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The Voice of India Heard at Mary by fjwuxn


									                                                                                                           Mary Baldwin College    |   Communication Department            |   Spring 2008

The Voice of India Heard at Mary Baldwin College
                                                                                        BY LESLIE ALLIGOOD ’08                         ’07, as well as volunteers with Cross
                                                                                                                                       Cultural Solutions, a nonprofit volun-
                                                     PHOTO COURTESY OF LAEL ADAMS ’08

                                                                                        Lael Adams, senior communication               teer organization founded to promote
                                                                                        major, took a second service trip              travel that encourages shared humanity,
                                                                                        to India during May Term 2007                  respect, and integrity. The students vol-
                                                                                        to gain further insight into the lives         unteered as English teachers in remote
                                                                                        of Indian people for her own                   elementary schools in Dharmsala.
                                                                                        cultural competence as well as for                  “The experience is one that
                                                                                        her senior thesis.                             affected me, being in a completely
                                                                                            During her initial adventure in            different culture,” Adams said. In an
                                                                                        2006, Adams traveled with her sister,          excerpt from an article in the Tryon
Lael Adams ’08 dons a traditional head scarf while
studying in India.
                                                                                        Nena Adams ’06, and Anna Barnes                                               See “INDIA” page 5

A Senior Thesis Set into Action
BY LESLIE ALLIGOOD ’08                                                                  accomplished her goal of having her
                                                                                        senior thesis, “The Invisible Damsel:
As a student, Harriet Blackwell’s                                                       The Media’s Framing of Missing
senior thesis and empowering person-                                                    Black and White Women,” presented
ality modeled a strong voice for future                                                 at an American Studies conference in
MBC Squirrels. Blackwell ’06                                                            Texas. She then partnered with Dr.
continues to be heard as she pursues                                                    Mia Moody, professor of journalism
a career as relationship banker for                                                     at Baylor University, and Dr. Bruce

                                                                                                                                                                                               PHOTO BY BRUCE DORRIES
Provident Bank in her hometown of                                                       Dorries, associate professor of com-
Baltimore. Blackwell earned the                                                         munication at MBC, to present a
Senior Communication Student                                                            revised version of the paper at the
Excellence Award for her articulacy in                                                  International Communication
the field, which was reflected in her                                                   Association conference in Montreal in
thesis and evaluations from MBC                                                         spring 2008. They hope the paper will
communication professors. She was                                                       be published later this year.                   Harriet Blackwell ’06 continues to refine her senior
also selected for inclusion in Who’s                                                        As the thesis title suggests,               thesis for presentations and publication.

Who Among Students at American                                                          Blackwell gives voice to those that lose
Colleges and Universities.                                                              that ability in mass media coverage.           place like Baldwin, where the faculty
     After receiving first place in                                                         Blackwell’s advice for MBC                 and staff make time for your individ-
paper presentations at MBC’s 2006                                                       students: “Do not take for granted             ual needs, and some are willing to sit
Capstone Festival, the recent graduate                                                  how spoiled one can become at a                                             See “THESIS” page 5

