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					8) SETTINGS

The communications interfaces are selected by means of a 3-pin DIP switch on the rear of the module.
One – and only one – switch must be set to ON (down).

 ON      Active interface                            Configuration
  1      Only V.24 interface                         Only one module connected to PC
  2      V.24 interface and fiber optic              First module in ring (PC port)                                                                      EasyPort D8A
  3      Only fiber optic                            Extension module in ring                                                                            Festo part number 193 930

                                                                                                                                                            Data Sheet
PORTS                                                 POWER SUPPLY                                                                                 (Status 01.2000 Subject to modification)

Connector                 Connector                   The 24V DC power supply for EasyPort must be
IEEE488                   D-Submin                    supplied externally and can either be fed via the
                                                                                                                                                                                              Fiber-optic ring
24-pin socket             15-pin socket               ports or via 2 screw terminals located on the rear
Digital                   Analog                      of the module.
PORT 1        PIN         PORT 2            PIN
OUTPUT 0         1        OUTPUT 0          1         V.24 – data interface
OUTPUT 1         2        OUTPUT 1          2         Connector Sub D 9-pin plug
OUTPUT 2         3        0V                3          V.24                            =       PIN
OUTPUT 3         4        (unused)          4
                                                       (unused)                                   1                                                              PROCESS MODELS
OUTPUT 4         5        (unused)          5
                                                       Receive data                 RxD           2
OUTPUT 5         6        0V                6                                                              1) SYSTEM DESCRIPTION
                                                       Transmit data                TxD           3
OUTPUT 6         7        INPUT 1           7
                                                       (unused)                                   4
OUTPUT 7         8        INPUT 2           8                                                              The EasyPort process interface implements bi-directional transmission of process signals between a real
                                                       Signal ground                SGnd          5
INPUT 0        13         (unused)          9                                                              control process using low-voltage technology (24 VDC) and a PC. In order to rule out the possibility of the
                                                       (unused)                                   6
INPUT 1        14         (unused)          10                                                             process affecting the PC, only electrically isolated interfaces (optocouplers or optical fibers) are used for data
                                                       (unused)                                   7        transmission between the individual EasyPort modules or the PC.
INPUT 2        15         + 10V REF         11
INPUT 3        16         (unused)          12         (unused)                                   8
INPUT 4        17         (unused)          13         (unused)                                   9        Up to 8 EasyPort modules can be connected to a fiber-optic ring. No address settings are required – the system
INPUT 5        18         INPUT 3           14        A commercially available 9-pin serial extension      is self-configuring.
INPUT 6        19         INPUT 4           15        cable can be used for connection to the PC.          The system is designed and optimised for training purposes, but can also be used outside this environment.
INPUT 7        20
0V DC         11/12                                                                                        2) FUNCTIONS
24V DC         9/10                                                                                        The EasyPort D8A basic module has 8 digital and 4 analogue inputs as well as 8 digital and 2 analogue
              21/22                                                                                        outputs.
                                                                                                           Following power-on test, the module is ready for operation and waits for initialisation by the PC or the
                                                                                                           upstream module. The address is assigned automatically in accordance with the module’s location in the ring.
                                                                                                           Module failure is detected by means of regular short status requests and can be handled by the program as
                                                                                                           long as transmission is not interrupted.
                                                                                                           Transfer of data to and from an EasyPort module is by means of single addressed read and write commands. A
                                                                                                           mode can also be selected which causes the EasyPort to automatically report all changes of its inputs to the

EasyPort D8A                                                                              Data sheet                                                             as electronics, D-72663 Großbettlingen, Germany
3) SAFETY NOTES                                                                                                    6) DISPLAYS (LEDs on top of module)

