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					    Inside This Issue        October 30, 2003   Issue 25

       MARS Release:
1          Monday, November 3
          ADVANTAGE Version 2.1.019:                                   Monday, November 3
          Procurement Desktop (PD) Version
2          4.12.10:/Top Ten List                           On Monday, November 3, new releases of
           1. Password Security                            MARS      ADVANTAGE       and    Procurement
           2. Master Agreement (MA) Ceiling and            Desktop (PD) software will be available. A full
              Usage Report                                 description of these changes is outlined in
4          3. Invoice Performance                          the MARS Release Notes posted at:
           4. Fixed Asset Exception Task
           5. Payment Terms                      
           6. Proof of Necessity Form Printing
           7. Online Bidding/Bid Evaluation Documents      Please Note: ADVANTAGE and PD will not
           8. Vendor Tracking Documents (i.e.,             be available Saturday, November 1 and
5             Vendor Complaint Form)                       Sunday, November 2, in preparation for the
           9. Solicitation Addendum Printing               upcoming software release.
          10. Duplicate PCARD Numbers
          PD Users: Error Message When the PD             ADVANTAGE Version 2.1.019:
           Database Is Not Functioning
6         New Cited Authority                             With this release, a large number of desktop
          1099 Seagate Report for Calendar Year           changes have occurred that are primarily
           2003 Now Available
                                                           technical in nature, and that generally will not
7         MRDB PD Data Reports Now Available              be noticed by users. The purpose of many of
                                                           these technical changes is to eliminate most
        If you have questions, please contact:
                                                           of the segmentation violation errors received
              Customer Resource Center
                                                           by users in prior versions of the software.
                        Phone: 564-9641
                                                           Users may notice the following enhancements:
     Email:               The new print keyboard shortcut “CNTL+K"

                                                           (Cont’d at top of next page)

                                                .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
MARS AND BEYOND Newsletter                                                   October 30, 2003 Issue 25

   has been configured to print the active      The following is a list of the Top Ten
   window. Users may still use the print        highlights of the PD release:
   keyboard shortcut "CNTL+SHIFT+P" to
   print the entire Desktop screen.             1. Password Security

 A message box notifying users of their           When logging into the new version of
  upcoming password expiration will be              PD, EACH USER’S current password will
  displayed four days prior to when it              be expired and the user will be
  expires.                                          prompted to create a new password.

Please remember that ADVANTAGE will
                                                     Users should click on the <Yes> button
automatically sync; however, users should
                                                      and the Change Password window will
verify the ADVANTAGE version number after
they logon.

                                                     Users should complete the Password
Procurement Desktop (PD) Version 4.12.10:             and Verify fields and click on the <OK>

                                                PLEASE NOTE:
                                                 When entering the Password in the
                                                  Password field, users will need to enter a
    Users should perform a PD Sync
                                                  password that conforms to the KY
                                                  standards as described in the following
         to their login to PD on                  paragraphs.
         Monday, November 3.
                                                 Users should enter the same password in
To synchronize PD, users will need to double
                                                  the Verify field as in the Password field.
click on the PD Sync icon located on their
desktop. This icon should be located within a
MARS applications folder, but this may
depend upon how a user’s desktop is

(PLEASE NOTE: Performing a TNS_Names
Sync is NOT required.)
           (Cont’d at top of next column)                      (Cont’d at top of next page)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                                2
MARS AND BEYOND Newsletter                                                         October 30, 2003 Issue 25

   New PD passwords must contain exactly 7
    characters and include at least:

        One number
        One letter
        One special character (any non-                Password resets will be received in all
         alphabetic   and     non-numeric                lower case letters; and must be carefully
         character)                                      reviewed and entered exactly as they have
                                                         been set. The clarity of some of the
   New PD passwords must be different                   characters may be difficult to discern, so
    from the last 12 passwords used and                  it is important to pay close attention to
    will expire after 30 days.                           what you have received. Remember to
                                                         especially watch for these characters that
   If your password does not meet             the       closely resemble one another: the lower
    specified criteria, you will receive       the       case letter [ l ], the number [ 1 ], the
    error message below indicating that        the       exclamation mark [ ! ], and the
    new password does not conform to            KY       parentheses [ ( ], [ ) }.
                                                        Passwords issued by the CRC will expire
                                                         immediately upon login and the user will be
                                                         prompted to create a new password upon

