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									Business Unit                 Title of Exercise                Responsible officer

Adult Health & Social Care    Community Support Services P Rigby
Commissioning                 Procurement- Provider

Adult Health and Care         The way forward for the       Collette Delacoe/John
Commissioning                 Liverpool Learning Disability Engwall
                              Making It Happen Partnership

Adult Health and Care         Older people Partnership Day Kate Craddock/Joan
Commissioning                                              Bennett/Collette Delacoe

Adult Health and Care         Consultation on the Draft        Jacqui Lewis/Collette
Commissioning                 Integrated Commissioning         Delacoe
                              Strategy for People with
                              Physical and/or Sensory
Adult Health and Care         Information events for service   Natalie Markham/Lynne
Commissioning                 users and carers for phase 2     Hoey
                              of the community services

Adult Heath and Social Care   Information events for service Natalie Markham / Lynne
Commissioning                 users and carers for phase 2 Hoey
                              of the community services

Adult Social Care Provision   Survey of homeless families      Darrell Stephen
Behaviour Management          Annual Bullying Audit            Mark Fitzsimmons
Behaviour Management             Anti Homophobic Bullying       Mark Fitzsimmons
                                 Strategy Consultation

Childcare and Family Information Introduction of an Early Years Jan Gallagher
                                 Single Funding Formula

Children's centres               Parental Satisfaction Survey   Suzanne Metcalfe

Children's centres               Teenage Parent Mystery         Suzanne Metcalfe (0151
                                 Shop Exercise                  225 6251)

Children's centres               Review of Active Parental    Suzanne Metcalfe
                                 Representation on Children's
                                 Centres Management Boards

Children's Workforce Human       Standardised school year       Jane Woods
Resources Service

City Safe Secondees Unit         Local anti-social behaviour    Sarah Anson
                                 guide consultation
City Safe Secondees Unit         Charter of Mutual Respect      Phil Garrigan

Citysafe Secondees Unit          Hate Crime Policy              Phil Garrigan
Citysafe Strategy Unit           Crime & Disorder Reduction     Alison Doherty
Citysafe Strategy Unit           Domestic Violence (Abuse)      Michelle Lesbirel-Jones
                                 Reduction Strategy
Commissioning and LACES         Listening, Learning, Leading - Gill Thornton
                                consultation and participation
                                standards to be included in all
                                service contracts and grant
                                agreements with provider

Communications                  Place Survey                  Neil Martin

Community Resources Unit        Consultation on CRU Funding Helen OGorman
                                Programme 2011-2014

Corporate systems               Have your say customer        Ann Ho, customer
                                satisfaction survey (2009/10) feedback manager Tel:
                                                              0151 233 4416
Corporate Systems               Single Equality Scheme        Andrew Nembhard

Environmental Services          Environmental Services        Andy McCartan
                                Perception and Behaviour

Exchequer management            Supplier satisfaction with   Karen Scarisbrick
                                payment process
Family Support                  Customer Satisfaction Survey Angela D‟Annunzio

Home ownership                  Customer Survey -             Ian Burgess
Housing Strategy & Investment   Propertypool                  Sue Mansfield

Housing Strategy & Investment   Consultation on Approach to   Chris Ferns
                                Ending Rough Sleeping         (Development Manager,
                                                              Housing Solutions)
Housing Strategy and Investment Fuel Poverty and Warm         Gaile Connoly
                                Homes Strategy and Action

Libraries & Information        Central Library public         Alan Metcalf

Libraries & Information        Toxteth library redevelopment John Keane
Libraries & Information        West Derby Consultation       Joyce Little

Licensing                      Review of Licensing Act 2003 Ian Hannant
                               Policy - Cumulative Impact

Licensing                      Review of Licensing Act 2003 Robin Thomaides
                               Policy - smoking in movies

Licensing                      Statement of Principles GA05 Ian Hannant
                               review of policy

Neighbourhood management       City Centre Perception         Mike Cockburn
services                       Survey

neighbourhood Management       Supporting the Place Survey Lesley Thompson
services                       data in interim years