The indicated maximum voltages for the power supply and for the inputs and outputs of the EasyPort must            SHORT
not be exceeded. Under no circumstances should voltages in excess of 30 V be used. Electrical connections          If a short-circuit is detected at one of the outputs, the red SHORT LED lights. The outputs of the EasyPort are
should only be made and broken with devices switched off. The device may only be used in systems which             then switched off.
return automatically to a safe state when the power is switched off. The safety notes for the connected            This LED also lights during power-on of the module. It is switched off again during the course of the power-
devices must also be observed.                                                                                     on test, before the output drivers are activated.
4) OPTICAL FIBERS                                                                                                  The green STATUS LED has various statuses:
                                                                                                                     - Flashing 1 Hz:       Power-on condition, module not yet communicating
The link between the PC and EasyPort process interface is by means of an electrically isolated V.24 interface.       - Pulsating:           Module is addressed. The address is shown at intervals of two seconds by the
Expansion modules are linked via optical fiber. A white "RING OUT" port must always be connected to a                                       number of times the LED is switched off.
black "RING IN" port. Up to 8 EasyPort modules can be connected in this way. Please carefully insert the end       INPUTS 0 to 7
of the optical fiber all the way into the connection socket and secure the fiber by rotating the collar to the     Status display of the 8 digital inputs by green LEDs.
Individual optical fibers may be in the range of 0.3 to 5.0 meters. Use a sharp blade to cut the plastic optical   OUTPUTS 0 to 7
fibers to the desired length.                                                                                      Status display of the 8 digital outputs by green LEDs.
A simple tool for this purpose can be purchased from Festo:
LICHTL.SCHNEID. SOE-LKS (part number 36 479)                                                                       7 SEGMENT DISPLAY
                                                                                                                   Display of the input/output voltage of the analogue part in Volts
                                                                                                                   BUTTON SEL
The Windows driver software EzDDE (PN 374 212) obtainable from Festo Didactic *) and EzOPC allows you              This button selects the analogue channel displayed on the 7 segment display.
to read signals in and out of your EasyPort simply using a Windows application. Data exchange takes place
                                                                                                                   An LED line show the currently selected channel.
via the DDE or OPC data interface integrated into Windows. This allows any application program provided
with such software interface (such as a STEP7 simulator, a visualization package such as InTouch, or Excel
spreadsheet) to establish contact with the EasyPort. The software of Festo Didactic is explicitly designed for     7)    TECHNICAL DATA
this communication e.g. FluidSIM® and Cosimir®.
The EasyPort can be addressed from your own programs (for example in C, PASCAL or BASIC) with the                  EasyPort Process Interface, Basic module D8A
commands PRINT, INPUT etc. in its CI (Command Interpreter) command language.                                        Operating voltage                                 24 V DC +/- 10%
                                                                                                                    Power consumption                                 3 VA
                                                                                                                    Outputs                                           8 digital 24V / 2 analogue 0...10V
                                                                                                                    Output load (max.)                                0.3 A per digital output / 10mA per analogue output
                                                                                                                    Short-circuit protection                          Yes
                                                                                                                    Inputs                                            8 digital 24V / 4 analogue 0...10V
                                                                                                                    Operating point of the digital input              12 VDC
                                                                                                                    Hysteresis of the digital input                   3V
                                                                                                                    Filter                                            10 ms
                                                                                                                    Communications interface                          V.24, electrically isolated and fiber optic
                                                                                                                    Optical fiber length                              0.3 m to 5.0 m
                                                                                                                    Protocol                                          ASCII, 19.2 kBd
                                                                                                                    Degree of protection                              IP20
                                                                                                                    Immunity to interference                          Class 4 as per DIN/IEC 801/4
                                                                                                                    Permissible ambient temperature                   0 to 55 °C / 0 to 70 °C
                                                                                                                    Dimensions in mm / inch (L x W x H)               162 x 148 x 36 / 7.38 x 5.83 x 1.41
*) Festo Didactic GmbH & Co. KG,                                                                                    Weight in kg                                      0.65
    PO Box 100710, D-73707 Esslingen, Germany, Phone +49 711 3467 0
EasyPort D8A                                                                                     Data sheet                                                        as electronics, D-72663 Großbettlingen, Germany

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