   The system will lock out the PD                  IMPORTANT REMINDER: Users will enter
    password after three failed login                their new password when prompted for a
    attempts. (Closing PD does not reset the         password in the document approval process.
    number of attempts.) The user will then
    receive an error message to contact the          To change your password within PD other
    Customer Resource Center to have their           than when required:
    PD password reset.
                                                          Click the Utilities>Preferences menu
   Users should contact the CRC via email at              option. The Preferences window opens.       to   request
    assistance with password changes, if                  Complete     the Old Password, New
    needed. After the CRC has reset the                     Password and Verify Password fields
    password, users will receive a screen print             and click the <OK> button.
    response via email that contains the new
    password.                                               (See the screenshot below.)
              (Cont’d at top of next column)                          (Cont’d at top of next page)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                                    3
MARS AND BEYOND Newsletter                                                         October 30, 2003 Issue 25

                                                    references a Delivery Order:

                                                    Also, in prior versions of PD users were
                                                    obtaining invalid error messages indicating
                                                    they had exceeded the MA Usage ceiling,
                                                    if the “Not to Exceed” amount included
                                                    cents. Now the “Remaining Balance” field
                                                    on the MA Usage Report will accurately
                                                    display decimals.

2. Master Agreement (MA) Ceiling and
                                                   The MA Usage Report will now correctly
   Usage Report
                                                    reflect zero dollar invoices containing
                                                    two or more negative lines.
   Prior to this software release, when
    multiple MAs were awarded from the same
    solicitation, all Delivery Orders or        3. Invoice Performance
    Invoices that referenced any of the MAs
    were calculated in the MA Usage report of      Invoices that reference lengthy document
    the first MA (that was awarded from the         chains should process more efficiently.
    solicitation). Now the MA Usage report
    includes only the Delivery Order and        4. Fixed Asset Exception Task
    Invoice amounts of the referenced Master
    Agreement.                                      Changes have been made to ensure that
                                                    the Fixed Asset Exception Rules are fully
 In addition, some users previously have           implemented. That is, the 00000000000
  created invoices from a Delivery Order,           “all commodities” code that allows agencies
  then used the Find Match button on the            to set a Fixed Asset Exception dollar limit
  Invoice to add another line from the              for all fixed asset commodities is now
  Master Agreement. This process corrupted          functioning properly.
  the validity of the MA Usage report.
                                                5. Payment Terms
   With this software release, users will
    receive    the   message   below    when        Modifications have occurred to ensure
    attempting to use the Find Match                that when an invoice is generated directly
    functionality on an invoice that already        (Cont’d at top of next page)
    (Cont’d at top of next column)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                                      4
MARS AND BEYOND Newsletter                                                  October 30, 2003 Issue 25

    from a Market Basket (MB), the Catalog             been     created   from    a   Solicitation
    Master Agreement (CMA) Prompt payment              /Solicitation Modification document that
    discounts now default to the invoices.             is no longer the most current.

6. Proof of Necessity Form Printing                   An appropriate message box will now
                                                       appear if a user attempts to release a Bid
    It will no longer be necessary for users to       Eval document without any vendors shown.
    open a Personal Service Contract or MOA
    document in order to print the PON form.       8. Vendor Tracking Documents
    It can now be printed from the Locate             (i.e., Vendor Complaint Form)
    window by highlighting the document icon
    and clicking on the print button.                 Changes were made to the software to
                                                       ensure that Vendor Tracking Documents
7. Online Bidding/Bid Evaluation Documents             cannot be edited via the Procurement
                                                       >Post Award >Vendor Tracking >Review
   The Bid Evaluation document now displays           menu option.
    a text field indicating the version of the
    solicitation (to which the vendor has             Vendor Tracking Documents that have
    responded via the online bid process).             been “Resolved” may no longer be edited.
    This field replaces the “Online Bid
    Indicator” check box on the Bid Eval            9. Solicitation Addendum Printing
    document Main Tab.
                                                      The extended descriptions will now be
   Summaries of online as well as hardcopy            displayed on the web version of the
    bids (i.e., Record of Online Bid and Record        printed Solicitation Addendum, if the
    of Hard Copy Bid) can now be printed from          extended description of a line was
    the Bid Eval document. The Print and               modified, or if new lines were added or
    Print All buttons have been added to the           inserted.
    Bid Eval document to allow the printing of
    online and hard copy bid information.          10. Duplicate PCARD Numbers