                                         This issue of Commotion was compiled by Leslie Alligood ’08, communication major.
                                  Send your news for next year’s newsletter to or call 540-887-7112
                                                                                         political races, met candidates (includ-
Voice Echoes Back to MBC                                                                 ing presidential candidates), operated
                                                                                         camera equipment, laid out newspaper
Editor’s Note: Church was one of the first MBC students to graduate with a               pages, designed a newsletter, spoken to
major in communication. If you have a story to share with Commotion, please              large groups, produced dozens of arti-
send it to                                                             cles and press releases, and had demo
                                                                                         tapes of my voice on radio clips and
BY LAURA CHURCH ’82                          or in a public relations department. I      my face on TV. Though I was a young
                                             had an internship at ABC in New York.       pup, I had a taste of the real world,
When I was a junior in high school, I        I was a media intern on Capitol Hill        thanks to that liberal arts education I
began to search earnestly for the            and assisted a press secretary. By the      received at Mary Baldwin College.
“right” college. My family had all           time I graduated, I had completed 14             From Evans and Novak, I moved
attended University of Alabama, and I        internships and had a letter of recom-      into media and advertising as an
expected to follow them. I had been the      mendation from each employer. I             account executive, then manager. My
editor of my high school newspaper,          received an offer for every position I      love of writing and politics persisted.
played three sports, was a mascot,           applied for after college.                  My last position, before choosing to
served in student government, and liked           Each year, about 35 college gradu-     stay home with children for the last 10
to dabble in many projects. Because I        ates from around the country are            years, was as a federal and state lobby-
lived in a rural town in Texas and had       admitted into a special graduate pro-       ist for a national health insurance com-
good board scores, Ivy League schools        gram for political journalists on Capitol   pany. I combined my love of marketing
recruited me. My family suggested            Hill. In 1982, I was accepted into that     and politics.
that I might thrive in a small school        program and returned to Washington               My most recent involvement with
environment that would let me contin-        DC. I joined an elite group that counts     politics has been as a majority clerk of
ue to dabble in many pursuits. They                                                      elections and lobbying our state’s gov-
suggested — and I know now that they                                                     ernor as a private citizen and member
were correct — that large colleges and
universities have so many people who
                                                “Though I was a young                    of the Junior League in my area. A few
                                                                                         years ago, I saw Robert Novak at CNN
want to be on the newspaper staff, the       pup, I had a taste of the real              studios and he introduced me to his col-
debate team, the radio station, the TV                                                   leagues in the “Capitol Gang.” He asked
station, and play sports, that many try      world, thanks to that liberal               me, while in front of them, to “make me
out and few are picked.                                                                  your first call when you are ready to go
       Mary Baldwin ended up being the        arts education I received at               back to work.” I was thrilled!
right choice for me. Whatever I became                                                        A month ago, I called one of my
interested in, there was a professor or
advisor who would fuel my desire to
                                                Mary Baldwin College.           ”        former employers, a magazine owner,
                                                                                         to congratulate him on a great-looking
learn and be right there with me as I                                                    publication. He said, “When you are
mastered it. I attended a big university     people such as television commentator       ready to go back to work, just let me
near my hometown as a high school            and author Ann Coulter among its            know.” The next day, someone from
senior; I got a taste of being a number,     graduates. I wrote papers for the           his human resources department called
not a name. I didn’t enjoy it.               Heritage Foundation, and my editors         to offer me a job where I could set my
     I learned that you can set up an        were well-known journalists.                own hours and work out of a home
independent major if you want to learn            I was chosen for a postgraduate        office. With three children, it was too
something outside the parameters of a        internship with the Washington Bureau       good to turn down, so I started back to
traditional major. I wanted to be a          of Reader’s Digest and continued writ-      work. I will still work as a freelance
political journalist at a time when          ing and being edited by some of the         journalist, to keep my hand in the field.
Mary Baldwin had no communication            nation’s finest journalists. After gradu-        I write this because I chose a small,
major. Another student and I designed        ate school, I landed a job as editorial     private, liberal arts college over a large
an independent study in communica-           assistant for Robert Novak and              institution. I wanted to be me. A liberal
tion, and I was an exchange student at       Rowland Evans, political journalists.       arts education teaches you to think, to
Washington & Lee University in               Later, Novak revealed to me that they       reason, to pull yourself back from the
Lexington, where I studied under a           received 350 resumes for the job I was      situation, to view the options, and to
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. I was     offered. What made me stand out was         choose the most effective and efficient
also a news anchor on the campus tele-       that by age 23 I had been challenged        way to do something. That — not my
vision station, did the weather, and had     with opportunities rarely afforded          personality or wit — is the reason I’ve
a radio show.                                those who attend a huge college or          been fortunate in my career. My
     At Mary Baldwin, I continued my         university. I had edited my own stories,    employers know that I wouldn’t mind
pursuit of communication studies. Each       taken and developed my own photos,          switching gears in my job, would gladly
semester, I had at least one internship at   interviewed criminals, chased with          learn a new task, and would have a
a local television station, radio station,   police behind accidents, covered            good time doing it. L

Lessons in Leadership
B Y R O S E M A RY PA N TA L E O ’ 0 7             classes at VMI. She was in uniform
                                                   five days a week during the spring
With her hair slicked back in a precise            2007 semester. That summer, Wilde
bun, green and brown camouflage                    traveled to Washington and Korea for
Battle Dress Uniform (BDU), and                    Army Camp training; both of which
black combat boots, Jenn Wilde ’07,                she had been looking forward to for
now serving in the Army, was an                    months. “I love traveling. I heard
imposing figure on Mary Baldwin’s                  everything is really cheap in Korea so
campus. As the Virginia Women’s                    I took an empty suitcase with me!”

