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     BEyOND ThE haBITUaL,
CITy Of ORIgIN.«         ake Rudolf, Dmy Berlin
    Berlin Products 09/10

    WELCOmE TO              Things and lives are subject to change. While the aim of design
                            varies with different ways of living, in some cases it turns out

    ThE fIRST EDITION       to be the other way around: ingenious design pieces can sup-
                            plement and enhance life and even change it – for the better.

    Of BERLIN PRODUCTS      As an international platform for contemporary product

    –                       design, DMY Berlin tracks the different routes of today‘s
                            design highlighting conceptual solutions and future trends
    SEaSON 09/10            that are worth to follow. Encouraging an ongoing exchange
    CURaTED By Dmy BERLIN   between the different disciplines and design cultures,
                            our platform organizes exhibitions in Asia, South America
                            and Europe and holds the DMY International Design Festival
                            every spring/summer in Berlin.

                            Showcasing available and prospective products, this catalogue
                            focuses on the creative work of designers living and working
                            in Berlin. Over the last twenty years, without doubt the city has
                           become a creative metropolis, decently deserving its title as       

                            'Unesco City of Design'. International designers and creatives
                            were drawn into the city after the turnaround and more and
                            more kept coming since then.
                            Attracted by both the interesting and fast-paced change of the
                            city and its resistant heterogeneous parts, designers and
                            creatives found numerous large and vacant workspaces and
                            faced quiet affordable living costs – compared to the ones of
                            other international capitals – that did not hurt either. Thus
                            over the years, Berlin has become a magnetic and appealing
    Berlin Products 09/10

    place offering an open and vibrant scenery for both creatives     Some designers follow their own rules such as limiting their
    and people interested in art and design. Designers coming         products to one material or they find new and inventive
    from various fields and disciplines are influenced and inspired   ways of dealing with simple materials such as Mark Braun's
    by each other sharing their different types of knowledge and      heavy-looking but fragile paper lights. Others search for
    individual backgrounds. Due to this thriving culture of sharing   and find foresighted, sustainable solutions such as elegant
    and exchange, new and sustainable ideas emerge and nice           embellishment‘s air-cleaning ornamental proSolve30e
    cooperations are treasured.                                       resembling the form and function of organic structures.

    Berlin Products features objects by both internationally          Through this catalogue, we would like to make these very
    acclaimed designers and upcoming talents revealing the            unique and precious products available to an international
    versatility of design from Berlin. The catalogue offers a neat    trade audience and introduce them to our global customers.
    selection of available and prospective products spanning
    from conceptual and playful approaches to minimalist and          Enjoy!
    functional solutions.
    All products shown share an understanding of design that
    certainly goes beyond making things pretty. Breaking with
    boundaries and common design clichés, you can find a lot of
   works at hand in this catalogue that follow a rather artistic                                                                    9

    and conceptual approach: they question our usual relations
    to objects or just enlighten our everyday life with new

    Bless bed sheets for one do not only make us swim while
    sleeping, they also play with the absent and present in a
    cheerful, haunting way. Contrary to the usual attempt of
    hiding things, their cable jewelry treasures the depreciated
    connections by decorating and accessorizing them.
Bless Shop in mexico City
Design: Bless
12                                                                             13

                                                       ThINgS SImPLE
                                                 ISN'T SImPLE.« Daniel Lorch
     Pyrus                right: Sinus
     Design: Mark Braun   Design: Daniel Lorch
14                                           15

     left: Laptop case      Shelf series a
     Design: Rainer Spehl   Design: linea1
      Of DESIgN
      ThE DRaWINg
                llot llov

                            Design: llot llov
     Berlin Products 09/10




18                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  19

     01 Matt                                 ting and melting into each other. The   heel. The cable of a hanging lamp        03 Pyrus prototype                     Size: W 70 x D 70 x H 50 cm,            and a selected binder meeting our
     Design: llot llov                       energy-saving bulb used for Matt        is prolonged by 12 meters, thus          Design: Mark Braun                     W 100 x D 100 x H 70 cm                 environmental criteria.
                                             radiates a warm, glowing light.         enabling Ray to become a lying,                                                                                         It is designed, produced and sourced
     Matt is a lighting element with the     Material: merino wool,                  hanging, or atmospheric lamp. The        Mark Braun presents his new mono       04 Barns                                in Germany.
     ability to dynamically adapt itself     angora wool, cotton                     possibilities for using the device are   material paper pulp light PYRUS in     Developer: Erik van Buuren              Material: FSC certified non-woven
     according to the individual needs       Colour: elephant, mouse, azul, red      unlimited, adapting to any method        white and grey.                                                                paper
     of its user, changing its appearance    Size: Ø 3 cm [lamp],                    of playful arrangement.                  Apparently simple products become      Barns is the world’s first environ-      Size: W 53 x H 1000 cm [roll]
     with the place of installation. Hung    L 1200 cm, Ø 1,5 cm [cable]             Material: merino woll, steel cage        extraordinary by the expression of     mentally optimised wallpaper. It is
     as a single piece, knotted in a group   Weight: 1,5 kg                          Size: Ø 30 cm [lamp],                    material and pure but characteristic   inspired by the farms of our grand-
     or set on a hook on the wall: Matt      Performance: 30 Watt                    L 1200 cm, Ø 3 cm [cable]                form. Pyrus creates a special light    parents. The knowledge of growing
     simply fits into the scene of its        Energy consumption: 6 Watt              Weight: 2 kg                             with a unique illuminated athmos-      crop, using the old farming menta-
     placement, flexibly draping itself                                               Colour: mouse                            phere inside itself.                   lity of not creating waste, living in
     to the shape and situation of a         02 Ray                                                                           The project has received a special     independent coherent communities
     room. The fluffy woven fabric of the     Design: llot llov                                                                mention in the Design Report Award     and self-supportive structures
     knitting hides the sober technology                                                                                      2009.                                  formed the basis of a sustainable
     within (like cables and socket) and     Ray is a lamp, which has the capa-                                               Material: mono material paper pulp     society. Barns colour scheme applies
     evokes the impression of ropes mee-     bility to follow its owner on his/her                                            Colour: white, grey                    four positively defined pigments
     Berlin Products 09/10

                                                      05                                                     06



20                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          21

     05 Unblossom                              06 morning Egg a Base for the Day            07 iLand prototype                       08 pluma cubic                           [cube], ring k [lamp chimney]           H 45 cm, ring k2 approx. ø 55 cm,
     Design: The-Home-Project                  Design: The-Home-Project                     Design: Tom Kühne                        Design: Heike Buchfelder                 – suspension lights                     H 40 cm [lampshade],
                                                                                                                                                                              material: goose quill feathers          entire height approx. 150 cm
     The heritage of a domestic han-           This porcelain breakfast set was             iLand is a circular seating furniture    pluma cubic is a symbiosis of na-        Colour: white, black                    Weights: between 2 – 5 kg unpacked
     dicraft, abandoned in contemporary        inspired by the shape and fragile            consisting of foamed material with       tural feathers and clear, geometric      Size: kugel k: approx. ø 90 cm,
     interiors, is shaped into a new form.     shell of an egg. A glazed oval plate         removable cover in different varia-      forms combined to create illumina-       ø 0 cm or ø 0 cm                      Product: kubus h – floor light,
     Traditional hand-crafted doilies are      with a hole for your breakfast egg           tions. It is a hybrid resembling orga-   ted objects. Completely hand-crea-       kubus k: approx. W 0 x D 0 x          suspension light
     raised into bowls by crystallizing        comes with two different sized cups          nic forms. It plays with the appeal of   ted, 2 to 4,000 individually selected    H 40 cm or approx. W 0 x D 0 x        material: rooster feathers natural
     salt. Beautiful crystals keep the fra-    for fruit and coffee to keep your egg        things that are not created by human     goose or rooster feathers.               H 35 cm, ring k approx. ø 0, H 40 cm   coloured
     gile textile in a blossom shape.          or hands warm. Your morning egg              beings but by laws of nature. Those      The light objects illustrate the fea-    Weights: between 2 – 5 kg unpacked      Colour: rust-orange, mixed
     A sustainable way of breathing new        sets a rhythm for the day.                   wild forms can unfold an elusive         thers‘ two opposing sides: the inside                                            red-rust/green, beige with black
     life into a forgotten decorative piece.   material: porcelain                          beauty that is hard to find elsewhere.   shows the horny and spiky aspect                                                 tinge, iridescent green
     material: crystallizing salt, cotton      Size: ø  cm, H  cm, ø 10 cm, H  cm        material: foamed material                of the quills; the outside their soft,   Product: kubus k3, ring k2              Size: approx. W 42 x D 42 x H 40 cm
     thread                                    [cups], 2 x 1 cm [plate]                   Colour: different covers and patterns    fluffy, natural flowing beauty.          – floor light                           [lampshade],
     Size: ca. ø 10 cm, H  cm /                                                            Size: ø 200 cm, H 4 cm                                                           material: goose quill feathers          entire height approx. 150 cm
     ø 20 cm, H 10 cm                                                                       Weight: 35 kg                                                                     Colour: white, black                    Weights: shade 0,5 kg / stainless
                                                                                                                                     Product: kugel k [ball], kubus k         Size: kubus k3: approx. W 5 x D 5 x   steeltripod 3 kg unpacked
     Berlin Products 09/10




