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									                                                         Single Port KVM over IP

                           Model number EXV-IP-01
                     Single Port KVM over IP Bridge

The EXV-IP-01 redirects local keyboard, mouse
and video data to a remote administration
console over IP. EXV-IP-01 allows you to
control one or many (by using a KVM switch)
computers locally at the server site or remotely
via the Internet using a standard browser. EXV-
IP-01 facilitates secure BIOS level access to
systems for maintenance, support, or failure
recovery over the Internet. Communication is
secured via SSL authentication and encryption.
EXV-IP-01 can be used in conjunction with a
KVM switch(s) for multiple-server access.

EXV-IP-01 provides convenient, remote KVM
access and control via LAN or Internet. It
captures, digitizes, and compresses a video
signal and transmits it along with keyboard and
mouse signals to and from a remote computer.
EXV-IP-01 provides a non-intrusive solution for
remote access and control and does not require
any software to be installed on any controlled

                                                                               Single Port KVM over IP

1.1      EXV-IP-01 Features
■     Manage servers situated anywhere, from anywhere worldwide.
■     Zero-U rack mountable, or up to four units in 1U.
■     KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) access over IP or by modem.
■     Full control under any OS, to BIOS level in all states.
■     No additional software necessary on servers
■     SSL Certificate management
■     256-bit SSL encryption of all transmitted data
■     Automatically senses video resolution for best possible screen capture
■     High-performance mouse tracking and synchronization
■     Automatic adjustment of data rate to suit available bandwidth
■     Remote mass storage control and redirection (virtual media feature)
■     Use ActiveX or java-enabled Browsers
■     Firmware update via web interface
■     Serial back-up port can be accessed if digital link is down
■     Can be used with most standard KVM switches

1.2      EXV-IP-01 unit port layout

       Power input (5VDC 2.5A)
                                        Host Keyboard                     Host VGA
                           Reset Host USB           Host Mouse

             Host (computer or KVM switch) side

           100M Link LED                                   Console VGA
                    10M Link LED             Serial Port                        Console Mouse
                         LAN port                               Console Keyboard

    Ready LED

            Console (local User) side

                                                                              Single Port KVM over IP

EXV-IP-01 can be placed on a desktop or shelf, but can also be mounted in a 19” rack. Rackmount
kit EXV-IP-01-RM1 is included with the unit, and is intended for a zeroU (side-mount) installation.
If side-mount is not desired or practical, ask your supplier about rackmount kit EXV-IP-01-RM3,
                                                        which allows one, two or three EXV-IP-01
                                                        units to be mounted side-by-side in 1U.

A Network Setup utility is included with the unit in order for you to
establish and save required network settings, which can also be done
using the serial port.

Setting up EXV-IP-01 is easy and straightforward.
1. Run the software tool IpSetup.exe, which will automatically
     find the unit on your network.
2.   Either assign a static IP address or select the DHCP option.
3.   Set User names and passwords.
4.   Save the settings and exit – EXV-IP-01 is now ready for use!

To connect to and use the ExiVision EXV-IP-01, just browse to it. The EXVV-IP-01 embedded web
server will prompt you to enter a valid user name and password in order to gain access.
There are two levels of access privileges: Administrator (this access level allows User accounts to
be set-up, and access privileges to be defined) and User. The administrator can add or remove a user
easily via the System administration web pages.

In order to protect EXV-IP-01 system from unauthorized user access, an inactive session access
timer will close the User session after five minutes of non-activity.
The EXV-IP-01 supports both HTTP and HTTPS (HTTP over SSL) protocols. Users must
authenticate themselves by logging into the system with a correct user name and password

                                                                                Single Port KVM over IP

Network Connection
The EXV-IP-01 requires a valid and unique IP address to operate within the user’s network
environment. EXV-IP-01 cannot share an IP address. There are two methods of accessing EXV-IP-
01 over IP:

 JAVA Console for Mazila or FireFox (for Linux client machines).
 ActiveX Console for IE Browser (for Windows client machines).

NTP (Date and time)
                                                   The EXV-IP-01 maintains current date and time
                                                   information. The EXV-IP-01 clock and calendar
                                                   settings are backed up by internal battery power.
                                                   The user can set or change the current date and
                                                   time, or if the NTP (Network Time Protocol)
                                                   feature is enabled, the EXV-IP-01 will obtain the
                                                   date and time information from the NTP server at
                                                   each reboot, then automatically synchronize with
                                                   the NTP server time every hour.

The EXV-IP-01 can send an email notification when the number of system log messages reaches a
certain (User defined) value and/or when an alarm message is created. The user must configure a
valid SMTP server to facilitate delivery of these automatically generated emails.
The “device mail address” must be the designated SMTP server.

