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					                                     Centralized Scheduling Sends Staff Where Most Needed
Inside                               The new year brought a new way of scheduling staff for Lakeview Center’s 13 residential,

The Lines                            group home and inpatient units.

                                     Behavioral Health Staffing Solutions was launched Jan.18 as a way of better managing
                                     resources while improving quality of care and reducing risk for the organization. This
Black History Quiz                   centralized staffing system allows the census and acuity needs of each unit to be considered
and Answers
                                     when deciding where the available workforce will be deployed.
                       See Page 2
A ‘Legend’ for                       In other words, nurses and techs can be sent to the units that need them the most. “Oh my
Lakeview Center                      gosh, it’s working out beautifully,” said Marvic Goodspeed, director of the Primary Care
                                     and Crisis Stabilization units.
                       See Page 3
AbilityOne and the      Previously each unit’s manager was responsible for scheduling its employees. There was
Economy                 no system for the units to make one another aware of their staffing needs, which can shift
             See Page 4 from one day to the next. It was not unusual for one unit to call on agency workers while
Social Workers Honor another unit’s PRN (as-needed) employees waited for work. Often overtime would be high
Peggie Iacuzio          for some units while others were overstaffed compared to need.
                       See Page 4 Under the new system, three Human Resources employees are responsible for scheduling
GCE’s Employee                    the 300 or so full-time and PRN employees who staff Lakeview’s 24-hour units. Working
Of the Year                       closely with the units’ leaders, Leslie Morton, the manager of Behavioral Health Staffing
                       See Page 5 Solutions, and Travis Gibson and Jennifer Jones, its coordinators, post schedules a month
                                  in advance, adjusting them each day as needs change or employees call in sick.
Milestone Anniversaries
                       See Page 6 Each employee is based at a home
Gen. Petraeus Salutes unit, generally the unit where he or she
GCE Employees         worked prior to centralized scheduling.
                        Requests for time off are made to the
                       See Page 7
                        Behavioral Health Staffing Solutions
Report Lauds            staff, which must approve all leave after
Forensic Project        first consulting with the affected unit’s
             See Page 7 leaders.
Interested In Adoption?
                                     A nurse or a tech must have the required
                 See Back Page skills to be scheduled at a unit other
                                     than his or her base unit. “When we first
                                     started, we identified people who had
                                     worked in other areas,” Morton said.
                                     “We also identified units with similar
                                                                                 Behavioral Healthcare Days
March/April 2009                     Once centralized scheduling got             Peggie Iacuzio, left, and Mary Carter, both of the
                                                                                 Lakeview Center Forensic Program, stand in the
                                     underway, employees began to be             gallery of the Florida Capitol during Behavioral
CenterLines is published by
Lakeview Center                      cross-trained so they could float to        Healthcare Days, a two-day event sponsored by
Marketing Department                 other units when necessary. Individual      the Florida Council for Community Mental Health.
Karen Smith, Writer/Editor           strengths and backgrounds also are          The two were among more than 200 consumers,
(850) 469-3508                       considered and weighed according to         advocates and providers highlighting the importance
                                                                                 of mental health and substance abuse treatment.
Tish Pennewill, Marketing Director   the needs of the units.                     LCI President Gary Bembry also attended, as did
(850) 469-3621
                                                     Continued On Back Page      Iacuzio’s daughter, Gina Palmisano.
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Quiz Answers Teach                       Who’s Tops In Behavioral Health?
Black History                            Check It Out Here
Here are the questions and               The Behavioral Health Stakeholders Committee, a customer satisfaction team
answers for the weekly Black             for Lakeview Center’s Behavioral Health division, plans to share improvement
