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Nutritional therapy is the heart of our practice. This is what we do most and do best. It
also is the most asked for discipline and takes the most skill. A background in biology,
physiology or biochemistry would be most beneficial to your assimilation of this art and
We believe
      in biochemical individuality
      that not enough may help and too much harms
      that disease is a systemic constitutional breakdown which often require local
          constitutional remedies
      that preventative strategies prevents medicinal potions
      that all organic processes are controlled by electromagnetic oscillations and are
          super-ordinate to biochemistry
      that meals and their ingredients are important enough to be announced by the
      that all foods should be harmless and cause minimal disorder in physiological
          function; that its action should be non-specific increasing resistance to a wide
          range of potentially harmful influences and that all food should possess a
          normalizing action whether the harmful influences are of a excessive or deficient
      that modern civilization has been on a chelation diet by systematically refining
          foods and creating an acid condition in the human frame
      that health comes from the farm not the pharmacy
      no healing occurs without a corresponding awareness
      that ignorance is vehemently protected by the sincerest emotionalism
      that the human body is viewed by most doctors as a single design or replicable
          clone from the same mold so that if 2 or more persons respond to a given therapy
          a universal panacea is born
      that a condition is dubbed subclinical when the doctor in charge is unable to
          recognize a deficiency from a disorder; we do not believe in second opinions – it
          is much more revealing to get two first opinions
      most conditions are not diseases at all but the incredible intellectual adaptation of
          a precise, reactive body
      nature can only be conquered by obeying Her.
William J.Goldwag, M.D. once wrote one of my favorite passages in an article written for
Bestways – November, 1977 entitled “Nourishing the Whole Person: “nutrition is the act
or process of nourishing or nurturing. It includes all of the various environmental forces
which, combined, act on an organism and further its existence; that is, move it in the
direction of aliveness. Notice that there are three key elements in this definition. The
first is that there are many and varied forces in the environment acting on the organism.
The second is that they act in combination and third is that they further its existence and

Vibrational Therapies:
Prerequisite: Massage Certification
Aromatherapy is the art of a vibrational method with specific specially prepared oils that
have healing properties. You will learn which oils can be mixed and match and for what
purposes and body sites. In addition you will be taught how to prepare cold, wet sock
treatment, baths, compresses, packs, various enemas, purges, flushes, eyewashes, ear
candling Far-Infra-Red technology and proper skin brushing.

Color Therapy
“At the moment of crossing the border into man’s interior, we find a metamorphosis of
light. This means that man does not only transform the common, ponderable processes of
external Nature within himself but also the imponderable element – light itself. He
changes it into something different” – Rudolph Steiner.

Sunlight, along with food, water, air, sound, smell, and touch constitutes one of the basic
requirements of life. Without the full spectrum of our daily dose of sunlight - life would
soon wither away.

Light is therefore a nutrient as real as anything we eat. We see this in every phase of
growth and reproduction. In fact, light is the fundamental activity in which existence has
its ground. By the interacting of different rays light can produce particles and all the
diverse structure of matter. After all, matter is a condensation of light into patterns:
matter is frozen light. Light and color contain the matrix of what we attempt to eat when
we chew chlorophyll: and in fact, are essential as a catalyst for the absorption and
assimilation of these solid light particles. Food, especially the properties of the mineral
kingdom, act as a prism - dividing light into its many colors in the plant and animal
kingdoms. Scientists know that each natural element of the Periodic Table gives of its
own and unique characteristic color wave. The prevailing color wave of Hydrogen is red,
for example and that of Oxygen is blue. Sunlight, as perceived by the human body. is
split into the prismatic colors. Light is food. And it is also the safest, simplest and most
accurate therapeutic measure ever developed - not to mention enjoyable!


Can you remember the exhilaration of walking through the woods in autumn gazing at
the scarlet-red maples and the brilliant yellow oaks? Or your excitement as a child upon
seeing your first soft-pink cherry blossom or periwinkle-blue morning glory? Or the thrill
of being given your first bouquet of dozen roses? If so, you have experienced first hand
the power of color to actually affect your emotional state. Try to imagine a world without
color. Unless you're very depressed it's probably most difficult. Color has the potential to
evoke child-like bursts of joy and excitement, to trigger memories of special moments in
life, or to make you feel energized, optimistic, calm or... sensual and romantic!