Mouse Mode
ExiVision EXV-IP-01 support either USB or serial mouse on the controlled device.

Image Quality
In order to optimize performance there are three video image quality levels to select: low, medium,
and high. Quality and speed are directly related. Higher quality video will return a lower frame rate.
A User can choose the video quality level to suit the application – for interaction with keyboard and
mouse, low quality video shows the least mouse-lag, but for streaming video where no constant
interaction is needed a higher quality mode can be used.

                                                                               Single Port KVM over IP

Serial port over LAN
This is an upcoming feature which is not yet enabled, and will require a firmware upgrade (this will
be available FOC).


It is easy to add or remove User accounts – EXV-IP-01 has intuitive menus for this.

An LDAP server User list can be created by direct download.

Virtual Device (also known as Virtual Media)

ExiVision EXV-IP-01 features local media redirection facilities allowing a User to start/stop CD
ROM drive redirection, choose a file or drive from a controlled CPU, and redirect a floppy or USB

Serial Power Control
The ExiVision Serial Power Controller (SPC) is a family of intelligent power distribution units
(PDUs) which enables remote power control of servers and network appliances. When used in
conjunction with IP Console Servers or with IP enabled KVM devices such as EXV-IP-01, SPC
provides comprehensive management capabilities and quick problem resolution by integrating
console access with power control into a single interface. SPC supports both RS232 and RS485
interfaces. With RS485 mode, an SPC unit can be located up to 1.2km away from the controlling
port, and has a repeating capability.

For full details, please refer to ExiVision Serial Power Controller, under the power control file
heading on this website. The drawing below will give you the picture though!

                                                                               Single Port KVM over IP

System Log
All system activities, such as login activity, both failed and successful are held in a buffer. The
system log buffer is pre-allocated at 300K bytes. If the logged data exceeds the buffer size, the new
data will overwrite the old data on a FIFO basis.

Technical Specifications

            Feature                                     Specification
                              1x VGA HDDB 15-pin (female)
   Host (controlled           2x PS/2 mini Din 6-pin for Keyboard and Mouse(female)
   computer or KVM            1x USB 2.0 Type B
   switch) Side               1x Reset button
                              1x Power input Jack
                              1x VGA HDDB 15-pin (female)
                              2x PS/2 mini Din 6-pin for Keyboard and Mouse(female)
   Console (local
                              1x Standard RJ-45 Connector for LAN port
                              1x DB9 (male) for Serial port
                              1x Green LED (READY)
   Max. Distance
                              6 feet (1.8m)
   (KVM switch -- Host)
   Video Resolution
                              up to 2048 x 1536@60Hz
   (Local Console)
   Video Resolution
                              up to 1600x1200@60Hz
   (Remote Console)
   Highest colour depth       16 bits

                                                                                 Single Port KVM over IP

                             KVM Console (Java applet, Active X)
     Remote Control          Telnet Console
                             Max. 15 users can access the server simultaneously
                             Configuration console
     Serial Port
                             Serial Over LAN (Passthrough access to serial port via Telnet )
     (DB9 male)
                             Power control (for ExiVision Serial Power Control units)
                             TCP, IP, ARP, ICMP, HTTP/HTTPS, Telnet, DHCP/BOOTP
                             SMTP, NTP, DNS, Dynamic DNS
                             SSL 256-bit Data Encryption
     Security                Secure encryption of keyboard, mouse, and video signals
                             Session inactivity timeout
     Authentication          SSL / Certificate
     Event Log Function      Web pages (HTTP/HTTPS)
                             Firmware upgrade via Web interface
                             Email notification according to defined alarm messages
                             CDROM drive redirectiion
                             ISO redirectiion
     Virtual Media
                             Floppy/USB drive redirection
                             Floppy/USB Image redirection
     Housing                 Metal
     Weight                  0.648 Kg
     DC Power                5VDC, 2.5A
     Operating Temperature   0 ~ 40 ℃ (32 ~ 104 ℉)
     Storage Temperature     -20 ~ 50 ℃ (-4 ~ 122 ℉)
     Humidity                0~80%, Non-Condensing
     Dimension (mm)          158 x 142 x 27

What will you get in the box?
The EXV-IP-01 package should contain the following items:
1x the single port EXV-IP-01 unit
1x CD-ROM (software utilities and User’s manual)
1x Quick Start Guide
1x AC to DC Power Adapter (DC 5V / 2.5A)
1x Power Cord (6 feet)
1x   Rack Mount Kit (Brackets and screws)
1x   Null modem cable (6 feet)
1x   USB A-to-B cable (6 feet)
1x   3-to-3 KVM cable (3 feet)


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