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                                      Volume 5, Issue 1                     Winter 2009

                                      A PUBLICATION OF THE

                                      HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF MARINE CITY, MICHIGAN

                                      “Paint The Town”
    Man, what a summer!                our neighbors in these trou-
 Some thought it wasn’t sum-           bled times, the Historical So-
 mer at all, “too wet”, “not           ciety donated up to $200.00
 warm enough”. I thought it            to any Marine City resident
 was great. Get outside do             that wanted to improve, paint,
 some landscaping, maybe               side, rebuild, fix, landscape,
 park the car under a shade            shingle, or whatever to the
 tree and change the oil.              exterior of their home or busi-
 Maybe get out the paint               ness. The $2000.00 maxi-
 brushes and touch up the              mum was reached quickly as
 house a tad. Well, with that          folks submitted their applica-          M.C. Residents took
 last thought in mind the His-         tions and followed with re-             advantage of up to
 torical Society and Lumber-           ceipts as projects all ap-              $200 in free money.
 Jack Hardware, scored a big           proached the $200 limit.
 hit locally with their “Paint the              Vice    President                   The requirements
 Town” promotion.                      Heather Bokram stated that           were straightforward, with
                                       this was a “pilot program”.          only four requirements.
        In an effort to help
 Marine City continue to               And that the Historical Soci-        Only exterior work qualified,
 spruce herself up and assist          ety was very pleased with the
                                       results.                                            (Continued on page 3)

         Fine Antiquities...Comic Books?
 By Scott Tisdale

                                      realizing specifics I preferred        architectural style and even
                                      Eames and Danish modern, not           came to own a Queen Anne
         When I was young             the dowdy old stuff my parents         home. I discovered art in East-
 I liked modern stuff. That           had. Glass, Chrome and hard            lake furniture and the buttery
 is, I remember liking modern         angles, that was the ticket. But       color of old quarter-sawn oak,
 buildings with low, flat rooflines   with age comes change. I still         and many of the things my
 with lots of glass surfaces.         like those things, but eventually I    mother and father owned.      I
 Same thing with furniture, without   found beauty in almost every                         (Continued on page 4)

 Inside this issue:

  ...Comic Books? cont’d                     4

  “Paint The Town” cont’d                    3

  HSMC Website is Up                         6

  2009 Golf Outing                           2

  DVD Review                                 3

  City Hall Update                           3

Preserving our Architectural and Cultural History
       Page 2                                                     HISTORY HIGHLIGHTS

15th Annual Lou Magic / Jim Turner Golf Classic
                                                                             VG’s Receipt Savers
By Jim Turner
                                                                             Thank you to
The 15th annual Lou       restoration effort of    another successful        everyone who is
Magic / Jim Turner        our Historic City        event this year. Al-      donating their
Golf Classic held on      Hall.                    though the final          “community share
June 18th at Oak                 Putting on a      numbers are down
                                                                             points” found at the
Ridge Golf Club in                                 when compared
                          fund raiser like this                              bottom of VG’s
New Haven, MI.                                     with the nearly
                          can be a lot of                                    grocery receipts.
This was our sec-                                  $10,000 we raised
                          work. It’s epically                                You can get them to
ond year working                                   in 2008, over all
                          hard during tough                                  us by mail, or by
together with the                                  our2009 Golf Clas-
                          economic times to                                  giving them to any
Historical Society of                              sic proved that
                          try and raise
Marine City to raise                               dedicated people          HSMC member.
                          money by asking
funds to help in the                               working together
                          people to give
                                                   with die hard golfer
                                   when they
                                                   still can produce        door prizes which
                                   are just try-
                                                   successful results.      added to the ex-
                                   ing to make
                                                            A very spe-     citement of the
                                   ends meet.
                                                   cial thanks for this     day.
                                   However do
                                   to the hard     year’s event goes                Due to a lot
                                   work and        to Lou Magic and         of hard work and
                                   dedication      John Perini from         dedication by our
                                   of Lou          The Maxium Com-          members and the
                                   Magic and       pany. Along with         generosity of our
                                   several         filling several of the   sponsor’s and par-
                                   HSMC            foursomes that           ticipants we were
                                   members         day, they also           able to raise
                                   we were         again this year do-      $5,595.15 at this
                                   able to host    nated a weekend          year’s event. Most
                                                   getaway for two to       of this money will
                                                   Grand Traverse           be added into our
                                                   Resort to be raffled     account dedicated
                                                   off during the           to the restoration of
  Help Wanted                                      event. Although          Marine City’s His-
  So that we can send you updates in a             actual attendance        toric City Hall. We
                                                   at the classic was       have also decided
  timely manner, please help us by
                                                   down when com-           this year due to the
  forwarding your email address. Contact           pared to 2008,           economic downturn
  us: By phone at (810)   765 3567 or              sponsorship was          to place a portion
                                                   strong. We had a         of the funds into
  By email at                  total of twenty Hole     our Marine City En-
                                                   Sponsor’s who do-        dowment Fund for
                                                   nated $2,140 and         future use.
                                                   several wonderful
                                                                                  (Continued on page 6)
  VOLUME 5, ISSUE 1                                                                                  Page 3