History Month quiz held by the           ideas by highlighting the division’s most successful ─ and most improved ─ units.
Baptist Health Care Diversity
Committee in February:                   Each issue of CenterLines will report the Behavioral Health units receiving the
Week One                                 highest satisfaction scores for their comparison group. Units that have the most
1. Name the running back who             improved scores among their comparison group also will be noted.
holds the NFL career rushing record.
(Emmitt Smith)                           The comparison groups were created earlier to ensure fairness when measuring
2. What name was given Martin            one unit’s satisfaction scores against another’s. Those comparison groups are:
Luther King Jr. at birth? (Michael)      Adult Inpatient, Adult Residential Substance Abuse, Adult Residential Mental
3. What Civil Rights Act was signed      Health, Children’s Residential, Psychiatry/Psych. Support, Adult Outpatient
in 2002 by President George W.           Mental Health, Adult Outpatient Substance Abuse, Children’s Outpatient and
Bush to require federal agencies to      Day Treatment.
be accountable for violations of anti-
discrimination and whistle-blower        The Stakeholders Committee plans to ask supervisors of the pertinent units
protections?                             what has contributed to their units’ high scores or most improved scores. Their
(The Fear Act/Notification and           answers will be features in CenterLines.
Federal Employee Anti-discrimination
and Retaliation Act of 2002)             “By sharing in Centerlines our intent is to reward these programs as well as
Week Two                                 present ideas that other units may incorporate to improve their scores,” said
1. Name the first black to become a      George Crisco, director of Adult Residential Services and a member of the
majority owner of a professional sport   Stakeholders Committee.
franchise. (Robert Johnson)
2. What year was the first Martin                            Behavioral Health Units
Luther King Jr. National Holiday                             By Comparison Groups
celebrated? (1986)                       Comparison Group                 Highest Scoring                  Most Improved
3. Which black Miss America went
                                         Child On-Site                 School Overlay-Santa Rosa (4.65)   School Day Support (+.06)
on to become a veterinarian? (Debbye
Turner)                                  Child Outpatient              Home Intervention (4.52)           N/A
Week Three                               Child Residential             N/A                                N/A
1. Name the only Women’s National        Substance Abuse Outpatient    Pathway Pensacola (4.82)           Pathway Pensacola (+.47)
Basketball Association black female      Psychiatry/ Psych Support     Child Psych Support (4.72)         Child Psych Support (+.10)
player to have her own basketball
shoe. (Sheryl Swoopes)                   Adult Inpatient               WFCCC West Unit (4.90)             WFCCC West Unit (+.60)
2. What is the name of the “Black        Adult Residential             Villas and Lodges (tied- 4.82)     Lodges (+.24)
National Anthem?”(“Lift Every Voice      Day Treatment Programs        Century Social (5.00)              Century Social (+.11)
and Sing”)                               Adult Outpatient              Century Outpatient (4.92)          Avalon Outpatient (+.22)
3. Who was the first African American
                                         Substance Abuse Residential   ART (4.71)                         ART (+.17)
appointed to the position of Secretary
of Education? (Roderick Raynor
Paige)                                   Catch LCI on Channel 3’s ‘Dayside’
Week Four                                Newscaster Sue Straughn’s popular “Dayside” talk show regularly features
1. Who was the first Black               Lakeview Center Inc. and its three service divisions. Airing weekdays at 11 a.m.
congressman to represent an entire       on WEAR-TV 3, the program will host LCI-affiliated guests on these dates:
state? (Joshiah T. Walls)                March 18       Peggy Custred, FamiliesFirst Network, discussing adoption
2. Name the first black American to
vote in the U.S. in 1870? (Thomas        April 1        Erika Smith, Rape Crisis/Trauma Recovery, highlighting Sexual
Mundy Peterson)                                         Assault Awareness Month
3. Which state did the first Black       April 15       Kimberly Womack, Baptist Hospital Emergency Trauma Center,
congressman represent? (Florida)                        explaining the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Program
                                         April 22       Dr. Andi Minyard, medical examiner for Circuit 1, discussing
                                                        child abuse prevention efforts
                                         April 29       Suzanne Cobbs, licensed mental health counselor, discussing
                                                        post-partum depression

