CSE 598B Project Proposal by carlmartin


									   CSE 598B Project Proposal

A monitoring system for distributed systems
       (e-commerce type systems)
                 Arjun R. Nath
One of the fundamental properties of a Self-* system is that it
              should be able to monitor itself.

➔Current state of the art

➔Outline of system

➔Issues to be addressed
Current status of Industry :

Not much use of self-* systems in industry (e-commerce, enterprise

Enterprise systems growing in complexity, human resource requirement to
handle this is also growing.

Systems with a reasonably high degree of self-healing properties are very
expensive (HP's TANDEM)

Companies are spending big dollars on building self-healing systems from
scratch or instilling self-healing properties into existing systems (IBM
mainframes, Solaris 10)

In many e-commerce systems – monitoring is rudimentary or absent (either
at the app or OS level)

1- Survey of current status of self-healing systems, including survey of
curent literature and implementations

2- Design of a monitoring system for distributed systems.

3- Implementation of a small prototype/example of a distributed
monitoring system

5-Analyse implementation to see how well it performs. Is it better than
other implementations ?
             Basic outline of the monitoring system

Reporting agent - “Reporter”
     Look at the logs
     look at the VM/OS
     Send message to Monitor/Manager

     receive reports from reporting agents
     store history of reports
     analyse reports
     take/advise action

Messages :
     What to report ?
     Fixed set / open set ?
     TCP or UDP ? Which and why?
Issues that the project will/should try to address:

1 Communication – TCP or UDP- which one and why ? We don't want to
clog the network with transmissions.

2 How “thick” should be the reporting agent be ?

3 What should the reporting agent monitor and report on ? (Applications,
resources, OS)

4 What should the monitor do ? How intelligent should it be ?

5 Can all this be made using currently available (and cheap) software ?
My opinion is that it can be.

6 What can we do with the information given to us by the reporting
agents ?

7 How much of a load on the systems and network does the monitoring
system create ? How do we minimize this?

8 Can we use this monitoring system for resource provisioning ?
Suggestions ?

Should be non-intrusive , low overhead

Questions ?

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