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                            Volume 70 Issue 4                                               April 2006

Presbyterian Church
                            From the Pastor
                            Dear Friends,                         new way of life. Although Jesus was
                                    Easter is a season for resur- raised, he did not remain physically
                                                                  present with them. This meant that
                            rection and new life. We all look
                                                                  they assumed new roles as leaders
                            forward to the joyful celebration.
Inside this issue:          We anticipate the joyous music af- and teachers. They grew into a new
                            ter many weeks of music in minor life.
Capital Campaign     P.3
                                                                         As we approach Easter I in-
                            keys. We expect this time to be
News                                                              vite you to take a chance on growth.
                            filled with joy and bring us peace
                                                                  Take a risk by growing into the per-
Pastor Gayle Taylor’s P.5   and comfort.
                                                                  son that God is challenging you to
                                    However, have you ever
Music ministry       P.5    considered the fact that growth and become.
Schedule                    new life may also mean that we
                                                                          Rick Boyer
                            have to stretch outside of our-
Deacons’ Corner      P.6
                            selves? If we are to grow in our
                            faith, we may have to try something
New Members          P.7
                            that does not come easily. Learn-
                            ing a new skill includes a time of
Health Ministry      P.8    awkwardness as we learn to do this
                            new thing. Growing spiritually may
Celebrations         P.9    also mean that we learn new hab-
                            its, give up old habits, or even try
                            out new gifts.
? Spring Ahead on                   Growth and new life do not
  April 2nd.                necessarily bring comfort. In fact,
                            they may bring uneasiness as we
? Remember to set your
                            grow into new creations in Christ.
  clocks ahead one          There is a cost to growing.
  hour.                             Think about the story of the
                            first Easter. There was fear and
                            trembling when Jesus was raised
                            from the dead, even while they e x-
                            perienced amazement and excite-
                            ment. The disciples also faced a
Page 2                                                                                                  Prospectus

 One Great Hour of Sharing
 During Lent, Prospect joins with other Presbyte-      tangible help that comes through experienced
 rian churches to receive an offering called “One      workers who know how to provide the most impor-
 Great Hour of Sharing”. The offering is divided       tant aid where needed. For example, disaster as-
 between three programs. The Presbyterian Hun-         sistance workers continue to coordinate work
 ger Program provides food to people in local, na-     camps throughout the Gulf Region, even re-
 tional and international programs. A second por-      directing groups from New Orleans to areas of
 tion of the offering goes to the Presbyterian Dis-    greater need but less publicity. The third program
 aster Assistance Program. The disasters can be        is called the Self Development of People. The goal
                                                       is to provide education, training and materials that
 anything that you may hear about in the news.
                                                       will lead to self-sufficiency. It is the “teach some-
 There are also disasters that never make the
                                                       one how to grow crops” program. Special enve-
 news but are known to us through mission work-        lopes will be provided for this offering.
 ers around the world. It is impressive to see the

   Maundy Thursday
        The tradition of holding a service on the      munion and Tennebrae Service. In the first half
 Thursday before Easter is rooted in the cele-         of the service we will remember the last supper
 bration of the Last Supper that Jesus had with        and celebrate communion. Then we will turn our
 his disciples. At Prospect, we hold a service         eyes toward the cross. As each of the seven
 of communion and combine it with a Tenne-             last words of Jesus is spoken, we will gradually
 brae Service. Tennebrae Services use light            darken the church and remove all the colors and
 and darkness to help us experience the pain           decorations from the church. The service ends
 and suffering of Jesus on the cross.                  in the darkness with the sound of nails.
        Please join us on Thursday, April 13th
 at 7:30 pm for the Maundy Thursday Com-

   Easter Morning

        The Memorial Garden provides a new op-          in the garden as we remember that Mary met the
portunity for Easter morning. At 8:00 am you are        risen Jesus while she stood weeping in the gar-
invited to gather in the garden for an early wo r-      den.
ship service. Spiritual Life has decided to try a
                                                               There will be an Easter breakfast in Fel-
worship service for Easter in the garden as part
of our Holy Week Observance. This service will          lowship Hall following the service. You can then
be in place of the service which formerly started       go to your regular Sunday school classes at 9:15
in darkness and moved into the light.                   am.
        The women who went to the tomb early on
that first Easter met the angels and first heard the
words, “He is not here, He is risen”. Come and
join us as we remember this event again. Join us
Volume 70 Issue 4                                                                                           Page 3

