Lessons From Judas

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					                             Lessons From Judas

1) In this lesson I want to talk about one who did some great things for the Lord.
    A) This person sat at the feet of Jesus.
    B) This person suffered the rejection of men for Christ.
    C) This man worked many miracles and preached in Jesus’ name.
    D) Today I want to talk about Judas Iscariot – the Apostle of Christ.
2) We tend to think of Judas as a terrible man and a murderer, and he was, but I
   believe that the Bible tells us that he was not always the bad man that we
   remember him to be. There were some mistakes that he made that led him to
   become the betrayer of the Lord.
3) I’m not trying to justify him, or say that he was innocent of the betrayal of Jesus –
   the things he did were his own fault, and he will have to answer to God for them.
4) I think that we can look at the life of Judas and see his mistakes and learn from
   them so that we don’t let sinful mistakes ruin our lives like they ruined Judas’.
1) When Christ called Judas to be an apostle, Judas was an ordinary man just like the
   rest of the apostles.
    A) Acts 1:16-17 – He was numbered with them.
        1) Luke 6:12-16
           (a) Jesus called His DISCIPLES to Him.
           (b) It says that Judas BECAME a traitor.
    B) Acts 1:16-17 – He obtained a part in the ministry of Christ.
        1) Luke 9:1-6, 10 - When something is obtained, it is worked for.
           (a) He left his possessions to preach the gospel.
           (b) He probably had to shake the dust off of his feet.
           (c) He worked miricles.
           (d) Verse 10 – Do we think that Judas was the only one who did not tell
               Jesus of his deeds?
        2) Luke 8:9 – As a disciple, would it be strange to think that he would not be
           part of this group asking Jesus to explain His teachings?
        3) Mark 9:33-34
            (a) Did Judas enter into the arguments about who would be the greatest in
                the kingdom of Heaven?
            (b) I would say that he certainly did. Why did all of the apostles – even
                Judas – keep silent when Jesus asked them what they were talking
                about on the road?

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            (c) I would also say that Judas had “proofs” to give the other disciples as
                to why he would be the greatest in the kingdom.
        4) Judas appeared to be a faithful disciple even up to just hours before the
           Lord was betrayed.
            (a) Matthew 26:20-25
                (1) The other disciples had no idea that the betrayer would be Judas.
                (2) They thought it might just as easily have been one of them.
            (b) John 13:28-29 – The other apostles did not even know why Judas got
                up and left.
2) A look at Judas’ life, and the mistakes that he made that led up to his betrayal of
   the Lord.
    A) Judas had a small problem that grew into something bigger than what he
       wanted it to be – his problem was GREED.
        1) John 12:1-6. Note verse 6 - he was a theif and carried the money box
            (a) I don’t know how Judas came to be the one who carried the money
                (1) He might have volunteered.
                (2) One of the other disciples might have recommened him.
                (3) It doesn’t really matter.
            (b) What we do know is that Judas most likely knew that he had a problem
                with greed before he started carrying the money box.
                (1) If he didn’t know it beforehand, he found out very quickly when he
                    began to take money out of it for himself.
                (2) He may have started with just a few small coins, but that greed
                    beccame greater and greater until the money that was in the money
                    box was not enough. He had to find a new way to satisfy his
            (c) Judas knew that he was doing wrong.
                (1) He had seen the rich young ruler go away sorrowful and all ow the
                    treasures in this life keep him from God’s kingdom.
                (2) He had seen Jesus drive the money changers out of the temple.
                (3) He had heard the teachings of Jesus concerning materialism.
            (d) Judas did not have to let greed be a problem for him.
                (1) We can have temptations that give us trouble, but still not be
                    caused to sin.
                     (i) Dr. Blackjack example.
                (2) When he realized he had a problem with greed, he could have
                    given the mony box to someone else.
                (3) He could have sought help from the Lord, or one of the other

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                (4) He had the best help anyone could ever have right there with him,
                    but he chose to continue to sin.
                (5) He “made provision for the flesh.” Romans 13:14
        2) We finally see Judas allow greed to completely take him over in Matthew
           26:14-16 when he agreed to betray the Son of God for money – 30 pieces
           of silver.
3) Judas did not betray the Lord out of hatred for Christ.
    A) Matthew 27:3-5 does not sound like someone who had triumphed over
       someone that they hated.
        1) He was remorseful “when he saw that Jesus was condemned.”
        2) He brought back the money.
        3) He went out and hanged himself.
    B) He didn’t believe Jesus would die.
        1) Remember Peter in Matthew 16:21-23? “Far be it from you Lord!”
        2) Judas, like Peter, could not conceive of the Messiah dying – that, to their
           minds, could not have been part of the plan.
        3) Judas expected to get his money, and either for Jesus to be found innocent,
           or when they tried to kill him, for Jesus to call His 12 legions of angels, or
           for fire to rain down from heaven on those who dared to kill the Son of
    C) Isn’t it sad that if he had waited 3 days, that all his troubles might have gone
        1) Peter, who denied the Lord, became one of the early church’s greatest
        2) Who knows what Judas might have become?
4) Lessons from Judas:
    A) We can appear to be something that we’re not, but hypocrisy leads to misery.
    B) We must not let a small sin in our life grow into something that little by little
       consumes us so that we do something we regret.
    C) The wages of sin can truly be physical death, not just spiritual death.
    D) We can set ourselves up for sin. We must not let that happen.

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