22                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        23

     09 Coral Lamp                           10 proSolve370e                           respond better to their immediate       11 Pull & Pull-over                        material: textile lamp shade,            traditional macrame technique.
     Design: Studio Aisslinger               air Cleaning quasicrystalline Structure   environments.                           Design: e2                                stainless steel, lycra                   With its big meshes and without cur-
                                             Design: elegant embellishments ltd.       material: ABS plastic, coated in pho-                                              Colour: white/black, black/black,        licues, the airy mantle leaves room
     The Coral suspension lamp is a                                                    tocatalytic titanium dioxide [Ti02]     The base of the lamps PULL and             white & red/silver                       for the plant to develop and even
     lighting sculpture edited by Studio     These decorative structures are           Colour: bright white, matte finish      PULL-OVER is created from a sheet of       Size: Ø 3 cm, H 55 cm [M],              supports the growth of its tendrils.
     Aisslinger in 2009. The Coral lamps     based on an innovative derivative of      Size: total patch: W 112 x H 150 cm     stainless steel that has been lasered      Ø 25 cm, H 39,5 cm [S]                   The hoist attached to the cocoon
     are made of a multiple duplication of   five-fold symmetries. They are as-        The two tile types (X and I) are        and stretched. With that simple but        Weight: 1,4 kg [M], 1 kg [S]             can modify the height, on which the
     submodules of hexagons created by       sembled from only two module types        approx: W 1 x H 4 cm I-tile,          ingenious technique, a metal sheet                                                  plant hangs in the room. Looking up,
     a fine layer of porcelain folio.        to yield highly complex structures        W 30 x H 41 cm X-tile                   just 2,5 mm thick has been turned          12 Lucille limited edition               we can see those natural processes,
     The amorphous shape of the geo-         bordering on randomness.                  Weight: ca. 400 g per tile              into a lamp that stands almost two         Design: llot llov                        which are usually hidden from view.
     detic ball shape is a reminder of the   As functional ornamentation, they                                                 meters tall. The near-transparent                                                   Earth and roots are visible through
     coral seating modules inspired by       increase the efficacy of the photoca-                                             PULL model seems almost to float in        The net structure of the flower          the bottom of the hand blown glass
     sealife coral structures.               talytic Ti02 coating in the decompo-                                              space. In the PULL-OVER version, the       cocoon is inspired by transport nets     hemisphere, which serves as a
     material: The coral lamps are formed    sition of air pollution.                                                          openwork base is encased in stretch        found in industrial production for the   flowerpot.
     by a multiplication of solidified        As a modification to existing                                                    fabric. The result is a sleekly graceful   grouping and security of goods.          material: steel, nylon, glass
     felt hexagonal submodules.              architectural surfaces, proSolve30e                                              lamp marked by an unexpected               It’s simple, but the artfully knotted    Size: Ø 55 cm, H 10 cm
     Size: ø 5 – 5 cm                      essentially 'tunes buildings' to                                                  interplay of light and shadow.             pattern is a new interpretation of       Weight: ca. 3 kg



13 Bless N°12 Bedsheets Couple        14 Bless N°36 Bedsheets Lake
Design: Bless                         Design: Bless

In 2000, BLESS teamed-up with         The cotton bedding with a refreshing
BLANK to offer BLESS N°12 Bedsheets   summer lakeside scene digital print
Couple, a co-produced vision of a     got realized again in collaboration
personal landscape.                   with BLANK.
The white satin cotton bedsheets      The machine-washable set includes
with pillow cases work as a           one matress cover sheet, two square
trompe-l‘oeil and create a striking   pillow shams and one duvet cover.
realistic impression of an already    material: 100% Cotton
occupied bed.                         Size: L 0 x W 0 cm
material: white satin cotton          (cushion covers),
Size: L 200 x W 200 cm (duvet),       L 200 x W 200 cm (duvet),
L 0 x W 0 cm (cushion covers),      L 235 x W 235 cm (sheet)
L 235 x W 235 cm (sheet)
     Berlin Products 09/10





26                                                                                                                                                                                                       27

     15 Bless N°28 Climate Confusion       northern climate. In 2006, BLESS        L 540 x W 200 cm                      16 Bless N°29 Wallscapes #1             of larger-than-life 'wallscapes' the
     Assistance, Hammocks                  designed the fatknit hammock, an        Fur Hammock                           Design: Bless                           museum rooms were tapered with.
     Design: Bless                         optional white or black cotton can-                                                                                   The wallscapes can either be purcha-
                                           vas base with a black nylon fat knit    Materials: base and cords: cotton,    When invited to participate in an       sed as poster-wallpaper or together
     No matter where and what weather.     inlay. Other hammocks from this         cover blanket: coyote                 exhibition, Bless tries to avoid dis-   with a screen, made of four wooden
     Wear to enhance the personal stabi-   series are a sofa hammock, propo-       Size: with strings approx.            playing objects in a museum context     panels. The three-dimensional
     lity and comfort even horiziontally   sing a hammock with cushions that       L 540 x W 200 cm                      entirely detached from daily life.      shelves enhance the feeling of confu-
     relaxed in a hammock. After a trip    looks like a suspended sofa as well                                           On the contrary, they always look       sion between the real and unreal,
     to Mexico and a few days lying in     as hammocks with a fur inlay for the    Sofa Hammock                          for a context where the objects can     while the three and two-dimensional
     hammocks, BLESS wished to find         ultimate winter confort.                                                      be placed in a realistic environment.   spaces melt together into an artistic
     back the same feeling of complete                                             Materials: outside cover and cords:   This led to the idea of creating a      environment for your everyday life.
     relaxation in Paris and Berlin.       Fat Knit Hammock                        cotton, filling: foam                  series of photographic posters of       Material: wallpaper, wood panels
     The only existing hammocks to                                                 Size: L 420 x W 70 cm                 the most varied interiors in terms of   [screen, optional]
     purchase were very colourful and      Materials: fat knit cover: nylon with                                         social origins and place.               Size: L 300 x W 400 cm, coming in
     holiday style therefore BLESS felt    polyester filling, base and cords:                                             For the exhibition 'Bless fits every     9 stripes of 44,5 cm
     the necessity to create a new item,   cotton                                                                        style' at Museum Boijmans Van Beu-      Variations: different motifs, see
     adapted to urban interiors and a      Size: with strings approx.                                                    ningen, they developed a first series    a, b & c, additional motifs available
     Berlin Products 09/10


2                                                                                                                          29

     17 Bless N° 26 Cable Jewellery          The Bless N°2 Cable Jewellery is     Size: 140 / 200 / 300 cm [cable
     Design: Bless                           designed to transform these           length], customized lengths cable
                                             undesired appendixes into desi-       types and multiplugs available on
     The indispensable electronic connec-    rable objects. From a large scale     request
     tions, extensions, adapters, multiple   of different styles, reaching from
     plugs, mobile phone chargers and        crystal stones, pearls and bangle
     others are no longer hidden but high-   busters over wooden cubes and lace
     lighted, appreciated as glamorous,      braids to fur and sand toppings,
     decorative tangle of connection.        the client can bring his/her own
     Most of todays electronic pro-          cable and order from the provided
     ducts still have to be plugged in to    styles the one that fits his/her
     provide the necessary electricity.      environment.
     The cables that connect the item        variations: bamboo, black fringes,
     with the source represent mostly        brown rubber lace, fur brown,
     an annoying interference factor         makramé, multicolored bangles,
     and are therefore often tried to be     strass multiplug, rhinestone hills,
     hidden away.                            white lace, etc.



