Downtown Master Plan Study

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					                                                                                                         September 2005

Contents                                                      Background
                                                              Introduction                                    10
                                                              Overview                                        11
                                                              Community Process                               12
                                                              Existing Conditions                             13
                                                              Existing Market Conditions                      14
                                                              Existing Transit and Bike Facilities            15
                                                              Historic Resources                              16
                                                              Existing Plans, Policies and Regulations        17
                                                              Opportunities and Constraints                   18
                                                              Land Use Framework
                                                              Overview                                        19
                                                              Land Use Framework                              20
                                                              Retail Framework                                21
                                                              Retail Core                                     22
                                                              Dining/Entertainment                            26
                                                              Marketplace Retail                              27
                                                              Essential Retail Development Standards          28
                                                              Housing Framework                               31
                                                              Employment Framework                            35
                                                              Downtown/Antelope Valley Framework              37
                                                              Convention, Arena and Conf. Center Framework    38
                                                              Education/UNL Framework                         40
                                                              Arts and Cultural Framework                     41
                                                              Parking Framework                               42
                         Lincoln Downtown Capacity Plan       Transportation Framework
                                                              Overview                                        43
                                                              Key Elements                                    44
                                                              Automobile and Truck Framework                  46
                                                              New Two-way Traffic Streets                     47
                                                              Back-in Angled Parking Streets                  49
                                                              Boulevard Roadway Improvements                  50
                                                              New Circulation Opportunities                   57
                                                              Transit Services Framework                      61
                                                              Downtown Bus Shuttle System                     62
                                                              Multi-Modal Center                              63
                                                              Streetcar System                                65
                                                              Bicycle Framework                               67
                                                              Public Realm Framework
                                                              Overview                                        68
                                                              Civic Square                                    70
                                                              Primary Retail Streetscape                      74
                                                              Secondary Retail Streetscapes                   80
                                                              Festival/Event Spaces                           88
                                                              Parks and Open Space                            91
                                                              Arts and Cultural                               96
                                                              Promenade                                       99
                                                              Pedestrian Emphasis Streetscapes               109
                                                              Implementation Program
                                                              Overview                                       111
                             Lincoln Downtown Land Use Plan   Downtown Potential                             112
                                                              Catalyst Projects                              113
Executive Summary
                                                              A. Civic Square                                115
Why this Plan was Prepared                        1           B. Parking/Mixed Use                           116
Public Process                                    2           C. Civic Square Office                         117
Master Plan Development                           3           D. P Street Infill Development                 118
Guiding Principles                                4           E. Arbor Day Foundation Building               119
The Fundamental Concept                           5           F. K Street Power Station Complex              120
Capacity Diagram                                  6           G. West Haymarket                              121
Land Use Framework                                7           Responsibilities                               122
Transportation Framework                          8
Public Realm Framework                            9           Policies, Regulations and Guidelines           123
                                                              Possible Funding Sources                       124
                                          September 2005

Downtown Action Team
Jon Weinberg, DAT Co-Chair/Ameritas
Cecil Steward, DAT Co-Chair
Jon Camp, Lincoln City Council
Jim Fram/Jason Smith, Lincoln Chamber of Commerce
Lynnie Green, Embassy Suites
Matt Harris, Arbor Day Foundation
Deb Johnson, Updowntowners, Inc.
Jessica Kennedy, Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery
Dan Massoth, Buzzard Billy’s
Lori McClurg, State of Nebraska
Annette McRoy, Lincoln City Council Member
Sachit Nadkarni, The Cornhusker by Marriott
Will Scott, Arlington Properties
Kent Seacrest, Seacrest & Kalkowski Law Firm
Nader Sepahpur, Osso Burrito
Mike Sisk, General Services Administration
Clay Smith, B&J Partnership
Jane Stricker, Footloose and Fancy Birkenstock
Ed Swotek, Tier One Bank
Becky Van de Bogart, Downtown Resident
Michelle Waite, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Terry Werner, Lincoln City Council Member
City of Lincoln
Mayor Coleen Seng
Marvin Krout, Director of Planning
Kent Morgan, Assistant Director of Planning
Dallas McGee, Assistant Director of Urban Development