“Paint The Town” continued
the home or business                                     flowing,    paint brushes
must be within Marine                                    ready to go and your
City Limits, applications                                finger on the trigger be-
had to be submitted be-                                  cause the word is out,
fore work began, and                                     and only the quick will
receipts for materials                                   get in in on the savings.
and supplies applied for                                 Wanna know more?
the promotion had to be                                  Contact the Marine City
purchased from Marine         City’s facelift continues. Historical Society at
City      business’s.                  The good news (810) 765 3567, or visit
        Talk about a win      continues as the Marine our website at:
-win situation with resi-     City Historical Society
dents saving money,           will have the promotion
local business’s get local    again next year. So get
dollars, and Marine           your creative juices

                              Stuff! DVD Review. “When Trumpets Fade”
                              By Scott Tisdale

                              not be familiar with, but     vivor of his company          self promoted further.
                              I’d like to share with        during the 1944 offen-        The instinct to survive,
                              you.        “When Trum-       sive in the Hurtgen For-      the weight of the knowl-
                              pets Fade” is one of          est in WWII. Moved to         edge that lives are now
                              those films that just falls   another company and           his responsibility make
                              off the radar despite it’s    promoted to sergeant,         for a complex, compelling
                              true greatness. With          we learn that Manning,        character.
                              cinematography that           while no coward, is no
                                                            hero either. Realistically,    Exceptional        perform-
                              rivals “...Ryan”, a solid
                                                            we see a man torn be-         ances portray all the
                              story, and absolutely
          The       other                                   tween training newly          emotions that drive men
                              first rate acting perform-
night I caught the last                                     arriving troops and try-      to fight or flight. The ac-
                              ances, it simply baffles
half of a little film you                                   ing to stay alive.            tion sequences aren't too
                              me that more folks are
may have heard of,                                                                        bad either. If you haven’t
                              unaware of this gem.                    Despite him-        seen this film, and you
“Saving Private Ryan.” I                                    self, he has strategic
enjoyed it for the second               Released in                                       liked “Saving Private
                              1998 it follows Private       talents and after what is     Ryan”, I highly recom-
time around and it re-                                      seen as a successful
minded me of another film     David Manning (Ron                                          mend this film to you .
                              Eldard) as the only sur-      engagement, finds him-
that I suspect you may

                            City Hall Update
           Omigosh, it’s     A lot has been going on,       member Dan Micoff has
been what seems like         but like a good house          agreed to keep us up to          Photo
forever since much news      foundation, it takes an        date with the latest info
has come out on city hall    inordinate amount of           on city hall. Tune in here
reconstruction/              time to get it right, but      next issue for the latest.
renovation. Proposals,       once it’s in place things
                                                                       Thanks Dan!
bids, inspections, bonds,    start to come together
Lansing and grants just      pretty fast.
to name some of the
stuff behind the scenes.
        Page 4                                                                 NEWSLETTER TITLE