18 scan’t limited edition           19 Lightbrick limited edition
Design: Mirko Mielke                Design: Formfjord

scan’t are photographic images      Lightbrick is a lamp, which makes
printed on concrete. The concrete   not only light but also radiates heat.
is prepaired with a photographic    The brick stays warm for up to one
emulsion, the images are printed    hour after the light is turned off.
and produced in a photochemical     The lamp comes with a black textile
process.                            cable including a fitting, switch and
material: photographic concrete     plug. It consists of a standard-for-
Size: W 5 x D  x H 23 cm [#1]     mat brick, which is modified to fit
W 30 x D  x H 40 cm [#2]           the lightbulb via water cutting.
W 25 x D  x H 30 cm [#3]           material: brick, textile cable,
Weight: 12 kg [#1]                  electric fitting
10 kg [#2]                          Colour: brick-red
 kg [#3]                           Size: W 9 x D 19 x H 29 cm
                                    Weight: 3,5 kg



20 halberd                              21 memory Stücks                      the tangible world and how it relates
Design: Tom Kühne                       Design: Beta Tank                     to the digital, ephemeral, imagina-
                                                                              tive. Memory Stücks are the poetic
Halberd is a modern version of a        Memory Stücks are a limited           take on intelligent objects; objects
traditional portable light.             edition of memory pieces which        which carry their own information
The covering is made up of selected     bond the tangible physical with the   with them.
silk kimonos whose range gives          ephemeral digital.
insight into the distinctive features   Used everyday things like tables,
of the Japanese textile artistry.       shirts, rocks and a chair have been
A long cable enables the halberd to     equipped with USB sticks which
be moved around freely.                 carry their digital memories in
material: waxed walnut,                 words, images, film and animation.
textile cable, silk                     The objects are given a voice and
Size: ø 0 cm, H 210 cm                 imagery from the USB sticks.
Weight:  kg                            Our thinking on Memory Stücks
Power: max. 100 W                       comes from an ongoing interest in
     Berlin Products 09/10



34                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         35

     22 Zoé limited Edition                   sketches out a cosy space. Fitted       The sheets are welded and have a           24 Hammerlamp limited edition            ded with a dimmable 50 W halogen        Material: Corian or stainless steel
     Design: llot lov                         dimming devices on the four tung-       matt black powder coating.                 Design: Rupert Kopp                      lamp, the lamp embedded in a solid      sheet
                                              sten lights add flexibility in use and   The construction is inspired by jet                                                 cnc-milled log of wood.                 Size: W 155 x D 55 x H 90 cm [corian],
     Lamp Zoé is based on the concept of      atmosphere. Enclosed in a white         wings. Made out of German oak              The design of the hammerlamp             Material: solid aluminium, CNC milled   W 160 x D 58 x H 100 cm [steel]
     the classic tungsten light with grid     box, the lighting object hangs from     wood, the dining table is 100%             stands for simpleness, quality and       Colour: polished, electro-plated        Weight: 60 kg [corian], 80 kg [steel]
     as commonly found in office spaces.       the ceiling.                            handcrafted.                               sustainability. To demand inter-         Size: W 11 x D 4,5 x H 28,5 cm
     Embedded in a structured ceiling,        Material: sheet metal steel,            Size: L 320 x W 136 x H 76,5 cm            action with the light, it‘s design       Weight: 1,8 kg
     the white, gleaming light is usually     galvanized copper-plated,               Weight: 180 kg                             has deliberately renounced any
     chosen to create an atmosphere           powder coated                           Material: steel, wood                      possibility of adjustment, playfully     25 DJ desk
     for concentration and productivity.      Size: L 120 x W 60 x H 10 cm                                                       the user is forced to discover his own   Design: Metrofarm
     Zoé breaks with the cliché, fetching     Weight: 12 kg                                                                      intended use. Hard edges and an
     the archetype from the cool work-                                                                                           unusual high weight add a particular     The DJ desks are special editions
     environment, introducing it into         23 Dinning table                                                                   haptic to the lamp. Constructed in       customizable to the different needs
     the home living space. Due to their      Design: Metrofarm                                                                  solid high-quality CNC-milled alumi-     of technical equipment.
     copper colouring, the ribs of the grid                                                                                      nium, the burnished and colourful        All electronic devices are embedded
     create a warm, shining tonality.         The legs of the dining table are made                                              anodized finish support the lamps         in the table, different colours and
     The radiating, soft light cone           from laser-cutted steel sheets.                                                    objectuality. The luminaire is provi-    editions are available.
     Berlin Products 09/10




     26 Bureau                                material: MDF and solid beech wood,     tional and space-saving. Composed
     Design: Martin Holzapfel                 matt painted, cork                      of a dyadic underframe and a table
                                              features: drawer for paper and pins-    board, its single components get
     The Bureau piece combines two            slipcase within table, split slipcase   interlocked by a plug-in function and
     functions in one: desk and shelf.        and four compartments for books         can be constructed or removed with
     The shelf rests freely on the work       within shelf unit.                      one grip. 'trestle' can be delivered in
     top. Thus the two elements offer         Colour: silver grey matt,               oak, while the connecting parts are
     a certain freedom for individual         all surfaces are painted                available in 2 combinations of high-
     positioning, but remain dependent        Size: L 105 x W 0 x H 3 cm [table],   contrast lacquers.
     on one another. The shelf creates        L 90 x W 0 x H 105 cm [shelf unit b]   material: powdered steel, three-layer
     a private intimate space for the         Weight: 0 kg                           slab of solid wood
     user and also gives them options                                                 Colour: alabaster white / deepsky
     of storing and placing things there,     27 Escritoire 'trestle'                 blue, light grey / torch red
     with plenty of space for a laptop,       Design: ett la benn                     Size: W 0 x D 40 x H 5 cm
     office supplies, or anything else you                                            Weight: ca. 10 kg
     might want to store. It is perfect for   As an escritoire, side table, storage
     a home office.                           or desk: 'trestle' is both multifunc-
     Berlin Products 09/10



38                                                                                                                                                     39

                             28 Re-Light                              Materials: textile lamp shade,         technical specifications, this spot-
                             Design: e27                              chrome-plated deflector for ceiling     light is similar to the Re-light range.
                                                                      applications, textile-covered cable    Fabric-covered cable, available in
                             Re-Light´s favorite hangouts are         Colour: various                        five different colors, provides the
                             corners and ceilings. In her twisted     Size: D 38 x H 24 cm [lamp shade],     finishing touch.
                             way, she greets you playfully and        50 cm [cable]                          Materials: chrome-plated metal,
                             amazes with her weightlessness           Weight: 2 kg                           socket with integrated switch,
                             and elegance.                                                                   textile-covered cable
                             Thanks to the newly developed            29 Re-Flect – pendant light            Colour: various
                             double lamp shade, the lamp glows        Design: e27                            Size: ø 20 cm, H 6 cm
                             in two different colours and engulfs                                            [lamp shade], 500 cm [cable]
                             rooms in a pleasant light – without      Re-flect is extremely versatile and     Weight: 0,8 kg
                             any glare at all. The intelligent han-   can be turned, tilted, and angled to
                             ging system allows you to adjust         practically any position.
                             the height effortlessly: standing        The clever way the cable is threaded
                             on the floor or hanging from wall         means it can be quickly and easily
                             or ceiling.                              adjusted to any height. In terms of
     Berlin Products 09/10






40                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    41

     30 X Y and Z limited edition           Material: metal                         Material: steel tube                    33 stiks                                  34 stiks white punk prototype           35 Concrete table and bench
     Design: Daniel Lorch                   Size: W 20 x D 25 x H 60 cm             Size: W 74 x D 36 x H 72 cm             Design: Joachim Frost                     Design: Joachim Frost                   Design: Metrofarm
                                            [table lamp],                           Colour: black, white, safety orange,
     X Y and Z is a collection of metal     W 30 x D 25 H 210 cm [floor lamp]        nato olive                              Stiks is the original 'just stick toge-   Stiks white punk is a simplified         The table and the bench are made
     lamps with shades formed from cy-      Colour: green / orange                                                          ther' table. It consists of six pieces    version of stiks tables. It consists    out of concrete, available in a limi-
     linders pinched together at one end.                                           32 t-light                              – four legs, one ring and the table       of five pieces – four legs and a table   ted edition. The concrete of the legs
     The shades are attached to oddly       31 Sinus                                Design: roomsafari                      board. Each leg interlocks with the       board. The ring is integrated in the    flawlessly blends into the center-
     bent tubular stands by a rotating      Design: Daniel Lorch                                                            next one until the circle is closed.      table board. Each leg interlocks        piece made out of solid wood and
     magnetic joint. A text about the mi-                                           T-light is a pure, elegant led-lamp.    The structure of Stiks is fixed, but at    with the next one until the circle is   black linoleum.
     nimal art of John McCracken, which     The trestle Sinus shows how effi-        The energy saving light can be lea-     the same time loose and flexible.          closed.                                 Material: steel-reinforced concrete,
     is about breaking with the gold        cient and reduced material can be       ned agaist the wall or in the corner.   Material: European oak, natural,          Material: multiplex plywood             linoleum, wood
     section, influenced the proportions     used in design. Sinus consists of       Material: brushed aluminum, led,        security glass, ring – stainless steel    Size: ø 62 cm, H 45 cm [table],         Size: L 194 x W 80 x H 78 cm [table]
     of the lamps.                          just one piece of steel tube, which     illuminant                              Size: classic dining: ø 72 cm, H 130 cm   2 cm [top]                              L 170 x W 45 x H 40 cm [bench]
     The green hammered-metal finish         has been bent in its statical ideal     bottom: brushed aluminum with           [table], 1 cm [glass], classic lounge:    Weight: 7 kg                            Weight: 85 kg [table], 45 kg [bench]
     is a homage to the machines which      form. Sinus is thereby stackable and    walnut, oak or maple                    ø 70cm, H 43cm [table], 0,6 cm [glass]
     have been involved in the production   with its merely three legs sees to a    Size: W 26 x H 150 cm, ø 1,3 cm         Weight: 38 kg [classic dining], 11,5 kg
     process.                               lot of legroom under the table.         Weight: 1 kg                            ['classic lounge'], various versions
     Berlin Products 09/10


                                                                                                                                b                                                             c


                                                                                                                                a                                                                                                                         39

42                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              43