                                                                                                                                                PHOTO BY BRUCE DORRIES
Institute for Leadership (VWIL)                    she said.
commanding officer in spring 2007,                      Despite her rigorous schedule,
Wilde brought a no-nonsense attitude               Wilde found time to have fun.
to the corps.                                           She loves to run and exercise —
     VWIL cadets have a strict daily               which she did plenty of as a cadet in
schedule that includes regular atten-              VWIL and now the Army. Her ability
                                                                                             Jenn Wilde ’07 poses in VWIL uniform in front of
dance and leadership in parades,                   to enjoy herself and stay positive        Kable Residence Hall.
physical training exercises, inspec-               under tough circumstances earned her
tions, early rises, and late bedtimes. In          the admiration of many on campus,          mainstream rap and hip hop music. “I
addition to their regular class sched-             noted Dr. Bruce Dorries, chair of the      had a friend who was in a gang, and
ules, many take honors classes and                 communication department.                  the secrecy needed for their communi-
overload their credit hours.                            As a student, Wilde is most           cation is so interesting to me. It
     Wilde was no exception.                       interested in organizational               reminds me of the military in a way,”
     The communication major led the               communication.                             she said.
VWIL corps while also serving as a                      “Being in VWIL, I realized that            After graduating in December
member of Omicron Delta Kappa and                  the way that organizations are struc-      2007 with a BA in communication
Lambda Pi Eta, the Student Alumnae/i               tured has a lot to do with how they        and a minor in leadership studies
Relations Society, and the Virginia                communicate,” Wilde noted. “VWIL           Wilde said that her three-and-half
Military Institute (VMI) Aviation                  is a great example of this.” In keeping    years at Mary Baldwin and in VWIL
Club. Wilde was an Honor Scholar                   with this interest, Wilde wanted to        proved a valuable asset to her career
and she was selected for Who’s Who                 study gang communication for her           in the U.S. Army. “Being at Mary
recognition.                                       senior thesis project, but modified        Baldwin, especially as a communica-
     The corps’ commanding officer                 her project to look at gangster rap.       tion major, really enhanced my ability
also attended, and sometimes ran,                  Wilde continues to want to study the       to read people and assess situations,”
weekly VWIL staff meetings and took                phenomenon of gang symbolism in            she said. L

                                                   From MBC to NBC
                                                   BY LESLIE ALLIGOOD ’08

                                                   The hills of MBC do not constrain the voices of communication students.
                                                   Production students Brianna McCollum ’08, Jessica Erwin ’09, Ashley Fish
                                                   ’10, Hunter Moyé, and Nile Norris-Allen traveled to New York with the art
                                                   department to experience the fast-paced environment and excitement of a
                                                   major media market at NBC studios. The four-day trip was led by
                                                   Communication Instructor Allan Moyé, MBC-TV faculty advisor and
                                                   director of the college’s communication lab.
                                                        McCollum, a teaching assistant, described the experience by saying, “The
                                                   trip captured my love for television and production, and I could truly experi-
                                                   ence the reality of mass media by observing and volunteering backstage.”
                                                        Students visited Times Square, Fox’s The Morning Show with Mike and
                                                   Juliet, and Saturday Night Live studios. They worked together to film their
  MBC communication students take a minute for a   trip with plans to create a documentary to share the skills and talents they
  photo at NBC studios in New York City.           saw in action. L