Downtown Lincoln Association
Polly McMullen, President
Crandall Arambula, PC
Project Management/Urban Design/Public Involvement
George Crandall, FAIA, Project Director
Don Arambula, ASLA, Project Urban Designer
Jason Graf, Project Coordinator
Kristin Belz, Urban Designer
Erin Carter, Urban Designer
Economics Research Associates
Economic Analysis
Bill Lee, Senior Vice President
Transportation Planning
Jeffrey Tumlin, Partner
Patrick Siegman, Principal Associate
Tom Brennan, Senior Associate
Overview                                                                                                                 September 2005

Downtown Lincoln Master Plan
This Master Plan offers a bold vision      spending public funds as well as                         be purposefully
for Downtown Lincoln’s future — a          stimulating private investments. The                     flexible and
vision based on the ideas, values, and     Plan sets the framework from which                       responsive to
dreams of a diverse community. It is a     issues will be evaluated and decisions                   future
vision rooted in an appreciation of        made.                                                    opportunities
Downtown’s legacy within the history                                                                and constraints,
of our City and State. It seeks to         Much as the previous 1974 Master Plan                    many of which
ensure a vibrant and healthy               guided downtown for the past 30 years,                   cannot be
Downtown that continues to enrich          transforming downtown from a retail                      anticipated at
Lincoln’s economic, social, and cultural   hub for the city into a mixed use center,                this time, but
foundations for generations to come.       the 2005 Master Plan charts                              will further

                                                                                       Centennial Mall
                                           Downtown’s course for the next 20 to                     shape our
                                           30 years. The 2005 Master Plan                           downtown.
                                           envisions a downtown that:
                                                                                                    Downtown’s mix of land uses, building
                                           ♦ serves as the employment,                              massing, developmental history, and
                                             entertainment and educational hub                      diversity of ownership creates a truly
                                             of the community                                       unique planning environment. While
                                           ♦ maintains and strengthens the                          other subarea plans may assume
                                             governmental functions for city,                       singular oversight for an area, the
                                             county, state, and federal                             Downtown Master Plan must blend the
                                             governments                                            plans and aspirations embodied in
                                           ♦ develops a vibrant retail presence                     other planning and implementation
The Master Plan lays out both a short      ♦ secures continuing entertainment,                      efforts that have preceded it. Some
term plan providing direction for            recreational, and cultural                             existing plans and regulations will need
immediate private and public                 opportunities                                          to be studied in light of the Downtown
investment opportunities, as well as a     ♦ offers expanded housing                                Master Plan’s vision with refinements
long term plan providing guidance for        opportunities and types                                made to this Plan and to others that
actions and decisions that will shape      ♦ offers significant new public                          reflect a common community view. The
downtown and Lincoln for the next 20         community space                                        Master Plan’s proposed Design
to 30 years. The Plan is intended to       ♦ provides increased transportation                      Guidelines should be evaluated and
sustain a place many will call home; a       choices for Lincoln residents,                         implemented with consideration for and
place where legions of our residents         workers and visitors                                   within the context of existing policies
will work and seek an education; a         ♦ links and enhances city-wide trails                    and procedures, e.g., historic districts
place providing entertainment,               and open space                                         and Capitol Environs Plans.
recreation, and culture for people of      ♦ accommodates future convention
many backgrounds and interests; in           and arena needs for the region                         As Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t
short, a vibrant, active neighborhood                                                               know where you are going, you may
                                           This Master Plan has been amended                        not get there.” The Downtown Master
which residents from all parts of our      into the Lincoln-Lancaster County
community will be proud to call their                                                               Plan provides a vision of a vital,
                                           Comprehensive Plan as an official                        vibrant, people-friendly downtown
downtown.                                  subarea plan. Its implementation must                    Lincoln and sets guideposts we can
Just as the Lincoln-Lancaster County                                                                use over the next 20 to 30 years to
Comprehensive Plan guides City and                                                                  realize this vision.
County growth, the Master Plan offers
official recognition to a common vision
for Downtown Lincoln’s future. By
identifying a long term vision, the Plan
provides a starting point for developing
the downtown we would like Lincoln to
have in 2025 and beyond. This vision
will guide hundreds of decisions, big
and small. It provides direction for

Lincoln Downtown Master Plan