Parks and Greenspaces          A review of fixed playground   G Nance
                               provision within parks and
Parks and Greenspaces         GreenStat Park Service       Giles Nance

Personalisation               Personalisation....the       Christine Beyga

Property & Asset Management   Customer satisfaction survey Elaine Hignett

Public Protection             Customer Focus Group         Nick Willasey
Public Protection                  Public Health & Housing       Peter Elles
                                   Enforcement Customer
                                   Satisfaction Survey

Public Protection                  Trading Standards Business    Allan Auty
                                   and Consumer Satisfaction
Public Protection                  Consultation on Air Quality   Paul Farrell
                                   Action Plan

Quality Performance Workforce      Carers satisfaction           Jane Weller
and Business Support

Quality Performance Workforce      Older People in Receipt of    Jonny Keville
and Business Support               Home Care

Registrars of Births, Deaths and   Register Office Customer      Pat Dobie
Marriages                          Satisfaction Survey
Safeguarding Review & Quality      Careline Customer             Alan Renshall
Assurance                          Satisfaction Survey
Safeguarding Support               Careline Customer             L Mekki
                                   Satisfaction Survey

St Georges Hall                    Customer monitoring           Alan Smith

Strategic planning                 Consultation on proposals     Tim Warren
                                   arising from Phase 2 part one
                                   of the Primary School Review

Strategic Planning                 Consultation on proposals to Tim Warren
                                   establish an academy in
                                   south Liverpool
Strategic Planning             Children and Young People‟s Paul Evans
                               Plan 2009-2011

Supporting People              Access Gateway Research       Kenny Robinson

Supporting People Service      Older People‟s Housing        Kenny Robinson

Tourism                        DisabledGo Renewal            Mark Stewart

Tourism                        Tourism Strategy              Keith Blundell

Tourism                        Customer Satisfaction Survey Jackie Crawford

Tourism                        Coach Welcome Scheme          Mark Stewart

Transport and Fleet services   SEN Transport customer        John Carrington
                               satisfaction survey
Transportation                 Liverpool transport model     Jayne Black

Transportation                 Public consultation on        Jon Robinson
                               individual schemes within the
                               transportation capital
Transportation                 Lighting Consultation and     Geoff Jones
                               Evaluation Survey

Transportation                 Review of Disabled Parking    Andy Barr

Transportation                 City Centre Movement           Christine Wray
                               Strategy: Castle Street design

Transportation                 National Highways and         Mike Peet
                               Transport Survey
Youth Offending Service        Service Performance           Catherine Griffiths
Purpose Of the Exercise                                                  Start Date       End Date

Liverpool's Community Support Services are delivered by partners             9/25/2009      10/23/2009
within the third (not for profit/social enterprise) and independent
sector. Many of these organisations had never been through a full
tender /procurement exercise prior to the letting of contract 1102
(Provision of Community Support Services) in 2009.
In recognition of this, significant support was facilitated by LCC
throughout the 18 month process, however, the project team feel
its critical that lessons for future procurement are captured and
these include vital feedback from the providers themselves.

To work in partnership with service users, carers and other                  3/31/2009       7/31/2009
stakeholders to agree membership and overall work plan for the
LLDMIH partnership for the forthcoming year, in readiness for the
launch of the new partnership in May
To ensure Liverpool is accountable and responsible for creating                2/1/2009      7/31/2009
effective mechanisms that ensure local people are at the heart of
policy development and decision making. To ensure we make
things happen.
To consult on the draft Integrated Commissioning Strategy for                  2/1/2009      7/31/2009
People with Physical and/or Sensory Impairments. Information will
be used to inform the final version of the commissioning strategy

To engage stakeholders in the next stage of the community                      2/1/2009      9/30/2009
services review

To engage stakeholders in phase 2 of the community services                    2/1/2009      7/31/2009
review. The aim of the review is to secure high quality, value for
money community support services (day support, care and
housing support, adult placement, employment) for a range of
client groups including people with learning disabilities, people with
mental health issues, older people and disabled people with
physical and sensory impairments.

