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					                                     Tulane University
                                  Staff Advisory Council
                          Minutes of Thursday, February 11, 2010

           ATTENDEES                                       ATTENDEES

             OFFICERS                                  UPTOWN CAMPUS
Susan Barrera, Chair                 Present    Kathy Bourgeois                      Present
Gwen Chavez, Vice Chair              Present    Linda Cantero                        Excused
Rob Platner, Election Coordinator    Present    Erin Coffey                          Absent
Lisa Britton, Recording Secretary,   Present    Liz Davey                            Absent
Member at Large
Cheryl Sterling,Corresp. Secretary   Absent     Shirley Dymond                       Present
Jered Bocage, Parliamentarian        Present    Miriam Espinosa                      Present
                                                Mike Griffith                        Excused
    DOWNTOWN CAMPUS                             Michael Harrison
Tanya Ambrose                        Present    Cynthia Hayes,Immediate Past         Present*
Ron Cail                             Absent     Romella Hodges                       Absent
Linzi Conners                        Present    Alysia Loshbaugh                     Absent
Cheryl Dempsey                       Excused    Suzanne Lossi                        Present
Tami Jenniskens                      Excused    Aaron Martin                         Present
Paula Lucas                          Present    Lisa O’Dwyer                         Present
Merisa Pasternak                     Present    Laurie Orgeron                       Present
Patsy Stewart                        Present    Kimberly Vega                        Present
Shirley Tubre                        Excused    Judy Vitrano                         Excused
                                                Emily Capdeville (proxy)             Absent
                                                Jeannine Coxen (proxy)               Absent
                                                Simon Dorfman (proxy)                Excused
         NORTHSHORE                             Jeanny Keck (proxy)                  Present
Scott Goings                         Excused
Corrie West                          Present
Robert Johnson (proxy)               Absent     INVITED GUESTS AND
                                                Erica Taylor, Wellness               Present
                                                Sandy West, WFMO                     Present

* Via teleconference

All Officers are serving the Staff Advisory Council term 2009 – 2010

Call to Order: Susan Barrera, SAC Chair, called the February 11, 2010 meeting of the Staff
Advisory Council to order at 2:30 p.m. The meeting was held at the Lavin-Bernick Center, in the
Rechler Conference Room.
TU Staff Advisory Council Meeting      February 11, 2010                                 Page 2

I.   Review and Approval of the Minutes

Chair Barrera called for a motion to approve the November 12, 2009 minutes and the minutes
were approved. She then called for an approval of the December 10, 2009 minutes and they
were also approved.

II. WFMO Liaison

Sandy West, Director, WFMO Strategic Planning and Implementation

Question was brought back to WMFO from our last SAC meeting regarding vacation pool time
and Family Medical Leave. WMFO’s response: In order for an employee to receive time from
the vacation pool, that employee must be approved for FMLA. You cannot apply for vacation
pool hours unless you have been approved to take medical leave. The employee’s vacation
and sick time is used up first before any vacation pool hours can be transferred over to assist
that employee. The employee can only take a total amount of leave approved (if you are
approved for a 12 weeks medical leave, you cannot request to take an additional 2 weeks).

Discussion regarding the vacation pool hours -- should we request a report from WFMO as to
the total hours in the pool? For example, we have a campaign asking for employees to donate
vacation hours since the pool is getting low. Agreed we should try to put something forth to

Questions to WFMO:
At the end of the year, people were taxed on the gift cards they received for participating in
UnitedHealth’s Wellness Program. Why was this information not communicated earlier instead
of seeing the deduction on our paycheck?

If UnitedHealth was putting up the gift cards, why did Tulane tax us on this?

Answer: The information was clearly stated at onset and on each communication from the
Wellness Committee. Of the 1,300 cards given out, only approximately 30 people complained.
This is a requirement by the IRS, the gift cards (worth a specific dollar amount) are to be
considered taxable income. Sandy calculated everyone and communicated the information to
the Payroll Office. So everyone who received a gift card was taxed on the value amount.
UnitedHealth did put up the gift cards but it was up to Tulane to distribute them. That is why we
are responsible for listing this as taxable income.

Discussion from the floor: Several people have investigated the communications and were not
able to find any information stating they would be taxed. Feelings by those who participated
believe they did not read the fine print. The university had the advantage because the people
that participated helped the university by taking the survey. Then appears on paycheck as
taxable income, reason WMFO didn’t hear anything is because people went to Payroll not
WFMO. Everyone present agreed that in the future, this issue be made clearer to participants.

Sandy West saved the communications on this issue and no it was not glaring statement
informing about gift cards will be considered as taxable income. Sandy said they will do a better
job in communicating this information, was not done intentionally to mislead those who
participated in the survey.
TU Staff Advisory Council Meeting     February 11, 2010                                  Page 3

Question to WFMO: What about employees who reached a milestone anniversary date with
Tulane? Are they going to be taxed for those gifts?
Answer: Word from Jean Holtman (Associate VP, WFMO) is they are still investigating that, so
no answer on service awards to report right now.

Discussion from the floor: If it is determined we need to tax those receiving the service awards,
request WFMO to revisit the idea to give out gifts instead of gift cards. When you are rewarding
them for their years of service to Tulane, to tax them does not seem appropriate.

