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Creative and Critical Thinking Approaches in Solving by decree


									    A New MATHS EXPLORATION Programme For Primary 4 Pupils
                  @ Nanyang Primary Schoool
 <Creative & Critical Thinking Approaches in Solving Non-Routine Problems>
This latest programme offered by My Think Tank is designed based on cooperative-group learning and
activity-based approaches, the programme and activities are aimed at increasing our children’s
mathematical abilities through the following themes:
       * Problem solving      * Logical reasoning
       * Communication        * Connection to other discipline and real world
We will be using Mathematics Problem-Solving Package designed by Dr Soon Yee Ping. All the activities
are focused on teaching mathematical concepts and building foundations. They are devised and
implemented with interesting manipulatives, experimentation, and lots of interaction. There is never a dull
       Develop thinking skills
       Enable pupils to use multiple approaches to problems
       Reinforce pupils’ mathematical concepts in the primary school syllabus
       Concretise concepts through the use of manipulatives
       Enable pupils to work in groups and appreciate team work
       Develop communicative skills through presentations of group solutions

4 main areas are covered in the 6 lessons :

1. Number Sense – Patterns, Generalisation, Algebra        2. Spatial Awareness
      - How many tables?                                          - Rectangrams
      - Crossing the river?                                       - How many angles?
                                                                  - Equilateral triangle
3. Discrete Maths                                          4. Games – Investigate Strategies to Win
        - Triple ice cream scoops                                 - Last to remove – winner?
        - Messages                                                - Banana peel

Characteristics of Tasks
      Non-Routine Problems
      Activity oriented
      Requires higher order thinking skills
      Each task has multiple approaches of solving
      Each task has rich extension for investigative and project work
For every session, pupils will work on a few mathematics tasks (as described above) either individually or in
pairs. Pupils will then be given opportunities to share their solutions and findings before the teachers
discuss the multiple solutions with them.

Our Founder Dr Soon Yee Ping
To know why our programmes are so effective, you have to know the creator of the company.
    Think Tank is the brainchild of Dr Soon Yee Ping, who created all the mathematics programmes the
company offers. Dr Soon is a trained teacher with a PhD in Mathematics Education from the USA and an
educational specialist. She was a Professor and taught at universities, such as Indianna University, that
trained teachers in the USA. As a former lecturer with the National Institute of Education, she is regularly
invited by the Ministry of Education to teach and train teachers. Known for her love of children and teaching,
she possesses a highly creative approach helping students learn and is very much sought after by schools.
She has given talks and taught programmes to many top schools in Singapore such as Nanyang Primary,
Raffles Girls Primary, Anglo Chinese Primary, St. Nicholas Girls (Primary and Secondary), Methodist Girls,
Chinese High, Chung Cheng High, just to name a few.
      <Creative and Critical Thinking Approaches in Solving Non-Routine Problems>

   MATHS EXPLORATION Programme with My Think Tank Primary 4 (2007)
   Time :               2.15pm – 3.45pm (1.5 hrs)
   Duration :           6 sessions (spread over Term 1 & 2)
   Fees :               S$85/- per student

   Schedule :           Wednesday
                        (Wed dates: Term 1 - 17/1, 24/1, 31/1, 07/2, 07/3, Term 2 - 21/3 )

Our Commitment

To ensure the highest level of commitment and quality, all our trainers are personally selected and trained by Dr Soon. All our
trainers have many years of teaching experience and share the same love for children and imaginative teaching.
We at      Think Tank take pride in our ability to deliver the best programmes to your child. We are committed to bring about a permanent
change in the way they learn mathematics. If you would like more information about the programmes, kindly contact :

Hui Leong 9005 8652           Stephanie 9383 6700

We look forward to your child’s participation at our programmes!
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‘2007 MATHS EXPLORATION PROGRAMME with My Think Tank’                                                Deadline for submission is 05 December, 06

Yes, I would like to register my child for this class :

      <Creative and Critical Thinking Approaches in Solving Non-Routine Problems>
             Primary 4

                   Wednesday         2.15-3.45pm

Name of Student : ____________________________ Name of Parent/Guardian : _________________________________

Level/Class in Nanyang : __________ M/F : _______ Birth Cert # : ___________________________________________

Address : _________________________________________________________________________(S) ______________

Tel Number : _________________________(HP) ___________________________(O) _________________________(H)

Email : ________________________________________________________________

Cheque # : _____________ (Please post-date your cheque to 17 January, 2007)

- Please cross and make cheques payable to My Think Tank Pte. Ltd.
- Please drop off the completed form and the cheque at the NYPS General office or
  send by post to : 255D Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 259695
- Deadline for submission 05 December, 2006.

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