FFN Worker Honored as a BHC ‘Legend’
An employee of FamiliesFirst Network was one of only                importance of being a good, healthy
five people selected as Baptist Health Care “Legends” for           parent. When the teen went into
the Year 2008.                                                      labor, Amy rushed to the hospital
                                                                    at 3 a.m. and remained by the girl’s
Amy Boudreaux, an FFN family services counselor,                    side until the next day when she
received Baptist Health Care’s highest employee                     gave birth. Amy’s compassion
recognition at the Feb. 26 annual meeting of the                    reassured the girl that she wasn’t alone.
organization’s boards of directors, where she received a
plaque and pin denoting her as a “Legend of Baptist                 Boudreaux helped another foster
Health Care.”                                                       child, a teenage boy, by making sure
                                                                    he was able to participate in his
                                                                    school band. Twice a week, often as      Amy Boudreaux
Boudreaux’s nomination for the award was based on her
selection as a “Champion” of Lakeview Center. Boudreaux             late as 9 p.m., Amy drove the young
often spends her own time, money and energy developing              man to band practice. She also made sure he had everything
meaningful relationships for the foster children she serves.        he needed, such as his uniform and instrument.
She doesn’t give in or give up. She works fervently to help
those teens have a chance at a good life.                           BHC Legends exemplify the mission of Baptist Health
                                                                    Care. They consistently provide superior service, whether
Recently, Boudreaux coached and encouraged a teenage                on the clock or off. Employee reward and recognition is a
client throughout the girl’s pregnancy, emphasizing the             fundamental practice at Baptist Health Care.

‘HeART and Home’ Set for Walton County Area
“HeART and Home,” an arts and crafts show being held at             A division of Lakeview Center, FamiliesFirst Network
the Hammock Bay community, will benefit foster children             is responsible for the safety, stability and well-being of
while spotlighting the talents and wares of local artisans          abused or neglected children in Escambia, Santa Rosa,
and shops.                                                          Okaloosa and Walton counties. Through a contract with the
                                                                    state of Florida, FamiliesFirst works with various agencies,
Set for March 14 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., HeART and                  individuals, community groups and the judicial system
Home provides an opportunity to see a sampling of                   to provide foster care and related services to children and
Hammock Bay’s newly built homes and enjoy a variety of              their families.
art, crafts and retail displays.
                                                                    Hammock Bay is located at 74 Great Hammock Bend
“The developers at Hammock Bay have opened their show               in Freeport. For information about HeART and Home or
homes to help support our foster care efforts,” says Terri          becoming a foster parent, contact Terri Marshall at (850)
Marshall, foster home recruiter for FamiliesFirst Network           453-7766.
of Lakeview. “The day will have something for just about
every member of the family, with arts, crafts, displays from        HUD Awards Grant to Lakeview Center
local retailers, door prizes, food vendors and activities for       The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
the kids.”                                                          has awarded $572,365 to Lakeview Center’s supportive
                                                                    housing programs for people who are homeless and have
Tickets are $5 and can be purchased in advance at                   serious and persistent mental illnesses with concurrent
Acceptance Capital Mortgage, 3997 Commons Drive, Suite              substance abuse issues.
M, Destin, or at any of these FamiliesFirst Network service
centers: Fort Walton Beach Service Center, 340 Beal                 The grant, which must be renewed annually, helps fund
Parkway, Fort Walton Beach; Crestview Service Center,               20 beds for transitional living and supportive services to
299 Main St., South, Crestview; or DeFuniak Springs                 individuals within the target population. The grant also
Service Center, 79 North Davis Lane, DeFuniak Springs.              helps fund 30 permanent housing slots for persons falling
                                                                    within that population. Those slots are in both Escambia
Tickets will also be sold at the event. Proceeds will support       and Santa Rosa counties.
activities of local foster parents.
                                                                    Director of Community Services Dennis Goodspeed
A similar HeART and Home event was held in December                 credits Residential Director Paula Threat and her team for
at the Nature Trail development near Pensacola. It raised           successfully securing the highly competitive grant.
$1,200 for children in foster care.

