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									                                                 Santa Clara Valley Section News

                                                                                                               April 2007

    Message from the Chair
                                                                        Santa Clara Valley Section News
    Dear ASME Santa Clara Valley Member,

    Content of the issue,                                                 Call for Nominations for 07-08 Officers
    This issue of our Newsletter focuses on promoting two major
    upcoming events; the Professional Development Course                Want to be involved? Your local Santa Clara Valley
    Saturday April 28th, 2007 in Finite Element Applications, and       Section is looking for volunteers for next year
    the Bay Area Technical Symposium (previously called
    Conference). May 12th, 2007. These two events are wonderful
                                                                        Board. Please nominate a volunteer, or yourself, by
    opportunities to be up to date in the needed topic of Finite        May 4, 2007. Send the nomination to Elise
    Element and in the emerging topic of Renewable Energy.              Engelhardt, The following
    These two events are organized by volunteers of our section.        positions are available; Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer,
    We hope you can join us in one or both of these activities.         Secretary, and Newsletter Editor.
    Remembering our colleagues,
    In writing this newsletter it caught us the tragedy occurred in
    Virginia Tech this month. This event touches us all very
    deeply as humans and as engineering professionals. As one
    of the largest and primary engineering institutions of the                 Section Corporate Sponsor
    Nation it seems that we all have a piece of this institution and
    of the tragedy on us. More than thirty students were killed,
    most of them engineering students, including one faculty

    Our thoughts and prays are with the families of the casualties,
    and with our colleagues in the School of Engineering at VT.

                                                                       ANSYS® Channel Partner
    Jorge E Gonzalez, Ph.D.
    Section Chair
                                                                       ANSYS Software Sales

INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                                      Multiphysics and Multidisciplinary Engineering

                                                                       CFD, Stress, Heat Transfer, Fracture, Fatigue,
1        Local Section News                                            Creep, Electrostatics, Electromagnetics,
2        ASME Think Tank Summit                                        Dynamics, Design Optimization, Linear &
                                                                       Nonlinear Finite Element Analyses
2        ASME 2007 Early Career Forums & Fairs
         Professional Development Course
4        Bay Area Technical Symposium                        
5        Energy Nanotechnology Conference

                                                         ASME Section News 1
ASME 2007 EARLY CAREER                                      ASME Think Tank Summit to Address
FORUMS & FAIRS                                              Today’s Engineering Issues

Don't miss this opportunity to network with peers and       Held in conjunction with the 2007 ASME Summer
get first hand practical advice and information on          Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada, the Society will
issues relevant to your developing engineering career.      conduct its first Think Tank Summit, June 10-11. The
                                                            summit, held at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel, will
                                                            address three issues critical to today’s engineers. Panel
 Attend the next Early Career Forum & Fair in
                                                            sessions include “Fruits and Pitfalls of Product
Montreal, Canada - May 13, 2007 (At ASME Turbo
                                                            Lifecycle Management,” which takes a look at the
  Expo) Palais des Congrès in Montréal, Canada
                                                            emerging importance of PLM and its impact on product
               9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
                                                            development processes across the value chain to deliver
                                                            the most business value. “Teaching Women
 The program will consist of a career fair which will
                                                            Engineering, A Double Standard?” will look at the pros
follow two panel discussions moderated by successful
                                                            and cons of a recent report by the National Academies
   industry experts and senior-level engineers, from
                                                            that suggests that colleges and universities are
 Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, MTU Aero Engines,
                                                            outmoded in their thinking of women in engineering,
       Dassault Aviation Systems and NASA.
                                                            and “Human Factor Engineering, Designing for the
                                                            User” will ask the question: Are all products designed
         Register now/get more information
                                                            with the consumer (human factor) in mind? Designers,
                                                            critics and the audience will probe into this topic and
                                                            also take a look at samples products that include the
                                                            good, the bad, and the ugly. The ASME Think Tank
Program Highlights                                          Summit brings together leaders in industry,
    • The Global Landscape: Essential Strategies to         government, academia and ASME in three 90-minute
        Transform Your Career in the Gas Turbine            town-hall-style discussions.
                                                            For more details and to registration visit the Web site at
    • Career paths in the gas turbine industry    
                                                            m or email to
    • The Gas turbine industry – globally speaking

 *Registration will include admission into ASME's
  Turbo Expo (
     technical sessions for Monday, May 13.

