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					    USB-to-Serial Hub/Adaptor Solutions

    USB-to-Serial Solutions Tutorial
                                       1/4/8/16-port RS-232/422/485 USB-to-Serial Hubs
                                                                        UPort is the name of MOXA’s new USB-to-serial product
                                                                        line, which provides a wide range of products and
                                                                        solutions to extend Windows COM ports via the PC’s
                                                                        USB port. Important features of UPort products include
                                                                        support for high speed (480 Mbps) USB 2.0, MOXA
                                                                        UART (MU860), the ability to assign COM port numbers,
                                                                        data logger, magnet accessories, and mini female DB9
                                                                        to terminal block adaptor. These new features make
                                                                        the UPort products easy to use and maintain. The
                                                                        UPort product line includes USB-to-serial hubs with 1,
                                                                        4, 8, or 16 independent RS-232/422/485 serial ports for
                                                                        connecting data acquisition equipment and many other
                                                                        types of serial devices to notebook and desktop PCs.

       Easy Plug & Play
    UPort 1100/1400/1600 hubs enable your laptop or                        and DIP switches. UPort 1100/1400/1600 hubs are compliant
    workstation with the ability to communicate between a USB              with USB 2.0, 1.1, and 1.0 specifications, and meet the 480
    (Universal Serial Bus) port and up to 16 RS-232 serial devices.        Mbps high speed requirement.
    USB is truly plug & play, and eliminates the need to set IRQs

       Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
    These days, peripherals are more likely to be connected by             hardware investment, but also on long term management
    Ethernet or USB. The problem is how to integrate these                 and integration cost. Upgrade your existing RS-232 or RS-
    different interfaces. The current solution is to connect all           422/485 software with USB connectivity by using the reliable
    devices using the open standard Ethernet and USB. The                  Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003 driver.
    total cost of ownership is reduced, not only on short term

       RS-232/422/485 Support
    UPort 1100/1400/1600 products are mobile, expandable,                  1100/1400/1600 come with mini female DB9 to terminal
    and reliable USB-to-serial hubs. UPort 1100/1400/1600                  block accessories, which makes it easy to wire RS-422 and
    hubs support full RS-232 modem data and control signals                RS-485 applications. 4-wire RS-422/485 and 2-wire RS-485
    (TxD, RxD, DTR, DSR, RTS, CTS, DCD) and male DB9                       are also supported, providing a serial data rate of up to 921.6
    connectors can be used to connect serial devices to the hub.           Kbps, and a 128-byte FIFO.
    RTS/CTS hardware flow control is also supported. UPort

       USB Bus Power Supported
    UPort 1400/1600 Series hubs support both bus power and                 output for USB devices. External power is adapted for those
    external power via an adaptor. Bus power is adapted for                USB hubs that can only output 100 mA of current.
    laptop or workstation connections that support 500 mA

                                                                      Total Solutions for Serial Device Networking

   Top performance with 128-byte FIFO and on-chip H/W, S/W Flow Control
MOXA’s 18+ years of experience in serial board design is now    128-byte FIFO, on-chip hardware and software flow control,
concentrated on MOXA’s new top performance serial data          and burst data mode. This makes the UPort 1400/1600 Series
transmission chip, called Turbo Serial Engine™. MOXA’s new      the top performing USB-to-serial hub in the world.
technology CPU equips UPort 1400/1600 Series hubs with a

   COM Preserver™ *
User applications open COM ports with names such as             a different host PC. By using this feature, you do not need
COM3 or COM4. Unfortunately, most USB-to-serial products        to modify application programs, or even re-build the entire
cannot fix their COM names on the host PC. This causes          project every time you install a new operating system or
the names of the COM ports to change when the device is         upgrade the computer. Do not worry about moving UPort
plugged into a different USB port. The user then, the must      from one USB hub to another or even from one computer to
                                                                another. Once the COM preserver function is enabled, the
trace the COM names in the application.
                                                                names of the USB-to-serial COM ports will follow the hub
UPort 1400/1600 USB-to-serial hubs are able to fix their COM    from one PC to another.
names on the host PC. When the user enables the “COM
                                                                The COM preserver feature is optional. By default, the hub uses the
Preserver” function, COM names will follow the UPort device,
                                                                traditional way of enumerating the names of the COM ports.
and our driver can create the same the COM ports names on
                                                                * Patent Pending

    Situation 1                                                       Situation 2
 COM Port assignment is maintained across different PCs              COM Port assignment is maintained across different
                                                                     USB Ports

                                                                                 Original Setting          Self Configured
                                                                                 COM3–COM6                 COM3–COM6
         Original Setting            Self Configured
         COM3–COM6                   COM3–COM6

                      Intelligent COM Saving

   Data logger for online analysis
UPort 1400/1600 is used to connect serial devices to a PC. In   a serial device, engineers can easily check if the data was
some cases, it is difficult to determine whether connection     sent from UPort 1400/1600, making it much easier to debug
errors, such as data loss or status not handled, are caused     connection errors. Errors that arise when data is sent from
by the host PC or UPort 1400/1600. For this reason, UPort       a serial device to the host PC are handled in a similar way.
1400/1600 creates a space to log data sent from the host        Engineers can easily check if UPort 1400/1600 receives any
PC to a serial device, and from a serial device to the host     such data, and then use that information to determine the
PC. This means that when data is sent from the host PC to       cause of the error, and devise a solution.

   Magnet accessories to attach on the PC case
The typical way to use a device such as UPort 1400/1600 is to   problem is simple, but innovative. The solution uses magnet
place it on the desk near the laptop or desktop PC. However,    accessories that come with the product to attach the UPort
placing the UPort in this way wastes space, and due to the      to the host PC’s case. Not only does this save space, but it
nature of USB, makes it more likely that the connection         also allows the user to fix the position of the USB cable that
between the PC and UPort will become disconnected. The          attaches UPort to the PC.
“magnet” solution introduced by MOXA to get around this

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