April 26

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					                 WEEK OF                                  DCS 5th/6th Grade
                 APRIL 26                                      Mrs. Arnold

       Mrs. Arnold’s Classroom Newsletter
  http://chalkboardchatter.blogspot.com ( Newsletter is now on the blog! )

   Announcements                                     Assignments
                                             Spelling words for this week:
         Spirit Week!!                        it’s         let’s        that’s
  This week is Spirit Week @ DCS.
                                              we’d         don’t        there’s
Every day of the week there will be a         coach’s      coaches’     man’s
                                              men’s        you’re       she’d
      Monday = wacky hair day
                                              mustn’t      o’clock      guide’s
       Tuesday = sports day
    Wednesday = backwards day                 guides’      director’s   directors’
        Thursday = twin day                   city’s       cities’
     Friday = school colors day                Spelling Test will be on Friday
                                         Bible Verse: Books of the Old Testament -
                                          4/28- Wed
                                         Reading – Johnny Tremain -Ch. 10 4/27
                                         Math –Test 4/30 – Friday
  Mackinac Chaperone Meeting
                                         Science – Test, ch. 2, 4/28 - Wednesday
 Tuesday, May 4 @ 7PM in 5th/6th
 grade classroom. We will go over
   details about the trip. If you
cannot make it please let me know.
                                                Pretzels are here!
                                              We just got another big order in!
                                        Let Mrs. Arnold know if you are interested
                                          in selling or buying pretzels. Bags are
                                        $1.50 and boxes are $22.50. All proceeds
   Report Cards went home on                   go toward our Mackinac Trip.
Wednesday, April 21. Please have
them signed and returned as soon
     as possible – Thanks! 
                     Mrs. Arnold’s Classroom Newsletter Page 2

Peer-editing is our next step in the State
Report process. We will be doing this in
class. Each student will have a peer edit
                                                      Upcoming Events
one of their sections. The students will        Spirit Week
have a different person edit for each
                                                     April 26-30
section. This must be completed this week!
                                                Taco Hot Lunch
                                                     Monday, April 26
      Bottle Return Schedule:                   DCS leads Worship at DCF
 *please make sure to check the bottle
                                                     Sunday, May 2
 return bin at the end of your scheduled
                                                Mackinac Chaperone Meeting
 week, making sure that the bin is empty
 for the next week.                                  Tuesday, May 4

 Apr 26 – Claire                                Field Day

 May 3 - Sarah H.                                    Friday, May 7

 May 10 – Sara & Anthony                        Clean-Up Parade

 May 17 – Pierce                                     Wednesday, May 12

 May 26 - Brennen                               School Play

 June 7 – Shaelynn                                   Friday, May 14
                                                Science Camp
                                                     Wed., May 26- Fri., May 28
Please feel free to contact me anytime          No School – Memorial Day
at school or by e-mail rlvanderlaan@yahoo.com        Monday, May 31
E-mail is a great way to contact me, but feel
free to give me a call or stop by my room      Mackinac Trip
                                                     Tue., June 1- Thur., June 3

         5th/6th grade trip to Mackinac is quickly approaching!
                  Tuesday, June 1-Thursday, June 3
       Updated information and directions will be coming home in
        the next week or so. If you have any questions please
                              let me know.

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