   Users will no longer be able to release a         Changes were made to the System
    Bid Evaluation document unless all online          Administration PCARD Task to prevent a
    bids are loaded.                                   user/administrator from entering an
                                                       existing PCARD number under another
   A validation has been added to prevent a           ADMIN ID.
    Bid Evaluation/Bid Evaluation Modification
    document from being released if it has
    (Cont’d at top of next column)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                                   5
MARS AND BEYOND Newsletter                                                          October 30, 2003 Issue 25

                          PD Users:                         Users should select this new cited authority
                       Error Message When                   FAP-111-43-00-03-PSC Exemptions, where
                       the PD Database Is
                         Not Functioning

Effective with the new PD release, users will                             1099 Seagate Report for
receive the following errors (or similar) when                            Calendar Year 2003 Now
trying to logon to PD if the Oracle database                                      Available
is not functioning:
                                                            The 2003 “3190-P Agency 1099 Report” is
                                                            now available for agency use and can be found
                                                            in your Agency Statewide Monthly folder.
                                                            This report will provide your agencies with
                                                            1099    activity   from    January    through
                                                            September 2003 according to the Taxpayer
                                                            Identification Number.

                                                            If errors are detected in the report data,
                                                            corrections can be made to the 1099 file by
                                                            using the JVC (Journal Voucher Correction)
                                                            document. Complete the document as you
                                                            would any JVC document, with the exception
                                                            that the vendor fields must be completed for
If you receive these messages, please refer                 any 1099 reportable objects.
to the MARS News and Alerts web site for
further information at:                                     The Vendor/Cust field must read 'Vendor'
                                                            (available from the dropdown box) and the                    Code field should be completed with the
                                                            vendor number for the line with the 1099
You may also contact the CRC if you have any                reportable object. The vendor fields do not
questions.                                                  need to be completed for non-1099
                                                            reportable objects.

                     New Cited Authority                    If you need assistance contact your
                                                            accountant in the Division of Statewide
              A new cited authority has been
                                                            Accounting Services at 564-7750.
established for personal service contracts
(PSCs) that have been given exemption from
creating solicitations in accordance with FAP-
111-43-00-03.              (Cont’d at top of next column)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                                    6
MARS AND BEYOND Newsletter                                                October 30, 2003 Issue 25

                      MRDB PD Data Reports        For instance, if a contract was open in FYs
                         Now Available            2002, 2003 and 2004, and the FY parameters
                                                  for the First Day of the report were set for
There are two new contract reports available      FY2003 and FY2004, the report would also
in Seagate that are located in agencies' Root     include the payments from the inception of
folder (i.e., the main agency folder that lists   the contract (i.e., FY 2002) as well as for
the agency number and name).                      FY2003 and FY 2004 for Total Amount Paid.
One report is the PD Contract Usage Report        **You may double click on "Total Amount
Summary. To access data in this report users      Paid" Amount to obtain a detailed list of the
should set the following parameters on the        contract payments.
Prompts Tab:
                                                  **The cross-tab at the end of the report is a
1) Buying Entity - Enter as much of the           summary of the contract amounts and
buying entity you need to report. For             summary of amounts paid.
      49 - All Cabinet for Health Services        The other     available report is the PD
      495- All Department for Public Health       Contracts Not Released. To access data in
      495004- All Maternal and Child Health       this report users should set the following
2) First Day - Select the first day of the
fiscal year you are reporting. For example:       1) Buying Entity – Enter as much of the
       7/1/2002 for FY 2003                          buying entity you need to report. For
       7/1/2003 for FY 2004                          example:
                                                         49 – All Cabinet for Health Services
3) Last Day - Select the last day of the                 495- All Department for Public Health
fiscal year you are reporting. For example:              495004- All Maternal and Child Health
       6/30/2003 for 2003
       6/30/2004 for 2004                         2) Doc_Types – Select the types of
                                                     documents you want to include. Choices
4) Doc_Types - Select the types of                   include:
documents you want to include. Doc_types are              MOA- Memorandum of Agreement
based on document subtypes. Choices include:              PSC- Personal Service Contracts
      MOA- Memorandum of Agreement                        UNV – University Contracts
      PSC- Personal Service Contracts                     OTHER- OTHER
      UNV - University Contracts
      OTHER- OTHER                                3) Fiscal_Year – Select as many Fiscal Years
                                                     as you require.
Notes: Payments, regardless of the FY
parameters that are set, are included on the      If you need assistance with accessing these
report from inception to current date.            reports, you may contact the CRC.
       (Cont’d at top of next column)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                                 7