    To register, for the Early Career Forum, visit:

                                                             The Fellow Grade recognizes significant engineering
Upcoming Early Career Forums & Fairs                         achievements and contributions to the engineering
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - June 10, 2007 (At                 profession. ASME takes great pride in its Fellows
ASME Summer Annual Meeting)                                  Program and encourages the nomination of ASME
Seattle, Washington – Nov. 11, 2007 (At ASME                 members to Fellow Grade. Any ASME member can
International Mechanical Engineering Congress &              submit a nomination for Fellow.
For more information on the Forums and Fairs, and            For additional information on ASME’s Fellows
important updates for US Citizens traveling to               Program visit:
Canada, visit:                                                  lows.cfm

                                                 ASME Section News 2
                                  ASME PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SEMINAR
                          Sponsored by the ASME Santa Clara Valley Chapter. Presenters are from leading firms on the West Coast.

                                              “ANSYS: FEA Applications”
Diffusion Analysis
                                                         Saturday, April 28, 2007
                                                                                                                     Free ANSYS ED 10.0
                                                                9:00 am – 4:00 pm                                    software for qualified
                                                         Location: Santa Clara University                            attendees and free Bonus
                                                                                                                     download! Deadline extended!
                                                     Dr. Metin Ozen, Ozen Engineering Inc.
                                                  ASME or SVEC: $199 per person
                                                    Non-Member1: $329 per person
                                               ASME / SVEC Student or Unemployed: $179
                                                 (plus $45 to your price for .4 CEU’s)2
      1: Non-members will become an ASME member with their paid, $329, seminar fee, if they complete an application form, on the day of the seminar;
2: No CEU’s will be awarded for student members; 3: Qualified Attendee status determined by a questionnaire; 4: Bonus download not available after 4/24/07;
                        All attendees will receive a catered lunch, and break snacks/drinks will be a part of your seminar experience.
All qualified attendees3 will receive:
     •   A Free copy of ANSYS FEA Educational Software, ANSYS/ED 10.0 ($200 dollar value)
     •   Free use of the full featured Ansys DesignSpace Software program ($9,000 value) for thirty days.
     •   Full Supplemental Documentation (247 pages) Downloads: 1) Intro to FEA, 91 pages, PDF; 2) Stress and Strain
         Applications, Dynamics, & Heat Transfer Theory , 107 pages, PDF; 3) Participants Workbook, 49 slides, PDF.
     •   Bonus Download4: Computer Aided Design and Analysis (for ANSYS DesignSpace), 97 pages, PDF file.
     This unique offer is made possible by the generous donation of Software by ANSYS, negotiated for the ASME Santa Clara Valley Section
     by Ozen Engineering, Inc. Continuing Education Units (.4 CEUs) will be awarded for an additional fee of $45 upon request. No CEU’s will
     be awarded for student members.
                                                        SEMINAR ABSTRACT
Dr. Metin Ozen will make Finite Element Analysis FEA readily accessible with clear and powerful explanations in
this technical introduction to FEA Applications and Theory. Normally taught as a 4-hour course, Dr. Ozen has
expanded the agenda to include additional practical examples and explanations to make FEA more understandable.
The participant will learn the theoretical and practical applications of FEA including a live demo of ANSYS FEA
software. Dr. Ozen will help you understand how to make proper assumptions in a variety of applications to create a
strong and realistic model that accurately predicts reality.
                                                                                                                             Structural Analysis
• Theoretical and Hands-on Practical Application of Finite Elements.
• Application of Matrix Algebra to Finite Element Theory
• The importance of boundary conditions
• Applications of Finite Elements in
      Structural, Heat Transfer, Dynamics, and Electrostatics/Electromagnetics
Unemployed Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Design Engineers, Aerospace Engineers, Consultants, Stress Analysts, Heat
Transfer Analysts, Technical Engineering Supervisors or Managers, and Users of Finite Element Software.
                                                        Send payment to: ASME Professional Development Chair, P.O. Box 611865, San Jose, CA 95161-1865
     2 WAYS TO PAY
                                                          Payment must be received prior to the seminar and will not be accepted at the door.
1.   Acteva (Credit Card Service)                                                        ANSYS: FEA Applications
2.   Mail in Form must be received on
     the day before the seminar.                     Name___________________________Company____________________________________
     •   Check or Money order                        Address___________________________ Title_____________________________________
•    Call Registrar: 408- 689-0888 or
                                                     City_________________________________ State ______ ZIP _____________ Day
     Email Registrar:                 Email___________________Phone__________________ASME member #_______________

                                                              ASME Section News 3
    “The Many Facets of Clean Energy Technologies”
                          3 Technical Tracks               ~Exhibitions              8+ Presenters
                                 SOLAR            ~      HYDROGEN                  ~     WIND
                                              Saturday, May 12, 2007
                                                  9:00 am – 4:00 pm
                                             Location: Santa Clara University

ASME Santa Clara Valley Section and Santa Clara University are proud to sponsor and organize the full day
conference, “The Many Facets of Clean Energy Technologies” on May 12th, 2007 at Santa Clara University. This
Conference will bring the Bay Area engineering community together to learn the latest trends in clean energy
technologies, and to address career and business opportunities in this emerging field. The Conference will feature
key-note speakers, 8+ technical and business sessions, technology exhibitors and networking. The technology focus
of the Conference will be on solar, wind, and hydrogen.