News from Property Management on the Capital Campaign
                                                          Bids for refinishing pews are being obtained.
                                                          Bids for restoration of stained glass windows
                                                          are being obtained as well.
                                                          Bids for the work on the organ are being solic-
                                                          Outreach Ministries reports:
                                                           Some of the funds for the World Vision Pro-
Property Management reports:                              ject as well as Habitat for Humanity have
The basement renovation is well under way .               been disbursed. We have had one theologi-
The little elevator lift has been installed.              cal scholarship application and are about to
Lighting in the Burnett room will be adjusted.            disburse funds for that.
Gene Zielinski reports that:
Sanctuary and vestibule lighting is being negoti-

Capital Renovation Work Group Formed

          The Capital Renovation Work Group (CRWG) has been formed to coordinate the various projects
 that are ongoing as a part of our Capital renovation. Session has noted that the responsibilities for over-
 seeing the current projects had fallen to the Property Management Committee and to the Pastor. This was
 taking time away from their primary duties. The projects were not progressing at the pace that we wanted
 them to go. Session has agreed that what is needed is a focused Work Group that has the sole objective
 of overseeing these various projects, with the help of a professional to keep them on a reasonable timeta-
 ble. This will relieve the Pastor and Property Management Committee and allow them to concentrate on
 their primary functions.
          The CRWG will expedite the various projects and keep them from falling behind schedule. Session
 has selected William Slack of CTS Architects after reviewing several candidates. CTS has experience in
 church renovation projects. They will help with decision making and presenting ideas to CRWG, allowing
 us with ample discussion time and keeping the various projects on schedule.
          CRWG will begin with the projects starting this year. Those already under way, such as the base-
 ment classrooms and the Burnett room, will remain with the Property Management Committee until their
 completion. The projects the CRWG will be overseeing are: kitchen and windows in the manse, the
 kitchen in Fellowship hall, and the renovation of the sanctuary. The work in the sanctuary includes but is
 not limited to: the removal, refinishing, and reinstallation of pews; new lighting, wiring, and controls; refin-
 ishing the wood in the Sanctuary; work on the stained glass windows. Our target is to start by this summer
 and complete by Advent. During a good part of this period, services will be held in Fellowship Hall.
          Members of the CRWG are: Connie Cosgrove, LeRoy Lambert, Anne Love, Cindy Mondino, Andre
 Swygert, Kevin Thompson, Judy Zenowich, and Eugene Zielinski, who is also the moderator of the group.
 Our three objectives are:
 1. To establish and maintain a realistic timeline for the completion of the ongoing projects,
 2. To complete each project within budget or to make recommendations to Session with budget issues,
 3. To increase communication to the congregation. This will be done via monthly announcements and
     notices in the Prospectus. Please feel free to approach any member with your questions.
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Women’s Bible Study                                      Marvelous Monday
   In April the Women’s Monthly Bible Study will      Children in grades K-5 are welcome to attend
focus on Easter with a session titled “A Time to      Marvelous Monday from 5-6:30 pm April 24.
Weep and a Time to Laugh”. The morning ses-           Following a meal, children will learn about Jonah
sion will meet Monday, April 3rd from 10:00-11:30     through music, story, and creative activities.
AM, and the evening session will meet Wednes-         Please register children in advance so that ade-
day, April 5th from 7:30-9:00 PM. Choose the          quate preparations can be made. Sign-up op-
time that suits your schedule best. The discus-       portunities will be offered April 16 and 23 in Fel-
sion will be based on the following Scripture: Mark   lowship Hall following worship. You can also
                                                      phone the church office or e-mail your reserva-
16:1-8; Luke 24:1-12; and John 20:1-18. All
                                                      tion to An optional $2
women are welcome, even those who have not
                                                      donation per child helps defray the cost of the
attended previously.                                  meal.

 Camp Johnsonburg                                        Kreitler Scholarship
Johnsonburg brochures are now available. A            Kreitler scholarship fund applications are now
wide variety of camping experiences are offered       available outside the church office. This scholar-
throughout the summer at our fine Presbyterian        ship is granted to a student about to enter the
camp. Brochures are located in the wall file just     freshman year in college. It is renewable for four
outside Rita’s office door. You can also find the     years of undergraduate study, providing the ap-
information online at Fami-        plicant continues to meet the selection criteria.
lies with financial need may apply for scholarship    There are four selection criteria: (1) participation
assistance. Those forms are also located in the       in the life and work of Prospect church, (2) fina n-
wall rack, just below the camp brochures.             cial need, (3) character and all-around ability,
May 15th is the deadline for all scholarship appli-   and (4) academic record at school and academic
cations.                                              potential. The deadline to submit a completed
                                                      application is May 15th.