Thus we are rainbows. Some people are talented enough to see the layer upon layer of
colors emanating from our being and are able to see the effect our emotions have on the
physical body. This fact ushers in a new paradigm of healing: purely vibrational. By the
judicious application of colors one can transform old cellular memory into new
experiences of enlightenment,

Everyday the list of ailments that respond to color therapy grows longer. As more and
more practitioners take up this ancient healing method, the results are coming in and
being disseminated by literally dozens of investigators. Some of the written works of the
early pioneers, who were ridiculed and often thought to be mad, are now being dusted
very carefully and reconsidered in a scientific light. New books dealing with color
therapy are being written at a phenomenal rate especially outside of the United States: a
real irony since THE pioneer in this ancient healing art lived and practiced for many
years in New Jersey. Until this talented Medical Doctor (and attorney) was burnt out of
his home and office and convicted on some trumped-up charge, Dinshah Jhahdiali
contributed massive volumes of both research and clinical information on the subject of
what he called "Spectre-Chrome Therapy". Today we call "Color Therapy" by a myriad
of names: Polochromy, Syntonics, Photobiology, Colorpuncture, Colorology,
Bioresonance, and, in our own practice, Acu-lite Tonation.

The evaluation of light or color deprivations can be accomplished in many ways. Since
we are working in the vibratory realm it only makes sense to use the vibratory methods
for determining deficiencies. Although some practitioners use more "scientific" methods
than others. I prefer to use the Symptom Awareness Format by Joseph Scogna, the
Liischer-doodle test by Dr. Max Liischer, kinesiology, the Vegameter, Dinshah's
Diagnostic Charts and soon, Kirlian Photography - an exciting leap into the future.

                      RESULTS OF COLOR DEPRIVATION

By the deprivation of color through modern "advances" we are continually setting
ourselves up for this vital nutrient deficiency.

Colors are merely a dissection of the amount of pressure and heat there is on each
particular wavelength and frequency. Red is a much cooler temperature than blue. In
colloquial science it is thought to be the other way around but in reality, energies of a
shorter wavelength, such as blue. are denser and therefore more heated and powerful.
Variations of colors reach into the trillions and it is only the inability of the observer to
"real-eyes" (or not) the exact variations and graduations. The more one becomes aware of
him/her self the more one becomes color sensitive to the environment. An "I don't care"
attitude sinks the person towards the lower aspects of (un)consciousness, and lowers the
number of (color) variables one is capable of discerning. In depression all aspects of life
take on a greyer, blacker hue. It is a subtle remnant of survival in the wild that when
things where (are) not going as they should the world takes on the contrasting colors of
black and white to reduce the number of choices and options to the most vital in order to
facilitate decision making. A wrong decision could easily fade everything into black.

The saying that a story-teller "colored" her tale (rightly or wrongly) belies the physio-
biochemical phenomena that spawned the use of this aphorism. For storage convenience
any person has the ability to dissolve a colored, three dimensional picture and mentally
transmute it into two-dimensional, black and white, bi- digital information. The
proficiency of one's recall is directly related to the emotional energy quotient (the "aura"
of the environment) in which it was stored. The competency with which one can "re-
color" the mental image and restore it to its original hues depends upon: 1) it's primary
emotional integration: 2) the quality of light also "awareness") in which the image was
originally seen: 3) the accumulative experience surrounding this memory "box" since the
image was imprinted and 4) the charge (the "event") that dominoed the reflection back
into consciousness.

The mind state can therefore "color" the experiences of twins growing up in the same
environment in two completely different "lights" and both can actually "see" their
experiences as night and day. There is much truth in the often quoted statement that all
siblings grow up in completely dissimilar families. A deficiency of light in a given
situation can seriously hamper one's ability to recall, color and therefore understand the
situation. One of the most important attributes we ascribe to our Gods is a perfect
memory. The average human being has a dismal (dis)ability in recalling energies from
our two-dimensional memory banks - let alone coloring them for review and re-

The main reason for this lowered output (other than a poorly conceived diet devoid of
chlorophyll) is the deprivation of sunlight. What is more disturbing is that we are
continually robbing ourselves (and our children) of certain frequencies that are different
from everyone else's depending upon: 1)the sleep/awake cycle we use: 2)how many
hours a day we spend under artificial lights: 3)how often and under what circumstance we
use sunglasses: 4)when, how and where we use sun-deprivation creams: 5)the type of
cloths we wear on a daily basis: 6)how often we stare into a video screen: 7)the type of
windows we have in out cars and houses - and many other conditions too numerous to
mention. The bottom line is that many of us end up being deficient in one color or
another and it is those precise wavelengths. given at a precise time, that, in addition to
other methods, helps restore the body to balance. More importantly - it provides the
matrix for healing to begin.

