder of a journalist SOUMYA
It is worth mentioning here that in the intervening night of
29-30/09.08, a sensational case of murder of journalist Ms. SOUMYA
VISHWANATHAN took place on Nelson Mandela Road. After reporting of the
said case, extensive efforts spanning NCR and neighbouring states were
made by forming special teams at the district level under the
supervision of undersigned.


On 30.09.2008, a case vide FIR No.481/08 u/s 302/201 IPC was
registered at Police Station Vasant Kunj. Initially, the incident
looked like an accidental death, but during postmortem it was found by
doctors that it has been caused due to gunshot injury to her head.
Thereafter, staggering efforts were made to detect this case.


• CCTV recordings focusing on the road on the entire path taken by
Soumya Vishwanathan from her place of work in Jhandewalan to the place
of incident on Nelson Mandela Marg were checked and efforts were made
to trace any clues in both the directions. The help of experts was
also taken wherever required to retrieve the recordings, to see if her
car was being followed by some other vehicle.

• Place of incident was got inspected by FSL experts and opinion on
various aspects was taken from them. Further, expert opinion was taken
from Mr Baluja of Indian Road Congress, regarding reconstruction of
the crime scene relating to motor vehicle accident.

• Almost 2000 people who were having daily movement in the area during
those particular hours were examined.

• Large number of passersby who had seen the vehicles were questioned
and based on their versions extensive efforts were made. Further, all
the regular road users in the early morning were questioned near the
place of incident for months together.

• Whereabouts and movements of hundreds of the criminals involved in
the incidences of similar kinds in the past ten years in which guns
had been used were checked. Further, all criminals known to be using
or having used guns were checked and their positions were verified on
that day.

• Jail/Bail releases of large number robbers and other criminals
having similar track records and released before or being out of
prison at the time of incident were also verified.
• Daily analysis of the number of vehicles passing from the picket was
done and the average time between two vehicles was calculated to see
if the assailant vehicle could have been noticed by someone else.

• Records of vehicles which passed from all border check points/toll
plazas were taken and all suspected vehicles were verified.

• All information regarding the case which came in from any quarter
was verified. One such information was regarding the possibility of a
Blue color Mahindra Scorpio with a Gurgaon registration number having
been used in the crime was received. Based on this information all
blue colored Scorpios, numbering more than 500, registered in
Delhi-NCR were physically checked which required extensive efforts.

• All Public parking lots of Gurgaon and Delhi were checked for any
vehicle having a dent/scratch on its left side. Auto garages/repair
workshops were also checked.

• All pubs/discotheques in South, South East and New Delhi districts
and NOIDA were checked regularly for a period of over two months to
see if any suspicious elements visited them on a daily/regular basis
who had a late movement.

• Extensive interrogation was carried out to rule out role of any
acquaintances/friends /colleagues.

Furthermore, all locals as well as nearby criminals having similar
modus-operandi were also checked and many of them were interrogated.
Despite all out efforts, no definite clue came out.

      However, the breakthrough came during the investigation of Jigisha
Ghosh’s case when three accused were detained who broke down and
confessed to their involvement alongwith one more associate in the
sensational murder case of Soumya Vishwanathan, Producer of Headlines


       During interrogation, the accused disclosed that on the fateful
night he alongwith his other co-accused had a drink and dinner party
at residence of Amit. Thereafter they went to AIIMS area and later on
to PVR Priya. When they were moving around in their Wagon-R which has
been stolen by Ravi Kapoor from the area of Police Station Hauz Khas
on 19.09.2008 regarding which a case vide FIR No.352 dated 20.09.2008
PS Hauz Khas stands registered on the complaint of Mrs. Binny r/o 62/4
jawahar park, Ber Sarai, New Delhi. Thereafter when they were
standing near PVR Priya, they noticed lone girl driving a car at a low
speed. As they were having criminal intent and were drunk, they
immediately started following the Zen car driven by Soumya
Vishwanathan in their Wagon-R car and they tried to intercept her at
Nelson Mandela Road. As the victim did not stop and kept driving
after red light, they overtook her and in a fit of rage shot her.


Sl. No. FIR No. Sections of Law Police Station
1. 165/02 379/411/34 IPC Vasant Vihar
2. 28/02 379/411 IPC Lodhi Colony
3. 565/06 457/380 IPC Vasant Vihar
4. 245/05 25/54/59 A.Act Vasant Vihar
5. 408/08 379 IPC R.K. Puram
6. 308/08 379 IPC R.K. Puram
7 405/08 379 IPC R.K. Puram
8. 502/08 379 IPC R.K. Puram
9 439/08 379 IPC Hauz Khas
10 352/08 379 IPC Hauz Khas
11 79/09 379 IPC Malviya Nagar
12 321/08 379 IPC Vasant Vihar

      Besides above cases, Ravi Kapoor and others have also been arrested
by Noida Police in a case of impersonation by using police uniform as
well as case of Arms Act.