NISH CEO Predicts Support for AbilityOne Agencies
NISH President Bob Chamberlin is optimistic that                  reliability,” he said. “They have gone in and succeeded
AbilityOne-affiliated agencies like Gulf Coast Enterprises        where other providers have had problems.”
(GCE) will withstand the throes of today’s troubled
economy, thanks to a Department of Defense initiative.            The difference, said Chamberlin, is that GCE’s leadership
                                                                  takes a systematic approach, one that’s structured, geared
That initiative — issued in an August                             toward data and focused on continual improvement.
27, 2008, memorandum from the
Office of the Undersecretary of                                   “Having high quality is a never-ending journey,”
Defense — calls for procurement                                   Chamberlin said. “You don’t have it overnight, and unless
officials to increase the number of                               you continually concentrate on it, you can lose it in a
contracts they enter for the purchase                             flash.”
of products and services from the
AbilityOne Program, an offshoot                                   Quality is important to NISH. “We want our government
of the Javits-Wagner-O’Day Act, a                                 customers to want us because of our quality,” Chamberlin
law compelling federal agencies to                                said.
purchase products and services from    Bob Chamberlin
nonprofit organizations that provide                              In lean times like these, delivering high quality services can
employment for people who are blind or have other severe          provide an advantage with customers from the commercial
disabilities.                                                     sector or with state governments – areas where AbilityOne
                                                                  agencies are most likely to be impacted by the economy,
GCE exists to employ people with disabilities, including          Chamberlin said.
those with service-connected disabilities. It operates by
securing contracts to provide specific services and then          The situation is more promising at the federal level. A
hiring, training and supervising a workforce composed             few years ago, AbilityOne initiated a recognition program
mostly of people with physical impairments, mental                for legislators who promote employment opportunities
illnesses or developmental disabilities.                          for people with disabilities. The first to be named an
                                                                  AbilityOne Champion was a junior senator from Illinois:
NISH is a national agency designated to support the               Barack Obama, whose presidential campaign included a
nonprofit organizations participating in AbilityOne. This         platform addressing the needs of the disabled.
support includes providing technical help, legislative and
regulatory assistance, and the professional training needed       Even before Obama’s election, the White House was
for successful contract management.                               friendly toward AbilityOne. Then President George W.
                                                                  Bush issued an executive order calling for its support after
In Pensacola Jan. 28-29 for the 2009 GCE Leadership               the First Lady met with Chamberlin and other advocates.
Conference, Chamberlin said Gulf Coast Enterprises is
“one of the leaders” among the 560 nonprofit agencies             “In general, we have an environment we think will be
receiving NISH’s assistance.                                      supportive,” Chamberlin said.

“GCE has a great reputation and is known for quality and          The Defense Department remains AbilityOne’s largest customer.

                       Social Workers Honor Lakeview Employee
    Peggie Iacuzio, the director of Lakeview Center’s             community groups and Lakeview Center. CIT
    forensic program, was named 2009’s Citizen of the             provides specialized training to law enforcement
    Year by the Northwest Florida unit of the Florida             officers so that they can more effectively respond to
    Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.        crisis calls involving people with mental illnesses,
                                                                  addictions or co-occurring disorders.
    Iacuzio was lauded for her exceptional leadership
    skills and ongoing contributions to human services            The honor was presented March 5 at the annual
    and the community. Besides her tireless efforts on            awards luncheon held by the Association. Iacuzio
    behalf of people with mental illnesses, Iacuzio has           was nominated by Whiting Field’s Shawn Fitzpatrick,
    played a key role in the area’s Crisis Intervention           who serves on the faculty of the Crisis Intervention
    Team, a collaboration of law enforcement agencies,            Team.