     36 shelf_zzz                           Shelf_zzz can be made in different        37 Supersystem                            38 shelf series a, b, c                  Size: linea1 a: L 0 x D 15, x H 12, cm,   between the individual parts are
     Design: Adrian Lippmann, form-al       versions in eleven colours/surfaces.      Design: Tom Kühne                         Design: linea1,                          linea1 b: L 0 x D 15, x H 12, cm,         illuminated from within, slanting
                                            To use more than one shelf element,                                                 Francesco Apuzzo, Irina Jurasic          linea1 c: L 42 x D 30, x H 32,3 cm,         planes let light flow out.
     Shelf_zzz is a shelf system for the    just add a shelf beside it or one         Supersystem is a sculptural struc-                                                 ø 0,15 cm [steel]                            The light describes the structure of
     wall. The horizontals, verticals and   above the other with a gap of one         ture for books and objects. The shelf     The nature of linea1 shelves lies in     variations: a paperback shelf for            the object and informs about the
     supports all unfold homogene-          centimeter to get more space.             rests on the ground with a distance       their own absence. 1,5 mm sheet          approx. 40 books or 4 dvds                  relationship between surface and
     ously from a 3 mm thin and stable      Shelf_zzz won the iF product design       of 3 cm to the wall. It is fixed at the   steel is folded into a stable shape,     [linea1 a], CD shelf for  Compact-         volume.
     sandwich-board. A new milling pro-     award 200 and was nominated for          wall at two points                        which is invisibly hung onto height-     Discs [linea1 b], ring binder shelf          material: galvanized sheet steel,
     cedure specially developed for this    the German design prize 200.             material: oak-polished and waxed,         adjustable supports. A shadow            for 5 large ring binders [linea1 c]          powder coated surface
     material has enabled the creation      material: Sandwich-Board, aluminum        aluminium-anodized in silver,             reveal towards the wall enhances                                                      [RAL 901 satin finish – white],
     of gentle horizontal and vertical      layers, plastic core                      profiles are closed-end with acrylic      the impression of lightness. Seen        39 linea1 tl.s table lamp                    transparent cable, switch
     curves. Concave and convex corner      Size: above: W 5 x D 15 x H 5 cm [XS]   inserts, aluminium-honed, polished        from the front, the shelves retreat in   Design: linea1,                              Size: W 19 x D 11,2 x H 2,5 cm [lamp],
     solutions allow the shelf system to    below: W 11 (unfold wide) x D 2 x       and coated with eloxal in five diffe-     the background, letting the contents     Francesco Apuzzo, Irina Jurasic              ø 0,15 cm [steel], L 135 cm [cable]
     flow around corners as well, adding    H 11 cm [M/CC+M+M/CV]                    rent colours                              play the leading part.                                                                Port: E14 socket / compatible
     to its attractiveness while a hidden   versions: M is also available as con-     Size: W 200 x D 1 x H 200 cm [oak],      material: galvanized sheet steel,        Three folded pieces of steel form a          with CFL bulbs
     backbone for wall-assembly provides    cave or convex corner solution            W 200 x D 15 x H 200 cm [aluminium]       powder coated surface [RAL 901          rectangular shape, opened up on              Power/Tension: max 40 W, 220 V
     stability.                                                                       Weight: 35 kg [oak], 25 kg [aluminium]    satin finish – white]                    top and on the sides. Fine joints
     Berlin Products 09/10




44                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 45

     40 Rooms of Books                       The 'books' installation is 'global         Material: sheet steel, unfinished    41 L8 prototype                        combining: three seperate candle-      blown glass in France. With CIAV a
     Design: Studio Aisslinger               and local' – the user is free to collect    [connector piece], white powder     Design: e27                            holders, two candleholders and         new fabrication concept has been
                                             the basic material locally and in his       coated [cover piece]                                                       one bowl, two bowls and one            developed by blowing glass into a
     This architectural installation of a    language from the antique shop, the         Colour: unfinished [connector],      L8 is a composition of wood, metal     candleholder, …                        bag made out of glass fiber textile
     wave-like modular book structure        second hand shop next door or from          white [cover] and black             and ceramic. The connective parts      Material: wood, white ceramic,         fixed on an iron rack.
     and a cylindrical space shows the       ebay. The metal joints can be ordered       [fastening clip]                    of L8 can be added to the bowls.       aluminium anodized                     Due to the process every vase beco-
     intensive spatial atmosphere ex-        through globally available distributi-      Size: L 24 x W x 24 x H 22 cm       The result is an object which can be   Size: D 20 x H 35 cm                   mes a different sculpture.
     erted by books. The open installation   on. Ideally the developing structure is     Weight: ca. 1 kg [connector],       used as a stackable candleholder or    Weight: 1,5 kg                         Material: hand-blown glass with
     condenses the intimate feeling of       a personalised object. Old books find        20 – 30 g [fastening clip]          an etagere. The bowls are made of                                             textile mesh print.
     old libraries from which anybody        a new use which have been collected                                             walnut wood, anodized aluminium        42 Mesh Vases                          Size: H 36 or 44 cm
     finds it hard to escape.                 through a lifetime – the 'books' struc-                                         and white ceramic.                     Design: Werner Aisslinger              Inside silver coated colours: orange,
     Large used books of outdated titles     ture will be like no other, a distinctive                                       The result is an alterable object                                             dark green, grey, red
     and too old to be read are assembled    modular wall is created! A 'books'                                              which finds its function both as a      Mesh Vases are an experimental
     with a specially designed metal         installation can grow of itself – any                                           stand alone, candleholder or bowl      textured glass vase edition.
     connector. An endless modular           read book is a potential resource for                                           and cumulative as an etagere or        The Mesh vases have been develo-
     meta-grid applies its function to       all coming book stocks – the system                                             candleholder. With this system of      ped together with CIAV Meisenthal,
     walls, room dividers or shelves.        feeds itself.                                                                   connection there are no limits of      an experimental laboratory for hand-





43 lucky clover                        Colour: metal, white, black             46 triangle hanger
Design: roomsafari                     Size: ø 1 cm, W 5,3 x H 14,5 cm         Design: roomsafari
                                       Weight: 0,2 kg
Lucky clover is a 'good-luck-charm'                                            Trianlge is a musical companion for
umbrella stand.                        45 leanon II                            every coatrack.
material: anodized aluminum            Design: roomsafari                      material: brushed aluminum
Colour: white, red, green, yellow,                                             Size: ø 1 cm, W 35 x H 25 cm
black, metal                           This mobile coatrack can be leaned      Weight: 0,3 kg
Size: ø 25 cm [bottom], H 0 cm        against every wall without any need
Weight: 2,5 kg                         for drills.
                                       material: brushed aluminum with
44 c+c hook                            walnut, oak or maple
Design: roomsafari                     Size: W 100 x D 40 x H 15 cm
                                       Weight: 3 kg
Chain your clothes with our c-hooks.
Viva simplicity!
material: brushed aluminum
     Berlin Products 09/10




4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                49

     47 railway                              materials to form a light-object,     Bruce is a puristic and variable trivet   50 Rosemarie limited edition            51 kniggerich                           amusing how strict some rules are.
     Design: roomsafari                      chalkboard, mirror or wallclock.      for small and huge pots. Easy to          Design: Formfjord                       Design: llot llov                       Enjoy your meal.
                                             Capt’n hook won the Bundespreis       hang up in the kitchen.                                                                                                   material: cotton
     The light bowl elegantly keeps fruits   Product Design ’9.                   material: walnut, oak or maple wood,      The saucer and its new function:        Kniggerich is a place mat, which        Size: W 3,5 cm x L 3,5 cm
     and vegetables in line, keeping them    material: clothes hanger with         silicon tie                               They were essentials on grandma‘s       shows the user how to behave while      Weight: 0,3 kg
     from going off the rails ever again.    polycarbonat, illuminant / mirror /   Size: W 20 x D 2 x H 2 cm                 coffee-table but later lost on local    having an elegant dinner. Kniggerich
     material: anodized aluminum             chalkboard, board rubber, chalk       Weight: 0,2 kg                            jumble sales. Now they are the new      has its name of Mr. Knigge. He once
     Size: L 4 x W  x H 12 cm              Size: W 40 x D 15 x H 30 cm                                                     star in the bathroom. One clever twi-   wrote a book 'On Human Relations',
     Weight: 0,1 kg                          [light-object]                                                                  st gives 250 of them a new function     a treatise on the fundamental
                                             W 40 x D 1 x H 30 cm [mirror]                                                   and lets them start a second life as    principles of human relations that
     48 capt’n hook                          W 40 x D 1 x H 30 cm [chalkboard]                                               a decorative soap-dish. A new cut al-   has the reputation of being the
     Design: roomsafari                      Weight: 1 - 1,5 kg                                                              lows for the soap-water to drain off.   authoritative guide to behaviour, po-
                                                                                                                             material: porcellain / ceramics         liteness and etiquette. The German
     capt’n hook is a series of mobile as- 49 bruce                                                                          Colour: diverse                         term 'Knigge' has become to mean
     sistants for home and office. A clas- Design: roomsafari                                                                Size: ø 11 – 15 cm                      'good manners'. The placemat is not
     sic hanger is combined with different                                                                                   Weight: ca. 150 g                       only a educational device, it is also
     Berlin Products 09/10