                          ...Comic Books continued
                          found a passion for Pop       was feeling much better                  “Magnus       the
                          Culture; the garish colors    too.                           Robot Fighter” is a tale of
                          and non-functional aes-                                      a future society where
                          thetics that others see as              As I went to high    servant robots outnumber
                          awful, are wonderful and      school and college the         people. Through some
                          inviting for me.       From   Comic Books were forgot-       quirk in the software a
                          automotive tail fins to the   ten in favor of girls and Hi   small percentage of ro-
                          chrome wonder of a            -Fi equipment.         Years   bots became sentient.
                          1950’s toaster to the yel-    later while pursuing yet       But even at one tenth of 1
                          low      arches     of    a   another hobby, movie           percent that translated
                          McDonalds sign, I really      memorabilia,        I    re-   into eight million robots.
                          love it all…with the possi-   discovered Comic Books.        Incredibly strong, poten-
                          ble exception of Avocado      The cover colors were not      tially dangerous, when
                          Green       and    Harvest    quite as intense some-         discovered these ma-
                          Gold…ugh.                     how, but still intriguing. I   chines were summarily
                                                        learned that old issues        destroyed.        Magnus,
Invincible Iron Man #6              Comic      Books    could be purchased. I          trained and capable of
                          are also one of my great      started buying new and         delivering this “sentence”
MCG 1969                  interests; the colors on      old books. I knew they         with his bare hands,
                          the covers are like a mag-    were worth a few bucks         comes to question the
                          net to my eyes. Bright,       and I thought I’d put a        morality of destroying
                          vibrant, with images too      small run of books to-         sentient beings, robots or
                          outlandish to ignore I        gether and sell them and       not, and rebels against
                          came to begin to appreci-     get to read a few along        the status quo.
                          ate these in the fourth       the way. But like the film
 “But like the film       grade. I can remember         “A Simple Plan”, it didn’t              Peter Parker as
 “A Simple Plan”,         the first book I bought for   go quite right…now I own       Spider-Man learned his
                          the hefty sum of 12 cents,    13,000 Comic Books. But        lesson when his Uncle
 it didn’t go quite       Iron Man #6. In it, Iron      the art that I’ve beheld,      Ben died from his inac-
                          Man only narrowly de-         the stories I’ve read,         tion, and in issue #33
 right…”.                 feated the “Crusher”.         these little slices of Pop     trying to get life saving
                          Tony Stark as Iron Man        Culture are simply amaz-       serum to his hospitalized,
                          was pretty cool I thought,    ing. Better than stamps or     Aunt May, has to free
                          and was worth another 12      coins, you could read          himself from the impossi-
                          -cent investment. I fol-      these things! Artists like     ble weight of felled debris.
                          lowed with the subse-         Kirby, Ditko, Neal Adams,      Successful, but injured,
                          quent issue of Iron Man.      Frazetta, Steranko, Barry      he holds on as floodwa-
                          In issue #7, the villain      Windsor Smith and John         ters subsequently sweep
                          “Gladiator” had the ability   Byrne didn’t just put forth    him down an underwater
                          to slice Iron Man’s armor     some quick garbage for 5       corridor. Emerging ex-
                          and was kicking the tar       year-olds. This stuff was      hausted, with victory so
                          out of Tony Stark when        impressive, even ground        close he finds his way
                          the issue ended in a cliff-   breaking as the art form       blocked by a throng of
                          hanger. The next month I      matured. Stories by Lee,       Doctor Octopus’s hench-
                          remember being sick, and      Miller, Gaiman, Shooter,       men. On the verge of
                          miserable in bed when         Bendis, Ellison and Clare-     collapse, certain of the
                          my mom brought me a           mont took you to other         impossibility of the battle
                          bowl of chicken soup with     worlds, dimensions, lands      before him, but knowing
                          a copy of Iron Man #8         of mystery and some-           the price of his earlier
                          next to it. I guess she       times just to the height of    character flaw, he de-
                          was paying more atten-        what human integrity can       cides to go down fighting.
Magnus Robot Fighter #1   tion to me than I ever        overcome.
                          knew.      Tony overcame                                            In Iron Man #18,
Valiant Comics 1991       his disadvantage and                  Oh the crazy           Tony Stark’s LMD (Life
                          eventually won the day. I     wonderful stories I’ve
                                                        read.                                   (Continued on page 5)
VOLUME 5, ISSUE 1                                                                                        Page 5

