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                                         Adult Media

Audiobooks—Always popular with commuters, try one for long car trips or while doing
routine quiet tasks around the house, “CD BOOK” indicates a recording on CD, while “MP3 CD
BOOK” is a recording in the denser MP3 format playable in computers and many newer CD

Non-Fiction Audiobooks—arranged according to Dewey Decimal Number. Biographies are
arranged alphabetically by the name of the subject of the book.

CD BOOK 158.1 VITALE                2008
The missing secret [sound recording] / Joe Vitale.

MP3 CD BOOK 158.1082 ANDERSON                   2006
A weekend to change your life [sound recording] : find your authentic self
after a lifetime of being all things to all people / Joan Anderson.

CDBOOK 204.4 TOLLE                  2005
A new earth [sound recording] : awakening to your life's purpose /
Eckhart Tolle.

CD BOOK 248.4 OSTEEN                 2008
Good, better, blessed [sound recording] : living with purpose, power and
passion / Joel Osteen.

CD BOOK 332 KIYOSAKI                  2009
The real book of real estate [sound recording] : real experts, real
stories, real life / Robert Kiyosaki.

CD BOOK 398.082 ESTES               2001
Women who run with the wolves [sound recording] : [myths and stories
about the wild woman archetype] / Clarissa Pinkola Estâes.

CD BOOK 650.1 JOHNSON                   2009
Peaks and valleys [sound recording] : making good and bad times work
for you--at work and in life / Spencer Johnson.
CD BOOK 814.54 SEDARIS               2008
When you are engulfed in flames [sound recording] / David Sedaris.

CD BOOK B BARKER, BOB               2009
Priceless memories [sound recording] / Bob Barker [with Digby Diehl].

CD BOOK B EDWARDS, ELIZABETH                2009
Resilience [sound recording] : reflections on the burdens and gifts of
facing life's adversities / Elizabeth Edwards.

CD BOOK B FOX, MICHAEL               2009
Always looking up [sound recording] / Michael J. Fox.

Happens every day [sound recording] : [an all-too-true story] / Isabel

CD BOOK B KING, LARRY              2009
My remarkable journey [sound recording] / Larry King.

Fiction Audiobooks—arranged alphabetically by the name of the author.

CD BOOK BALDACCI                     2009
First family [sound recording] / David Baldacci.

CD BOOK BALOGH                    2009
Seducing an angel [sound recording] / Mary Balogh.

CD BOOK BINCHY                     2008
Heart and soul [sound recording] / Maeve Binchy.

CD BOOK CHILD                   2009
Gone tomorrow [sound recording] : [a Reacher novel] / Lee Child.

CD BOOK CLARK                     2009
Cursed [sound recording] / Carol Higgins Clark.

CD BOOK CONNELLY                     1993
The black ice [sound recording] / Michael Connelly.

CD BOOK CONNELLY                   2009
The scarecrow [sound recording] / Michael Connelly.
CD BOOK CONNOLLY                     2009
The lovers [sound recording] / John Connolly.

CD BOOK CUSSLER                     2009
Corsair [sound recording] / by Clive Cussler with Jack Du Brul.

CD BOOK CUSSLER                   2009
Medusa [sound recording] / Clive Cussler and Paul Kemprecos.

CD BOOK GRIPPANDO                      2009
Intent to kill [sound recording] / James Grippando.

CD BOOK GRISHAM                     2009
The associate [sound recording] / John Grisham.

CD BOOK KELLERMAN                     2009
True detectives [sound recording] / Jonathan Kellerman.

CD BOOK KOONTZ                      2009
Relentless [sound recording] : a novel / Dean Koontz.

CD BOOK LEONARD                   2009
Road dogs [sound recording] / Elmore Leonard.

CD BOOK MACOMBER                   2009
Summer on Blossom Street [sound recording] / Debbie Macomber.

CD BOOK MARGOLIN                      2009
Fugitive [sound recording] : a novel / Phillip Margolin.

CD BOOK MARTIN                     2009
How to sell [sound recording] / Clancy Martin.