                                                                                                               54                                                                                                       57

50                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              51

     52 Wooden Shelf                            Babel restores order when the chaos        54 Big Babel                             55 twister wardrobe                      56 linea1 mr magazine rack                57 centipede memo-Bar
     Design: Zascho Petkov                      in your paperwork reaches biblical         Design: Adam+Harborth                    Design: Adrian Lippmann, form-al         Design: linea1,                           Design: Adam+Harborth
                                                proportions. Everything that is                                                                                              Francesco Apuzzo, Irina Jurasic
     A multipurpose shelf, for dress or         destined to vanish from your desk,         Big Babel is the big brother of Babel.   The twister wardrobe does not need                                                 The hundred bristly feet of centi-
     bookshelf use made of French wal-          business cards, tickets, invitations,      Newspaper, magazines, letters,           hanger at all! You can put your          Like the shelves, the rack effaces its-   pede cling to invitations, invoices,
     nut. The different forms of wood are       certificates, receipts can be safely se-   invitations or catalogues can easily     clothes easily through the coils of      elf, the magazines floating in front      pizza-service brochures, passport
     interesting eye-catchers and serve         cured on one of the five stories in the    be stored in one of its large slot-      the spring. The spring is fixed with     of the wall. A row of five selected       photos and love letters. But centipede
     as hanger for garments, which must         Tower of Babel, thanks to the cleverly     spaces. Bringing a visual delight into   a stainless steel rod at the wall for    volumes fans out, immediately             remains friendly and, as the need
     be quickly accessible. Also, books or      shaped slots. Babel will turn your         the chaos, the larger version of Babel   the hole length and gives each coil      available to the reader.                  arises, releases each item once again.
     accessories can be draped on it.           mess into a gorgeous geometrical           can also be used as a solid stool.       stability.                               material: galvanized sheet steel,         material: Maple body with 100
     material: french walnut                    arrangement. Crafted on the edge of        material: oak wood, smoked and           materials: Spring steel chrome           powder coated surface, satin finish       natural brushes, covering layer of
     Size: W 10 x D 13 x H 13 cm [10 sticks]   the Black Forest using local woods.        waxed, underlaid with woolen felt        plated, Rod stainless steel,             Colour: white, grey brown,                anodized aluminum.
     W 140 x D 13 x H 13 cm [ sticks]          material: Beech, semi-matt white or        [turquoise]                              Mounts steel zinc coated                 green beige                               Colour: silver, champagne, orange,
                                                dark oak, smoked and waxed                 Size: H 39 cm, ø 31 cm                   Size: W 120 cm [spring unbent],          Size: W 5 x D  x H 1, cm,             anthracite-grey, black
     53 Babel Tower of notes                    underlaid with woolen felt [turquoise]     Weight: ca. 15 kg [incl. packaging]      ø 35 cm [coils], W 132 cm [rod length]   ø 0,125 cm [steel]                        Size: W ,5 x D 2,5 x H 5 cm
     Design: Adam+Harborth                      Size: W , x D , x H 19 cm                                                                                                                                          Weight: 1 kg
                                                Weight: 40g
     Berlin Products 09/10




     58 aBC Button                         book is Sketchpet. Sketchpet addres-    plastic strap, credit card plastic or
     Design: e2                           ses creative and mobile people          cardboard cover
                                           across all generations. The notes-fan   Size: L 1 x W  cm
     As the 'abc-button' has nine holes,   with its 120 pages is held together     Colour: black, silver, grey [cover] /
     any letter of the alphabet can be     by a robust colourful plastic strap.    black, white, magenta or grass-
     sewed. Use the button as a button     Depending on the choice of material     green [strap]
     or as a charming accessory for your   for cover and strap Sketchpet can       variations: Timer [weekly calendar],
     garment. A set comes with four but-   look classical and noble or vivid and   Names&Numbers [address-book],
     tons with different characters.       bright. The inner life of Sketchpet     Blank, Notes, Diary or Travel Diary
     Size: ø 2 cm                          offers its users all the freedom that
                                           they need: From typography to diary
     59 Sketchpet – 360°                   to simple notes. By the professional
     Design: MAGINWULFstudios              fan-form the sides always lie flat
                                           – this eases the writing. Its handy
     Notebooks are in vogue since          and convenient form makes Sketch-
     Hemingway at the latest. A modern     pet your perfect companion.
     interpretation of the common note-    material: 10 g/m2 paper,
     Berlin Products 09/10

                                                                                                                                                                                          62                                63



54                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            55

     Functional Eye Candy for Electronic    60 Cable bag                           material: felt                           62 iPod / iPhone sleeve                material: felt                         [13” laptops]
     Gear: 'We all have busy, exciting      Design: redmaloo                       Colour: grey, orange, lime, black        Design: redmaloo                       Colour: grey, orange, lime, black,     L 3,1 x W 25, x H 2,41 cm
     lives with many responsibilities.                                             Size: L 32,5 x W 22, x H 1,94 cm                                               magenta, pink, blue, khaki, light      [15” laptops]
     The tools that make it possible –      Felt bag to organize mouse and         [13“ MacBook Air]                        Soft protective felt sleeve for your   blue, red                              Weight: 14 g [12”], 202 g [13”],
     laptops, mp3 players, cell phones      cables for safe transportation.        L 32,5 x W 22, x H 2,41 cm,             iPod or iPhone.                        Size: L 2 x W 14 x H 4 cm             224 g [15”]
     – go with us everywhere.               material: felt                         [13“ Mac Book]                           material: leather                      Weight: 15 g                           Colour: grey, orange, lime, black
     redmaloo offers modern solutions       Colour: grey, orange, lime, black      L 3,4 x W 24.9 x H 2,41 cm,             Colour: grey, orange, lime, black,
     for organization and efficiency in a   Size: L 2 x W 14 x H 4 cm             [15“ Mac Book Pro]                       magenta, pink, blue, khaki, light      64 Unisize Laptop Sleeve
     fresh new way.'                        Weight: 111 g                          L 39,3 x W 2, x H 2,50 cm              blue, red                              Design: redmaloo
                                                                                   [1“ MacBook Pro]                        Size: L 2 x W 14 x H 4 cm
                                            61 apple Laptop Sleeve                 Weight: 302 g [13”], 3 g [15”],        Weight: 23 g                           redmaloo’s new laptop sleeve fits a
                                            Design: redmaloo                       410 g [1”]                                                                     variety of laptop models in addition
                                                                                                                            63 iPod nano sleeve                    to Apple.
                                            One layer of high quality felt that                                             Design: redmaloo                       material: felt
                                            folds around your MacBook.                                                                                             Size: max. L 2,5 x W 20 x H 2,35 cm
                                            Unfolded it functions as a workspace                                            Soft protective felt sleeve for your   [12” laptops]
                                            with an integrated mousepad.                                                    iPod or iPhone.                        L 32,5 x W 22, x H 2,41 cm
     Berlin Products 09/10




5                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         5

     65 2nd SkIN- laptop sleeve              66 Laptop case                            made out of sustainable timber.          67 mozartkugel music box                 material: light beech or dark oak,       Not far removed from the first blow
     Design: The-Home-Project                Design: Rainer Spehl                      material: solid oak frame, oak           Design: Adam+Harborth                    waxed                                    of a hand-axe, the fully clothed
                                                                                       veneered plywood, dark brown                                                      Delivery Contents: with 1-note          homo sapiens now sits at the table
     Protection and camouflage: Recycled     This solid wooden case is made for        leather lining, brass hinges,            A turn of the elegantly shaped key       chime. Melody: 'Voi che sapete' from     and cracks nuts with two hardwood
     fabric-ribbons cover your laptop with   all Apple MacBook Pro models. It fits     magnetic locking device                  magically produces one of Mozart‘s       'Marriage of Figaro' by W.A. Mozart;     cubes. The procedure is made easier
     a soft and colourful sleeve. Each is    the laptop like a glove and offers good   Size: approximately L 3 x W 25,2 x      melodies from inside the solid woo-      with wind-up key and ring-shaped         by three different anvil-hollows
     handmade in crochet technique.          protection. Inside, the soft leather      H 4,3 cm [13”], L 39 x W 2, x H 4 cm   den ball. The 1-note chime plays        cradle; including instructions [g,e,f]   suitable for the sizes of nuts that
     Colour combinations can vary.           lining prevents the laptop from           [15”], L 42 x W 2,4 x H 4 cm [1”]      whether the ball is rolling across the   in gift-box                              are common in this world. What
     Size: 13”, 15”                          scratching, providing a good looking      Weight: approximately 1,2 kg             floor or standing on a table as an in-   Size: ø 9,2 cm                           remains of the primitive hand-axe:
                                             surrounding for the MacBookPro’.                                                   triguing ornament. Manufactured in       Weight: 400 g                            the deliberate blow, the immediate
                                             The magnetic device locks it smooth-                                               a village on the edge of the Black                                                success and the accompanying
                                             ly and the construction of the case                                                Forest, the chime is mounted in          68 nusskubus Two Nutcracker Cubes        pleasure.
                                             makes sure it does not fall out even                                               premium quality wood that has been       Design: Adam+Harborth                    material: beechwood, waxed
                                             when held upside down. It can also                                                 fashioned into a perfect sphere.                                                  Delivery contents: 2 cubes including
                                             be used as an elevated working                                                     Though the mechanism remains hi-         nusskubus brings the archaic cra-        instructions [g,e,f] in gift-box
                                             surface for the laptop. The cases are                                              dden, the music will always escape       cking of nuts right into the living      Size: W ,5 x D ,5 x H ,5 cm [cubes]
                                             hand crafted in Germany and are                                                    the bounds of the geometric form.        room of highly civilized persons.
     Berlin Products 09/10