Dr. Charlie Gay from Applied Materials Clean Energy Group and ASME International President Dr. Terry Shoup
will join the Conference as Keynote speakers along with several other business and technology leaders from the Bay

For technical information about this event see contact Conference Organizers; Amer
El Hage,, or Jorge E. González,

Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Consultants, Architects, Facility Supervisors, Technical Engineering Managers,
Business Leaders, Small Business, Technical Advisors to Political Leaders, Unemployed Engineers

REGISTRATION (Register by May 5, 2007)
ASME & SVEC Member $75.00 per person
Student or Unemployed Member ASME: $25.00
Non ASME Member $225 per person         Send payment to: ASME Professional Development Chair, P.O. Box 611865, San Jose, CA 95161-1865
w/membership                             Payment must be received prior to the seminar and will not be accepted at the door.
Exhibitor Booth $500.00                                              2007 Bay Area Technical Symposium
3 WAYS TO REGISTER                                                             “The Many Facets of Clean Energy”

• Call Registrar: 408-689-0888 or                  Name___________________________Company____________________________________
•   Email Registrar:                Address___________________________ Title_____________________________________

•   Mail in Form must be received on the           City_________________________________ State ______ ZIP _____________ Day
    day before the seminar.
                                                   Email___________________Phone__________________ASME member #_______________
•   Payment methods: Check, Money order, or
    Acteva (Credit card online: subject to fee)

                                                      ASME Section News 4
The ASME Nanotechnology Institute in collaboration with the Santa Clara Valley Section are pleased to announce the 2nd
Energy Nanotechnology International Conference. This unique conference will focus on the state-of-the-art research and
development in energy-related materials, nanoscale phenomena, devices, systems, manufacturing, and commercialization.

The connection between nanotechnology and energy is inextricable—many unique physical phenomena occur at the nanoscale
through confinement of allowable states of basic energy carries (electrons, phonons, and photons). The consequences of these
phenomena are manifest in various areas of energy science and engineering and are being exploited with every-improving
efficacy to improve energy technologies. Contributions that emphasize the scale-up of nanotechnology-based solutions with
promising system-level energy performance prospects are particularly encouraged. Relevant application areas include, but not
limited to, the following:
    •    Solar: fundamentals, solar-thermal, high-efficiency devices, low-cost devices
    •    Biofuels and Carbon-Neutral Technologies: biodiesel, ethanol production, raw materials
    •    Direct Thermal Energy Conversion and Harvesting: thermoelectrics, nanoscale transport, Electrochemical
         Conversion and Storage: fuel cells, batteries, membranes, electrodes, systems
    •    Hydrogen: production, storage, utilization
    •    Fossil fuels: coal gasification, reforming, co-generation, carbon sequestration
    •    Materials/Manufacturing: nanomaterials, scale-up, heterogeneous integration
    •    Commercialization: leading Venture Capitalists will evaluate new product ideas in all renewable energy areas and
         will provide feedback on steps needed for successful commercialization

The conference will be held at Santa Clara University and will consist of plenary talks, invited talks, contributed oral and poster
presentations, and exhibitions and will provide opportunities for communication and collaboration among industry, academia, and
venture capital organizations.
If your company is interested in sponsoring this event, please contact Local Conference Organizers; Dr. Metin Ozen
( or Dr. YF Pang ( For more information on this event, visit the Conference Website;
                                Contact your Santa Clara Valley Section
            We want to hear from you. Please, send an e-mail to any of the Board Members below.
Chair: Jorge E. González                                        Communications: Elise Engelhardt
E-mail:                                     E-mail:
Tel: (408)554-4459                                              Tel: (408)360-0669

Vice-Chair: Joe Olsen                                           Professional Development: Scott Burr.
E-mail:                                     E-mail:
                                                                Tel (408)689-0888
Treasurer: Michael Mark
Email:                                           Industry Relations: Metin Ozen
Secretary: Johann Tiamzon
Monthly Meetings
Join us at our regular Membership Monthly Meetings. When: First Monday of the Month Location: Engineering
Building of Santa Clara University.
Contact: Prof. Jorge E. González,

                                                     ASME Section News 5

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