Dear Camper _ Parents_ by decree


									                                        “WADE in the WATER”
                                           Summer 2010

Dear Camper (and Parents/Guardians),
We are delighted to have you join us at Sugar Creek this summer! Please read the following information carefully:
it will help prepare you for a great week at camp! Enclosed in this envelope you will find a parent and camper
profile sheet, a health history (physical) form and your registration deposit receipt. Please examine all the
information carefully and verify the week you will attend camp. Complete the enclosed forms and return them to
Sugar Creek as soon as possible. All forms must be sent to us no later than 2 weeks before you attend camp!

The balance for your child’s registration is due June 1, 2010. You may send it in earlier if you would like. If your
church is paying for part or all of you child’s fees, please ask the church to pay by June 1 as well. If you would like
to make payments toward your balance, please e-mail: or call the camp office: 608-734-3113.
You will not be sent an additional bill so please mark this important date on your calendar. If you have more than
one child attending camp, you may send one check to cover all your children’s fees. If you need to cancel your
week at camp you MUST call us to cancel. There are no deposit refunds for cancellations after June 1. If you
have any other registration questions, please e-mail Kati Allen, Registrar, at or call the camp.
Specific program questions may be e-mailed to Jake Sorenson, Program Director:

Arrival Time:         Please arrive for registration between 2:00—4:00pm on the Sunday of your camp week. If
you will be late, please call ahead of time to let us know. Please, no early arrivals, as the counselors are busy
making preparations for campers up until 2:00pm.

Departure Time: Parents and family are welcome to attend our closing program, which begins at 2:00pm
on Friday. If you do not attend, plan to pick up your camper(s) no later than 2:30pm. PLEASE BE PROMPT! Be
sure to check your children’s luggage thoroughly for ALL their belongings and claim the correct sleeping bag and
pillow. Also, please check the Lost and Found table before you depart: many valuable items are left behind on
Fridays. Call the camp ASAP about any missing items! If you plan to pick up your child before 2:30pm on
Friday, you must complete an early release form when you check in your child on Sunday.

Times for Pilgrims ONLY (3rd & 4th grade, 1/2 week program)
        Campers attending Sunday to Tuesday arrive Sunday between 2:00-4:00pm during our regular camper
        registration time. Departure is on Tuesday at 6:00pm with a short program for parents and family.
        Campers attending Wednesday to Friday arrive Wednesday at 9:00am. Departure is Friday at 2:30pm
        after the campers participate in our regular closing program at 2:00pm. PLEASE BE PROMPT!

Parents are Invited: To tour Sugar Creek via a horse drawn or tractor drawn wagon ride on Sunday
afternoon (2:00-4:00pm). Also, please plan to attend a closing program presented by your child, the other campers,
and our camp staff, held on Friday afternoon at 2:00pm. Please allow time to park and walk.

First Aid & Medications: Sugar Creek always has a qualified first aid person on staff.              If your child
takes any medications they must come in the original container with directions for use. All meds will be collected
and dispersed by the First Aid provider, including non-prescription drugs and vitamins. Inhalers are an exception.

Phone Calls: Parents, please do not promise your camper that s/he may call you from camp or that you
will call. In case of emergency or severe homesickness, the Director will call you to discuss the situation.

Homesickness: If you think your child might be homesick, please check our website for some tips in
helping your child cope. Look under ―SUMMER PROGRAMS.‖
Packing for Camp: Bring only the essentials. TRAVEL LIGHTLY! (Especially                                         important for
                                              Pack old clothing that you can get dirty. Label everything
Riverboaters, Voyageurs and Survivor North campers!)
with your name and phone number. Parents might want to send a checklist to help with end-of-the-
week packing. Pack the following items in an easy-to-carry travel bag:

        Bible - If you do not have a Bible we will gladly give you one!
        Raincoat - This item is especially important since campers participate in activities rain or shine.
        Personal Items - Bring small, travel-size shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, etc.
        Flashlight - Pack a small inexpensive flashlight and perhaps extra batteries.
        Shoes – Sneakers/hikers for every day use, sandals for the pool, and boots/sturdy shoes for horse
           rides. Sandals that strap to the foot (not flip flops) or old shoes are needed for creek stomping.
        Sleeping Bag-Bring a WARM sleeping bag, or blankets and a bag, and your pillow. Please do not
           pack a light, slumber-party type bag!
        Bug Repellent-Pack a small bottle of repellent to ward off insects.
        Warm Clothes-Evenings at camp are often cool, so please pack a sweatshirt, a light jacket, and
           long pants and socks. You must have a pair of long pants to wear on horseback rides.
        Summer Wear - Pack comfortable clothes for warm, daytime activities.
        Backpack– A backpack or other light-weight travel bag is helpful for day trips, overnights,
           carrying Bibles, jackets, etc. around camp.
        Camera - Please do not bring valuable cameras. One-time-use cameras work well. Be sure to
           put your name and phone number on it.
        Swim Suit-Girls may wear one-piece swimsuits or Tankini suits: boys need to wear swim trunks.
           No bikinis or Speedo briefs are permitted. This policy applies to ALL CAMP PROGRAMS.

PLEASE DO NOT BRING: Firearms, fireworks, hunting or other knives, pets, tobacco products, non-
prescription drugs, radios, personal tape, CD, MP3, or I-pod players, cell phones, walkie talkies, food,
alcohol or drugs. Campers found with alcohol or drugs will be dismissed from camp.

Money: At Sunday check-in, campers are allowed to ―bank‖ money for the canteen and Arts & Crafts.
Canteen items, such as candy, juice, ice cream, etc. range in price from $.25 to $1.50. Most on-site
campers have the opportunity to visit the canteen daily. Major Art & Crafts projects range from $1.00 to
$5.00 per project. Any unspent money will be returned to campers on Friday. T-shirts, sweatshirts and
hats are only available for purchase during Sunday arrival and Friday departure times.
Mail: Mail is distributed in the mornings and it is an exciting time for our campers! Please send letters
only to your campers at:              Sugar Creek Bible Camp
                                      Camper’s Name, Program and Counselor’s Name (if known)
                                      13141 Sugar Creek Bible Camp Road, Ferryville, WI 54628
                              F ro m L a C ro sse : H w y 3 5    F ro m P ra irie D u C h ie n:       F ro m V iro q ua : H w y 2 7
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                              so u th o f F erryville). Tu rn    C (ju st sou th o f F erryville).    Tu rn right o n C t y C an d
                              left o nto C ty C an d dri ve 6    Tu rn right o nto C t y C a nd       drive 3 m iles to cam p.
                              m iles u ntil yo u see th e        drive 6 m iles u ntil yo u see       Tu rn left befo re th e S u ga r
                              S ug a r C reek B ib le Ca m p     the S u ga r C reek B ible C a m p   C reek B ib le Ca m p sign o n
                              sign. Tu rn rig ht o nto Su gar    sign. Tu rn rig ht o nto Su gar      Su gar C ree k B ible C a m p
                              C reek B ible C a m p R d a nd     C reek B ible C a m p R d a nd       R d, driv e acro ss th e brid ge
                              drive a cro ss the bri dge to      drive a cro ss the bri dge to the    to the lo w er parking area .
                              the lo w er parki ng ar ea.        lo w er parking area.

         Sugar Creek Bible Camp, 13141 SCBC Rd, Ferryville, WI 54628 Phone: 608-734-3113
                 Fax: 608-734-3601 Email: or

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