                               TECHNICAL ASPECTS

The pathways of light reception are not easy to understand without some background in
physiology and biochemistry. Light is sensed by the human body in 2 ways: the optic
nerve pathway (through the primary axons) and the 8th nerve which directly affects
balance and coordination. Approximately 20% of the primary axons from the optic nerve
send secondary axon collaterals down the Retino-Tectal Pathway into the midbrain (AKA
the Superior Colliculus). This area subserves peripheral retinal detection and foveation
eye movements (i.e.: it sets up conditions for fixation and foveation) Since it represents
everything other than foveation it acts as the brain's gyroscope.

From the Midbrain the message passes through the Medial Longitudinal Fasciculus to the
3rd, 4rth and 6th Cranial Nerves, while another pathway tells the visual cortex what the
Midbrain is going to tell the eyes to do. This Visual (Striate) Cortex is the largest sensory
area in the brain. Information received by this area goes to three major integration centers
and is then relayed to the frontal cortex where we determine what to do with this
information. Meanwhile 100% of the primary axons in the optic nerve synapse in the
Lateral Geniculate Nucleus (AKA Thalamus). This is a decision making area specializing
in processing and relaying visual information. Through Optic Radiation it determines
what gets to the Visual Cortex based upon its needs. The Visual Cortex then splits the
information into the Posterior Parietal Cortex (top of Brain Brodman's areas 5 & 7 which
analyses motion and thus tells us where things are located: the Angular Gyrus - which
Wernekes's area for receptive language (the Cortex sends visual components of language
to this area] and the Inferior Temporal Cortex located at the very bottom of the brain.
This is Brodman's Area 22 and tells us what things are. It is this area that analyzes form
and the different frequencies of light. Although further research is needed there is some
evidence in the literature to support that a possible pathway from the Striate Cortex to the
Lateral Geniculate Nucleus (Thalamus exists. From there the Geniculo-Hypothalamic
Tract carries a percentage of the information to the Hypothalamus.

The Hypothalamus lies at the center of the entire optic system. By way of the Accessory
Optic Tract (through which approximately 10% of the primary axons from the optic
nerve send secondary axon collaterals down) the Accessory`Optic System (AKA Brain
Stem) is reached. This system deals with general arousal and activation of the CNS and
also affects the emotional state. Another 10 % or so travels through the
Retinohypothalamic Tract to reach the Supra- Chiasmatic Nuclei. This area is the site of
the body's biological clock which has formed its patterns. cycles, and rhythms around the
motion of the Universe.

Thus, a portion of the information from the Optic Nerve, the 8th nerve, the Visual Cortex
and the Thalamus all end up in the Hypothalamus whose function it is to integrate the
Nervous System, the Endocrine System, the Immune (I prefer Defense) System, Moods
(Emotions) ANS. Energy Balance, Fluid Balance, Heat Regulation, Circulation and
Breathing, Growth and Maturation, Reproduction.

