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                                              LINDA CHRISTMAN

           WHEREAS, Linda began her life as a Texas girl and spent her formative years in the
Alamo State; and

            WHEREAS, her childhood progressed from hanging out with cowboys in Cadillacs to
hippies at Texas A&M, of all unlikely places; and

            WHEREAS, this background combined to give us a woman with the wit and wisdom of
her "state-mates" Ann Richards and Molly Ivins; and

            WHEREAS, like legions of others in that Summer of Love era, Linda hitched a U-Haul
(and her dreams) behind her VW van and headed for California; and

            WHEREAS, Linda began her career as an occupational therapist at a psychiatric hospital
in Oakland; and

           WHEREAS, she moved on to get her M.A. in public administration at Hayward State and
began a distinguished career in public service working in Santa Clara County, Santa Cruz, San
Leandro, Danville and Fairfax; and

             WHEREAS, Linda was hired as Assistant County Administrator by Marin County in 1996
and has built a proud legacy from her work as project manager for the Marin County Strategic Plan
and the Marin County Facilities Master Plan. She has also spearheaded improvements in customer
service, the agenda-setting process, records management and capital planning; and

           WHEREAS, Linda was the inspiration and administrative leader for several major
intergovernmental collaborations including the Cable Rate Regulation JPA, the Marin
Telecommunications Agency, the Richardson Bay Regional Agency, MarinMap and the Marin
Emergency Radio Authority; and

            WHEREAS, Linda has provided invaluable expertise, commitment and leadership in
support of organizational development in the County’s government, has succeeded in working with
employees at all levels to achieve positive change, and is held in high professional and personal
esteem by all her colleagues; and

             WHEREAS, Linda and her husband will be living in Leighton, Pennsylvania in the
Pennsylvania Dutch Country. We hope (in the local vernacular) that she stays "ohmhankish" (madly
in love) with life but, if she ever feels "rutchy" (can't sit still), that she'll hop on a plane and come visit
her legions of friends in the Bay Area.

             NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Marin County Board of Supervisors
hereby PASSED AND ADOPTED a Resolution honoring Linda Christman for her professional
excellence, her exceptional accomplishments and her personal contributions at a regular meeting of
the Board of Supervisors of the County of Marin held this Tuesday, the 24th day of June, 2003 by the
following vote:

AYES:        SUPERVISORS           Susan L. Adams, Harold C. Brown, Jr., Steve Kinsey,
                                   Cynthia L. Murray, Annette Rose

NOES:        SUPERVISORS           None

ABSENT: SUPERVISORS                None

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