 Senior High P.Y.C.
On Sunday, April 9, we will host PONY                 Community Food Bank of Hillside, leaving the
(Presbyterian of Newark Youth) from 7-9 PM, fo-       church at 9:30 AM. RSVP to Meredith no later
cusing on “World Hunger” with a presentation          than 9:00 PM Sunday, April 9 (our meeting with
from the Community Food Bank of Hillside, NJ.         PONY). Remember to bring a permission slip.
Please bring a canned good to the meeting, a          Additional permission slips can be found in the
donation to the food bank. Snacks will be pro-        file folder on the wall outside Rita’s office. Driv-
vided. RSVP to Meredith by Sunday, April 2.           ers/chaperones are needed. Please dress in
                                                      warm, comfortable clothing, as parts of the ware-
We will continue our focus on “World Hunger”          house are not heated.
with an opportunity to serve on Good Friday.
Volunteers from PONY will join our own Sr. High
PYC on April 14 as we volunteer at the
Volume 70 Issue 4                                                                                         Page 5

Rutgers University Chorus Coming to Prospect
         The Rutgers University Chorus (Newark           Scotland the following day. It is this choir
 Campus) will appear in a concert at Prospect            that performed in her parish church in
 on Sunday, April 30th at 4:00 pm. The Cho-              Bishopton, Scotland last May and subse-
 rus, conducted by Dr. John Floreen, makes               quently led to her forthcoming two -week visit
 frequent appearances in the North Jersey                here. Tickets for the concert are $10 for gen-
 area and has toured extensively on the Euro-            eral admission; $25 for preferred seating;
 pean continent and the UK. Their next tour is           and $5 for students and senior citizens and
 scheduled for Wales in May 2007. The pro-               will be available for purchase following
 gram will include both sacred and secular mu-           church service the two Sundays prior to the
 sic and special arrangements of folksongs and           concert. The Chorus’ fourth CD, newly re-
 spirituals. The concert will be followed by a           leased, will also be available for purchase the
 reception in Fellowship Hall which will also            day of the concert. Please call John Pearson
 serve as a farewell reception for Pastor Gayle          at (973) 763-3712 or the church office for
 Taylor who will be leaving to return to                 more information.

Music Ministry Schedules                                    Pastor Gayle Taylor’s visit

 FESTIVAL CHOIR                                        Each year Spiritual Life employs the funds from the
                                                       Worship Enrichment Fund to invite a special guest
 This is a short term choral opportunity for sing-
                                                       minister to speak at Prospect. This year Pastor
 ers. We meet at 9:30 Sunday morning with the
                                                       Gayle Taylor, a minister from Bishopton, Scotland will
 option of attending rehearsal the Thursday pre-
                                                       be staying with us from April 17-30. She will be ac-
 ceding from 7:30-8:15 PM.
                                                       tive in a number of Prospect activities and events dur-
 April 9-Palm Sunday, April 16-Easter,                 ing that time. Among her interests are stewardship,
 May 21, and June 4-Pentecost                          inclusion of children and youth in the life of the
                                                       church, theological implications for use of space in
 WESTMINSTER BELL CHOIR                                the sanctuary, and music. Here are a few of the
 Session V: April 27, May 4, May 11, May 18,           things in which she will participate:
 May 21-Play in Worship
                                                       Meet with the Capital Renovation Work Group that is
                                                       overseeing the building renovations and with Ses-
 CHILDREN’S AND JUNIOR CHOIR                           sion. This will be an opportunity for her to hear about
 Children’s choir in-                                  our work and for us to learn about the renovations un-
 cludes children in Kin-                               derway in her parish.
 dergarten through 3rd                                 Meet with several groups of the church in informal
                            To learn more about our
 grade, and Junior                                     settings. These will be scattered throughout her two
                            music program or to join
 Choir includes any in-                                weeks with us.
                               any of the groups
 terested children in                                  Meet with a variety of pastors and leaders as part of
                           mentioned, contact Jason
 4th through 8th                                       her study leave.
                              Asbury, Director of
 grades. The choirs
                           Music…(973)763-2090 or      Touring several local educational institutions.
 rehearse every Sun-
 day after worship until                               This promises to be an exciting exchange for us.
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 Deacon’s Corner
This is my second term as an active deacon at             are designed for active deacons, but there are
Prospect church; needless to say I find the work          numerous others that the entire congregation at
I’m called to do through this ministry very re-           Prospect Church can do to support us and share
warding. It is not rewarding in that I am fulfilling      in the blessings of this ministry:
my assigned obligation, but that the emotional            -Making a phone call or sending a card to some-
gifts that I receive from others I have helped or         one who is ill or grieving, celebrating a birthday
served far outweighs what I do. It comes in the           or anniversary,
form of hugs, smiles, thank yous, old pictures I
see from the elderly and “God bless yous”.                -Joining the deacon’s Friendship circle and com-
These gifts warm my heart and allow me to go              mitting to looking out for a few other members of
on.                                                       the congregation on a regular basis,
I once heard a pastor of a large congregation             -For ordained deacons or elders, volunteering to
say that many times the members of his church             serve extended communion to the sick or shut
would complain that the pastor, deacon or elder           in,
did not visit or call when they were in difficulty or     -Contacting the church office or an active dea-
experiencing a joy. It’s all about what someone           con and visiting the sick or shut in,
else did not do. He went on to ask the question,
                                                          -Supporting our fellowship activities, such as
“As a layperson, who have you called or visited
                                                          game night, picnic, etc.
or shown a vested interested in, in your own
church family lately?” Wow! What an eye                   -Considering being a deacon oneself and being
opener. Most times we ourselves are the recipi-           receptive to God’s call in one’s life when a call
ents of what we give to others. We are responsi-          comes to you from the Nominating Committee,
ble for looking out for each other. The Bible             -Keeping us in prayer.
says that it is in giving that we ourselves receive,
                                                          The items listed above are only a few ways that
and with God’s hands in the mix it will multiply
                                                          we as a church family can all be deacon-like and
                                                          respond to Christ’s call for us to serve.
Of course, some of the things we as deacons do
                                                          -Elaine Sinclair-Thompson, Co-Moderator

