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                                                                             Praying for Healing
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                                                 Praying for Healing
                                                       By John Palmer, Ph.D.
                                       Healing is anything that occurs within your being
INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                that brings you closer to God.
1   Praying for Healing
                              Perhaps that is too simplistic a definition. Yet it surely covers the outcome
1   Spiritual Healing         of any and all healing experiences. Let me go a bit further.
                              Healing is experienced internally as a personal response from God.
2   Emotional Healing         Something happens within the individual wherein he or she knows something
                              has changed. When there is a physical healing, it is quite obvious. Everyone
3   Getting Started
                              rejoices for the person who is healed physically. The physical healing is
    Praying for Healing       obvious. It cannot be denied.
4   Beginner’s Luck?
                              When the healing is spiritual, emotional or mental it is a private experience
                              of a change within the person. There is no visible sign of change physically.
                              This type of healing while not visible to others is quite profound for the
                              person who experiences healing.

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                                                      Spiritual Healing
Where two or more are                                    By John Palmer, Ph.D.
gathered in My Name,          A “born again” experience is a spiritual healing. The person feels the
        I am there!           presence of God somehow within his or her being. There is an inner joy that
                              is undeniable. There is an inner Peace that defies understanding.

                              Let me give you an example of someone I know who experienced a spiritual
                              healing. I had a woman in practice that was going through a terrible time in
                              her marriage. She and her husband were not married in the church due to
                              previous marriages. In fact their marriage was “an open marriage.”

                              One day she was drawn to a conference on healing. Father Robert De
                              Grandis was the celebrant at the mass in the conference. At the time of
                              consecration of the Mass, Father held up the Host. As is his custom, he held
                              it up for many minutes for all to see.

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                                                              Emotional Healing

                                                           Emotional Healing also occurs internally.

                                          Emotional healing also occurs internally in such a way that the healing is not
                                         evident to others.

     Linger with Jesus                   I will share a story of person who had been depressed for years and unable to
                                         work because of the depression.
  within you after Mass.
         Let His Love                    He came into my office one afternoon to tell me what had happened the
                                         previous day. He indicated that on the previous day, he was so depressed he
        fill you totally.
                                         was entertaining suicidal thoughts. He was quite serious about what he
      Pray with others                   wanted to do. Because he would go to Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
 For His Healing Touch.                  occasionally, he decided to go and let God have a chance to help him
                                         overcome his thoughts.

                                         He asked God to show him someone who was worse off than he was. He
                                         began to think of Steven McDonough a police officer that had been shot and
                                         paralyzed for years due to being shot. He thought about it and then told
                                         God. That’s pretty good! However I could have thought of him on my own.
                                         You have to do better than that. He prayed a little longer. The door to the
                                         chapel opened. He heard what sounded like a respirator. He looked around.
                                         Steven McDonough had just entered with chapel.

                                         He said to me later. “Was that God!” I responded. “Who else!”

                                         He is back at work now. He struggles a bit each day. However, he knows he
                                         has been touched and healed by God.

                                                                         Please see In the Emotional Healing on page 4

                                                 Praying for Healing from page 1
                                          Healing occurs in so many ways. Jesus loves us so much that He uses any and
                                          all means at His disposal to attract our attention and to draw us into His
                                          healing framework.
If anyone thirsts, let him come to me;
                                          It is important to realize that healing is what Jesus wants for us. Many times
   let him drink who believes in me.
                                          we reject this because we feel unworthy of healing. Jesus healed many times
            Scripture has it:
                                          during His public life thousands of years ago. There are those who believe
From within him rivers of living water
                                          that was when healing stopped. Yet, there are so many instances wherein
               shall flow.
              John 7:37-38
                                          healing has been documented by the Church as occurring in our times.
                                          Lourdes, for example, has ninety-five documented healings. We know there
                                          are many others. However, they are not documented via the stringent rules
                                          of the church analyses. Yet, people have experienced such healing.
                                          We will be emphasizing praying for healing after Mass on Sundays in as many
                                          parishes as possible. We want those at Mass, who are not accustomed to
                                          seeing parishioners praying for parishioners, not only see such prayer, but
                                          possibly experience healing in some form as an outcome of such prayer.
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     Getting Started Praying for Others
                  Praying for healing of others is
        allowing you to be used like an instrument of God.

It is important to realize that what happens does not depend on you. You are
merely the instrument. Jesus is the healer. You are being His Hands. You
are being His Heart.
In order to do so, it is necessary to spend time before praying with others in
His Presence. It is necessary to empty yourself of you so that you can be
fully open to His Healing Touch passing through you.

