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                   The Luke Nine Eleven Training Programme
                                   Dynamic Training in
                    Discipleship · Healing · Deliverance · Evangelism
The Luke Nine Eleven Training Programme
  Peter Horrobin, the founding director of Ellel Ministries, had the vision of Pierrepont
 being a ‘teaching hospital’, people from all nations being taught and at the same time
              ministering into the lives of people coming with deep needs.

            Personal Notes from Peter Horrobin and Jill Southern

                     As trainees give their                      NETS will equip you to
                     testimony at the end                        be a Holy Spirit filled
                     of each programme, I                        disciple, sold out for
                     am constantly in awe of                     God, leading a Christ-
                     how God has brought                         centred Kingdom
                     deep healing to them,                       life. The scripturally
established His foundations in their lives,    based teaching is life changing, covers
enlarged their vision, and increased their     a wide range of subjects, and stirs up an
desire to fulfil it.                           excitement and a sense of urgency to take
                                               the healing to the lost and broken.
Come and join trainees from all over
the world in a profoundly life changing        I am personally very excited about the
time at Ellel Pierrepont. You will not be      developments in NETS in recent years
disappointed!                                  which have seen the introduction of the
                                               fourth stage. Having been privileged to
                                               see the transforming power of God in the
                                               lives of the NETS trainees, I encourage
                                               you to seriously consider giving God five
                                               to ten months of your life to come on the

Peter Horrobin                                 Jill Southern
International Director, Ellel Ministries       Centre Director, Ellel Pierrepont
  What Does a 21st Century                    Luke 9:11
  Disciple of Jesus Christ                     where Jesus welcomed people,
                                              spoke to them about the Kingdom
  Look Like?                                  of God, and healed those in need.

  Jesus entrusted the precious things
  of the Kingdom to His disciples.
  He is still doing it today. If you are
  looking to walk in power, and learn
  in a dynamic environment where
  you see the outworking of Matt 6:10,
  “Thy kingdom come…..”, then the
  NETS experience will be just what
  you are looking for.
                                             HEar inspirational
  NETS is based on Luke 9:11 where           and revelatory biblical
  Jesus welcomed people, spoke to            teaching about all aspects
  them about the Kingdom of God, and         of the Kingdom of God.
  healed those in need.
                                             SEE demonstrations in
  When training His disciples Jesus          healing and deliverance,
  used the Hear, See, Do model.              and see what a Kingdom
  A 21st century disciple is no different,   lifestyle looks like.
  which is why on NETS we follow the
  same pattern.                              Do healing and
                                             restoration ministry
  Trainees from previous NETS are            into the lives of hurting
  serving God in over 65 countries           people, all within a safe
  – seeing lives transformed by His          and caring environment.
  power. Jesus started His remarkable        You will begin to truly live
  mission with just twelve key               as a 21st century disciple.
  individuals 2000 years ago. They,
  with others who followed in their          ExPEriENCE
  footsteps, have turned the world           community living
  upside down. At this urgent hour in        with those who are
  world history are YOU ready ?              passionate about the
                                             Great Commission

Unique Training, For Your Unique Purpose, For Such A Time As This!
 Matt 4:19
   “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and
   I will make you fishers of men.”

   Trainees come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences
   from many different parts of the world, but from day one they
   discover they have a common purpose and are united in their call
   to step out, follow Jesus and do the things He did.

                      During the first stage you will find:
                         • A chance to look at the foundations of what
                           you believe and what you have been doing
                           in your Christian walk.
                         • Dynamic teaching that will challenge and
                           build you up for your future.
                         • How to get to the roots of issues in
                           people’s lives.
                         • A safe place and a time to reflect.
                         • God starts to heal YOU along the way.

                      Your practical training starts as you take part in
                      ministry through Healing Retreats, conferences and
                      workshops. You will work alongside experienced
                      people who will encourage and help you.

                                      “... a safe place to learn, a safe place to be,

1 EGATS                          a safe place to cry and a safe place to change.”

                     Teaching takes place in classroom situations, groups, workshops and
              tutorials. Teaching will be done by members of the Ellel Ministries teaching
                  team under the direction of Peter Horrobin and Jill Southern. We have
                  more than 25 teachers who come from all walks of life and experience.
                                                               Matt 7:24
                             “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them
                                 into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.”

