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					                                                                      Press Release: 26 October 2006

The Sushi Awards 2006 Event, held on 24 October 2006 at Westmin-
ster Kingsway College, London, was the biggest celebration of sushi to
be held in the UK this year, attended by over 300 guests. It was also
the first event of its kind to be held in the world, as seven top sushi
chefs from around the globe gathered to each create a special sushi,      Sushi of the Year Award winner,
                                                                          Jeff Ramsey
which the assembled audience, plus guest judges, sampled before
voting for their favourite.

                                                                          Jeff’s winning sushi: Electric Eel
Seven of the world’s most talented sushi chefs were chosen to repre-
sent the leading sushi nations of Japan, the USA and the UK. They
were each presented with a Seven Sushi Samurai Award by celebrity
chef Jun Tanaka in recognition of their outstanding technical skills,
creativity and dedication to their art.

Jeff Ramsey of the Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo won the Sushi of the          The Seven Sushi Samurai
Year Award with his dish Electric Eel. The Seven Sushi Samurai each
created a sushi especially for the event. These sushi were sampled by
the 300 guests, including a panel of Guest Judges made up of eminent
food experts, who then each voted for their favourite.

Jaturavit Saysena won the Original Sushi Competition Award for
his dish, Kani Kani Sushi. This annual recipe contest for amateurs        Original Sushi Competition Award
and professionals attracted 604 entries, from which three finalists       winner Jaturavit Saysena receives
                                                                          his prize of two return tickets to
were chosen to attend. Their sushi were sampled and judged by the         Japan from Mr. Akio Kawase of All
Guest Judges in attendance.                                               Nippon Airways Ltd.
                                                                                    Press Release: 26 October 2006

       The modern gastronomy genius who preserves the true Japanese aesthetic of harmony and
       balance while using ideas and flavours from modern gastronomy. Winner of Gold at the
       National Sushi Society Creative Sushi Awards in 2003, and Silver in 2001.
       Electric Eel - An exciting fusion of modern and traditional. Eel is basted in a thick, sweet sauce
       and combined with roast pineapple, with the magic ingredient - sechuan buttons - adding an
       electrifying flavour burst.
       Reaction on Winning: “I was overwhelmed and excited to win. It’s definitely and truly an honour to
       have won, but also even to be a part of this culinary and cultural exchange. I think it’s a great
       event, and a good thing to happen to sushi.”

                               Tokyo Ohsushi Mie, Japan
A highly skilled, innovative champion of traditional sushi craftsmanship who attracts customers from far
and wide. He was awarded a Gold Medal at the Central Japan Area Sushi Skill Contest in 2003, and Silver
In 1999.
Dancing Lady Cha Cha Sushi - Inspired by the legendary dancing of the famous wife of a samurai shogun
from Mie prefecture, this sushi is seductive and ravishing, and combines fish, meat, vegetables and egg.

                                Sushiken Toyama, Japan
A thoroughbred sushi master from one of Japan's greatest international sushi making families. Sushiken
has expanded internationally, with a branch in California, and Naoki is the latest generation sushi master.
Konbu Marinated Salmon Nigiri - Succulent salmon is sandwiched between pieces of umami-rich, savoury
konbu kelp, a popular delicacy in Toyama, for two whole days for a sushi whose incredible depth of flavour
belies its simple appearance.

                                    Perrys Washington DC, USA
A multi-award winning creator of dazzlingly original sushi. Noriaki has a masterful grip of authentic sushi
skills and knowledge. He was awarded First Prize in the National Sushi Society Creative Sushi Award in
2004 & 2006, and Second Prize in 2003.
Fish and Chips Sushi - Inspired by one of Britain's most quintessential dishes, but very different, this sushi
is seasoned with the traditional British accompaniments of malt vinegar and a tartar style sauce.

                                Ubon by Nobu London, UK
A true sushi specialist dedicated to the pursuit of sushi excellence, Masami trained and gained experience
at the distinguished Kyubei restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo. He works even harder at Ubon by Nobu in order to
achieve excellence in all areas of the profession, and please his customers.
Ubon Sushi - A delightful layering of tastes and textures, featuring melt-in-the-mouth, fatty tuna, finely
chopped wasabi, crunchy deep-fried lotus root, tosa vinegar jelly sheets and piquant chilli sauce.