                                                                                                               ommotion                         3
                                          A L U M N A E / I U P D AT E S
Lynnette Barrett ’02 is an                             Communication, Marketing, and Public        Emily Oehler ’93 joined the interna-
admissions representative at Florida                   Affairs office.                             tional consulting firm Booz Allen
Metropolitan University Online in                                                                  Hamilton in its strategic communica-
Tampa, FL.                                             Marisol Euceda ’04 is a media               tions division. Her current client is
                                                       relations specialist for Project HOPE as    Army Long-Term Family Case
Ann Brander ’06 is an environmental                    the organization enters its 50th year.      Management which provides assistance
services supervisor at Rockingham                      Her responsibilities include writing,       to families of fallen soldiers. She over-
Memorial Hospital in Harrisonburg,                     learning design software, and partici-      sees brand development, stakeholder
VA. Brander is working on a home-                      pating in media outreach programs           relations, Web site development, public
based business and fixing up her house.                which include recent trips to Liberia       relations, and marketing. She is also
She is also planning her wedding with                  and Nicaragua. As a student, Euceda         president of the Junior League of
fiancé, Ben.                                           exercised her voice through her involve-    northern Virginia.
                                                       ment with Student Alumnae/i Relations
Sarah Brewer ’06 plans to attend                       Society, student government, Campus         Shoko Ono ’07 works for Dentsu,
George Mason University to work on                     Comments, and writing for The Mary          Inc., the biggest advertising agency in
a master’s degree in the areas of                      Baldwin College Magazine as an intern.      Japan. As an account executive, she
English, literature, and critical feminist             She spoke on campus during spring           maintains accounts for Reckit
media studies.                                         semester 2008.                              Benckiser Japan, a consumer product
                                                                                                   company, and Calbee, a food company.
Antoinette Chase ’04 works as a sales                  Laurie Frye ’04 is pursuing a doctorate     Her position includes managing budg-
representative for USA Today in new                    in instructional technology at University   ets and devising strategies based on
business development advertising where                 of Virginia. She is taking classes in       trends and other data.
she previously worked as advertising                   instructional design, educational video
coordinator. As an MBC student,                        production, and technology leadership.      Mariana Parreiras ’02 maintains a
Chase earned the Hammock Award,                        Frye continues to research digital story-   growing personal training business and
named for former MBC Professor of                      telling as a literacy instructional tool,   writes a health column for Veet®
Business Gordon Hammock, for men-                      creating gender-friendly technology, and    (shaving cream). Parreiras lives in
toring and guiding fellow students. She                adaptive and assistive technologies.        northern Virginia.
plans to earn an MBA.
                                                       Holly Fuqua ’07 is master control
                                                                                                   Shannon Baylis Sarino ’99 is super-
Sherry Cox ’99 works in marketing                      operator at WCWG, a television
                                                                                                   vising editor for The View from Ellicott
for James Madison University dining                    station in Greensboro, NC. Her early
                                                                                                   City, a newspaper in Maryland. She
services, a position she prepared for                  career was foreshadowed by her
                                                                                                   was a member of VWIL’s first corps of
as a former employee in the MBC                        involvement in MBC-TV as a student.
                                                                                                   cadets, served on Honor Council, and
                                                                                                   worked on Campus Comments and
                                                       Drisana Garlington ’04 and her hus-
           Lambda Pi Eta                               band, Juan, reside in Philadelphia
                                                                                                   Bluestocking. Cori Kasura ’10 partici-
             SOCIETY FOR COMMUNICATION                                                             pated in a summer internship under the
 HONOR                                                 where she worked at Villanova Univer-
                                                                                                   supervision of Sarino, where she edited
 2006/2007 INDUCTEES                                   sity as a financial assistance counselor.
                                                                                                   and wrote for the weekly publication.
                                                       Garlington-Rodriguez jokes that her
                                                       current “job” is studying for and taking
                                                       the GRE so she can pursue a master’s in     Kirsten Shields ’01 is pursuing a
                                                       counseling and human relations. She         master’s degree from University of
                                                       has a two-year-old daughter, Daniella.      Missouri. She also works for a market-
                                                                                                   ing business-to-business company.
                                                       Tierra Johnson ’06 is an enrollment
                                                       advisor at Walden University and lives      Samantha Sprole ’06 is a full time
                                                       in Baltimore.                               member of Twin Oaks Intentional
    Lambda Pi Eta inductees (l-r): Julia Cochran ’07                                               Community in Louisa, VA. She describes
    and Rosemary Pantaleo ’07                          Kathleen Leishear ’05 works as a            it as the oldest, most successful, fully
                                                       paralegal for Schlachman Belsky and         income-sharing commune in America.
               Lael Adams ’08                                                                      Sprole participated in the National
                                                       Weiner, a law firm in downtown
             Jessica Burley ’07                        Baltimore.                                  Conference for Organized Resistance.
              Julia Cochran ’07
         Elizabeth Geris Sacco ’09                     Starling Crabtree Nowell ’01 lives in       Ashlee Thomas ’06 is a sales develop-
               Shoko Ono ’07                           Nashville, TN where she is employed         ment coordinator at G&K Services in
          Rosemary Pantaleo ’07                        by Regions Bank as a mortgage special-      Portsmouth, VA. She plans to attend
             Jennifer Wilde ’08                        ist. Nowell, her husband, Brad, and         Old Dominion University to earn a
          Katherine Wood (ADP)                         daughters Starling and Currie, look for-    master’s in public administration. She
                                                       ward to a Disney family cruise.             also is a Girl Scout troop leader.