From the Hypothalamus a myriad of functions, take place. The pathway to the Pineal
Gland (the body's "Light Meter") is quite torturous and involves the Paraventricula
Nuclei, Median Forebrain Bundle, the Intermediolateral cell column, the Preganglionic
Sympathetic Neuron, the Superior Cervical Ganglia and the Nervi Conarii. The "Light
Meter" affects the Reproductive functions. Growth, Body Temperature, Blood Pressure,
Motor Activity and Sleep, and the Defense System - while modifying the functions of the
Adrenals, the Pancreas, the Pituitary, the Thyroid and the Thymus. The Pineal gland
secretes the hormone Melatonin which influences the functioning of every cell in the
body. Changes in the timing, as well as the intensity and wavelength of light controls the
conversion of Serotonin to Melatonin in this powerful gland. The inductions of Enzymes
required for Melatonin production are highly dependent upon light. Therefore the Pineal
Gland may affect general longevity as well as the rate of aging in the individual body
parts. In fact a deficiency of proper light may well contribute to the development of many
chronic degenerative disease states.
The Hypothalamus controls the PSNS through the Anterior Medial Hypothalamus and
the SNS by way of the Posterior Lateral Hypothalamus. The Ocular Effects of these two
systems are diametrically opposed in that the SNS dilates the pupils, protrudes the
eyeball, lacrymates the lenses. retracts the upper eyelid, provides a tendency toward
Ocular Hypertension, accommodation of lenses, causes the exophoria-reflex, a tendency
toward low adduction and inhibits ocular activity. The Ocular Effect of the PSNS
contracts the pupil, widens the eyelid, increases lacrymation, gives a puffy upper lid
ptosis and Ocular Hypotension, increases accommodation. causes esophoria-reflex with a
low abduction tendency and is activating to ocular activity.

Lastly, the Hypothalamus provides neural connections and releasing factors to the
Posterior and Anterior Pituitary Gland, respectively. Neural connections to the Posterior
portion influences the Mammary Gland (Oxitocin), the Kidneys, (Anti-diuretic Hormone)
Vasopresin. The Releasing factors to the Anterior Pituitary Gland provides information
for the Breasts (Prolactin), Growth hormones in bones and muscles, Thyroid Stimulating
Hormone, Stimulation of Melanin in the skin. Follicle Stimulating Hormone in the testes,
Luteinizing Hormone in the Ovaries and ACTH in the Adrenal Cortex.


It has been proven that all cells in all living beings emit biophotons in a vibrational field
which encompasses not just every organism but every order of magnitude in that
organism beginning with the molecular level on up. This field regulates every
physiological action and anatomical build up from the molecular and biochemical
influences it exerts.

Among its many, talents the skin has the ability to sense and transmit colored impulses
and is a powerful antenna/transformer for ALL the vibrations surrounding us. A number
of skin areas are especially suited for this task and have a highly sensitized
"antennability". These zones have been found some time ago with Kirlian Photography
techniques and are connected to the seven Chakras. It seems that all 7 colors of the
spectrum correspond to the 7 energy center along the spinal chord, and by supplying the
basic colors to these areas a balancing effects is experienced facilitating self-healing of
the organism. When the biophotons are stuck in either yin or yang the field loses its
coherence and becomes susceptible to disease. The ideal therapeutic procedure which is
gentle, simple, effective and perfectly safe because it comes closest to the energetic
properties of the human body is color therapy. It leaves no toxic residue and even if the
wrong color is used it would just temporarily magnify the existing imbalance. Color
Therapy works on the vibrational cause of the disease and is bound to become more
popular as its benefits become more widely publicized.

Floatation Therapy
While passively floating in a large spa which holds 1200-1400 lbs of Epsom salt for
buoyancy we not only teach our clientele how to reduce stress and all its corollaries but
you as a student may also practice active methods - such as rebirthing, reflexology,
cranio-sacral therapies as well as other hands-on healing techniques.

Relaxing in a large spa filled with twelve inches of water in which 1200 pounds of
Epsom Salts have been dissolved is an experience that can never be forgotten. By simply
restricting the influx of normal stimulation through the sensory paths we create a craving,
a hunger for those same perceptions. Most people at this point become wonderfully
sensitive to, and aware of what can only be described as the "non-environment".
The awareness center known as the brain, in addition to all its other functions, is also a
very complicated REDUCTION mechanism. Throughout its evolutionary path it has
permitted only a certain limited frequencies to penetrate to the awareness - precisely
those that are needed for the survival of the human (race). By judicious reduction of even
these narrow sensory nutrients (such as light, sound, touch, temperature, gravity, etc.) we
begin to activate those areas of our brain involved with the higher faculties: those related
to the evolution of higher (some say "Cosmic") consciousness.

It stands to reason that when survival is no longer a primary requirement and an energy
drain, our real reasons for being on the planet make themselves known. These reasons are
as unique as the individuals themselves and are explored, slowly and carefully at first,
after the first number of floats which deal with ordinary survival issues. Like a giant and
powerful dynamo whose source of energy is little by little leaking - the logical, analytical,
mathematical, statistical, scientific, mechanistic and calculating parts of the brain slows
its activity down to a mere trickle - making room for and encouraging the "higher
reasons" and functions of life such as creativity, cooperation, reproduction, holism,
peace, and perfection.