Divesting yourself of your ego is the first rule you must follow. When you
pray for others you have to just pray. You don’t solve problems. You just
pray. You don’t push people down. You just pray.
                                                                                   Do not let your hearts be troubled.
What prayers you say is up to you. Some people pray in tongues. Others use
                                                                                   Have faith in God and faith in Me.
formal prayers. Still others use scripture that may come to their minds.
                                                                                                John 14:1

The point is that you just be you. Let God be God. If He wishes to work
through you, He will. If you do not have any word gift or anything dramatic
occurs within you, perhaps your role is to be a member of the prayer team
where your prayers help others be more open to what God wants.

You begin to be useful in a healing ministry, when you realize that it is
merely the Jesus in you reaching out to the Jesus in others and letting Jesus
do the talking and the healing. You begin to realize. He knows what He is
doing. He’s been doing it forever.

Spiritual Healing from page 1
As she gazed on the Host, she felt a tremendous longing within her being to
receive His True Presence in the Eucharist, but she did not dare because of
her life style. From that day on she began to change her life style. To make a
long story short, both she and her husband cleared up annulments of their
marriages. She stopped the “open” aspect of her marriage much to the
dismay of her husband. He threatened to continue without her. He
threatened to divorce her. She held firm. He backed down. They both went
to the Sacrament of Reconciliation. They were married in the church. Their
marriage is still rocky. There is still so much inner healing needed for both of    The Paraclete, the Holy
them.                                                                               Spirit whom the Father
                                                                                     will send in my name,
 Three years after her experience at Mass with Father De Grandis, she                 will instruct you in
attended a healing service where he was the celebrant. At the Consecration
of the Mass, he held up the Host for an extended period of time.                    everything and remind
She gazed on the Host. She felt such heat within her. She longed to receive           you of all that I told
the True Presence in the Eucharist.                                                     you. John 14:26

That day she could. It was an overwhelming experience for her. She felt so
different. She cried tears of joy. She knew she had been healed spiritually.
 Page 4                                                                       Jesus and Psychology

Emotional Healing from page 2
So many people report experiencing the Peace of God when they come before Him in prayer in Adoration of
the Blessed Sacrament. If you go to Adoration, observe the people who come there to pray. You will see
people of different cultures come in awe before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Many appear to be in great pain. I have witnessed people in tears and in great distress coming before the
Blessed Sacrament. I have heard the sobs. I have seen the pain they are in. Somehow, the hysteria subsides.
They calm down. The person who was in such distress receives a gift of momentary inner Peace. It is as
though they unburdened themselves with a trusted friend. They somehow are comforted.

There are no prayer teams there. This just goes to underscore the fact that Jesus is the Healer. He gives
momentary respite from our human problems and concerns. All He asks is that we somehow surrender our
concerns to Him for a brief period of time and focus on His True Presence in the Eucharist in Adoration of the
Blessed Sacrament.

I have experienced such healing. I know you have too.

                                       Beginner’s Luck?
                                       By John Palmer
Father Bob McGuire ran Spirit Life Center in                I did as he asked. The first person rested in the
Plainview. I was associated with him for a number           Spirit. I was surprised. I thought I did something.
of years. He had monthly Mass with prayers for              When the next person came up, I thought that he
healing afterwards. One day he asked me to                  should rest in the spirit. Nothing happened. I
become part of his prayer team. I really thought he         then began to realize that I was not in charge.
was nuts. However, I accepted his offer even                The night progressed.
though I had no clue as to what I would do.
                                                            Towards the end of the line a couple came before
He told me that all I had to do was to be open to           us. They asked us to pray for their daughter who
God and God would help me pray for others. He               was living a life style of sin and was unbalanced
also said that in some way, God would let me know           in her thinking.
I was doing His Will.
                                                            I prayed in tongues. I heard a voice within me
There was a line before me. I was praying with              say, “Tell them I am sending My Archangel
another person for those who came up to us.                 Raphael to their daughter.” I resisted. I said, “Do
Father told us to ask for their name and to ask for         I have to say that?”
their prayer request. He then said for us to pray in
tongues or in any way that we wished and then get           The voice became more insistent. I still
out of the way.                                             hesitated. Finally, I gave in. I said, “I hear a
                                                            voice in me saying that He is sending the
                                                            Archangel Raphael to your daughter.”

                                                            To my amazement, the couple began to cry. I
                                                            said, “Why are you crying?”
                                                            They responded, “You do not know us. We are
                                                            from St. Raphael’s Parish.”

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                                                            isn’t so bad. Is it?

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