                                Kobe Jones London, UK
America, Australia, and now the UK: Shingo's sushi makes waves around the world! Shingo, with his
international background and innovative style, is the creative driving force behind Kobe Jones’ signature
Green Tea Smoked Salmon Sushi - Fusing the best of East and West in true Kobe Jones style, this sushi
combines green tea flavoured smoked salmon with vegetable caviar, wasabi cheese and nori cream.

                                          Matsuri Restaurant Group London, UK
Committed to sushi excellence - and a samurai for the second year running!
Matsuri, one of the most respected Japanese restaurants in London, constantly strives to raise sushi
standards. Nobuyuki's passion and dedication attracts many sushi lovers to the sushi counter.
Balsamic Dressed Yellowtail Sushi - Light tasting yellowtail is flavoured with balsamic vinegar and basil oil
and served with fresh wakame and red onion for a refreshing confection with a Western twist.
              (                                               )                     Press Release: 26 October 2006

                                                            Chef at Chino Latino Nottingham
                                                            Lives in: Nottingham
                                                            Nationality: Thai

Description of Dish:
Flavoured sushi rice is served with deep fried soft shell crab, and augmented by a piquant salsa sauce.
Soft shell crab, sushi rice, finely diced prawn tempura, avocado, wasabi, flying fish roe
Jaturavit said,“I have always loved soft shell crab, and the idea for this sushi has been developing in my mind over
the past few months.”
Why entered:
“The final of last year’s contest was held at Chino Latino’s London branch, and that is how I first heard about the
competition and wanted to enter.”
“I feel very happy and very excited about winning the competition. I really didn’t think I was going to win, and I’m
looking forward to going to Japan, probably next year sometime. I’ve always dreamed of going.”

Occupation: Architect                                             Occupation: Interactive Designer
Lives in: London                                                  Lives in: London
Nationality: Indonesian                                           Nationality: Australian
Description of Dish:                                              Description of Dish:
Sweet and savoury come together as sushi rice and                 Japanese with a Vietnamese twist, as crispy duck and
seafood are enclosed in a crispy cage of spun sugar.              juicy papaya are served on a pillow of sushi rice.
Ingredients: smoked mackerel, prawns, sushi rice,                 Ingredients: duck breast, shredded green papaya,
red chilli pepper, candy (sugar, Thai sweet chilli sauce,         sushi rice, green beans, palm sugar, peanuts,
soy sauce, nuoc mam, sesame oil)                                  chilli pepper, garlic.
                                                                         Press Release: 26 October 2006

                     Entrants had to submit a recipe for a new kind of sushi. It could contain any ingre-
dient as long as it included sushi rice. The competition was open to both professionals and amateurs,
young and old, all nationalities.
                The contest was judged on Taste, Presentation and Originality

A pair return flights to Japan (All Nippon Airways), a half-year supply of Asahi Super Dry & Asahi Black
(Asahi Breweries), a DVD / VCR recorder combi (DVR 16) (Toshiba), a digital camera (FinePix F30
Zoom) (FujiFilm), a 150 shopping trip (Onitsuka Tiger), a casual dining set (Noritake), a Hakata doll
(Fujiseiki), Japanese sushi tableware (Yamashita Kogei), Isake premium sake selection (Isake),
assorted sushi & Japanese ingredients [Hondashi (Ajinomoto), sushi set (Harro Foods), soy sauce
(Kikkoman), seasoned rice vineger (Mizkan), wasabi & Golden Curry (S&B), nori & sencha tea bags
(Yamamotoyama)], sushi ingredients set – Clearspring, sushi kit (Yutaka), meal voucher for two
(Matsuri St. James’s), Japanese sweets voucher worth 30 (Minamoto Kitchoan), a copy of ‘Simple
Japanese’ by Silla Bjerrum (Feng Sushi), ‘Yamato Province’ series views of Japanese provinces by
Hiroshige III (Japanese Gallery)