Church Picnic                                                Middle High PYC
Prospect’s church picnic will be on Saturday,           Middle Highs meet Sunday, April 23 from
June 17th at Oakdale Picnic Area (inside                6:30-8:00 pm to discuss “The Beginning of the
South Orange Reservation). It will be a time            End?” Best-selling books are getting people
for fun and great fellowship, so please save            talking about the “rapture” and the “Second
the date. Details to follow.                            Coming of Christ”. What does the Bible say?
                                                        Join us for a discussion and refreshments.
Volume 70 Issue 4                                                                                        Page 7

      Please welcome the following new members into the Prospect Church Family:

    Carolyn Berry. Carolyn was born in El Paso, Texas but spent much of her young life in Baltimore,
    Maryland. She was raised in the Presbyterian Church. Carolyn met her husband, Courtney Sapping-
    ton, in New York City, and they have been married since 2001. Carolyn is an Associate Professor at
    New York University in the Wagner School of Service. She is involved in the study and research of
    urban problems. Carolyn and Courtney have a little boy, Wesley, who is almost three. They live at
    25 Oberlin Street, Maplewood. Tel: 973-763-1240.

    Heidi Hovland and Jim Pickett. Heidi, born into a Lutheran family in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and
    Jim, raised a Roman Catholic in Cleveland, Ohio, have been married six years. They discovered
    Maplewood three years ago. Heidi, who has a public relations degree from St. John’s University in
    Minneapolis, is a Senior Partner and Director of Marketing Communications at Fleishman-Hillard in
    New York City. Jim, who graduated with a business degree from Penn State, is a sales manager for
    Eber-NGC, a wine and spirits distributor located in Port Chester, New York. (We’ll all seek your coun-
    sel, Jim!) Heidi and Jim’s little daughter, Lena Sophie, 3, is expecting to have a brother in May. The
    Hovland/Pickett household is located at 27 North Terrace, Maplewood. Tel: 973-313-2773.

    Tracy and Heath Hudson. Tracy, originally from Sparta NJ, and Heath, a native of New Hampshire,
    have been married a little over four years. Before they came to Maplewood last September they lived
    in New Hope, PA. Tracy is Director, Resource Management, Clinical Operations for Schering-Plough
    in Kenilworth, and Heath is a stay-at-home dad. They have two small children, Jack, who is two, and
    Charlotte, who is just eleven months old. The Hudsons make their home at 29 North Crescent, Maple-
    wood. Tel: 973-313-0470.

