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Payroll Activation                     1

Time Reporting                         2

Shift Differential                     5

Pay Dates                              6

Work Limitations                       6

Overtime                               7

Making Up Missed Work                  7

Terminations                           7

Address/Name Change                    8

Temporary Employment (STEPS)           8

Work Study                             8

Student Application                    9

Student Evaluation                     9

                         PAYROLL PROCEDURES
                        September 06, 2006 Revision


  1. All new student employees, including Graduate Assistants, must complete
     the following forms prior to being trained, or starting work, in the Library.

         A. Student Application Form

         B. K-4 – State Tax Withholding Form (if not current)

         C. W-4 – Federal Tax Withholding Form (if not current)

         D. A valid I-9; must be obtained by the student at the Employment
            Office in Scovell Hall. The I-9 should be submitted with the payroll
            authorization request to the Libraries Office of the Dean.

         IMPORTANT – The student’s date of employment cannot be
         before the date the I-9 is signed by an employment official.

         NOTE: If a student terminates employment from UK and is not on
         payroll for a period of one year, he/she must obtain a new I-9 before
         they can work. If an international student terminates employment from
         UK he/she must obtain a new I-9 before they can work.

         E. The drug free form, obtained in Employment along with the I-9,
            must also be submitted with the payroll authorization form.

         F. International students’ I-9 will expire with visa (Form I-94) expiration
            date. Expiration date shows at the bottom of the I-9 form.

         G. Copy of current visa (Form I-94) – for those students from foreign
            countries attending UK on a visa.

         H. City/Local Tax – If address is not in Lexington, they will be exempt
            from school tax. (Address on PAR is used for payroll.)

  2. The above paperwork (sections A-H) along with the library payroll
     authorization form (the “effective” date is the first date worked and work
     cannot start until a valid I-9 form is presented) must be forwarded together
     to the payroll assistant in the Office of the Dean no later than the student’s
     second day of work.

     **Paperwork received in the Office of the Dean at the beginning of a pay
     period can usually be processed in time for the student to be paid without
     delay. Paperwork received in the middle of the pay period most often
     means the student will have a 3-4 week delay in receiving a check.**


     1. A daily time record/sheet must be typed and signed by each
        employee and then approved by the supervisor. All signatures must
        be done in ink (no pencil). Supervisors should check the accuracy and
        completeness of the time record/sheet. Any questions about
        assignment codes or earning codes can be confirmed with the payroll
        assistant in the Office of the Dean. Remember: Timesheets are legal

         Daily time records can be obtained at:
         The time record should be competed as follows (see attached sample
         or timesheet listed above).

          I.D. – Enter employee I.D. number. Please double check this number
         to ensure accuracy. For new hires, use the Social Security number for
         the first timesheet submission and then obtain the ID number from the
         payroll assistant.

         Employee Name – first name then last name.

         Org. Unit. – Enter the department organizational unit number and an
         abbreviated department name on this line.

         Begin Date – Enter the beginning date of the pay period the employee
         is to be paid.

         End Date – Enter the ending date of the pay period the employee is to
         be paid.

   Pay Period – Enter the pay period number that corresponds with the
   dates above.

   Dates and pay period number can be obtained at: or (Biweekly Payroll Schedule)

   Personnel Number – This number identifies the department
   assignment and is obtained from the payroll assistant.

   Attendance/Absence Type – Enter the earning code for the hours
   worked. A new line should be used for each new earnings code. The
   codes are provided at the bottom of the timesheet.

   Week 1 – Enter appropriate hours for each day

   Week 2 – Enter appropriate hours for each day

      2-Week Grand Total – This amount will be calculated for you if you
      are using provided timesheet.

Employee signature – employee signs

Supervisor signature – supervisor signs

2. A summary sheet must be prepared for students and attached to that
   group of timesheets. Summary sheets must to be on 8 ½ x 11 paper.
   This form is located at -
   Student Payroll Summary Sheet.

3. Prepare a plastic 9 x 12 envelope for student and staff checks. The
   envelope should show the following:

      a. Department Name

      b. Alphabetical list of employees. Remember to include work-
         study employees (who will pick up checks in your department).
         Also, remember to delete employees no longer working.

4. Time reports/sheets, summary sheets and envelopes are due in the
   Office of the Dean no later than 12:00 noon on the Monday prior to
   the ending date of the pay period or on special dates listed on the
   Biweekly Payroll Schedule. Remember the timesheets must be
   completed and signed before reaching the Office of the Dean.

     5. For all staff employees, be certain to attach an absence record form to
        your timesheet if you have taken time off from your normal work
        schedule. (Do not staple these together.) The “Absence Record” can
        be found at If any staff
        member takes leave time in the current pay period after the payroll has
        been submitted, their absence record and revised timesheet must be
        submitted to the Office of the Dean before 10:00am on the Monday
        before pay day.


     The University's evening and night shift differentials for staff and student
     workers are $ .75/hr (evening shift) and $1.25/hr (night shift).

     The Libraries will follow the shift hours set by the University for staff:

     Day           6 am - 3 pm
     Evening       3 pm - 11 pm
     Night         11 pm - 7 am

     The shift hours for student workers in the Libraries will be as follows:

     Day           6 am - 7 pm
     Evening       7 pm - 11 pm
     Night         11 pm - 7 am

     Following UK policy, a worker's pay is determined by the shift in which
     they start work. For example, if a person's shift begins in the day shift and
     ends in the evening shift, they will receive no shift differential for the hours
     they work in the evening.