58                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  59

     69 roundabout A Round Memory Game       70 colour couple A Memory Game With Colours   71 doublebloom A Flowering Memory Game    72 + Eye                                                                             + Eye White Knight
     Design: Adam+Harborth                   Design: Adam+Harborth                         Design: Adam+Harborth                     Design: Zeitgeist Toys                   Material: pewter high gloss                 Design: Zeitgeist Toys / KPM
                                                                                                                                                                              Size: H 7,5 cm [S], H 19 cm [M]
     What do a basketball, a headache        Who can find the most pairs of                 60 cards spill out of their little        +Eye is a unique designer art toy        Weight: S: 175 g [figurine], 455 g [figu-     Material: porcelain
     pill and a bicycle-tire patch have in   colours? It is difficult to remember           tube, creating a field of blossoms         handmade of pewter (metal) with          rine & wood box], M: 995 g [figurine],       Size: H 10 cm [S], 20 cm [M], 30 cm [L]
     common? All of them are round and,      colours, isn’t it? Many schoolbooks           on the tabletop. Players pick them        a high grade finish. The art toys are     3045 g [figurine & wood box]                 Weight: S: 95 g [figurine], 1310 g
     alongside a total of 30 everyday ob-    even claim that it is almost impos-           in pairs. Whoever has „picked“ the        made in a traditional craftsmanship      Variants: only on request                   [figurine & wood box], M: 360 g
     jects, they are motifs of the memory    sible. Colour couple proves that              biggest bouquet wins! Flower lovers       way and sold in limited runs.                                                        [figurine], 3890 g [figurine & wood
     game roundabout.                        assumption to be wrong, and already           have a clear advantage – but not          Material: pewter high gloss              + Eye Art Edition Kex                       box], L: 995 g [figurine], 7240 g
     Already during the first playing ses-    after the first round of this exciting         for long! Soon every player knows         Size: H 7,5 cm [S], H 19 cm [M]          Design: Zeitgeist Toys /                    [figurine & wood box]
     sion, it becomes clear that a German    game, it becomes necessary to be              the difference between Violets and        Weight: S: 90 g [figurine], 370 g [figu-   Kex-spitzenkultur                           Variants: Platinum [hand painted 24k
     ring cake can appear amazingly          more precise in the future.                   Larkspur. Magic blossoms with an          rine & wood box], M: 825 g [figurine],                                                platinum], gold [hand painted 24k
     similar to a roll of packing-string.    Material: Transparent PVC jar with            educational effect!                       2895 g [figurine & wood box]              Material: pewter high gloss / lace fabric   gold], Bleu Mourant [hand painted
     Material: Transparent PVC jar with      screw-on lid.                                 Material: Transparent PVC jar with        Variants: only on request                Size: H 19 cm                               historic decor from 1784], Ruddle and
     screw-on lid.                           Size: ø 5,5 cm                                screw-on lid                                                                       Weight: 830 g [figurine],                    Gold [hand painted historic decor
     Size: ø 5,5 cm                          Weight: 260 g                                 Size: ø 5,5 cm                            + Preadhead                              2900 g [figurine & wood box]                 from 1770], TwoTone [hand painted
     Weight: 260 g                                                                         Weight: 260 g                             Design: Zeitgeist Toys                   Variants: gold lace, black lace             historic decor from 1770]

       Design: E27
     Designers Index

     Adam+Harborth                            Beta Tank                               Bless                                      Mark Braun                              Heike Buchfelder                        e27
     Adam+Harborth was founded                Beta Tank is a design practice based    Bless, initiated in 1997, is the result    Mark Braun teaches industrial de- de-   Heike Buchfelder founded the label                                   esta-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The design agency e27 was esta-
     in Berlin by industrial designers        in Berlin and London, founded by        of an encounter between two stu-                                         Univer-
                                                                                                                                 sign at Burg Giebichenstein, Univer-    pluma cubic in 2005. She studied        blished by Tim Brauns, Hendrik
     Dominik Harborth and Jörg Adam in        Michele Gauler and Eyal Burstein.       dents. Desirée Heiss was born in 1971      sity of Art + Design, Halle and runs    architecture at the University of the   Gackstatter and Fax Quintus to in-in-
     1998. They dedicate themselves to        Their background is in Interaction      in Freiburg, Germany. She graduated        his own design studio in Berlin since   Arts Berlin and at the Oslo School of   corporate different areas of design,
     product and graphic design. Keeping      Design (RCA London). As Beta Tank,      in fashion in 1994 at the University of    2006. The portfolio of the young        Architecture.                           including web, graphic, corporate
     their users in mind, they create         they take on complex issues and         applied arts in Vienna. She is based       designer extends projects for several   Today her design collection of                                      consolida-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 and product design into a consolida-
     things that convey beautiful stories     translate them into easily under-       in Paris. Ines Kaag was born in 1970       companies like Authentics, ASA          various lamp objects comprises 21       ted 'design environment' for clients.
     letting people easily connect to their   stood objects or services. They like    in Fürth, Germany. She graduated in        Selection, Raumgestalt and many                                   interna-
                                                                                                                                                                         unique pieces and is sold interna-      The agency’s three designers tackle
     products. Adam+Harborth were             to mix materials and concepts that      fashion in 1995 at the University of       more. His products were honoured        tionally.                               new product design with an eye to
     honoured with numerous awards.           seem incompatible, like death and       arts and design in Hannover. She is        with different awards, like the                                             solu-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 'clever function and simple solu-
     They work for national as well as        data or putting neuroscience into an    based in Berlin.                           'design plus' award for his tableware                                           tions'. Their approach is the creative
     international clients. They develop      ordinary, mass-produced chair.          The two designers escape from any          FUSION, the 'interior innovation        08 pluma cubic P. 21                    integration of available solutions
     exhibitions and taught product           This outlook comes from a deep          calibrated definition of fashion,           award' for the light series LINGOR                                              within a new context. Added value
     design at different universities such    interest in how humans adopt            faithful to their initial concept,         and also for his latest project, the                                            lies in the potential of combining the
     as Hochschule der Künste (Berlin),       technologies in their everyday lives.   dividing and combining creation,           light series PYRUS. He was already                                              methodical approach of multimedia
     École des Beaux-Arts (Saint-Étienne)     While Beta Tank‘s objects may           between fashion, art, design and           awarded with a special mention of                                                                                pro-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 projects with the development pro-
     or Escola Superior de Artes e Design     seem fantastic or magical they are      architecture, they engage an inde-         the 'design report award'. To explain                                           cess applied to three-dimensional
     Berlim na Bahia (Salvador) to name       always based on available techno-       pendent work method, which often           his strategy the designer says:                                                 products.
     just a few. Recently, a selection of     logies and address timeless human       implements collaborations and              'I want to design things so that they                                 
     their work was showcased and sold        behaviours and needs.                   interactions with friends, customers       seem familiar to people even though
62   in the shops of MoMA. The New York                        and other contributors.                    they are new.'                                                                  11   Pull & Pull-over P. 23               63
     Times labelled their Mozartkugel as                                                                                                                28   Re-Light P. 38, 39
     a 'Musthave'.                            21 Memory Stücks P. 33                                                                                                                                             29   Re-Flect – pendant light P. 39, 60                                                           Bless N°29 Wallscapes and Bless N° 26      03 Pyrus P. 12, 19                                                              41   L8 P. 45
                                                                                      Cable Jewellery P. 10 – 11                                                                                                 58   ABC Button P. 52
     53 Babel P. 50                                                                   13 Bless N°12 Bedsheets Couple P. 24, 25
     54 Big Babel P. 50                                                               14 Bless N°36 Bedsheets Lake P. 25
     57 centipede P. 51                                                               15 Bless N°28 Climate Confusion
     67 Mozartkugel P. 57                                                             Assistance, Hammocks P. 26, 27
     68 nusskubus P. 57                                                               16 Bless N°29 Wallscapes #1 P. 27
     69 roundabout P. 58                                                              17 Bless N° 26 Cable Jewellery P. 28, 29
     70 colour couple P. 58
     71 doublebloom P. 58
     Designer Index

