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Standardized Testing Teaching Tips

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Here are standardized testing tips for both parents and children. Several
tips may be implemented before the test, while several may be implemented
during the test.

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Standardized tests can be very stressful for children. Here, therefore,
are some tips for parents and children that may help.

Before the Test...for Parents and Children

1. Have children study every night during the year so they will
understand the material as their teacher is presenting it. Clear up any
confusion as they go. This will make them confident in their knowledge
and lead to a review for the test rather than to learning new

2. The night before the test, do something that is fun to help keep them
calm. All their heavy studying should be complete by then!

3. Of course, they should get a good night's sleep, eat a healthy
breakfast, and leave for school with a positive attitude and confidence
in themselves. Parents, that's where you can help immensely! Wish your
children luck, give them a high five, let them know you believe in
them...whatever it takes to lessen the pressure.

4. Pupils should ask their teacher if guessing will hurt their score.
Sometimes, students are penalized for guessing.

5. Both children and parents, remember... no one is expected to make
100%! All that children can do is their best. Encourage them to do so.

During the Test...for Children

1. Read to understand each question carefully. Then read ALL the choices
you are given.

2. Monitor your time. If you get stuck on a question, do not spend too
much time on it. Concentrate on answering the questions you know for sure
and then go back to the others if there is more time. REMEMBER: If you do
this, put your answer in the right space on the bubble sheet! You should
already know if guessing will hurt you.
3. If you get nervous, shut your eyes, take a deep breath, and let it out

I hope these suggestions are useful. GOOD LUCK!!