CD BOOK MICHAELS                    2009
Under the radar [sound recording] / Fern Michaels.

CD BOOK PATTERSON                   2009
The 8th confession [sound recording] / James Patterson [and Maxine

CD BOOK PATTERSON                     2009
Run for your life [sound recording] / James Patterson [& Michael

CD BOOK PELECANOS                 2009
The way home (CD) [sound recording] / George Pelecanos.

CD BOOK PICOULT                     2008
Harvesting the heart : a novel [sound recording] / Jodi Picoult.

CD BOOK PRESTON                   2009
Cemetery dance [sound recording] / Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child.

CD BOOK ROBB                     2009
Promises in death [sound recording] / J.D. Robb.

CD BOOK SANDFORD                    2009
Wicked prey [sound recording] / John Sandford.

CD BOOK SCHLINK                    1999
The reader [sound recording] / by Bernhard Schlink ; [translated from the
German by Carol Brown Janeway].

CD BOOK SCOTTOLINE                   2009
Look again [sound recording] / Lisa Scottoline.

CD BOOK SEE                      2009
Shanghai girls : [sound recording] a novel / Lisa See.

CD BOOK SMITH                     2009
Assegai (CD) [sound recording] / Wilbur Smith.

CD BOOK STEEL                     2009
Matters of the heart [sound recording] / Danielle Steel.

CD BOOK WINSPEAR                  2009
Among the mad [sound recording] : a Maisie Dobbs novel / Jacqueline

CD BOOK WOODS                       2009
Loitering with intent [sound recording] / Stuart Woods.

CD BOOK YOUNG                      2008
The shack [sound recording] / William P. Young.
MP3 CD BOOK BALOGH                   2009
Seducing an angel [sound recording] / Mary Balogh.

MP3 CD BOOK DEUTERMANN                   2009
Nightwalkers [sound recording] : [a novel] / P.T. Deutermann.

MP3 CD BOOK HUSTON                   2009
Marine One [sound recording] / by James W. Huston.

MP3 CD BOOK NIVEN                    2009
Juggler of worlds [ sound recording] / by Larry Niven and Edward M.

MP3 CD BOOK STEEL                   2009
Matters of the heart [sound recording] / Danielle Steel.

Music on Compact Disc

CDISC4 AMOS                      2009
Abnormally attracted to sin [sound recording] / Tori Amos.

CDISC4 BEACH BOYS                2009
Summer love songs [sound recording] / The Beach Boys.

CDISC4 BOTTI                    2009
In Boston [sound recording] / Chris Botti.

Epiphany [sound recording] / Chrisette Michele.

CDISC4 CLAPTON DISC 1              2009
Live from Madison Square Garden [sound recording] / Eric Clapton and
Steve Winwood.

CDISC4 DYLAN                     2009
Together through life [sound recording] / Bob Dylan.

CDISC4 EMINEM                    2009
Relaps3 [sound recording] / Eminem.

CDISC4 FARYL                     2009
Faryl [sound recording].
CDISC4 GARDOT                      2009
My one and only thrill [sound recording] / Melody Gardot.

CDISC4 GREEN DAY                 2009
21st century breakdown [sound recording] / Green Day.

CDISC4 HARPER                      2009
White lies for dark times [sound recording] / Ben Harper & Relentless7.

CDISC4 ISLAM                    2009
Roadsinger [sound recording] / Yusuf.

CDISC4 ITALIA                      2009
Italia [sound recording].

CDISC4 JONES                     2009
Potato hole [sound recording] / Booker T.

CDISC4 KEARNEY                     2009
City of black & white [sound recording] / Mat Kearney

CDISC4 KRALL                     2009
Quiet nights [sound recording] / Diana Krall.

CDISC4 MARLEY & ME                  2008
Marley & me [sound recordings] : original motion picture soundtrack /
music by Theodore Shapiro.

CDISC4 POTTS                     2009
Passione [sound recording] / Paul Potts.

CDISC4 RICHIE                    2009
Just go [sound recording] / Lionel Richie.