     elegant embellishments ltd.              ett la benn                              form-al, Interiors & Objects              Formfjord                                  Joachim Frost                            Martin Holzapfel
     elegant embellishments was formed        ett la benn is an agency for product     Adrian Lippmann                                                          Bau-
                                                                                                                                 Since 2006, Engineer Fabian Bau-           Joachim Frost was born in 1971 in                                          furni-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Martin Holzapfel, Berlin based furni-
     in 2006 by Daniel Schwaag and            and interior design founded in 2005      Since 1997, Adrian Lippman (*1967)        mann and Designer Sönke Hoof                                             country-
                                                                                                                                                                            Frankfurt but moved to the country-      ture and interior designer, studied at
     Allison Dring. They investigate and      by Oliver Bischoff while he was still    works as an independent designer          have been working together from            side in 1979 and grew up there. This     the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.
     develop new materials and methods        studying industrial design at the        in the fields of furniture and interior    their Berlin-based design studio           contrast between the urban context                                       'furni-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     In 2003, he founded his label 'furni-
     for the quick modification of exi-        'Universität der Künste' (University     design. He studied at the Industrial      Formfjord.                                 and nature marks also his own view       ture for daily use'.
     sting buildings and spaces. These        of Arts) in Berlin. In 2006, Danilo      Design Department of UDK Berlin as        In addition to furniture, lighting and     on design. In the beginning of his       His designs not only incorporate
     modifications are used to 'tune'          Dürler joined ett la benn as Co-Exe-     well as at NCAD Dublin, Ireland and       accessories, they enjoy working in         academic education he studied            pragmatic necessity, they also
     buildings, converting previously         cutive. After studying at the 'Naba'     at University of Illinois, Urbana-        various fields: 'Each project holds         physics, subsequently he changed to      transmit an emotional quality
     inert surfaces into active surfaces      in Milan, Italy and at the 'Ingvar       Champaign, U.S. In 1999, he founded                                           dif-
                                                                                                                                 inspiration for another. The more dif-                                    indus-
                                                                                                                                                                            architecture with a focus on indus-      within the everyday environment.
     that can meet new challenges set         Kamprad Design Center' in Lund,          his office and label - form-al, Interi-    ferent the jobs, the more fruitful and     trial design. This tension between       The way the furniture interacts
     by a rapidly changing world. A key       Sweden, Danilo graduated from            ors & Objects - located in Berlin-Tier-   unexpected the synergies are.'             a scientific, rational feeling and        with its environment is important
     aspect of elegant embellishment’s        the 'Kunsthochschule Weißensee'          garten where he works on his own                                        engi-
                                                                                                                                 The interplay of design and engi-          artistic freedom is distinctive to his   for Holzapfel’s design. It enables
     work is the visual articulation of in-   (University of Arts), specializing on    products and projects as well as for      neering signifies Formfjord’s unique        creations. During his studies he won     the user to define his or her private
     novative technologies that have the      product design.                          clients from different fields - such as    structural design language.                several awards and grants; including                                       slee-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     space, for working, reading or slee-
     potential to alleviate the ecological    Crossing lines, intuition and emoti-     museums, restaurants or shops. In                          the exhibition of his diploma thesis     ping, depending on the real needs
     impact of cities but often require a     on are in the center of ett la benn’s    2007 he won the iF product design                                                    at the Biennale of Architecture in       of their work practices or the spaces
     re-examination of current practices,     designs: whether its furniture or        award for design of shelf_zzz. It was     19 Lightbrick P. 31                        Rotterdam in 2003.                       they live in. But as self-containe
     in particular the slow institutional     spatial structures, what unifies their    also nominated for the Design Award       50 Rosemarie P. 49                         Berlin has been his adoptive city        pieces, they still offer a sculptural
     processes of architecture.               products is the rupture with current     of the Federal Republic of Germany                                                   since 1996, even though he loves         element to the spaces they inhabit.
     elegant embellishments is a design       patterns of thought and design.          2008. Lippmann currently works on                                                    travelling around the world - hence      The body-like pieces exist in a space
64   bureau, interested in systems for        Through extensive conceptual             the development of more products                                                     he has designed and constructed in       between practical function and             65
     buildings and cities that respond        phases, objects and schemes are          made of sandwich material and                                                        Milan, Paris, Madrid, Moscow, Tokyo      poetic association, not immediately
     to a new set of invisible criteria for   created that offer new approaches        plans a mobile, foldable shelter for                                                 and Bangkok. Since 2004 he has           declaring their use.
     physical space. Their 'prototypes for    in terms of application or highlight     use in disaster areas.                                                               worked as an architect and a desi-
     building' act as catalysts for the re-   elements like 'material' or 'function'                                                                       gner and has participated in various
     interpretation of interstitial spaces    in an uncommon, surprising way.                                                                                               exhibitions. In 2008 he received the     26 Bureau P. 36
     in architecture.                                       36 shelf_zzz P. 42                                                                   IF Design Award.                                                     55 twister wardrobe P. 51                                                  
                                              27 Escritoire 'trestle' P. 36, 37
     10 proSolve370e P. 22                                                                                                                                                  33 stiks P. 41
                                                                                                                                                                            34 stiks white punk P. 41
     Designers Index

     Rupert Kopp                           linea1                                    llot llov                                 Daniel Lorch                             Tom Kühne                               MAGINWULFstudios
     Rubert Kopp is specialized in         Needing new shelves, Francesco            The office llot llov with headquarters     Daniel Lorch was born 1980 in Baden-     Tom Kühne works as Designer and         Maginwulfstudios is a Berlin /
     lighting, interior and furniture      Apuzzo and Irina Jurasic in 2004          in Berlin-Kreuzberg was founded in                                   communi-
                                                                                                                               Baden. He studied visual communi-        Architect in Berlin. Project-specific    Mannheim-based design studio
     design. His products follow simple    designed two versions, for paper-         2006 by Ania Bauer, Jacob Brinck,         cation at the HTWG Konstanz under        he cooperates with different experts,   association founded by Gisela Magin
     ideas and create new approaches       back-sized books and compact discs,       Lena Hirche and Ramon Toshiro             Michele Baviera. Before graduating       artists and companies.                  and Thies Wulf – after working
     for sustainable as well as smart      made of bent sheet steel. Enthusia-       Merker. The partners come from va-        from university in 2006, he did an                       together upon various international
     solutions in design. His background   stic friends and colleagues wanted        rious fields of design. Their projects     internship at Integral Ruedi Baur                                                design projects – a perfect merger of
     is jewellery as well as Interactive   some as well, making the production       focus mainly on the conceptual work       et Associés in Paris. Today Daniel       07 iLand P. 20                          positive forces and rightly balanced.
     Design. His products encourage        of the first batch possible. With          driving product and interior design.      Lorch lives in Berlin and works in the   20 Halberd P. 32, 33                    Maginwulfstudios creates furniture
     to re-think common views and our      demand increasing, the two archi-         llot llov say: 'Because of our love for   fields of furniture design and visual     37 Supersystem P. 42                    (Benkert Bänke e.g.) and objects
     everyday use of things.               tects decided to found a firm for the      old things, our fancy for the ordinary    communication.                                                                   and has its own collection of design                   manufacturing and distribution of         and our joy in finding new inter-          Noticable in Lorchs design are                                                   products.
                                           their own designs.                        pretations, every piece of our work       material efficient constructions and                                              Their expertise in style and function
     24 Hammerlamp P. 35                   In 2005, linea1 was established in        bears llot lov’s special signature.       barefaced translations of ideas.                                                 applies also on fairstands and living
                                           Berlin, where all production is based.    Our idea of design is multidimensio-      For him innovations, are precise                                                 spaces (apartments in New York,
                                           An approach to economony is cha-          nal: we avoid the drawing of bounda-      and minimal modifications of the                                                  fairstands in Amsterdam, Florence,
                                           racteristic for the designs in terms of   ries, setting our preference on the       traditional.                                                                     Berlin, e.g.). After they have given
                                           aesthetics as well as of production.      experimental. llot llov look at the                                                               a successful trademark look to the
                                           Material is used to full capacity and     world, take risks, learn, understand                                                                                       2007 Designhotels 'Future Forum' in
                                           according to its inherent qualities.      and interpolate the world in an illo-     30 X Y and Z P. 40                                                               Barcelona, Maginwulf are since then
                                           A distinguishing feature is the way       gical, intuitive and creative way.'       31 Sinus P. 13, 40                                                               creative directors of Designhotels
66                                         two-dimensional sheet steel is bent                                                                                                            'Future Forum' and became official       66
                                           into shapes: rather than simula-                                                                                                                                     partners of Designhotels.
                                           ting solids, the three-dimensional        01 Matt P. 16, 17, 18                                                                                            
                                           objects reflect the dialogue of plane      02 Ray P. 18
                                           and volume.                               12 Lucille P. 23                                                                                                           59 Sketchpet – 360° P. 52, 53
                                                              22 Zoé P. 34
                                                                                     51 Kniggerich P. 49
                                           38 shelf series a, b, c P.15, 43
                                           39 linea1 tl.s table lamp P. 43
                                           56 linea1 mr magazine rack P. 51
     Designers Index