Bamboo craftwork set (Yamashita Kogei), Isake premium sake selection (Isake), sushi Ingredients set
(Clearspring), sushi kit (Yutaka), assorted sushi ingredients [Hondashi (Ajinomoto), sushi set (Harro
Foods), soy sauce (Kikkoman), seasoned rice vineger (Mizkan), wasabi & Golden Curry (S&B), nori &
sencha tea bags (Yamamotoyama), a copy of ‘Simple Japanese’ by Silla Bjerrum (Feng Sushi), meal
voucher for two (Moshi Moshi), Japanese sweet voucher worth 30 (Minamoto Kitchoan), ‘Plum Blos-
som and Full Moon’ by Koson (Japanese Gallery)

Bamboo craftwork set (Yamashita Kogei), Isake premium sake selection (Isake), sushi ingredients set
(Clearspring), assorted sushi ingredients: [Hondashi (Ajinomoto), sushi set (Harro Foods), soy sauce
(Kikkoman), seasoned rice vineger (Mizkan), wasabi & Golden Curry (S&B) nori & sencha tea bags
(Yamamotoyama)], sushi kit (Yutaka), meal voucher for two & a copy of ‘Simple Japanese’ by Silla
Bjerrum (Feng Sushi), Japanese sweet voucher worth 30 (Minamoto Kitchoan)
                                                                                              Press Release: 26 October 2006

An eminent panel of guest judges was chosen to Judge the Original Sushi Competition and Sushi of
the Year Award.

         As a writer, broadcaster, film-maker and consultant, Shirley is a recognised authority on Japanese cuisine. She is the first
         recipient of the Japanese Agriculture Minister's Award, which was bestowed in recognition of her work over twenty years in
         promoting Japanese food overseas.

         Helen is a creative food scientist with a track record of identifying and bringing new food ingredients and foods to market in the
         UK. She has special experience in working with Japanese food companies, and is a Fellow of the Institute of Food Science &

         Jill Dupleix is a freelance food writer, guest chef and author of 14 cookbooks specialising in the fresh, simple flavours of
         Australia, South East Asia, and the Mediterranean. She was the British Guild of Food Writers' Cookery Journalist of the Year in

         Terry Durack is the restaurant critic for the Independent on Sunday. He was named Restaurant Critic of the Year in the
         Glenfiddich Food & Drink Awards 2005 and is the author of six books including Noodle.

         Norman co-ordinates the second year Professional Chef Diploma Course and Professional Chinese Cookery Course at
         Westminster Kingsway College. A specialist in the food and cooking of Southern China, he has over 14 years experience in the
         trade, and 7 years teaching experience.

         Henry is Head Chef & Owner of Racine Restaurant in Knightsbridge, and a successful author, food writer and TV personality. He
         is also a long-standing supporter of the Original Sushi Competition, and it is a pleasure to welcome him once more.

         Michelin starred chef Paul trained under Gary Rhodes at The Greenhouse in Mayfair, London, and has since run a number of
         highly acclaimed restaurants. He has appeared on numerous TV programmes, and currently presents BBC TV’s Ever Wondered
         About Food?

         Steve is the award-winning Executive Chef at the Royal Garden Hotel, where he has worked since 1996. He has also recently
         been nominated to the post of Chairman of the Craft Guild of Chefs, the leading chefs’ association in the UK.

         Jun perfected the art of fine French cuisine working for some of London’s best chefs, including Marco Pierre White. He now
         heads up the kitchen at the city’s acclaimed Pearl restaurant, and currently appears in the Channel 4 series Cooking It.

         Joe is Editor of the widely respected Restaurant magazine, the trade publication that keeps chefs and restaurateurs up to date
         with the latest trends in their industry, and previously spent over eight years working in various positions in the restaurant

         We were also honoured to welcome His Excellency                                                                  , as a special guest.
                                                                       Press Release: 26 October 2006

     Westminster Kingsway College, 76 Vincent Square, London
          6.30 – 9.30pm, Tuesday 24 October 2006
(members of the public, press, sponsors, VIPs)
       48 each, sold out in advance

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