      A regular staff person is paid the shift differential only for those hours
     actually worked on that shift, and salary increases are determined by the
     base salary, without the shift differential. If a regular evening or night
     employee is sick or on vacation, they do not get the shift differential, but
     the employee who fills in for them does get it.

     To be fair, the Libraries will also provide the shift differential to Graduate
     Assistants, using the guidelines above. As GAs do not currently turn in
     timesheets, supervisors should contact the payroll assistant to set up
     procedures to keep track of and turn in the stipend hours.

     The Libraries have not been given funds to pay for the shift differential
     increase; nor is their payment optional.


  1. Checks will be available by 10:30 a.m. on the pay date.

  2. If possible, a classified employee should pick up the departmental checks.
     If this is not possible, please have the student bring the checks to you for
     distribution. The person sent to pick up checks will need to sign out their
     check folder. Students should sign for their checks in each department.

  3. If a student does not pick up his/her check within 5 working days, the
     check must be mailed to that person at their local address.


  1. Undergraduate student workers, graduate assistants, and international
     students may work no more than 20 hours per week at the
     University, no matter how many places they may work during the Fall and
     Spring semesters. During the summer and spring and winter breaks,
     students may work up to 40 hours per week, unless their visa prohibits
     doing so.

  2. Graduate Assistants are limited by contract to work no more than 20 hours
     per week. However, a GA can have both a GA assignment and a student
     assistant assignment during the summer and holiday break weeks.

  3. Be sure not to allow students to work more hours than submitted on the
     PAR. This is to avoid overtime for students working in other departments.
     A new PAR needs to be submitted when the number of hours a student is
     working changes.


     1. No classified, non-exempt (Group B) employee, or any student
     assistant, may work overtime without the approval of the Dean of

     2. Overtime is time worked over 40 hours per week; it must be
     compensated as time and a half. With prior approval from the supervisor,
     a library staff employee whose regular schedule is 37.5 hours per week

     may work up to 40 hours per week, only if it benefits the department, and
     80 hours per pay period without going into overtime status.

     3. If a Group B employee is going to work overtime due to upcoming
     approved travel, for instance, the employee’s supervisor should contact
     the payroll assistant in the Office of the Dean at least 2 weeks prior to the


   1. Permission to make up hours may or may not be allowed by the
      supervisor, in accordance with the needs of the unit.

   2. Students allowed to make up missed time may not exceed 20 hours per
      week, with the exceptions noted above.

   3. Non-exempt staff on a 37.5 hour/week schedule cannot exceed 40 hours
      of work in any week or 80 hours per pay period when making up time.

   4. Time absent for TDL does not count as time worked when computing


  1. All employees must be terminated as soon as they have worked their last
     day. Students must be terminated if they will not be working for periods
     exceeding two weeks. (All students not working summer break must be
     terminated their last day worked during spring semester.)

  2. A separation sheet must be completed and signed by both the employee
     and supervisor prior to the last day of employment. If a student leaves
     before signing the separation sheet, please put “unavailable for signature,
     Copy mailed” and date it. Mail the employee’s copy to him/her. Be sure
     to list a forwarding address to ensure they receive a W -2 form. If written
     notice was given this must be attached to the Separation Sheet.

  3. Departmental information for the Separation Sheet:

            Department Name: Libraries

            Department Number: 88000 - all library general fund employees
                               88100 - grant or income account employees
                               88200 – Medical Center Library employees

                                  88300 – Law Library
           Division: Provost

  4. Forms must be sent to the Office of the Dean as soon as they are signed.
     One copy is provided to the student, one for the department and one to
     the Office of the Dean.


     An Address Change Form must be completed for any employee to change
     their address in the payroll system. The form is located at:


     The original timesheets for STEPS employees must be submitted to the
     Office of the Dean and cannot be taken to the STEPS office.

     Timesheets for STEPS employees are due by Monday at noon on the
     second week of each pay period.


     The original work-study timesheets must be taken to the work-study office
     by the department and not the work-study student.

     A summary sheet of all work-study hours must be submitted to the Office
     of the Dean. These are due no later than 12:00 noon on the Monday of
     the second week of the pay period for departments that employ work-
     study students.

     Here is a link to the Work-Study Payroll Summary: . You can save the form to your
     computer. Complete the following sections: department name, pay period
     number, pay period beginning date, pay period ending date, students
     name, SS#, salary, number of hours worked. The spreadsheet should
     automatically calculate the total pay & 18% of pay, and totals for each

     If you are interested in employing work-study employees, complete the
     Federal Work Study Job Listing/Authorization form located on UK's forms
     page at: . Complete the
     top portion & send to Melissa Barlow in the Libraries Office of the Dean.

      Account number & object code will be added by Melissa. Pat Lloyd is the
      authorized signature.


      A new application must be submitted with each PAR to activate an
      assignment in order to be sure all information on the student is current.
      The application is located at: -
      Student Employment Application Form. Only this application or the online
      submission should be used.


      A student evaluation form must be completed at the end of each Spring
      semester. If the student leaves prior to this an evaluation should be
      submitted with the separation sheet or PAR. The form is located at: - Student Evaluation Form.



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