     Metrofarm                                 Mirko Mielke                             Zascho Petkow                          redmaloo                                  roomsafari                               Rainer Spehl
     Metrofarm is a design company ba-         Since 1999, Mirko Mielke works           genausoundanders°                      redmaloo are Katja Hettler and Jula       roomsafari creates and distributes       Rainer Spehl is an independent
     sed in Berlin. Metrofarm creates and      inbetween the fields of design, art       Zascho Petkow is a berlin-based fur-   Tüllmann. redmaloo‘s concept is to        home-accessories, furniture and          Furniture Designer based in Berlin.
     develops high end limited editions,       and architecture. His latest series of   niture designer and creates modern     be minimal, traditional and modern                                     Roomsafa-
                                                                                                                                                                         lamps for a relaxed living. Roomsafa-    He designs and produces furniture
     but also works for clients and corpo-     photographic concrete was inspired       indoor rooms. Since 1999, he designs   all at the same time, taking natural      ri was founded by Christine Nogetev      for private and commercial clients,
     rate brands. Metrofarm was founded        by an empty space of a dead gallery      and builds radical furnishing solu-    materials and re-introducing them         and Chul Cheong in 2001.                 but also produces and distributes
     in the year 2000 and is managed           in Berlin’s underground dealing with     tions and decorative interior compo-   into modern life. redmaloo looks for      Their design is committed to a           his own products.
     by Julia Böttcher and Jan Müller.         the issues of fluctuation, reminis-       sitions. Zascho is a certified master   an idea behind each product, be it        responsible, eco-friendly and                                                mi-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  His furniture is best described as mi-
     Since then, they developed furniture      cence and re-construction in urban       carpenter and owns a small furniture   functional or emotional. redmaloo         sustainable use of materials. The        nimalistic and clear and at the same
     editions, interactive shopwindow          environments.                            factory in Berlin-Zehlendorf.          wants to introduce a human touch          flexible and light products offer a lot   time it is rich due to its materiality
     installations, illustrations as well as                             and warmth to the functional world        of possibilities to users to change      and detailing. Craftsmanship, a high
     showroom interiors and exhibition                                                                                         of electronic devices.                    and customize them depending on          quality standard in the making and
     design.                                   18 scan’t P. 30, 31                      52 Wooden Shelf P. 50                  Their highest priority in product         their different needs. Most of the                                       deter-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  an individual way of thinking deter-                                                                                                         development is top quality of the         products are flat packs and can be        mine his work and produce pieces
                                                                                                                               materials and the manufacturing           easily moved.                            that seem very classic and yet are
     23 Dinning table P. 34                                                                                                    process. They use highest 100% qua-qua-   Their product range of helpful and       very contemporary.
     25 DJ desk P. 35                                                                                                                                             le-
                                                                                                                               lity wool felt from Germany, the le-      playful companions for everyday life     Rainer Spehl was trained at
     35 Concrete table and bench P. 41                                                                                         ather is handpicked, controlled and       won a lot of international Design        Ravensbourne College of Design
                                                                                                                               then processed in local production        Awards, among others the IF Product      and Communication and the Royal
                                                                                                                               facilities with highest diligence.        Design Award, Form, Best of now!         College of Art in London. After living
                                                                                                                                                                         etc. roomsafari‘s collection is ma-      in London for 9 years, he moved to
68                                                                                                                                                                       nufactured in Berlin by the workshop     Berlin in 2004.                           69
                                                                                                                               60 Cable bag P. 54                        for handicapped people 'Vereinigung
                                                                                                                               61 Apple Laptop Sleeve P. 54              für Jugendhilfe'.
                                                                                                                               62 iPod / iPhone sleeve P. 55                          66 Laptop case P. 14, 56
                                                                                                                               63 iPod / nano sleeve P. 55
                                                                                                                               64 Unisize Laptop Sleeve P. 55            32 t-light P. 40
                                                                                                                                                                         43 lucky clover P.46, 47
                                                                                                                                                                         44 c+c hook P. 47
                                                                                                                                                                         45 leanon II P. 47
                                                                                                                                                                         46 triangle hanger P. 47
                                                                                                                                                                         47 railway P. 46, 48
                                                                                                                                                                         48 capt’n hook P. 46, 48
                                                                                                                                                                         49 bruce P. 48
     Designers Index

     Studio Aisslinger                        THE-HOME-PROJECT                        Erik van Buuren                         Zeitgeist Toys
     The works of designer Werner             Albio Nascimento trained as product     Building upon his sustainability        Passionate about Designer Art
     Aisslinger cover the spectrum of         design at University of Arts Lisbon,    know-how and together with a Berlin     Toys and traditional craftsmanship
     experimental, artistic approaches,       (P) and Kathi Stertzig graduated at     based bunch, Erik currently initiates   André Fischer founded his company
     including industrial design and          Design Academy Eindhoven (NL) met       independent sustainable concepts        Zeitgeist Toys in 2007. Ever since
     architecture. He delights in making      in Italy while attending the Politec-   and edits sustainable products.         then, the Berlin based designer has
     use of the latest technologies and       nico di Milano. They now live and       Fuels cells were his focus after fini-   created art toys out of high grade
     has helped introduce new materials       work between Berlin and Portugal        shing an engineering degree.            materials like pewter. In 2009 he
     and techniques to the world of           under the name The-Home-Project.        Enthused by environmental issues,       started a close collaboration with
     product design like in his unique gel    They initiate social campaigns,         he went on to Hamburg to join           the world leading Royal Porcelain-
     furniture. The 'Juli chair' was the      like DesignForFuture, an annual         Michael Braungart, the founder          Manufactory Berlin (KPM) and for
     first item of furniture to use a new      exhibition on sustainable design or     of Cradle to Cradle, to encourage       the first time ever art toys are made
     type of foam called 'polyurethane        Illegal Beauty, a social awareness      companies to develop environ-           of exactly the same high quality
     integral foam' and became the first       campaign. Besides, they continue        mentally optimised products and         porcelain and painted by hand as all
     German chair to be selected as a         to pursue their own products and        architecture.                           other KPM figurines.
     permanent exhibit at the MoMA in         experimental designs. Their main        After realising the influence of the     His art objects made of high gloss
     New York since 1964. In the process      focus is researching the significance    financial industry, Erik decided to      polished pewter were used by
     he has created striking designs and      of home through cultures, sustaina-     work as analyst for ethical invest-     numerous renowned international
     received awards from all over the        ble development for material culture    ment funds based in London and          artists and designers as a kind of
     world – from Milan‘s Compasso            and socially interactive design.        Switzerland in order to push the        canvas for their own designs and
     d‘Oro to the Design Prize of the Fede-                sustainability agenda within large      interpretations. Makiko Minagawa,
70   ral Republic of Germany, the Red Dot                                             corporations.                           former head textile designer and                                                                            71
     Award or FX Award in the UK.             05 Unblossom P. 20                            close ally of Issey Miyake for more
     His work is exhibited in the perma-      06 Morning Egg P. 20                                                            than 30 years, and Chiaki Murata,         Foto credits
     nent collections of international        65 2nd SKIN- laptop sleeve P. 56        04 Barns P. 19                          designer of the Xbox 360, beside          Bless © Olivier Amsellem Cover foto
     museums such as the Museum                                                                                               many other artists still accepted the     M. Braun © Inka Recke P. 12, 19
     of Modern Art (MoMA) and the                                                                                             challenge and gave these art toys         D. Lorch © Alexander Stertzik P. 13
     Metropolitan Museum in New York,                                                                                         their own distinctive expression. The     llot lov © Nicolo‘ Lanfranchi P. 16
     the French Fonds National d´Art                                                                                          results are unique pieces, each a tre-
                                                                                                                                                                 tre-   llot lov © Khrystell Zavaleta P. 18, P. 23, P. 34
                                                                                                                                                                        THE-HOME-PROJECT © Bob Norris P. 20
     Contemporain in Paris, the Museum                                                                                        asure for aesthetes and collectors.
                                                                                                                                                                        H.Buchfelder (Pluma Cubic black) © Jan PER Sonntag P. 21
     Neue Sammlung in Munich, and                                                                                   
                                                                                                                                                                        H. Buchfelder (Pluma Cubic rooster & white) © Taufik Kenan P. 21
     the Vitra Design Museum in Weil,                                                                                                                                   © Mirko Mielke P. 30
     Germany.                                                                                                                 72 + Eye P. 59                            M. Holzapfel © Deniz Agaoglu, Ludger Paffrath P. 36                                                                                                                                                  ett la benn © Yves Sucksdorff P. 37
                                                                                                                                                                        form-al © Adrian Lippmann P. 42, 51
     09 Coral Lamp P. 22                                                                                                                                                Studio Aisslinger © Steffen Jänicke P. 44
     40 Rooms of Books P. 44                                                                                                                                            Roomsafari © Evgeny Revvo P. 46
     42 Mesh Vases P. 45                                                                                                                                                H. Buchfelder © Andrea Kroth P. 63
                                                                                                                                                                        M. Mielke © noshe P. 68
                                                                                                                                                                        Studio Aisslinger © Tom Nagy P. 70
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