CDISC4 YANNI DISC 1                    2009
Yanni voices [sound recording].

Non-Fiction Videos—arranged according to Dewey Decimal Number.

DVD 158.1 TURNING                      2009
Turning setbacks into comebacks with Willie Jolley [videorecording].

DVD 612.8 BRAIN                     2008
Brain fitness2 [videorecording] : sight & sound / Santa Fe Productions ;
directed and edited by Eli Brown ; written and produced by Lennlee Keep.

DVD 613 YOU                      2008
You: being beautiful workout [videorecording] / Production by No Frames
;producer, Joel Harper.

Survivorman. Season two [videorecording] / featuring Les Stroud.

DVD 613.7 DESK                    2005
Desk sets [videorecording] : 5 minute desk workouts.

DVD 613.71 YOU                     2006
You on a diet workout [videorecording] : 3 exercise levels on one DVD / ; directed by Erin Judd, Mikko Timonen ; Michael F. Roizen,
Mehmet C. Oz.

DVD 613.71 YOU                   2007
You staying young workout [videorecording] : with Joel Harper / Michael
Roizen, Mehmet Oz and Joel Harper.

DVD 613.715 BOOTY                         2009
Booty bounce [videorecording].

DVD 616.92 UNDER                     2008
Under our skin [videorecording] : a film by Andy Abrahams Wilson.

DVD 636.7 VERY                    2008
The very best of dog whisperer [videorecording] / MPH Entertainment ;
produced by Sheila Possner Emery, Kay Bachman Sumner.

DVD 791.45 DIRTY DISC 1                 2009
Dirty jobs with Mike Rowe. Collection 4 [videorecording] / produced by
Pilgrim Films and Television, Inc. for Discovery Channel.

Entertainment Videos—arranged alphabetically by title.

DVD AUSTRALIA                          2009
Australia [videorecording] / Twentieth Century Fox presents a Bazmark
production, a Baz Luhrmann film ; produced by G. Mac Brown, Catherine
Knapman, Baz Luhrmann ; story by Baz Luhrmann ; screenplay by Baz
Luhrmann... [et al.] ; directed by Baz Luhrmann.

DVD BEDTIME                      2009
Bedtime stories [videorecording] / Walt Disney Pictures presents a Happy
Madison/Gunn Films/Offspring production, a film by Adam Shankman ;
produced by Andrew Gunn, Adam Sandler, Jack Giarraputo ; story by Matt
Lopez ; screenplay by Matt Lopez and Tim Herlihy ; directed by Adam

DVD BRIDGET                       2004
Bridget Jones's diary [videorecording] / Miramax Films, Universal
Pictures, Studio Canal present a Working Title production ; producers,
Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Jonathan Cavendish ; screenplay by Helen
Fielding, Andrew Davies, Richard Curtis ; directed by Sharon Maguire.

DVD BROWN                          2002
Brown sugar [videorecording] / Fox Searchlight Pictures presents a Heller
Highwater, Magic Johnson Entertainment production, a Rick Famuyiwa
film ;producer, Peter Heller ; screenplay writer, Michael Elliot, Rich
Famuyiwa; director, Rick Famuyiwa.

DVD COMPANY DISC 1                   2007
The company [videorecording] / TNT presents a Scott Free/John Calley
production in association with Sony Pictures Television ; produced by
Robert Bernacchi ; teleplay by Ken Nolan ; directed by Mikael Salomon.

DVD CSI DISC 1                    2008
CSI: crime scene investigation. The eighth season [videorecording] / CBS
Productions ; Jerry Bruckheimer Television.

DVD CURIOUS                       2009
The curious case of Benjamin Button [videorecording] / Paramount
Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures present a Kennedy/Marshall
production, a David Fincher film ; produced by Kathleen Kennedy, Frank
Marshall, Cean Chaffin; screen story by Eric Roth and Robin Swicord ;
screenplay by Eric Roth ; directed by David Fincher.