As fleeting moments of Given Original Design become more and more commonplace,
great changes occur in one's perspective. Many individuals report that after 6 to 8
flotation session they are no longer afraid of death. For others major priorities adjust to fit
in closer alignment with their own Given Original Design.
But whatever truths you experience, the physiological by products are always the same:
less pain, lower blood pressure, reduction of distress levels - and a much higher capacity
to cope with the addiction to different modes of survival to which we are all subject.
If you need any more information, references, books, or any other left-brain convincing
that you need to experience the right-brain freedom from sensory perceptions, please do
not hesitate to call on our staff to help you.

GRASP Questionnaires (assessments)
In addition to many laboratory tests and a careful, precise history – we also have several
sophisticated questionnaires that, with a little mathematical skill, can be used to assess
and reveal traits, complexes, deficiencies, excesses and general patterns. While the
mechanical aspects of this test are learned easily - the interpretation of its results are

Based upon a single subjective questionnaire GRASP shows how (alternative)
practitioners can easily pinpoint the client's basic problem without the use of expensive
diagnostic equipment or time-consuming interviews. Once learned, this 10 minute
technique (the worksheet can be done by a secretary or receptionist) will not only prove
the past influences that initiated the present compensating circumstances but the exact
pathway the psycho-physiology HAD to take in order to arrive at the core (of the
problem). Now you can save time and surprise your clients by asking intelligent and "to
the point" questions that shows you've done the research. With a standard chem screen
and CBC it is a dynamite and unbeatable combination tailoring their treatment to the
exact holistic individual need in restoring equilibrium.


This incredible simple system numerically evaluates stress so that it can be compared
with each subsequent visit. Because it shows the larger picture it also demonstrates to the
client what is significant in their pain/pressure gradation and what can be shelved until it
needs to be addressed. This highly sophisticated preventative program shows the
practitioner which organ (systems) are in contraction (pressure/Yang) and which are in
expansion (space/Yin): which are in the acute phase and which are being chronically
affected. Impressively it has a built-in safeguard to check on the client's answers and even
shows where they may have been mistaken. The SAF system is based upon the genius of
Joseph Scogna and his 50-some self-published books (now worth thousands per volume)
written before he died of cancer at the early age of 39.

In my 17 years experience with this futuristic system I have found that clients are so
curious about how they will fare the next time they keep coming back and getting better!
Not only does it measure their symptom (awareness) cascade (much like looking over a
shoulder at old snapshots) but it also predicts the outcome of the organ systems IF
nothing is done to intervene in the physiological and biochemical process. I never quite
get used to the question: "how did you know THAT??" It is the best feeling in the world
and translates into immediate trust and confidence in your ability to raise them out of
confusion and to engage a partner in the work that follows.

Much has been written on the Live Cell Analysis since Dr. Enderlein's work in the early
1900's was completely destroyed by the government. Fragments of articles written by
him survived in the files of other men who took up the banner that the RBC was a
harbinger and Petri dish (space) for many pleomorphic organism.
Looking at "size and shapes" of the RBC is hardly worth it and is akin to looking at the
size and shapes of the ocean waves and trying to determine what's underneath! No - Live
Cell Analysis is much, much more complicated, sophisticated and meaningful than that.
My research spans over 25 years peering into the microscope and seeing the effects of
modern living and modern medicine spelled out in the living blood of my constituents.
With respect to blood tests and live cell analysis: while I believe that quantitative testing
is sometime useful - I'd much rather SEE the chemotaxis of the WBC and SEE the size of
them and the borders, the granules, range, speed, etc - than just their mere numbers on a
page. There are times when the quantity of the WBC's rise because they are inferior in
quality. etc, etc. Seeing blood cells and their family in their contextual environmental
condition is so much more revealing (after considerable experience) than looking at a few
numbers on a written page. I'm sure you understand. The reason why LCA and other
blood tests were never given their due was because medicinal drugs play a large part in
pleomorphic deterioration of somatids.
I would refer you to several books written by Dr Bradford - one in particular called
"Oxidology" available from him in Southern California. If you subscribe to the
Townsend Letter for Doctors ( you will be able to find him
advertising his microscope. His old colleagues - Dr Hamilton and Dr Privatera who
introduced me to both the LCA and the Bolen's Test (Bradford called it the HLB test) -
have written a substantial amount of clinical material also.
Also there is a book written by Christopher Bird "the Persecution and Trial of Gaston
Naessens" which will be very enlightening and another written by Dietmar
Schildwaechter (MD, Ph.D.).
Hidden Killers by Dr. Erik Enby, Many articles written by Dr. Daniel Beilin in San
You can find a virtual explosion of research scientists in the Pleomorphic Microbes (in
health and disease) Proceedings from the first international Symposium held June 18-19,
1999 in Montreal, Canada and edited by Gitte S. Jensen, Ph.D. It is available for $25.00
There are many articles on this topic to be found in a Journal called EXPLORE.