Diligence Earns Employee of the Year Honors for D.C. Worker
Vince Vitale, a 22-year-old resident of Frederick,
Maryland, was named Gulf Coast Enterprises’ Employee
of the Year during the GCE Leadership Conference held at
Pensacola Beach in late January.

“He’s one of the best employees that we have,” says Fred
Hornsby, senior project manager at the Washington, D.C.,
Armed Forces Retirement Home, where Vitale is a food
service worker. “It’s been said that he works at the rate of
two employees.”

On Feb. 13, surrounded by his co-workers and family,
Vitale was presented with the Employee of the Year Award,
an inscribed brass and wood-finish plaque. The celebration
had been delayed until Gary Murphy, the contract manager
for the unit, could attend it. Vitale’s selection for the award       GCE Employee of the Year Vince Vitale, center, stands amid,
was kept a secret from him until that time.                           from left to right, Cleophus Snow, dining manager; Gary Murphy,
                                                                      contract manager; Fred Hornsby, senior project manager; Charles
                                                                      Dickerson, director of resident services; and Greg Wilson,
Vitale had to overcome a great deal to succeed in his                 contract specialist. Dickerson is with the Armed Forces Retirement
position. He has autism, and when he began working for                Home; the others are with Gulf Coast Enterprises.
GCE in January 2006, he said little to anyone, keeping
mostly to himself.                                                    Always willing to lend a hand, Vitale helps wash dishes
                                                                      and stack trays in their holders once they are cleaned. He
Vitale is responsible for collecting trays with their soiled          makes sure the dining hall stays tidy, collecting trash and
dinnerware and transporting them to the dish room for                 making sure no dirty trays are left there. His work habits
washing. As he learned his job, Vitale became more                    are outstanding. He is always punctual and stays busy from
outgoing. He now greets everyone he encounters:                       the time he reports for duty until the time he leaves for the
co-workers, leaders and residents alike.                              night. His supervisors say he moves at a faster pace than
                                                                      most workers and that sometimes they have to tell him to
“He’s found a home here,” Hornsby said.                               slow down.

Vitale is well-liked and respected by his fellow employees            Having completed high school last year, Vitale has an
and supervisors. He is good at what Hornsby describes as a            apartment in the basement of his parents’ home and
very important job. There are thousands of trays and dishes           navigates the Washington, D.C., bus system himself. He
to be picked up, transported and cleaned three times a day.           and many like him prove that, when given opportunities
“If you don’t have a good person in the dish room, you’re             and support, people with disabilities can build lives of
in trouble,” Hornsby said.                                            dignity and success.

Community Leaders Join LCI Board of Directors
An advertising executive and a Chamber of Commerce                    Under Emerson’s leadership, the Pensacola Bay Area
president have been appointed to the board of directors for           Convention and Visitor’s Bureau was ranked No. 1 by the
Lakeview Center Inc.                                                  Southeastern Tourism Society. She serves on the University
                                                                      of West Florida’s Business Advisory Council and is a
Audra A. Carter, owner and president of AC Advertising,               founding member of IMPACT 100 of the Pensacola Bay
and Evon Emerson, president and CEO of Pensacola Bay                  Area.
Area Chamber of Commerce, received their appointments
at the Baptist Health Care annual meeting on Feb. 26.                 Other members of Lakeview Center’s board of directors
                                                                      are its chair, H. Britt Landrum Jr.; its vice-chair, Deborah
The host of “Bridging the Gap” program on WRNE Radio                  Ford, Ed.D.; its secretary, Hunter Walker; its treasurer, Dale
980, Carter specializes in multi-cultural advertising and             Jordan; and members Charles Beall Jr., Joseph G. Buehler,
promotional services. She serves on the boards of directors           Vince Currie, Rev. Dr. Hugh Hamilton III, Michael Killam,
for the Foundation for Excellence, the Early Learning                 Tim Wright, Jarl T. Young and Marcia Williams, Ed.D.
Coalition of Escambia, Favor House, the Northwest Florida             Rev. David McDowell-Fleming and Joe Felkner serve as
Arts Council and other organizations.                                 advisors.