III. Report of the Chair, Susan Barrera

No report.

IV. Officer Reports

    A. University Senate

    Susan Barrera reported from the Senate meeting on February 1, 2010.
     President’s report: have received 44,000 student admission applicants for the fall
       semester 2010.
     Undergraduate Tuition will increase approximately $1,100 so with all of the fees included
       and tuition will be an additional 3% increase for upcoming year.
     Fourth quarter financials – have some good news, the actual deficits are half of what we
       originally budgeted.
     The Endowment Portfolio is back up to approximately $900 million.
     The annual Development figures are around $40 million.
     Budget guidelines for FY 2011 have been approved.
     Salary merit pool will increase 2% for FY 2011.
     Faculty and staff hiring freeze policy will remain in effect until further notice.
     Hope to reach projected balanced budget by year 2012.

    B. Board of Administrators
    No report.

V. University Senate Committee Reports

    1. Benefits
    No report.

    2. Budget Review
    No report.

    3. Information Technology
    No report.

    4. Equal Opportunity
    No report.
TU Staff Advisory Council Meeting       February 11, 2010                                  Page 4

    5. Physical Facilities
    No 4eport.

    6. Social Issues
    No report.

VI. SAC Sub-Committees

    1. Election Committee
    No report.

    2. Electronic Technology and Information
    No report.

   3. Staff Appreciation
   Susan Barrera, Rob Platner and Lisa Britton want to discuss the upcoming Family Fun Day
event on Saturday, February 27th.

        Anne Banos received our budget for approximately $4,200 and President Cowen agreed
         to give SAC $4,000 for this event. The money has been transferred to us and we have
         the funds to purchase the things we have planned for the event.
        Anne Banos committed to purchasing shirts for our SAC volunteers.
        Asked Anne Banos if she can get us a Saints player to attend our event. With all of the
         excitement from the Super Bowl will be a big draw to get people to attend.
        President Cowen is going to participate in the walk. Registration will begin at 10:30 am
         with the walk beginning at 11:00 am.
        We have not received a good RSVP to date – 8 staff members bringing a total of 17
         including family members. We are changing the name to Family Fun Day instead of
         Wellness Walk and will send out more emails and correspondence to get people to
         come participate.
        Aaron Martin will ask that information on our event be included in “Scott’s Tulane Talk”
         that goes out weekly via email. Also will get in the Tulane New Wave
        Lisa O’Dwyer will mention our event to the Tulane Women’s Association.
        Merisa Pasternak will promote the event to the Medical School.
        Jered Bocage will see if the drum guys and jugglers would come out for entertainment
        We can post photos on the scoreboard during the baseball game. We are asking if you
         have photos of staff or co-workers to get them to us so we can put together a SAC
         presentation. Also if you take photos the day of the event, Athletics can get those on the
         scoreboard prior to the game.

    Specifics on event:
     Food – we have not ordered the food yet. Will give a final head count number on the
       Tuesday before the event. The menu will be: Jambalaya, salad, garlic bread, whole fruit
       and cookies. Mr. Mudbug is donating a couple of pans of a seafood pasta dish. We are
       waiting to hear back if we will get donations of water and Powerade.
     Renting tents– two 10x10 size tents and four 20x20 size tents. Also renting tables and
       chairs for 150 people. Tents will be used for the food and people to sit under. We are
TU Staff Advisory Council Meeting      February 11, 2010                                   Page 5

         also renting two inflatables for the kids. The student athletes are supposed to come out
         and help out with the kids’ area.
        DJ – Jonathan Jouet is a staff member and he will come out for us.
        Sports lecture – given by someone from Athletics. We will check to see if the mascot
         can come out prior to the game.
        Giveaways we ordered grocery totes, sports bottles and Frisbees, expected delivery to
         be the week before the event. Also have 50 insulated lunch bags with the SAC logo we
         will bring to give out.
        Our event should be wrapped up by 12:30 pm – the walk (one mile) begins at 11:00 am.
         The gates for the baseball game open at 1:00 pm.
        SAC volunteers should be there for 8:00 am. We will need to set up the tables and
         chairs prior to the event. The tents will be set up but we need to set up the table and
         chairs. Medical School and Pediatrics groups will be doing the health screenings are
         planning to set up around 9:00 am.

    4. Staff Issues
    No report.

    5. Health and Wellness
    No report.

    6. Community Service
    No report.

VI. Old Business


VIII. New Business

Aaron Martin presented a draft resolution: Domestic Partner Benefits Resolution 2010-01. He
explained the issue was brought to our attention of how difficult it is for Tulane employees to get
domestic partner benefits. The attached draft resolution shows a comparison of Tulane’s policy
and the University of Minnesota’s policy. This resolution would request Tulane review and
update our current policy. Considering how things are moving with health care and domestic
partnerships, here at Tulane we should update our policies. This issue will be discussed further
at our next SAC meeting.

Next Meeting: The next meeting will be held on Thursday, March 11, 2010 in the Dean’s
Conference Room in the Tidewater Building at 3:30 pm.

IX. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 3:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Lisa M. Britton
Recording Secretary