...Comic Books continued                                                                      “Crude and
                                                                                              politically incorrect
Model Decoy) goes in-           Hollywood raided literary      Comic Books every year?
sane and attempts to            novels for film ideas. To-     Oh yesiree bub! Depend-        in all his methods,
“steal” Tony’s life. This       day it turns to the four-      ing on condition, key          Wayne still begins
robot, wearing the Iron         color format for their ma-     books, with popular char-
Man armor intends to            terial. Off the top of my      acters can achieve some        to turn the tide”.
crush Stark like a bug and      head, recent successful        pretty lofty sums of
assume his identity. Cre-       films from Comics; “Sin        money. How much you
ating a distraction, Tony,      City”,       “Spider-Man”,     want to know? I could          lished since 1990. Deal-
with his bad heart dons         “Fantastic Four”, “Hulk”,      give    you       Overstreet   ers still have dollar boxes.
his      original     armor.    “Superman”, “Watchmen”,        Guide prices all day long      There are tons and tons
Clunky, and inferior, with      “X-Men”, “Max Payne”,          but rather I will give you a   of books that everyone
a heart defect that mirrors     “Road to Perdition”, “Iron     sampling      of      actual   can afford.
the armor he wears, but         Man”, “V for Vendetta”,        amounts paid.
                                                                                                        Your kids can
with determination supe-        “Daredevil”,     “Hellboy”,
                                                                        If you haven’t        benefit from these too. At
rior to the will of the ma-     “Punisher”, “Batman”, The
                                                               been down this road…           our cottage we have a no
chine that wants him            Crow”, “Ghost Rider”…
                                                               fasten your seat belt.         technology rule. No TV,
dead, Tony prepares to          you get the idea. Thar’s
                                                                                              computers, phones or
fight his own inventions to     gold in them thar hills!                In 2008 we saw;       video games. Hiking, fish-
save his identity.
                                          But it’s more                 Adventure Com-        ing and boating was the
           Frank     Miller’s
                                than the stories. How do       ics #51 $44,812, Captain       plan. But each year when
“The Dark Knight Re-
                                I describe the artwork?        America     Comics     #1      the evening came, with-
turns” showed me a re-
                                From Kirby’s incredible        $150,000, Amazing Fan-         out their precious video
tired Batman, a fifty
                                machines and cosmic            tasy #15 $227,000, De-         games, our kids would
something Bruce Wayne
                                vistas, Steranko’s psy-        tective    Comics     #27      wander about like zom-
compelled to make a dif-
                                chedelic covers, Ditko’s       $190,000 and Tales of          bies. With boxes of Comic
ference when corrupt
                                interpretation of the mysti-   Suspense #39 (first Iron       Books at their disposal
officials, apathetic police
                                cal dimensions of Doctor       Man) $35,000. Also keep        they eventually began to
and powerful gangs made
                                Strange, the technical         this in mind, Metropolis       read, within one day they
Gotham City unlivable for
                                perfection of Adams, to        Comics; a store in New         were voracious. I can still
decent folks. Crude and
                                Romita’s coolness on           York has a standing ad         see all of our children
politically incorrect in all
                                Spider-Man and Miller’s        offering $3,000,000 for a      sitting on the sofa reading
his methods, Wayne still
                                perspective on Daredevil I     copy of Action Comics #1.      Comic Books every eve-
begins to turn the tide.
                                never tire of looking at                                      ning. While the call of the
Like roaches running from                                               Whoa.
                                these things. The incredi-                                    video game is strong
the light, the criminal and
                                ble depth of the cover ink,               But you don’t       back here in civilization
the guilty retreat into the
                                particularly on pre 1970       have to go broke to play.      and they seek out books
shadows, then gamble
                                books is, to me, stunning.     Wanna buy a book from          rarely, they at least have
high to eliminate the Bat-
                                Even the stupid little ads     your youth? An Iron Fist       strong reading skills, even
man threat. Ultimately,
                                for “Sea Monkeys”, X-Ray       #1 (1975) in mid condition     an above average vo-
the corruption ran so high
                                Glasses”       and    “…98     will cost twenty bones.        cabulary.
that Wayne had to com-
bat Superman; whose             pound weaklings” just add      That issue of Amazing                    So we have Pop
moral ethics had made           to the enjoyment. De-          Spider-Man #33 (1966) I        Culture art, entertain-
him a political puppet.         lightful little pieces of      mentioned earlier will set     ment, investing potential,
Against the awesome             America past.                  you back $700 in primo         and educational aspects
might of the Kryptonian, it               Comic     Books      condition, but only $30 if     all in one package, and all
would seem Batman to-           are a bit more than 12         you don’t mind a bit of        that is required to play is
tally outmatched, but with      cents these days and as I      wear and tear. A non-          the cover price.
a brilliant mind and mil-       mentioned earlier older        certified, mid grade Teen-
lions of dollars at his dis-                                   age Mutant Ninja Turtles                As for that Iron
                                books can fetch some
posal, Bruce Wayne has                                         #2 (1984) will set ya back     Man #8 my mom bought
                                respectable          dollar
a plan. The ending unex-                                       $30, with subsequent           me back in 1969? It’s
                                amounts. Would it sur-
pected and still talked                                        issues costing much less.      worth about fifty bucks,
                                prise you to know that
about 20 years later.                                          You’d be hard pressed to       but I wouldn’t sell it for a
                                Sotheby’s, Christie’s and
                                                               spend more than $3 for         million.
          Decades       ago     all the auction houses sell
                                                               an X-Men comic pub-
                                                                       Your business tag line here.

                                      Preserving Our Architectural and Cultural History

                                                                                      Your Address Line 2
                                                                                      Primary Business Address

Golf 2009 continued
       I would like to acknowledge Lou Magic and Norma Jean                New Members are
Moore from the Maxium Company and Bill Furtaw for their                    always welcome.
continued hard work and dedication. I also wish to thank the
following Historical Society of Marine City members Kim                    To join, or get on our
Turner, Heather and Bill Bokram, Maggie and Dan Micoff,                    email list, contact us:
Chris Kadey, Georgia Phelan, Sherrill Zimmer Scott Tisdale
and Marilynn Grigich.                                                      By phone at
      I also wish to acknowledge the generosity of our two                 (810) 765 3567, or
major sponsors of this year’s Golf Classic John Perini of the              By email at
Maxium Company and Donna Sears from Citizens First

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