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					After completing the training with Jim Fay and Foster Cline at the Love and Logic institute,
we have been teaching the Becoming a Love and Logic Parent® courses for four years to a
total of about 125 parents. The upcoming course will be the 6th series in the Bay Area. We
are privileged to be able to witness motivated parents attend the courses, share their
experiences, and apply the Love and Logic techniques in their homes and at work. Several
parents take the series a second and even a third time. Below are a few quotes from our
Alumni.                                               - Bendik & Vonny Kleveland

Love and Logic has enabled me to trick people into thinking I'm a great parent, or that I
have abnormally compliant kids. I often find people impressed by some of the L&L
techniques I use with my kids. Giving my kids choices like, "would you like to leave now or in
5 minutes?", or "what sounds better... broccoli, or asparagus?" works like magic. Another
favorite is something like, "thanks for picking up your toys before dinner" and then they go
and do it without stalling or complaint! On-lookers are usually in awe at how well it works.
                                                       - Jenny Rowen

We couldn't believe how powerful responding with empathy would work. Each session
provided more positive results with each new skill. Vonny and Bendik were excellent
instructors and were able to relate to parent's concerns/challenges. Each session went
quickly because it wasn't strictly lecture. There was video, small group discussions, skits and
lecture. I would take the class again and have been highly recommending it to my friends.
                                                       - Christine Solorio

Love and Logic improved our lives dramatically. In addition to learning about parenting, we
learned some great life lessons as well! We learned some easy to apply parenting tips to
maintain our day-to-day sanity. More importantly, we gained new perspectives on helping our
kids become responsible adults. If you would like to ask me about our experience, please call
me at (650) 947-4727.                   - Andy Wong, Realtor, Intero Real Estate Services

When my three year old son is putting up a fuss leaving somewhere I kindly say "would you
like to walk like a big boy or should I carry you?" It keeps me calm and he usually decides to
walk. If I do end up having to carry him I still feel like I'm in the solution and that is
empowering. Choices are great!                           - Melissa Fletscher, stay at home mom

Ownership was a huge word for me. I never realized that as long as I "owned" my daughter's
problems that she no longer was concerned with them. As soon as I learned to make her
aware that the problem was hers and not mine, my stress and her resistance
levels decreased dramatically. I have also found this skill highly effective with my husband,
co-workers and friends.                                - Miki Wallace

Through Love and Logic, my husband and I have learned a new forum for discussing our
children’s’ behavior issues. Now we enjoy tackling parenting concerns, deciding on solutions
and implementing respectful (logical!) new rules and routines with our girls. The results have
been very positive. We’ve also learned more about the importance of spending quality time
with our children.                                     - Christy Barrese, Teacher

It also was very interesting to share experiences with other parents, to learn about the
problems they had with their children and how they tried to solve them. This was a fun class
with a lot of group interaction, role play...         - Angela Schultz

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