                 Milestone Anniversaries
Reaching milestones in their careers within the LCI network, West Florida Community Care Center or
Gulf Coast Enterprises are the following employees, grouped according to their years of service and
identified by their work sites:

Lakeview Center Inc.                                                    Diana Young, Lakeview Lodges (April 26)
                                                                        Beverly Orezzoli, FamiliesFirst Network–Adoptions (April 28)
                      25 Years
Joyce Hemingway, Primary Care Services (April 30)
                                                                        West Florida Community Care Center
                           20 Years
                                                                                                 20 Years
Sheila Gillam, Lakeview Place (April 3)
Wanda Moorer, Lakeview Lodges (April 3)                                 Robert Feil
Sandra Spires, Children’s Psychiatric Support Services (April 17)                                10 Years
Vanessa Scott, The Meridian (April 24)                                  Johnny McKinney
                         15 Years                                                                 5 Years
Betsy Shepard, Crisis Stabilization Unit (April 4)                      Ileane McCray
                         10 Years
David Williamson, Century Clinic (March 8)                              Gulf Coast Enterprises
Betty Smith, Primary Care Services (March 15)
James Murphy, Pharmacy (April 5)                                                                 10 Years
Dixie Slack, Purchasing (April 5)                                       Mario Giacometti, Eglin AFB Food Service (March 15)
Lynn Lymons, Crisis Stabilization Unit (April 14)                       Charles Melson, Eglin AFB Food Service (March 15)
Bob Singerman, Crisis Stabilization Unit (April 19)                     Rebecca Carter, Eglin AFB Food Service (April 1)
                                                                        Faith Clark, Eglin AFB Food Service (April 1)
                           5 Years                                      Traudel M. Clark, Eglin AFB Food Service (April 1)
Ernest Curry, Crisis Stabilization Unit (March 1)                       Snow Forrester, Eglin AFB Food Service (April 1)
Cliff Hodge, The Friary (March 1)                                       Pai Grimes, Eglin AFB Food Service (April 1)
David Matthews, The Friary (March 1)                                    Leila McIntosh, Eglin AFB Food Service (April 1)
Jennifer Estill, Psychiatry (March 15)                                  Remedios Rankin, Eglin AFB Food Service (April 1)
Richard Tavara, Psychiatric Support (March 29)                          Daungduan Welty, Eglin AFB Food Service (April 1)
Regina McKay, The Friary (April 12)                                     Nora Younger, Eglin AFB Food Service (April 1)
Gail White, Outpatient Nursing Clinic (April 12)                        Sonia Daugherty, Eglin AFB Food Service–EOD (April 1)
Sheila Smith, FamiliesFirst Network–Licensing (April 12)                Angel Martell, Eglin AFB Food Service–EOD (April 1)
Kate Holy, Project Choice (April 26)                                    Gliceria Zeidner, Eglin AFB Food Service–EOD (April 1)
Bobby Newby, Independent Living (April 26)                              Angela Durham, Eglin AFB Food Service (April 9)
Marquita Rease, Crisis Stabilization Unit (April 26)                    Sheree Anne Zukowski, Whiting Field (April 13)
Mia Williams, Primary Care Services (April 26)                          Carole Milligan, Hurlbert AFB Mail Service (April 13)