    Charles Romano. Charles and his wife Tammy are hoping to move to Maplewood soon. They have
    been married for eight years and have two children. Charles was raised in Ramsey, NJ. He received
    an undergraduate degree at Rutgers and did his graduate work - an MBA - at New York University.
    Charles is a banker; he works for BNP-Paribas, a French Bank, in New York City. The Romano chil-
    dren are Natasha, who is four, and Alessandra, who is two years old. The Romanos reside at
    118 Garden Street, Hoboken, NJ. Tel: 201-683-3133.

    Allison Reid. Allison has a Presbyterian background and comes to us by Letter of Transfer. She and
    her husband Phillip McKinnie hail from Washington D.C. Allison actually grew up in Jamaica, enter-
    ing the US in 1985. Allison has a law degree from Fordham University and she is Director of Interna-
    tional Education and Training for NASD (National Association of Securities Dealers - the agency that
    regulates brokerage firms that conduct the investing business with the public.) Allison and Phillip, an
    accountant, met in Washington and have been married for three years. In her spare time Allison en-
    joys reading and writing poetry. She is also a reader for Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic. Allison
    lives at 10 Plymouth Place, Maplewood; Tel: 973-762-0839.

    Lauren & Milo Pacheco. Lauren and Milo have been Maplewood residents since 2002. Lauren
    comes from a Presbyterian background and was raised in Westchester, New York. Milo hails from
    Las Vegas where he was raised in a Roman Catholic/Methodist household. The Pachecos have been
    married for nine years. Lauren is a TV producer for E! Entertainment/Style Network/New Harbor En-
    tertainment, a field she prepared for at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in London
    (BA from Colgate University). Milo is a Senior Director of Marketing for Island Records in New York
    City. He graduated from the New School in New York (BA from Franklin and Marshall). Milo spends
    his spare time with music and sports, and Lauren likes to refinish furniture. Lauren and Milo have two
    children: Carina, who is five and Carson, who is just two years old. They reside at 50 South Pierson
    Road, Maplewood. Tel: 973-761-4471.
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Health Ministry News
Dear Prospect Family and Friends:                      For example, symptoms of the early onset of dia-
        A very wise man named Abraham Lincoln          betes often first appear in the
once said, “When my feet hurt, I can’t think.” I’m     feet. A quarter of all diabetic pa-
sure most of us have felt this way at one time or      tients develop foot problems,
another, and it is to this issue that I’d like us to   one of which is a condition
focus our attention this month.                        known as diabetic neuropathy,
        April is recognized as Foot Health Aware-      that can lead to amputation. Arthritis, nerve and
ness month. Our feet are something that we             circulatory disorders can also show their initial
tend to take for granted until they bother us and      symptoms in your feet. Because your feet tend
call negative attention to themselves. Every day       to mirror your general health, it is important to
the average person logs between 5000 and               pay attention to any changes in feet or ankles,
10,000 footsteps on what is a complex combina-         such as swelling, numbness, tingling, and bur n-
tion of 26 bones, 33 joints and 107 ligaments, all     ing. It is crucial to remember that self-treatment
linked by a network of muscles, nerves, blood          can often turn a minor problem into a major one
vessels and skin. There are times during walk-         very quickly. A podiatric physician should al-
ing when the pressure on your feet actually e x-       ways be consulted if there is any cause for con-
ceeds your body weight, and this pressure can          cern with your foot health.
rise to 3-4 times your body weight when you run!               We average about 115,000 miles of walk-
It is not surprising then that 46% of Americans        ing in our lifetime, which is roughly four times the
complain of foot or ankle pain.                        circumference of the globe! This month let’s
        While most of this discomfort can be alle-     give credit and special recognition, plus some
viated by investing in a well-fitting shoe appropri-   extra TLC, to these wonderful appendages that
ate for the task at hand, painful feet can also be     get us where we need to go day after day.
a sign that something far more serious is afoot.       Cindy Thompson, Deacon’s Health Ministry

Remember in your prayers...

