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					                                  Parish Newsletter
            Parish of St. Laurence O’Toole, Kilmacud
                        31st January 2010

       Fr. Tony Coote, Adm.         2889879
       Fr. Martin Harte, CC         2882257
       Fr. Joseph Doran, CC         2880595
       Parish Sister:       Sr. Catherine Greene 2985908
       Parish Secretary:    Sheila Behan         2884009
       Parish Office:     Monday to Friday 9.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.
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The Deep End             In the Dark
When it comes to energy and matter we’re in the dark. Satellite images of leftover
energy from the Big Bang show things as they were 400,000 years after the Bang. To
put that into perspective: it means seeing something as it was 13 billion years ago.
Analysing their findings, scientists have discovered that only 4.6 percent of the total
universe is made of stuff we can see. The rest, in the form of dark matter and dark
energy, is invisible and mystifying. Dark matter holds our galaxies together; dark
energy drives them apart. Their interaction means that while there won’t be more
matter in the universe there will be more space – lots more. So much more that
neighbouring galaxies will disappear into the void. We’ll find ourselves even more
cosmically isolated than we already are. Something to look forward to!
Better to look forward to what God’s word promises. God’s image in today’s First
Reading (Isa 6:1-8) shows him as majestic and transcendent. Yet God cares for his
people. He sends Isaiah on a mission to them. This mighty God, for whom our Big
Bang was neither big nor a bang, cares for his creation. A cold and lonely universe is
not part of his plan for us.
Couldn’t be since he sends his son to us later. As the seraphs cover their faces before
the majesty of God in that First Reading so too does Peter as he falls before Jesus’
knees in awe in the Gospel reading. (Luke 5:1-11)
Take your pick: dark matter, dark future; glorious God, glorious future.
Fr Tom Cahill SVD, Divine Word Missionaries, Donamon, Co Roscommon
         Mass Intentions for this Week end                                    Recently Deceased
Saturday 6.00pm Owen Stapleton (Months Mind)
                Philip Quinn (Anniversary)                                We remember those of our
                Patrick Howley (Anniversary)
                Tom & Angela McDonnell (Anniversary)
                                                                          Parish family who have died
Sunday 9.00am Altar List of the Dead                                      recently.
       10.00am Michael Brophy (Anniversary)
       11.00am Nellie Boyce (Months Mind)                                     Bernard Joseph
                Niall Stallard (Anniversary)
                Kevin Haugh (Anniversary)
                Michael Breslin (Anniversary)                                 Breda Merrigan
       12.00 pm John Kennedy (Months Mind)                                    William O’Grady
                Tom Byrne & members of the Byrne                              Honorah Phillips
                Family (Anniversary)
                Patricia & Charles Smith (Anniversary)
                                                                              Patrick Keating
                Noel & Owen Walsh (Anniversary)
                                                                          If you would like support,
***********************************************************************   now or in the future please
John O’Dwyer’s Team of collectors are on next week end.
                                                                          ring Bethany Bereavement
                                                                          Support at 2886144.

      Parish Lotto                                              Jackpot this week €16,750
      Last week’s winning numbers were:
      First Jackpot: 1,22,23,27     Second Jackpot: 3,13,14,19

      C & D won the Sellers’ Prize, and there were the usual Consolation Prizes. Two
      draws on Saturday at 7 p.m. in the Parish Centre. Tickets available at usual
      outlets at €2 each.

                        Special Collection for Haiti this week – end
      There will be a special collection at all Masses this weekend, 6th& 7th
      February to contribute to the relief assistance and the reconstruction in Haiti.
      This special
      collection will replace the usual Share Collection.

                 Stillorgan Kilmacud Active Retirement Association
      Meeting for members on Monday 8th February at 2.30 p.m. in the Parish

                                 Items for Newsletter
      Items for inclusion in the weekly Newsletter must be sent into the Parish
      Office by 12 noon on Wednesday.
                          Parish Book Centre

New books on our shelves include:
Into the Desert. Reflections for Lent by George Lacey O.S.B.
Daily Reflections for Lent by Jay Cormier
Reviewing our Lives on the Lenten Journey by Andy Alexander S.J. &
      Maureen McCann Waldron
Dublin Diocesan Guidebook 2010
Benedictus—John O’Donohue
A selection of Mass Cards and Greeting Cards

                           ACCORD Collection
The Annual Collection of ACCORD, The Diocesan Agency for Marriage and
the Family, will be made at all Masses next week end 13th & 14th February.
   The Collection for ACCORD will replace the usual Share Collection.

ACCORD Dublin throughout the diocese offers:
Marriage Preparation Courses
Counselling for couples and individuals experiencing difficulties in their
Marital Sexual Therapy
A Relationship and Sexuality Programme in Schools.

                ACCORD Dublin needs your support

                Stillorgan/Kilmacud Historical Society
The Committee of the Society regret that the January meeting had to be
cancelled but felt it was necessary for health and safety reasons. It is
hoped to reschedule that talk in the autumn.

The February meeting will take place on Thursday next, 11th
February at 8 p.m. in the Function Room, Glenalbyn. Shane O’Toole,
architect critic, will chair the talk ‘Shopping Centres from Stillorgan to
Dundrum’. All are welcome.
                                Ellen Moorhead
Peter and Karina Moorhead would like to extend an invitation to all the people
of the Parish to join them in the Parish Centre after 12 Mass on Sunday 7th
February to celebrate with their daughters Lara and Ellen in thanksgiving for
Ellen’s continuing receovery back to health.

                            Carmelites: Thank You
Dear Brothers and Sisters of our Parish of St. Laurence’s, we wish to thank all
those who faithfully joined us for Evening Prayer during the Octave of Prayer
for Christian Unity. May we work as apostles of unity in this coming year and
really be witnesses of the Lord’s Death and Resurrection in these challenging

We thank you too for your kind expression of sympathy and support on the
recent death for our dear Sr. Philomens, RIP. The Carmelite Community of

Emmanuel ‘10, March 24th & 25th, 8 p.m. At the Helix, Dublin 9. Tickets
available from the Helix Box Office— The Emmanuel
Music Initative is a project of the Dublin Diocesan Commission for sacred

            World Day of the Sick 6th & 7th February
Sunday 7th February—Celebration of Mass with Anointing of the
Sick in the Church of the Good Shepherd, Churchtown, Dublin 14.
3 p.m.

Questions people ask

Q. What does holy mean?
A. I consider holy to be one of the most expressive words in the English language. It is
a word that comes up from the depths of the lungs, expressing a sigh for the infinite
God who is over all, beyond all and within all. When Peter saw the power of Jesus
manifested in the huge haul of fish, he experienced the otherness or holiness of God in
contrast to his own frailty or sinfulness. Form your breath into that word, holy, and it
becomes a mantra sighing for God.
Fr Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap Email

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