         THE KINGDOM Of GOD IS lIKE .....
             A HOUSE bUIlT ON SOlID ROCK....
         building on solid foundations you will continue to learn
         and apply Kingdom principles.

         You will have the opportunity to:
         • Practically apply what you are learning
            through Healing Services, Healing Retreats
            and conferences.
         •   Minister to the wider church body as part
             of a team taking teaching and ministry to
             local churches.
         •   Receive further teaching on key topics.
         •   Take part in evangelism.

         Your confidence will grow as you see God
         touching lives and using you in many
         different ways. You will experience a little of
         what the disciples experienced after Jesus
         had sent them out, seeing people being set
         free and strengthened in their walk.

      “It was one thing to see people being set
      free when coming to Pierrepont but to go
      out to a local church and see the Lord touch
      and change so many lives was amazing.”
                                                                          STaGE 2
                                                                          2 EGATS
Ellel Pierrepont is a 35 acre estate with beautiful river walks, a
football field, outdoor swimming pool, spacious lounges, a well
stocked bookshop and computer facilities. It is also surrounded
by beautiful English countryside.
 Matt 28:19 - 20
  “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the father and of the
  Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”

                   A DIffERENT GEAR NOW!
              by now you have acquired a range of skills and a good
              grasp of the keys to healing and discipleship. Now it’s time
              to teach and disciple others.

                           The first part of the stage you will be learning:
                            • How to teach: This may be one-to-one
                              in ministry or, for those who are able, it
                              could be teaching Kingdom principles on a
                              Healing Retreat.
                             • How to be part of a team: In drama,
                               worship and ministry - relying on others
                               and playing your part.
                             • How to lead: Where appropriate, trainees
                               are encouraged to lead in ministry,
                               worship and teaching.

                           Then you will pack your bags and go on a two
                           week overseas mission putting everything
                           into practice and leaning heavily on God’s
                           supernatural ability. This is the highlight of
                           the stage and is often a real adventure taking
                           trainees out of their ‘comfort zone’. Previous
                           missions have been to India, South Africa,
                           Thailand, Ghana, Kenya and Malaysia.
3 EGATS                          NETS will challenge, change and equip you for a
                                lifetime of service. It’s time to get out of the boat
                                      and see what God will do. It’s time for NETS!
                                                  John 14:12
                           “Jesus said: Anyone who has faith in me will do what I have
                               been doing. He will do even greater things than these.”

      further refining takes place as you really focus on the destiny and
      purpose that God has called you into. You begin to define what His
      call on your life is and are mentored and encouraged to embrace
      this calling and to move into it.

        This is done through:-
         • Mentoring
         • further teaching
         • Extensive ministry practice
         • Running events as part of a team
         • leadership training

        After all of this it’s not surprising that
        NETS trainees say their life is
        Never Ever The Same after NETS!

“What God has done on NETS has been abundantly
                                                                  STaGE 4
                                                                  4 EGATS
Who is NETS for?
more than I could ever have imagined. He has in Kingdon authority
It’s for anyone from 18 to 80+ who desires to walk
and bring healing to am no longer wounded, outcast,
changed my name, Iothers. No formal qualifications are required.
lonely and afraid. He is restoring me.”


                     IS GOD cALLING YOU TO A DEEPER wALk wITH HIM?
                     Then this is your opportunity to receive training for His
                     unique purpose for you. Make this year, the year that counts.

                     Contact the NETS office for more information:

                                 Email:            nets@ellelministries.org
                                 Phone:            +44 (0) 1252 797350
                                 Address: Ellel Ministries Pierrepont
                                          frensham Road, farnham
                                          Surrey, GU10 3Dl, UK
                                 website:          www.NeverEverTheSame.com

The Christian Trust – Registered Charity 1041237                                                          Company Registration Number 2883771
Scottish Charity Commission SC038860                                                                            Registered Ofiice at Ellel Grange
                                    International Headquarters at Ellel Grange, Ellel, lancaster, lA2 0HN, UK

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