Baptist Leadership Society — 2009
The Baptist Leadership Society was formed during 2008 to recognize the generosity of employees. These employees
make annual unrestricted leadership gifts to support the mission of Baptist Health Care, and we extend our sincere
appreciation to this growing list of Society members for fiscal year 2009. For information on joining the Society, call Paul
Young at 469-7937.
Joe Bagley                        Louis Gomez                           Jerry Maygarden                  Al Stubblefield
Gary Bembry                       Dennis Goodspeed                      Martha McDowell-Fleming          Andy Terry
Cyd Cadena                        Bob Gowing                            Eleanor McGee                    Kerry Vermillion
Katherine Champlin                Krystal Hall                          Donna Morris                     Sandy Whitaker
Julia Crow                        Barbara Hamilton                      Patsy Myers                      David Wildebrandt
                                  Bob Harriman                          Carmen Paroby                    Irv Williams
Scott Davis
                                  Sherry Hartnett                       Bill Perkins                     Bob Wilson
Mark Faulkner                     Cinda Heidorn                         John Porter
Joe Felkner                       Allison Hill                          Dave Rappa
Rich Gilmartin                    Mike Hutchins                         Daphne Scordato
                                  Stacy Lewis                           David Sjoberg

Five GCE Employees Honored by Renowned General
Gen. David H. Petraeus recently                                                                 Gen. Patraeus
honored five employees of Gulf                                                                  also presented
Coast Enterprises (GCE) for                                                                     Certificates of
their outstanding service to the                                                                Appreciation
                                                                                                for Outstanding
U.S. Central Command, which is
                                                                                                Service to these
headquartered at MacDill Air Force                                                              GCE custodial
Base in Tampa.                                                                                  employees. They
                                                                                                are Victoria
The commander of the Central                                                                    Watkins (top),
Command, Gen. Petraeus is                                                                       Richard Lebbad
best known for serving as the                                                                   (center), Jay
commanding general for the                                                                      Brody (bottom
multi-national coalition forces                                                                 left) and Joe
in Iraq from January 2007 to                                                                    Brown (bottom
September 2008. He was a runner-up                                                              right).
for TIME magazine’s 2007 Person        Gen. David Petraeus, left, presents a Certificate
of the Year honors and is highly       of Appreciation to Amarilita Pachecho.
regarded both within and outside
the military.                              Watkins, all employees of the GCE
                                           custodial unit at MacDill.
In January, Gen. Petraeus presented
framed certificates of appreciation to     The five are responsible for making
Amarilita Pachecho, Jay Brody, Joe         sure the general’s office suite meets
Brown, Richard Lebbad and Victoria         his expectations at all times.

Beach Run Takes a Stand                                                                    Report Lauds Lakeview’s
Against Sexual Violence                                                                    Forensic Project
A 5K walk and run is being held on Pensacola Beach April 4 to highlight Crime              A state watchdog agency and an advocacy
Victims Rights Week and Sexual Violence Awareness Month.                                   group issued a joint report highlighting the
                                                                                           Circuit 1 Forensic Mental Health Project
“Run for Their Lives” is a project of Lakeview Center’s Rape Crisis/Trauma                 at Lakeview Center as being among the
Recovery Program. Its purpose is to call attention to the reality of sexual                most promising jail diversion programs
violence and to encourage the community to take a stand against violent crime.             in Florida.
This is the event’s second year.
                                                                                           The Florida Substance Abuse and Mental
The race begins at 8 a.m., starting and finishing at the parking lot of Casino             Health Corp. and Florida Partners in Crisis
Beach, which is located just south of the intersection of Via de Luna Drive and            issued the 13-page report in January.
Fort Pickens Road. The course proceeds down Via de Luna, turning through the               The document praised the state-funded
neighborhoods off the drive and returning down Via de Luna.                                Forensic Mental Health Project for
                                                                                           having a “tremendous impact upon the
A post-race party will feature food, live music, a raffle and an awards ceremony           coordination of treatment for individuals
with multiple awards being given in both the run and walk divisions. Last year,            with mental illness in Escambia and Santa
more than 140 people participated in “Run for Their Lives.”                                Rosa counties.”