 Dorothy Allen (Sandy Karriem’s aunt), Carmen           Jim Stinnett (brother-in-law of Wayne and
 Bancroft (Jennifer DaSilva’s mother), Arthur           Joady Anderson), Sylvia Styles, Ann Teets
 Borchert and family, A.T., Bob Brodo, Colin G.         (Elizabeth Chalk’s mother), Evelyn Watson
 Brothers (Lillian Moss’ brother), Elwood and           (Winston Watson’s mother), and families
 Helen Carwell, Irene Conrad (David Conrad’s            facing difficulties.
 mother), CD, Ginna Dietz, Jane Erickson, Ann
 Garratt (Frank Hendricks’ cousin), Ann Gero,
 Kathleen Huemer, Maud Hylton (Pat Bullock’s
 mother), Carol Johnson, Laura Nelson (Jeff
 Smith’s sister), Norm (friend of many in the
 congregation), Pasficus Omariba (Margaret
 Motachwa’s father), Patrick Park, Teresal
 Pinckney, Judy and Mel Podinker, George and
 Norma Sinclair (relatives of Elaine Thompson),
Volume 70 Issue 4                                                                                         Page 9

                                           Celebrations in April
Celebrating a birthday in
April are:
                                      Celebrating a Wedding
                                      Anniversary in April are:             April Liturgists
                                                                            April 2     Ed Bolden
 4       Jeff Latz                    10 Catriona & Frederic Turlier        April 9     Chip Thomson
 7       Christine Lassiter                                                 April 13    Connie Cosgrove
 8       Julia Thomson                18 Don & Connie Guida                 April 16    Rick Noll
10       Sue D'Addario                                                      April 23    John Pearson
12       Tara Yablonsky               19 John & Jacque Lindstrom            April 30    Jomo Morris
13       LeRoy Lambert
14       EJ Wightman
                                                                            Communion Servers
                                      21 Ian & Jacqueline Hume
         Milly Young
                                                                             April 2nd
15       Gabriella Pollard            30 Frank & Monique Hendricks
         Henry Voorhees
18       Sydney Veloso                                                       Harry Lorenzo, Stu Spraggins,
20       Allene Johnson                                                      Sara & Jeff Smith,
21       Herbert Roemmele                                                    Meg & Don Richardson,
23       Frederick Berghaus                 April Deacon of the              Ute & Roy Tellini,
         Sunshine Sanchez                   Month is Bonnie                  (Balcony-James Lambert)
25       Ron King                           Mountain
26       Vanessa Fortier                    (973) 378-9414.

         Doug Walsh
         Thomas Casazza
                                            Please call the D.O.M.
                                            if you know of a                 Maundy Thursday
         Colin Walsh                        member in need.                  Mary Murphy, Betty Brodo,
28       Brooke Smith                                                        Ellen Williams, Sandy Barnett,
29       Patrick Park                                                        Margaret Motachwa,
                                                                             West Cosgrove, Rick Noll, and
                                                                             Dave Tuck
                                      Please note that Elizabeth Chalk
                                      (973) 763-2985 will fill in for
                                      Bonnie Mountain the week of
                                      April 9th to 15th.

                                               Volunteers in April
                                            Have a happy day!
Ushers:                                                         Greeters:
April 2:            Ed Bolden, Mike Ritterbusch                 April 2:
April 9:            Pete Reader, Margaret Motachwa              April 9:
April 13:           Jennifer Bazilio, Willie Mae Charles        April 13:
April 16:           Bela Gajary, Willie Mae Charles,            April 16:
                    Connie & Don Guida, Audrey Rowe             April 23:
April 23:           Ian Hume, Elaine Thompson                   April 30:
April 30:           Connie & Don Guida
    Prospect Presbyteria

     646 Prospect Street
    Maplewood NJ 07040
      Phone: (973)763- 2090
       Fax: (973)763-0950

      Mission Statement of Prospect
 Presbyterian Church: To be a family in                  Mailing   Address   Line   1
    Christ reaching out to all with love,                Mailing   Address   Line   2
  prayer and service. Through worship,                   Mailing   Address   Line   3
   education, mission and fellowship, we                 Mailing   Address   Line   4
experience God's love, forgiveness, grace                Mailing   Address   Line   5
                  and call.

        We’re on the Web!!

                                            Congregation Pot Luck Dinner

                                               Mark your calendars! Join us on Sunday, April 23rd, 2006
                                               for a congregational Pot-luck dinner to celebrate the start of
                                               our 2006 Stewardship Campaign, “Growing Our Faith,
                                               Growing Our Giving”. This year our special guest, Gayle
                                               Taylor of Bishopton, Scotland will join us at dinner. Being good
                                               stewards is a part of our faith; it is our responsibility. The
                                               Stewardship campaign is the time for you to give thanks to God
                                               and to celebrate the blessings you have received this past
                                               year. It is the time for you to show your continued financial
                                               support for Prospect’s unique programs that you like and enjoy,
                                               such as the youth, music, and educational programs, and the
                                               externa l programs like IHN and Babyland Nurseries. Look for
                                               more information on this important time of the year.