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									Yorkshire Real Business Challenge
         Presentation by
     Ripon Grammar School

          The Green Side Of Life
•       Company Cars             –    offer a ‘new deal’ based on ‘the future is green’
1.      Encourage diversity + choice
2.      Incentives for using bio fuel
3.      Price range dependent on efficiency – promote ‘greener’ vehicles
4.      Promote use of public transport at subsidised rates
5.      Work with individual bases to set up ‘park n ride’ schemes

+ set new agenda for the company and its use of gas guzzling cars
+ offer a range of alternatives – not one size fits all
+ economies from buying in bulk
+ access funding from range of agencies eg Transport 2000

- cost of incentives will affect budgets
- short term costs may outweigh benefits
•    To introduce bio diesel instead of diesel in vehicles.

+ Cut emissions by 1800 kg a day

- Will need to establish availability of suitable bio diesel products

•    To collaborate with Eddie Stobart (a CCE stakeholder) to develop a new freight rail service.

+ one train load is equivalent to 28 trucks (volume)
Miles travelled by one train in one day = 700 / Miles travelled by 28 trucks = 19600
Savings on fuel costs as fuel prices continue to increase

- Investment cost of new venture and impact on distribution planning
•    Eco –computers the way forward for CCE
+ reduce energy consumption                                          - Investment costs will be high
+ improve the working environment
+ improve efficiency by using latest technology

•   Biodegradable Bottles
Propose to make the bottles out of plastarch material (PSM) – strong, easily available material which will reduce landfill

• Energy Saving in CCE
-    consider using solar power panels in suitable roof spaces alongside water recycling
+ panels will be light weight but effective in the UK climate
+ rain + waste water fed to solar panels, use wind powered pumping system to producing heating for
    all areas of the site
+ low running costs

- high installation costs
- need to seek planning approval

•   - All new buildings to be developed with an eco plan eg grass roof (plants take out CO2

•   + Sustainable development
•   + lower costs in long run
•   Press Release
    “The environmental strategy for CCE Ltd is clearly focussed on meeting the needs of the business now and in the

    CCE are committed to taking a leading role in the development of environmentally sustainable business
    enterprises. Our customers are 100% behind our plans which include:

•   Environade logo
•   Loyalty rewards for customers who recycle cans and bottles
•   Close links with other businesses who share our environmental aims
•   Collaboration with agencies which support our efforts
•   The move towards reducing our environmental impact by 50% over the next 5 years
                                         Marketing 2
•     Bring Back Bottles – the combination of recycling with an incentive!
- Proposal to introduce a ‘Bring Back a Bottle’ campaign
- Offer customers loyalty cards – swipe card system on returns. Points gained can be redeemed for Coca Cola products
•     Promotional Bottle Tops
 - With a partnership with Woodland Trust aim to develop promotional bottle tops to raise awareness of the environment


      Card Number: ………………………………….
                           The contribution of this part of CCE must go beyond ‘recycling’

•   The aim is to be a ‘paperless’ business by 2012

    + become a market leader in using new technology – showcase to other businesses
    + embrace new technology to improve productivity
    + offer the best training for staff in these areas / enhance skills
    + provide opportunities to share information more easily

•   - Increased costs met by increased productivity
    Summary & Recommendations
From Project Director & Project Manager

CCE Ltd face many challenges in the business world. The environment is one that
can be successfully addressed with the right strategy. This needs to include:
•The wider use of environmentally friendly fuels – bio diesel
•Reducing reliance on traditional fuels - switch to solar power
•Addressing transport issues
         -For distribution of CCE products
         -for CCE staff
•Investing in new technology – to make the best of the resources available
•Offering customers the choice of recycling
•Developing new bio gradable packaging
•Including the environment in our marketing strategy

                            Success is the only option!
                              Teacher Comments
•   The students worked for one day on the challenge on Friday 28 September. They had limited ICT facilities but
    used them well to research the key areas in the brief. Working in teams, competing within the year group was a
    great success. All teams met the deadlines set and worked together in a constructive way throughout the day.

•   It was difficult to follow the brief at times because of time constraints. This left gaps in the analysis of deas to
    decide what would work well for the company.

•   The winning team was judged by Marcus Boardall from Reed Boardall plc, Boroughbridge

•   Setting out the above presentation has been difficult and I would welcome guidance on the format – is it

Bev Southwell
Enterprise Co-ordinator
Ripon Grammar School

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