Registration for this year’s event costs $15 for adults and children through April         Among the benefits cited in the report
3. Late registration is $20 on the day of the race. The first 200 to register will         was a cost savings. “On average, costs
receive a long-sleeved, event T-shirt. Proceeds from “Run for Their Lives” will            were under $3,600 per individual for
benefit the Rape Crisis/Trauma Recovery Program at Lakeview Center, which                  community-based treatment. This
provides services to victims of violence in the Pensacola area.                            compares to a cost of $7,358 per month or
                                                                                           $41,202 for an average length of stay at
To download a registration form or get more information about the race, go to              Florida State Hospital,” the report said. or call the Rape Crisis/Trauma Recovery Program at
(850) 469-3800.

Centralized Scheduling
Makes a Difference
                                        Continued From Page 1
“For the first time, Human Resources is really involved
in client care,” Morton said. “Staffing is based on clinical
need. If more are called for, we add them.”

Centralized scheduling is expected to help control labor
expenditures by reducing overtime and limiting the
use of costly agency workers. So far, it’s meeting those
expectations. “For us, it has dramatically decreased agency
use, and our overtime has decreased as well,” Goodspeed
said. “In not even two months, it has made a tremendous
difference.”                                                    Commitment to Co-Workers
                                                                Leaders within Lakeview Center’s operations team did not
Employees, both full-time and PRN, tend to be more              hesitate to help out when the food services staff wanted to attend
committed to Lakeview’s mission, values and standards           the funeral for a co-worker’s mother. The service was at noon,
than agency workers. They also are more familiar with           a busy time for food services, so Director of Operations Jim
how the units operate and better understand the needs of        Richardson asked his direct reports to fill in. Helping to serve
                                                                food, operate the cash register, wash dishes and clean up were,
the populations they serve. All of this contributes to better   from left to right, Troy Adams, food services; Lisa Turnage,
quality of care and reduces risk.                               therapeutic activity center; Richardson; Buddy Booker, motor
                                                                pool; John Thomas, purchasing; and Rusty Pope, maintenance.
Additionally, being relieved of time-consuming scheduling
responsibilities has freed the units’ nurse managers for        MAPP Adoption Classes Begin Soon
more direct supervision of staff and clients, Goodspeed
                                                                People who are interested in adoption are invited to take a
                                                                free, eight-week course, “Model Approach to Partnership
                                                                in Parenting,” being held in Fort Walton Beach beginning
The impetus for converting to centralized scheduling
                                                                on March 19. A similar course will be held in Pensacola
originated two years ago with Sandy Whitaker, LCI’s
                                                                beginning on April 9.
vice president for human resources, who asked benefits
manager David Barrera to investigate the possibility.
                                                                Often referred to as “MAPP classes,” the course is required
After researching the experiences of other organizations
                                                                by the state of Florida for all prospective adoptive parents.
and benchmarking with two of them, a business plan was
                                                                FamiliesFirst Network of Lakeview conducts the classes.
written and presented to management. With approval from
leadership, planning got underway.
                                                                The Fort Walton Beach course will be held from 6 to 9 p.m.
                                                                each Thursday through May 7, at the FamiliesFirst Service
“The key is labor management instead of just having a
                                                                Center, 340 Beal Parkway N.W. In Pensacola the course
schedule,” Barrera said.
                                                                will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. each Thursday through June 4
                                                                at the FFN administrative offices, 5401 W. Fairfield Drive.
In November a letter explaining the change was sent to
employees of all 24-hour units. Meetings were held at
                                                                Baptist Health Care employees can receive up $1,000 to
each unit to answer questions and provide additional
                                                                help cover the expenses related to adoption. The funds are
information. Meanwhile, an implementation team, which
                                                                provided by Baptist Health Care Helping Hands.To register
included leaders from the affected units, worked out
                                                                for the MAPP course or to learn more about adoption, call
the details. By mid-January, Behavioral Health Staffing
                                                                FamiliesFirst Network at (866) 313-9874.
Solutions was ready to go.

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