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Make a Wish


									                                                             When Kaylee arrived at SDA, she handled a few 
                                                         different dogs, but it quickly became clear that 
                                                         Topaz, a beautiful, Golden Retriever, had chosen 
                                                         her.  Normally an energetic dog, Topaz quietly 
                                                         worked with Kaylee, alert for her every command, 
                                                         never removing his eyes from his new master.  The 
                                                         bond was instantaneous. The benefits were 
                                                         immediately apparent.  Within only a few hours of 
                                                         receiving her dog, Kaylee, to the amazement of her 
                                                         mother and even herself, was able to stand and speak 
                                                         before two large groups of touring school children, 
                                                         with Topaz sitting calmly at her side. 
                                                             The positive and rapid changes of Kaylee’s 
                                                         anxiety were amazing.  Lynn, Kaylee’s mother, 
                                                         relates, “Before my daughter had Topaz, I was her 
                                                         service dog!  Now that she has her dog, she leaves 
                                                         the house to go for a walk with hardly a goodbye.  It 
                                                         used to be that I accompanied her everywhere, but 
                                                         now she relies on Topaz for companionship and to 
  Kaylee and EMRD Topaz share a hug                      respond to a medical emergency.” 
         during a training break.                        This determined young lady and her devoted golden 
                                                         pal are now inseparable. 
                                                             Thanks to Make­A­Wish Foundation and SDA 
                                                         supporters, Kaylee’s desire for a four­legged partner 
              Make a Wish...                             has been fulfilled; a young girl’s dream of gaining 
                                                         independence through the use of a Service Dog has 
    If you could receive the fulfillment of a special 
                                                         become a reality!
wish, what would you wish for?  When 13­year­old 
Kaylee was asked this question by Make­A­Wish 
Foundation, she thought about it for 2 years.  She 
knew that a trip would only last for a week and then 
just be memories.  She asked for a Service Dog. 
Kaylee was born with a heart defect that qualified 
her to be a recipient of Make­a­Wish.  Because she 
also feels intense anxiety in social situations, she 
needed a dog that would provide her with comfort 
and security in addition to responding to a medical 

Thus began the touching tale of Kaylee and Topaz… 
                         Leaving Colorado in a Saturn 
                       and coming home with a Beamer 
                has been one of the best experiences of our lives! 
                                                           ­­ Melissa Anema 
                                                                      George and Melissa’s efforts to find 
                                                                   a way to monitor their young 
                                                                   daughter’s unpredictable seizures led to 
                                                                   the discovery of SDA.  In June, 
                                                                   Reagan’s entire family piled into their 
                                                                   van and made the journey from 
                                                                   Colorado to Jud, North Dakota.  It was 
                                                                   to be the adventure of a lifetime. 
                                                                      Children have a wonderful way of 
                                                                   bringing life into a building.  Our 
                                                                   hallways rang with laughter and 
                                                                   excitement as dogs and kids ventured in 
                                                                   and out of our facility on their way to 
     When Reagan met Beamer, it was sparks.  The two of            various escapades. Above it all “WOO­ 
 them hit it off instantly.  Beamer, a chocolate lab, listened     HOO!” was heard. This was Reagan’s 
 to Reagan like a pro.  During a seizure, Emergency                favorite exclamation since arriving at 
 Medical Response Dog (EMRD) Beamer goes into action.              SDA. Three weeks later, the laughter 
 Alerting parents by sounding an alarm, then with kisses           and kids were gone. Reagan, Beamer, 
 and snuggles he stays by Reagan’s side.                           and her family, were headed back to 
                                                                   their home in Colorado. 
           -------------------------------                            Despite the brief time Reagan has 
                  A New Beginning . . .                            had Beamer, the benefits of having an 
   “Rejoice always, pray without ‘seizing,’ and in                 EMRD are already apparent.  Reagan 
everything give thanks.”  This is the epilepsy motto of the        plays at recess, has made new friends, 
Anema family.  Melissa, Reagan’s mother, relays,  “It is very      and her language and learning skills are 
hard to remember to be thankful when your
daughter is blue and seizing.” 
                                                                      More importantly, despite 
    The family’s terrifying first encounter with epilepsy began    experiencing status seizures at the 
on Mother’s Day in 2005, when Reagan had a status seizure;         beginning of every school year, Reagan 
unlike other types of seizures which have specific durations,      has not had a clinical status seizure 
status seizures do not cease without medical attention.            since receiving Beamer. 
Reagan was immediately hospitalized, but medical personnel            Melissa expresses her gratitude, 
                                                                   “Thank you SDA for preparing an
were uncertain whether she would live through the night. 
                                                                   EMRD for Reagan. We never
    Two years, five failed anti­epileptic medications, and many 
                                                                   imagined that a Service Dog
seizures later, the doctors at Children’s Hospital diagnosed 
                                                                   could be so wonderful and so
Reagan with an extremely rare form of epilepsy called Landau 
                                                                   helpful so quickly after
Kleffner Syndrome (LKS).  LKS is a childhood disorder that 
                                                                   placement. We are very grateful
affects the parts of the brain that control comprehension and 
                                                                   to you for this amazing gift.
speech.  LKS has no proven treatment or cure. 
                                                                   Leaving Colorado in a Saturn
                                                                   and coming home with a Beamer
                                                                   has been one of the best
                                                                   experiences of our lives!” 
                                                                    (Read the rest of Reagan’s touching 
                                                                   story on our website!)
        A Match Made in Heaven...
                                                       Written by: Becky Randall, Kelly’s Mother

