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GMA Address List by maclaren1


									Name                              Greeting
Vice President Dick Cheney        Vice President Dick Cheney
U.S. Department of the Interior   U.S. Department of the Interior
Senator John Glenn                Senator John Glenn
Rev. Jerry Falwell                Rev. Jerry Falwell
President William J. Clinton      President William J. Clinton
President Ronald Reagan           President Ronald Reagan
President Jimmy Carter            President Jimmy Carter
President George W. Bush          President George W. Bush
National Rifle Association        National Rifle Association
National Commander                National Commander
National Commander                National Commander
Mr. Rush Limbaugh                 Mr. Rush Limbaugh
Mr. Philip M. Condit              Mr. Philip M. Condit
Mr. Pat Buchanan                  Mr. Pat Buchanan
Mr. J. Dennis Hastert             Mr. J. Dennis Hastert
Mr. Bud Selig                     Mr. Bud Selig
Mr. Bob Dole                      Mr. Bob Dole
Mr. Bill Gates                    Mr. Bill Gates
Hon. Tom Ridge                    Hon. Tom Ridge
Hon. Tom DeLay                    Hon. Tom DeLay
Hon. Thomas A. Daschle            Hon. Thomas A. Daschle
Hon. Rod Paige                    Hon. Rod Paige
Hon. John W. Snow                 Hon. John W. Snow
Hon. John Ashcroft                Hon. John Ashcroft
Hon. James B. Cunningham          Hon. James B. Cunningham
Hon. Elaine Chao                  Hon. Elaine Chao
Hon. Donald Rumsfeld              Hon. Donald Rumsfeld
Hon. Colin Powell                 Hon. Colin Powell
Hon. Bill Frist, M.D.             Hon. Bill Frist, M.D.
Governor Bob Holden               Governor Bob Holden
Dr. Robert Schuller               Dr. Robert Schuller
Director                          Director
Commander/Leader                  Commander/Leader
Commander, Blue Angels            Commander, Blue Angels
Chief of Naval Operations         Chief of Naval Operations
Senator Jim Talent                Senator Jim Talent
Senator Kit Bond                  Senator Kid Bond
Senator Matt Bartle               Senator Matt Bartle
Representative Brian Yates        Representative Brian Yates
U.S. Rep. Karen McCarthy          U.S. Rep. Karen McCarthy
Mayor Karen R. Messerli           Mayor Karen R. Messerli
Councilman Joseph Spallo   Councilman Joseph Spallo
Councilman Ed Cockrell     Councilman Ed Cockrell
Title                          Address1                    Address2
                                                           Old Executive Office Building
Fish and Wildlife Service                                  Rt 1 Ctr
                                National Conservation Training Box 166
Ohio State University           400 Stillman Hall          1947 College Road
Chancellor                                                 Liberty University
                                                           55 West 125th Street
Ronald Reagan Presidential Library                         40 Presidential Drive
Carter Presidential Center                                 One Copenhill Ave. N.E.
The White House Greetings OfficeRoom 39                    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Safety and Education Division ATTENTION: MIKE ALLEN        11250 Waples Mill Road
Civil Air Patrol Headquarters   Building 714               105 South Hansell St
American Legion                                            PO Box 1055
Station WABC                                               2 Penn Plazza, 17th Floor
Chief Executive Officer         The Boeing Company         100 N Riverside MC 5003-6010
The American Cause                                         115 Rowell Court
                                House of Representatives 2263 Rayburn House Office Building
Speaker, House of Representatives
Commissioner of Baseball        777 E Wisconsin Ave        Suite 3060
c/o Verner, Liipfert, Bernhard, McPherson and Hand         901 15th St. N.W., Suite 410
Microsoft Corporation                                      1 Microsoft Way
                                                           Secretary of Homeland Security
House Majority Leader           House of Respresentatives 242 Cannon House Office Building
Senate Minority Leader          United States Senate       509 Hart Senate Office Building
Secretary of Education                                     400 Maryland Ave SW
Secretary of the Treasury       Room # 4404                1500 Pennsylvania Ave
Attorney General                Department of Justice      950 Pennsylvania Ave NW
United States Ambassador                                   Nations
                                U.S. Mission to the United 799 United Nations Plaza
Secretary of Labor                                         200 Constitution Avenue NW
Secretary of Defense                                       The Pentagon
Secretary of State                                         2201 C St NW
Senate Majority Leader          United States Senate       416 Russell Senate Office Building
State Capitol, Room 216                                    PO Box 720
The Crystal Cathedral                                      12141 Lewis St.
Sons of the American Revolution                            1000 South Fourth Street
USAF Thunderbirds               Office of Public Affairs 4445 Tyndell Ave
Flight Demonstration Squadron Attn: Public Affairs Office Naval Air Station Pensacola
Room 4E674                                                 The Pentagon
United States Senate            517 Hart Senate            Office Building
                                                           911 Main St., Suite 2224
District 8                      State Capitol Building     Room 434
District 56                     201 West Capital Ave       Room 206B
                                301 West Lexington         Room 217
                                                           City Hall P.O. Box 1600
5502 NE Oaks Ridge Circle
4000 Cimarron
City, State, Zip
Washington DC 20501-0011
Shepherdstown WV 25443
Columbus OH 43210
Lynchburg VA 24514
New York NY 10027-4516
Simi Valley CA 93065
Atlanta GA 30307-1498
Washington DC 20500-0039
Fairfax VA 22030
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6332
Indianapolis IN 46206
New York NY 10121-0085
Chicago IL 60606-1596
Falls Church VA 22046
Washington DC 20515-6501
Milwaukee WI 53202
Washington DC 20005
Redmond WA 98052-6399
Washington DC 20500
Washington DC 20515-4322
Washington DC 20510-3004
Washington DC 20202-0498
Washington DC 20220-0002
Washington DC 20530
New York NY 10017-3589
Washington DC 20210-0002
Washington DC 20301-1400
Washington DC 20520-0002
Washington DC 20510
Jefferson City MO 65102-0720
Garden Grove CA 92840
Louisville KY 40203
Nellis AFB, NV 89191-6079
Pensacola FL 32508-7801
Washington DC 20350
Washington DC 20510
Kansas City, MO 64105
Jefferson City, Missouri 65101
Jefferson City, Missouri 65101
Independence, MO 64050
Lee’s Summit, MO 64063
Lee's Summit, MO 64064
Lee’s Summit, MO 64064

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