DVD DAREDEVIL                     2004
Daredevil [videorecording] / Twentieth Century Fox and Regency
Enterprises present in association with Marvel Enterprises, Inc. a New
Regency/Horseshoe Bay production ; producers, Arnon Milchan, Gary
Foster, Avi Arad ; screenplay writer, Mark Steven Johnson ; director, Mark
Steven Johnson.

DVD DEER DISC 1                        2005
The deer hunter [videorecording] / producers, Michael Cimino ... [et al.]
; story, Michael Cimino ... [et al.] ; screenplay, Deric Washburn ;
directed by Michael Cimino.

DVD DEFIANCE                      2009
Defiance [videorecording] / Paramount Vantage presents a Grosvenor
Park/Bedford Falls production, an Edward Zwick film ; produced by
Edward Zwick, Pieter Jan Brugge ; screenplay by Clayton Frohman &
Edward Zwick ; directed by Edward Zwick.

DVD ELEGY                      2009
Elegy [videorecording] / Lakeshore Entertainment presents a Lakeshore
Entertainment production ; produced by Andre Lamal, Gary Lucchesi, Tom
Rosenberg ; screenplay by Nicholas Meyer ; directed by Isabel Coixet.

DVD FAST                           2009
The fast and the furious. Tokyo drift [videorecording] / Universal
Pictures ; Original Film ; Relativity Media ; produced by Ryan Kavanaugh,
Neal H. Moritz ; written by Chris Morgan ; directed by Justin Lin.

DVD FIREFLY DISC 1                  2003
Firefly. The complete series [videorecording] / produced by Mutant
Enemy Inc. in association with Twentieth Century Fox Television ; created
by Joss Whedon ; producers, Gareth Davies, Ben Edlund.

DVD FLIGHT DISC 1                 2007
Flight of the Conchords. The complete first season [videorecording] /
HBO Entertainment ; created by James Bobin & Jemaine Clement & Bret

DVD FROST                        2009
Frost/Nixon [videorecording] / Universal Pictures, Imagine Entertainment,
Working Title Films present in association with StudioCanal and Relativity
Media, a Brian Orazer/Working Title production, a Ron Howard film ;
produced by Brian Grazer ... [et al.] ; screenplay by Peter Morgan ;
directed by Ron Howard.

DVD HE'S                        2009
He's just not that into you [videorecording] / New Line Cinema presents a
Flower Films production, a Ken Kwapis film ; produced by Nancy Juvonen
;written by Abby Kohn & Marc Silverstein ; directed by Ken Kwapis.

DVD JOHN DISC 1                   2008
John Adams [videorecording] / HBO Films presents a Playtone production
;produced by David Coatsworth, Steven Shareshian ; written by Kirk Ellis
and Michelle Ashford ; directed by Tom Hooper.

DVD JONATHAN DISC 1                 2009
Jonathan Creek. Season 3 [videorecording] / British Broadcasting
Corporation ; produced by Verity Lambert ; directed by Keith Washington
and Richard Holthouse.

DVD LABYRINTH                      1999
Labyrinth [videorecording] / The Jim Henson Company LucasFilm Ltd.
Present a Jim Henson film ; produced by Eric Rattray ; story by Dennis Lee
and Jim Henson ; screenplay by Terry Jones ; directed by Jim Henson.

DVD LAST DISC 1                    2009
Last chance Harvey [videorecording] / Overture Films presents a Process
production, a Joel Hopkins film ; produced by Tim Perell, Nicola Usborne ;
written and directed by Joel Hopkins.

DVD LOVELY                      2003
Lovely and amazing [videorecording] / A Lions Gate Films release ; Blow
Up Pictures presents a Good Machine production in association with
Roadside Attractions ; produced by Anthony Bregman, Eric D'Arbeloff,
Ted Hope ;written and directed by Nicole Holofcener.