Herbology is the science and art of using medicinal “weeds” for killing, healing and
nutrition. They have been used as a source of whole foods in nourishment,
balancing and regeneration for thousands of years and by many different cultures.
The herbs are easily divided into three major components: poisonous, medicinal and
food. The Chinese have had the most experience in using combinations of these
three categories and have developed an entire set of diagnostic criteria for their use.
We believe that both the poisonous and the medicinal herbs are akin to drugs and
therefore are averse to using them. The food herbs however, have great healing
capacity and are even used for repairing mutant DNA. This is what we teach and
what you can expect to learn here.

Business application (Front Office)
So now you’re a practitioner. How do you start a practice from scratch? Do you know
the pitfalls? The short-cuts? The legalities? The language? The computer programs?
Do you know how, where and when to market, advertise or otherwise persuade? All this
and more can be learned here.

Radiantouch Therapy (Bodywork)
This rarely seen bodywork, first taught in India many hundreds of years ago by teachers
who wanted to prolong and save the lives of mothers who had just experienced a difficult
childbirth is now almost exclusively taught here at HIC. The 12 sessions are facilitated
by Dr. Van Beveren who was taught in India over a period of several years and certified
here in the USA.

 Of all the senses (smelling, seeing, gravity, chemical, - some 32 in all) touch is THE
most neglected nutrient in the repertoire of the orthodox practitioner. Though its
importance is accentuated by, the fact that infants die when not constantly, properly
stimulated by a loving touch - its significance is seldom remembered in adulthood...and
rarely in any institution whose survival depends on people being dis-at-ease.


While the reduction of the senses for short periods of time is not only pleasurable but
actually essential the vast majority of both younger and older adults no longer benefit
from positive tactile stimulation. Touch is suffering from the "religion" of science and
unacceptable except under certain stringent rules. In fact, in many areas, even with
permission of the client, touch has been made illegal by authorities. But for the wholistic
facilitator a touching relationship often spells the difference between continued non-
specific complaints followed by slow deterioration, hopelessness and a gradual self-
inflicted quietus pattern, or, an infectious joy coupled with cooperation, convalescence,
vitality and self-esteem resulting in an optimistic prognosis - both for the client as well as
the practitioner! The "laying on of hands" is the ultimate healing force irreplaceable by
any technique or machinery.

RADIANTOUCH® has it roots buried deep in Ayurvedic Medicine where "soma" (body
awareness) is one of five "pranas" (vital substances). Fundamental to Ayurvedic
Practitioners is the notion that humans cannot be separated into well-defined parts but
must be considered a singular entity. Touch is thus a natural extension of the healing
process considered as nourishing as anything else done for the client. Even if "just" a hug
or a facial massage.

RADIANTOUCH® is not a massage or deep tissue manipulation. Practitioners of this
ancient art are foremost doctors of Anatomy +/or Physiology so that touch becomes both
diagnostic as well as therapeutic. Most therapeutic is the emotional and spiritual aspect of
this shamanistic and mystical experience whose purpose is to serve as a physical catalyst
for (emotional and spiritual) re-integration. Only then can traumatic events (that may
have interfered with our progress and been buried deep within the memory banks of tile
skin, myofascia, tendons, ligaments and nerve tissue) feel free to surface and re-integrate
under an entirely different and healing circumstance. This is the path of the Spiritual

The skin is highly programmable and has a tenacity to retain events too remote (like
birth) or very subtle (like an itch) to be recalled by the conscious mind. Continually
renewing and actively reshaping itself, the skin has the ability· to pass on accumulated
information cell by cell literally anchoring patterns that insidiously alter the quality and
quantity of our responsorial armamentarium. Adhesions under the skin (fixations) illicit
compensatory asymmetries in the personality and are a vital, overlooked clue in the
attitude, posture and behavioral spectrum of its owner. Children, especially teenagers
need touch from parents.