1. One Santro car used in commission of murder of Jigisha

2. One loaded country made pistol alongwith 3 live cartridges and one
used cartridge.

3. One revolving Red Light used As a Beacon.

4. One Hologram/Car Sticker of Justice of Punjab-Haryana High Court
used for security reasons.

5. ID Cards of Media Persons.

6. Two Motorola Wireless Sets with two extra batteries
7. One Static Wireless set of a Motor vehicle

8. One police uniform

9. One Dragon Light

10. Two blue plastic plates with 3 Stars and 1 Star used by DGP/DIG
rank officers.

11. House breaking implements including one Pick Axe, two pliers, two
wrenches, 4 hammers

12. 113 keys of different vehicles

13. Key making kit including saw, grinder etc.

14. One Dagger

15. One Knife

      Further investigation of the case is in progress and efforts are
being made to ascertain their other involvements.



Gang of notorious burglars arrested and more than 18 incidents of
burglaries worked out

Special Staff of West District busted a notorious gang of Burglars
headed by notorious robber cum burglar Mohd. Irfan @ Raju Mulla an
absent B.C of PS- Uttam Nagar and a Proclaimed Offender since 2006 in
a robbery case with his two associates. More than eighteen incidents
of house burglaries solved. All accused are involved in many cases of
house burglaries.

Recovery of Stolen Property:-
1.   Motorcycle CBZ
2.   TV-       02
3.   Fridge       01
4.   Music System-01
5.   LPG Gas Cylinder -02
6.   Watches- 06
7.   House Breaking equipments -03
8.         Utensils
9.        DVD Player make Samsung - 01.

Name of accused

1. Mohd. Irfan @ Raju Mulla @ Babloo S/o Late Lal Mohd @ Munna R/o
Mansa Ram Park, Uttam Nagar,Delhi

2. Abdul Sattar @ Azad S/o Late Shri Hazi Mohd r/o Mansa Ram Park,
Uttam Nagar,Delhi

3. Mohd. Alam S/o Late Shri Kala Miya R/o Mansa Ram Park, Uttam


On 23.03.09 an information was received by Inspector Rajkumar, Special
Staff West District that a notorious burglar will come along with his
other associates on a motor cycle No. DL-6S-2544 at Balaji Chowk,
Uttam Nagar, Delhi. On the basis of this information, a raiding party
under the supervision of ACP Shri Jagdev Singh consisting of Insp.
Rajkumar, SI Manoj Kumar, SI Charan Singh, ASI Nirakar, HC Ved Parkash
No. 569/W, HC Jai Bhagwan No. 1059/W, Ct Suresh 1191/W, Ct Pramod No.
1286/W, Ct. Pawan and Ct. Sunil No. 618/DAP was constituted and
deployed near Balaji Chowk, Uttam Nagar, Delhi. At about 6.00 pm one
motorcycle CBZ Hero Honda bearing number plate No. DL-6S-2544 came
with three persons. On the instance of secret informer, the motorcycle
was stopped and all three persons were apprehended. They could not
show any document about the ownership of motorcycle. On verification
from PCR the motorcycle was found stolen from the area of PS Vasant
Kunj, Delhi. On interrogation they disclosed their names (1)- Mohd.
Irfan @ Raju Mulla @ Babloo S/o Late Lal Mohd @ Munna R/ Mansa Ram
Park, Uttam Nagar,Delhi,(2)-Abdul Sattar @ Azad S/o Late Shri Hazi
Mohd r/o Mansa Ram Park, Uttam Nagar,Delhi (3)- Mohd. Alam S/o Late
Shri Kala Miya R/o Mansa Ram Park, Uttam Nagar,Delhi. On their search,
two iron rods (House breaking tools) were recovered from Abdul Sattar
and Raju Mulla and one iron rod was recovered from the possession of
Mohd. Alam. All the three person were arrested and they made
disclosure of more than 18 day and night house burglaries. Recovery of
various case properties was affected from their instances.


During interrogation, Mohd, Irfan @ Raju Mulla, Abdul Sattar @ Azad
and Mohd. Alam revealed that they have stolen this motorcycle from
village- Mahipalpur and have kept it for their personal use. They used
to travel on this m/cycle and after locating locked/abandoned houses,
Raju Mulla and Abdul Sattar @ Azad used to go inside the house after
breaking locks and doors with iron rods. Mohd. Alam used to stand out
side and after finishing the work he used to bring rickshaw and take
away the stolen articles. They disclosed about commission of more than
18 house burglaries. On their instance stolen articles viz. TV,
Fridge, LPG Cylinder, Watches, Utensils etc were recovered.

Staff involved in the good work is being rewarded suitably.


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