INDIA, Cont. from page 1

(NC) Daily Bulletin about her first trip
to India, Adams wrote, “Not only did I
learn to appreciate and respect the
                                                                    C L A S S of 2008
diversity of cultures in which my fellow       thesis titles, internships, & post-graduation plans
global citizens live, but I was able to put
my own Western culture into perspective.”       LAEL ADAMS                               mentor at MBC, Jarrell hopes to
     Adams conducted interviews with            As a student, Adams was a market-        work in corporate event planning or
dozens of Indian natives for her thesis,        ing and editorial intern at Filter       public relations in central Virginia.
both at home and abroad. Her first              magazine in Los Angeles and at
interview was with Dr. Geeti Sen, a             Covert PR music promotions in            Thesis: Moms in the News: An
Fulbright Visiting Scholar at MBC. She          London. She performed community          In-Depth Analysis of Tabloid News
continued her research while on her             service in India in 2006 and 2007,       Coverage of Celebrity Pregnancy
second trip to India, interviewing              and plans to attend graduate school.     and Motherhood.
students age seven to 17 at a school in
the southern part of the country. To            Thesis: Voices from India:               BRIANNA MCCOLLUM
add depth to her project, Adams inter-          Identity Negotiation in Cross-           In addition to serving as production
viewed Cross Cultural Solutions                 Cultural Adaptation                      manager for MBC-TV, McCollum
founder Steven Rosenthal and other                                                       worked in public relations at a
staff at the organization. In addition to       LESLIE ALLIGOOD                          5,000-member church to create
her interviews, the Lambda Pi Eta               Alligood edited and wrote several        radio scripts, air live broadcasts,
inductee shot footage in India with             pieces for the communication             edit videos for ministries, and create
plans to create a documentary to                department newsletter, Commotion,        a 10-minute segment for youth min-
encourage other students’ commitment            for 2007–08, and engaged in com-         istry. She also contacted performers
to civic and global engagement.                 munity service as a small group          and hosted an anti-violence event in
     Adams used her communication               communication leader at University       Philadelphia.
skills to immerse herself in the under-         of Virginia Children’s Hospital. She
standing of cultural differences and            plans to pursue a career in public       Thesis: Hip Hopera: A Thematic
similarities. She inquired about                relations, marketing, or advertising     Analysis of the Portrayal of Black
arranged marriages and caste systems            in northern or central Virginia.         Masculinity in Hip Hop Videos and
and discovered emerging patterns and                                                     Women’s Perceptions of Messages
trends of the collectivistic Indian cul-        Thesis: In Sync with Pink: A             That Portray Black Masculinity.
ture. Adams hopes Indians will hear             Thematic Analysis of the
their voices in her thesis, which is part       Persuasive Strategies in the Pink
                                                                                         KARINA K. C. NGAIZA
of the reason she chose to collect data         Ribbon Challenge Campaign
                                                                                         Ngaiza interned as broadcast man-
through interviews.                             Against Breast Cancer.                   ager for MBC-TV and is applying
     “It is important to think of our-                                                   for an internship in event planning
selves as global citizens, especially as        JESSICA JARRELL                          at Wolf Trap, a center for perform-
Americans who have the resources and            Jarrell completed an internship with     ing arts in Vienna, VA.
opportunities to essentially change the         MBC residence life in 2006–07
world,” Adams said.                             where her responsibilities included      Thesis: Black Is Beautiful ...
     Adams’ passion for learning is             creating bulletin boards, doing          Just As Long As You Are Light
evident in her involvement and achieve-         paperwork, and writing articles for      Enough: Messages of Skin
ments at MBC.                                   the department. An assistant             Complexion and Identity Among
     In 2007 she received MBC’s first           community coordinator and peer           African-American Women.
Global Citizenship Award and recogni-
tion in Who’s Who Among Students in
American Colleges and Universities.           THESIS, Cont. from page 1                  requirements. Ultimately, I had a
Adams rounds out her credentials with                                                    successful undergraduate experience,”
stints as editor and writer for the           down to discuss a four-year plan for       she added.
communication department newsletter           your guidance. In the ‘real world’ it           Blackwell is pleased to have ful-
Commotion, internships at Filter maga-        is up to you to plan out the years         filled her initial goal of finding work in
zine and at Covert PR music promotions        to come.”                                  a communications or public relations
in London, and as a contributor to                 “I learned to multitask with          position, but she continues to reach for
Campus Comments, the MBC student              leadership roles and coursework dead-      more. “I hope to achieve my Class of
newspaper. Adams strives to make her          lines,” she said of her time at Baldwin.   2006 superlative, ‘Most Likely To Be A
voice heard and reminds others that           “I was advised and encouraged to           Millionaire,’ and fully expect to be a
MBC is “part of a bigger puzzle.” L           strive for more than the minimal           future asset to the college,” she said. L