    “After being on a waiting list for a year my 24 year old
daughter Kelly and I traveled to Great Plains Service Dogs
for an Emergency Medical Response Dog. Kelly had all
but given up on life after spending the last several years
with Epilepsy, Kidney, GI problems and more. Losing
many of the freedoms that other young people take for
granted was almost more than she could take. She spent
more time in than out of the hospital at times. Her
grandmother and I were making her crazy being over
protective of her. Letting go is easier said than done when
your daughter has grand mal seizures. It is a very
frightening thing.”

    “A young black lab named Jake responded very quickly to           _______________________
Kelly. Within one week he was alerting and reacting to her
seizures, bringing her medication, the phone and her purse to her.    _______________________
We were truly amazed! Early one morning Kelly was having a
absence seizure in the bathroom, Jake hit the alert button and then
came and licked my face until I woke up and checked on her.             James River Correctional 
Another night Kelly had a Grand Mal Seizure and Jake was lying               Center and SDA are 
as close as he could to her like he might have tried to break her         currently working out a 
fall. He stayed right there beside her. Great Plains had prepared            partnership that will 
him very well for his new partner. Everyone at home has noticed a       involve JRCC inmates in 
big difference in Kelly. They are saying that she seems like her       the training of our service 
"old self" again. You can see the connection between them. We all     dogs.  We are very excited 
feel better knowing that Jake is by her side.”                               about this upcoming 
       We would like to Thank the Thomas M. Kier Memorial                program ­ stay tuned for 
Endowment Fund of the Licking County Foundation for                           new developments! 
providing the grant funds for Kelly Randall and Jake.

   Hi! My name is Tammy. I have Cerebral Palsy
and Epilepsy. I received my first EMRD/Mobility
Assist Dog about 10 years ago from SDA. Her
name is Blondie and I love her. Her work and
companionship was awesome. I had to retire her
last January because of her age. She now lives in
Jamestown, ND with a very wonderful lady.
   In April, I came to SDA and receive a successor
EMRD/Mobility Assist Dog. His name is Geko.
We are working hard together and he has a very
special place in my heart. He is right next to Blondie
as far as working goes. Thank you SDA!!
Tammy and SD Geko
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