DVD MATRIX DISC 1                   2004
The matrix revolutions [videorecording] / Warner Bros. ; Village
Roadshow Pictures ; NPV Entertainment ; Silver Pictures ; producer, Joel
Silver ;written by the Wachowski Brothers ; directed by the Wachowski

DVD MATRIX DISC 1                  2003
Matrix reloaded [videorecording] / NPV Entertainment ; Silver Pictures ;
Village Roadshow Pictures ; Warner Bros. ; producer, Joel Silver ;
writers, The Wachowski Brothers ; directors, Andy Wachowski, Larry

DVD MATRIX                        2007
The Matrix [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures ; Village Roadshow
Pictures ; written and directed by the Wachowski Brothers ; produced by
Joel Silver.

DVD MIDSOMER (COUNTRY) DISC 1               2009
Midsomer murders. Set twelve [videorecording] / a Bentley Production ;
All 3 Media International ; produced by Brian True-May.

DVD MILK                        2009
Milk [videorecording] / Focus Features presents in association with Axon
Films, a Groundswell production, a Jinks/Cohen Company production, a
Gus Van Sant film ; produced by Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen ; written by
Dustin Lance Black ; directed by Gus Van Sant.

DVD MUCH                        2003
Much ado about nothing [videorecording] / Samuel Goldwyn Company, a
Renaissance Films production ; adapated for the screen by Kenneth
Branagh; produced by Stephen Evans, David Parfitt, and Kenneth Branagh
; directed by Kenneth Branagh.

DVD NEW                        2009
New in town [videorecording] / Lionsgate and Gold Circle Films present
an Epidemic Pictures and Edmonds Entertainment film, a Safran Company
production ; produced by Paul Brooks, Darryl Taja, Tracey Edmonds, Peter
Safran ; written by Kenneth Rance and C. Jay Cox ; directed by Jonas

DVD NOTHING                        2009
Nothing but the truth [videorecording] / Yari Film Group presents a
Battleplan production, a Rod Lurie film ; produced by Marc Frydman &
Rod Lurie, Bob Yari ; written and directed by Rod Lurie.

DVD ORPHANAGE                       2008
El orfanato [videorecording] = The orphanage / Guillermo del Toro
presenta ; una produccion de Rodar y Rodar ; y Telecinco Cinema ; con la
colaboracion de Warner Bros. Pictures de Espaäna ; producida por Alvaro
Augustin, Joaquin Padro, Mar Targarona ; una pelicula de J.A. Bayona ;
guion, Sergio G. Sanchez.

DVD OTHER                        2009
The other end of the line [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Pictures and Hyde Park Entertainment ; directed by James Dodson ;
produced by Ashok Amritraj ; written by Tracey Jackson.

DVD PAINTED                        2009
Painted lady [videorecording] / ITV Productions Limited ; a production of
Granada Television in association with WGBH/Boston ; produced by Emma
Burge ; written by Allan Cubitt ; directed by Julian Jarrold.

DVD PAUL                         2009
Paul Blart [videorecording] : mall cop / Columbia Pictures [and] Happy
Madison Productions in association with Relativity Media ; produced by
Doug Belgrad, Todd Garner, Kevin James, Adam Sandler, Jeff Sussman,
Matthew Tolmach ; written by Kevin James & Nick Bakay ; directed by
Steve Carr.

DVD PERFECT                      2002
A perfect world [videorecording] / Warner Bros. presents a Malpaso
production ; written by John Lee Hancock ; produced by Mark Johnson
and David Valdes ; directed by Clint Eastwood.

DVD PERSONAL                       2009
Personal effects [videorecording] / a Screen Media Films release, Insight
Film Studios presents a Tadora KG production in association with Three
Rivers Entertainment, Gil Netter productions and Picture Park Productions,
LLC, a film by David Hollander ; produced by Gil Netter, Kirk Shaw, David
Hollander ; written for the screen and directed by David Hollander.

DVD READER                       2009
The reader [videorecording] / The Weinstein Company presents ; a Mirage
Enterprises production ; a Neunte Babelsberg Film GmBH production ;
directed by Stephen Daldry ; screenplay by David Hare ; produced by
Anthony Minghella, Sydney Pollack, Donna Gigliotti, Redmond Morris.