                                                                                                        ommotion                  5
VWIL Grad to Nuclear Analyst
BY LESLIE ALLIGOOD ’08                      that passion for public service into my
                                            occupation,” she said.
Recent graduate and winner of VWIL’s             The former communication major
Pancake Award (for leadership, aca-         works in an environment that is all-
demics, and demonstrating the attrib-       female, socially and ethnically diverse,
utes of a citizen soldier), Julia Cochran   and encourages open communication

                                                                                                                                        PHOTO BY BRUCE DORRIES
’07 continues to motivate and inspire       — a parallel of the MBC environment
those she leads in her budding career, a    that enabled her to transition from col-
talent that came naturally to her at        lege to employment smoothly and with
MBC.                                        excitement. Cochran commends the
     The former Squirrel models the         communication department for nurtur-
kind of post-graduation persistence         ing and challenging her. Her ease with     Recent graduate Julia Cochran ’07 performed commu-
that MBC faculty and staff encourage        speaking professionally and effectively    nity service as a cadet in VWIL. Cochran now works
in their students. Last spring she start-   hardly goes unnoticed by her superiors.    for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

ed a career with the U.S. Nuclear                 “The skills I developed in VWIL
Regulatory Commission.                      and through my work as a communi-          She inspired me as a junior to challenge
     As management analyst in the           cation major have proven invaluable in     myself and use my talents in the field of
office of new reactors, Cochran             my career,” she noted. They help with      communication to the fullest.”
describes her workplace as the “central     my networking ability, meeting dead-            Cochran’s early career follows the
station for the nuclear renaissance tak-    lines, and simply transmitting messages    college’s 2007-08 Voices theme as she
ing place in this country.”                 quickly and efficiently,” said Cochran,    strikes out a path guided by her indi-
     “I believe public service is a vital   a Lambda Pi Eta member.                    vidual talents and skills. Her advice?
part of being a U.S. citizen. I did not          Senior communication major Jessica    “By working hard, communicating
commission into the military after my       Jarrell said, “Julia always presented      clearly, and looking ahead, advancing
tenure in VWIL, so I wanted to put          herself professionally and confidently.    in a first job is an attainable goal.” L

   PERMIT #106
     PAID                                                                                       Staunton, VA 24401
                                                                                                Communication Discipline
   NON-PROFIT                                                                                   Mary Baldwin College

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