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Spirit hiring proceeds


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Spirit hiring proceeds
David Anderson
February 10, 2009 - 11:13PM

Spirit AeroSystems' local hiring process is proceeding slowly but steadily, a company
spokesman said Tuesday.

Ken Evans estimated Spirit has hired about 20 people, including executives transferred from
its Wichita, Kan., headquarters, for the company's Kinston operation.

Construction workers are building a massive factory at the Global TransPark -
groundbreaking took place last September - where about 1,000 employees will create
structural components of Airbus' new A350 XWB aircraft.

Company officials expect production to begin in the spring of 2010.

"We're still very early on in this process," Evans explained. "(We're) still focusing on
development of the program itself for the A350, and of course making the site ready, building
the facility."

In addition to the executive team, Spirit has hired a local human resources manager and is
beginning to hire engineers and support staff. Company representatives also visited a job fair
held last week at N.C. State University.

Evans said the current priority is to hire engineers who will work in Wichita and transfer to
Kinston once the facility is complete. Those engineers are needed for "the development and
design phase" of the A350.

Most workers directly involved in building the fuselage and wing components for the aircraft
in Kinston will be hired and trained in early 2010 before production begins.

"We continue to work with local North Carolina partners and resources to develop our
recruiting plan and employment initiatives," Evans said.

Lenoir County Economic Development director Mark Pope said his office and the N.C.
Department of Commerce were monitoring Spirit's local hiring as a condition of the
performance-based incentive grants they gave the company.

"We're fortunate in having a company like Spirit that is building a 500,000 square foot facility
and moving forward with their project," Pope said. "It just takes time to get a company like
that up."

David Anderson can be reached at (252) 559-1077 or                                2/12/2009
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Spirit AeroSystems announced a steep drop in profits for 2008 as a lengthy strike at Boeing,
its largest customer, forced the company to cut back its output. Spirit officials announced a
net income of $20 million for the fourth quarter of 2008, compared with a net income of $76
million for the same period in 2007. It was a 74 percent drop. The firm ended 2008 with a
$265 million net income, 11 percent lower than the previous year's $297 million.

Spirit is advertising the current positions for its Kinston operation:

- Structural analysis engineer

- Structural analysis engineer, management

- Non-destructive tester

For information on these positions and others, visit Applicants can also
sign up for e-mail alerts when new jobs are posted.                              2/12/2009

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