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2009 Member Registration Form


									               2009 Member Registration Form
Name: ___________________________Instrument/Section: ______________

Major: ____________________________ Email:

Address: ___________________________________ Phone: __________________________

Secondary instrument(s):___________________________________________________

Years of experience on each: _______________________________________________

part played in high school: _________________________________________________

part you’d like to play in HMB: ______________________________________________

Have you studied privately: __________ If so, for how long: ________________

musical honors: (IMEA, All-State, etc.)_______________________________________

high school attended: __________________________________________________________

high school band director: _____________________________________________________

                            Housing Request for NIU Residence Halls

I need to check into my NIU Residence Hall room on Sunday, August 16, 2009 for band camp.

My full legal name is: ____________________________ My z-id #: ___________________

My academic status for this fall will be: (circle)

freshman sophomore junior       senior

My residence hall for the fall will be: ________________________________________

This registration form must be received in the Huskie Band office NO LATER than Friday, July
31, 2009. Marching band students that register after that time will be charged the normal fee for
early move-in by the housing office.

                                                                   Please mail or fax this form to:

                                                                                     Huskie Bands
                                                                         Music Building Rm 163
                                                                       Northern Illinois University
  DeKalb, IL 60115
fax (815) 753-1100

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