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					                                                                                         Wind Farm

Hardware Costs                     20 year lifespan                                 $1,000
                      Turbine                          $750
                      Tower                            $250

Installation Costs                                                                   $150
                      (Foundation, Erection, Interconnection)

Shipping                                                                             $100
Other charges and costs                                                              $150

Total costs for equipment and installation                                          $1,400

                                              Estimated Installation       $70,000,000
Megawatts                                                                                                 50

Annual Energy Production (AEP) mWh/yr                                                                  4,002

Sell to ERCOT                      per mWh per turbine                         $200,078

                                   Without PTC per mWh/yr
                                   With PTC per mWh/yr

Annual Minimum Payment for land use (per turbine)                                            Low End 2%

Land Needed Acres Per Turbine                                      40
                   Total Needed                                  2000

Operation and Maintenance/yr est.                                           $1,500,000

Economic Impact on a Local Level

                                   Jobs .5-1 yr                    100
                                   O&M                               4

Payout                annual                                             lifetime
Up thru year 10       with PTC                    $6,667,996                                   $99,346,592.96
                      without PTC                 $3,266,663                                   $65,333,264.96

Cost of Equipment over 20 years                   $3,500,000 annually

               34.00   $136,053.31    Tax Credit for 10 years MAX
               51.00   $204,079.97

       Median 3%     High End 5%
           $6,002.35     $10,003.92
                                                      Solar for Home or Business Use

Total Wh per day                       25000 Wh                          House sq footage

Hours of sunlight per day                     6 hours/day                6 hours estimate in December, more in Summ

Size Required                     4166.6667 watts

Battery Bank if Desired           10416.667 amp-hour rating


Estimate for PV array             $20,833.33

Battery Bank estimate             $10,416.67

Inverter estimate                  $4,166.67

Subtotal                          $35,416.67

Balance Estimate                   $7,083.33
(wires, fuses, etc.)

Total Estimate for PV *           $42,500.00

*This estimate does NOT include tax credits


timate in December, more in Summer)
                                                             Geothermal Power Plant Binary Unit

                                                                                 Capital Costs
Total gas and brine production                     1400 kWh                      Binary Plant

Hedge price per kWh est                                4.5 per kWh               Gas Engine

Capacity Factor Brine renewable                    95%                           Well Re-Entry est.
Capacity Factor Gas non-renewable                  85%

Annual Revenue from brine                     $112,000

Annual Revenue from Gas                       $246,000                           Total Payout in years:

Annual gross rev per well                     $358,000                           Life of well and plant est.

                                                                                 Life after payout
Annual O&M                                  $122,640.00
                                                                                 Total 40 yr revenue:
Annual cash flow per well                   $235,360.00

These estimates DO NOT include any govt. incentives.

Additional Costs still needed:

           Connection to grid              this number will depend on where the well is located and if lines are in place, etc.
           Injection of waste    EST.             7,850 bbl               0.1        $785 Daily cost for injection
y Unit

              per kWh      kWh
                    $1,000     300                            $300,000

                        $600          1,100                   $660,000


                                 Total                      $1,260,000





ted and if lines are in place, etc.
Daily cost for injection                 346 operating days per year     Total:   $271,610.00

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