DVD RECOUNT                       2008
Recount [videorecording] : the story of the 2000 presidential election /
HBO Films presents a Spring Creek/Mirage production ; in association
with Trigger Street Productions and Everyman Pictures ; produced by
Michael Hausman ; written by Danny Strong ; directed by Jay Roach.
DVD SACKETTS DISC 1                    2006
Louis L'Amour's The Sacketts. The complete miniseries on two discs
[videorecording] / a Douglas Netter/M.B. Scott production in association
with Shalako Enterprises, Inc. ; produced by Jim Byrnes, Douglas Netter ;
written for television by Jim Byrnes ; directed by Robert Totten.

DVD SAVING                       1999
Saving Private Ryan [videorecording] / DreamWorks Pictures and
Paramount Pictures present an Amblin Entertainment production in
association with Mutual Film Company ; produced by Steven Spielberg,
Ian Royce, Mark Gordon, Gary Levinson ; written by Robert Rodat ;
directed by Steven Spielberg.

DVD SCULPTRESS                     2006
The sculptress [videorecording] / Red Rooster Film and Television
Entertainment for the BBC ; WGBH Educational Foundation ; adapted by
Reg Gadney ; producers, Julia Ouston, Linda James ; director, Stuart

DVD STAR DISC 1                       2008
Star trek. Alternate realities collective [videorecording].

DVD TRUE DISC 1                   2009
True blood. The complete first season [videorecording] / HBO presents ;
produced by Alexander Woo ; produced by Carol Dunn Trussell.

DVD TWENTY-FOUR DISC 1                2009
24. Season 7 [videorecording] / producer, Paul Gadd ; directors, Brad
Turner and Tony Todd.

DVD UNDERWORLD                        2009
Underworld. Rise of the Lycans [videorecording] / Sketch Films in
association with Intelligent Creatures, Lakeshore Entertainment, Screen
Gems ; produced by Tom Rosenberg ... [et al.] ; story by Len Wiseman &
Robert Orr and Danny McBride ; screenplay by Danny McBride and Dirk
Blackman & Howard McCain ; directed by Patrick Tatopoulos.

DVD VALKYRIE                    2009
Valkyrie [videorecording] / MGM Pictures and United Artists present ;
produced by Bryan Singer, Christopher McQuarrie, Gilbert Adler ; written
by Christopher McQuarrie & Nathan Alexander ; directed by Bryan Singer.
DVD WATCHMEN                       2009
Watchmen. Tales of the Black Freighter [videorecording] / Warner
Premiere and Paramount Pictures presents in association with Legendary

DVD WENDY                        2009
Wendy and Lucy [videorecording] / Oscilloscope Laboratories presents a
Filmscience and Glass Eye Pix production ; produced by Neil Kopp, Anish
Savjani, Larry Fessenden ; screenplay by Jon Raymond and Kelly Reichardt
from the story by Jon Raymond ; directed and edited by Kelly Reichardt.

DVD X-MEN DISC 1                    2008
The last stand [videorecording] / Twentieth Century Fox presents in
association with Marvel Entertainment a Donners' Company production, a
Brett Ratner film ; produced by Lauren Shuler Donner, Ralph Winter, Avi
Arad ; written by Simon Kinberg & Zak Penn ; directed by Brett Ratner.

DVD X-MEN                         2006
X-Men. The last stand [videorecording] / Twentieth Century Fox presents
in association with Marvel Entertainment, a Donners' Company
production, a Brett Ratner film ; produced by Avi Arad, Lauren Shuler
Donner, Ralph Winter ; written by Simon Kinberg & Zak Penn ; directed by
Brett Ratner.

DVD X-MEN                      2008
X-Men [videorecording] / Twentieth Century Fox presents ; in association
with Marvel Entertainment Group ; The Donners' Company/Bad Hat Harry
production ; story by Tom DeSanto & Bryan Singer ; screenplay by David
Hayter ; produced by Lauren Shuler Donner, Ralph Winter ; directed by
Bryan Singer.

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