RADIANTOUCH®, is based upon the piezo-electric phenomenon. Pressure on
crystallized bodies such as bones, skin, etc. respond to compression by generating
electricity. This current is one of Nature's healing tools. Without it, alignment of minerals
along the growing edge would not heal a broken bone. The practitioner, experienced in
gentle manipulation, "catches" this voltaic current and "focuses", the vibrations through
the underlying tissue releasing the molecular memory bank from its emotional relies.
Often during RADIANTOUCH®, or for several days after, waves of emotions are
experienced causing weeping and laughter sometimes at the same time.
RADIANTOUCH® is felt as an exquisite tingling - very pleasurable. It should be
experienced and can never be forgotten.

Raw food preparation/Vegan Cooking classes:
Our chef, Lynn Krokenberger, teaches experientially. She is adept with all the tools she
needs to prepare or cook the most sumptuous and healthy meals in the various venues to
which they belong. You will be asked to be present before, during and after our many
parties, dinners, teaching classes and other opportunities for learning experiences.

Aquarium Husbandry:
There is nothing more serene and stress reducing than seeing the world of symbiotic
relationships - underwater. Here you will learn how to work with all the elements that
make up our underwater world and at the same time gain an incredible appreciation of the
details that make up (or break up) the environment that starts under the water and reaches
out to both land and the heavens.

In many areas that deal with healing we have reached the boundaries of mechanistic
science and need to expand our definitions to include those impulses which can no longer
be measured by any machine, however sophisticated, except by the human body-mind-
spirit continuum. We do that here in our clinic every day of the week. Come join us –
and learn. Our joy, as yours will be, is in the serving.
To be used only with password protection:
Microscopy live cell/Bolens/Urinalysis:

What our blood looks like under a microscope

If you were to look at your blood under a microscope, chances are you would see your
red blood cells stacked together with toxins, and find evidence of free radical damage. In
other words your blood would be clumped, malformed, "dirty" and misshapen. With
blood like this, it is obvious that it is not functioning at optimum level and certainly not
enough to maintain a good state of mental well-being and physical health. The state of
your blood is partly due to polluted air, water and processed food, to mention a few.

What is Live Cell Analysis?

Live blood analysis is a screening test, using darkfield, phase contrast, and brightfield
microscopy for the purpose of observing various conditions of your blood. The use of the
microscope in evaluating the shapes, sizes and other properties of individual blood cells
help reveal some startling nutritional disorders. Improper digestion for one. Improper
digestion is linked to many chronic conditions from which we suffer. Certain vitamin
deficiency can be detected by microscopy as well.

To fortify ourselves against disease, we take vitamins and supplements. But often these
vitamins are assimilated only minimally and sometimes not at all. If your vitamins are
doing what they should be, your blood cells should have good shape and size, something
which can be detected under a microscope. If not, then your vitamins are not being
assimilated. You can take all the enzymes you want, but if you don't have the enzymes to
catalyze absorption, nothing will happen.

                              Benefits of Live Cell Analysis

      You can see your nutritional condition on the TV screen, video tape the results
       and monitor your progress on a monthly basis
      You can customize a nutritional program suited to your own needs
      Success in adhering to the program since you have the proof staring you in the
       face which reinforces the necessity of doing it right
      Feeling healthier both physically and mentally


*Acid Crystals
*Fibrous Thallus
*L-Forms Mesosomes in the Serum
*Neutrophil Hypersegmentation
*Neutrophilic Viability
*Parasitized Red Blood Cells
*Protein Linkage
*Rod Forms
*Spicules or Fibrin
*Target Cell
*Thrombocyte Aggregation

After a blood examination is complete, we can then assess one’s current health status and
develop a plan to restore the body to a balanced state. Through lifestyle and diet
modification it is possible to change one’s health.