To obtain information to inform future service                               5/19/2009       5/19/2010
To gather the experiences of bullying amongst young people in                11/6/2009      11/27/2009
Liverpool to measure the impact of the Anti Bullying Strategy and
inform future targeting.
At the end of 2005, Liverpool‟s Citysafe Partnership commissioned    11/2/2009   11/30/2009
Stormbreak Ltd, a specialist consultancy in gay related research,
to conduct a study into perceived levels of safety of the Lesbian,
Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual (LGB) communities in Liverpool.
The Stormbreak Report highlighted concerns about homophobic
bullying experienced by school age children and the need for
coordinated action.
In response to this, the Anti-Homophobic Bullying Forum was
established in February 2008 to develop and implement a city wide
approach to tackling homophobic bullying, bringing together the
collective efforts of partners and young people. The Forum has
produced a draft Anti Homophobic Bullying Strategy for 2009 –
To ensure the development of an equitable single funding formula      9/1/2009   10/23/2009
through full provider engagement

To measure the extent to which parents are satisfied with services    9/1/2009    3/31/2010
delivered by Liverpool Children Centres in order to provide robust
statistically reliable results and inform strategic planning.

To asses how "teenage parent friendly" Children's Centres are and     9/1/2009    3/31/2010
to use results to improve the way services are provided in the
To consult with parents who participate in the formal governing       9/1/2009    3/31/2010
arrangements at Sure Start Children's Centres in order to
ascertain their views on how they can be better supported in
contributing to service planning and delivery.
To consult on the proposals to move towards a standardised set of    12/1/2008    8/31/2010
term dates across the Merseyside region and to see whether the
proposed dates work in practice.
To consult the Liverpool community on the new anti-social             7/8/2009    7/15/2009
behaviour guide
To consult the Liverpool community on the new Charter of Mutual       9/8/2009    10/1/2009

To consult with partners, Members and the community on the new       1/15/2010    3/12/2010
Hate Crime Reduction Policy
To gauge people's views of the Annual Plan. Findings will be used     4/1/2009    1/29/2010
to inform the development of next year's Annual Plan.
To consult victims and stakeholders in relation to Domestic           2/8/2010    4/16/2010
Violence (Abuse) Strategy to ensure Strategy is shared, reflects
needs and is `owned'.
The Commissioning Business Unit is driving improvements in               4/1/2009   3/31/2010
commissioning across the Children's Trust. A key aspect of that
work is to embed service user consultation into the performance
management process for all providers contracted to deliver
provision on our behalf. This would ensure children and young
people are involved in the development, design and ongoing
monitoring of provision. It would also help to shape the
commissioning priorities established within the Children and
Young Peoples Plan.
Liverpool City Council works closely with other public services         9/29/2008   12/9/2009
such as the police, health, business and community
representatives to make decisions about the provision of services
for local people. To do this we need to know what residents think
about what it‟s likes to live in the area so they can be certain they
are dealing with the issues and concerns that matter. This survey
asks residents opinions about aspects of the quality of life in their
local area (such as community safety, local services etc) which we
know are important to local people. The findings from this
research will be used to see how well Liverpool City Council and
its partners are doing at delivering the services that matter to
residents and to decide what needs done differently in the future

The purpose of this consultation is to seek views on the                1/18/2010   7/31/2010
investment priorities for its 2011-14 recurrent grant funding
programme for voluntary and community organisations in the city

This exercise will determine the effectiveness of the 'Have your         4/1/2009   3/31/2010
say' scheme in the handling of customer complaints

Consult with members from all communities on the 6 equality             9/15/2009   3/31/2010

To establish the public perception of the current provision, usage       3/1/2010   4/30/2010
and service delivery of waste management services within
Liverpool. To act as a means by which to target and increase
recycling participation amongst low performing areas.
A sample from the vendor data base held on SAP                           1/2/2010   3/31/2010

The Customer Satisfaction Survey aims to quality assure service          4/1/2009   3/31/2010
delivery / confirm that service is "fit-for-purpose" by obtaining
feedback from service users.
to take feedback on standard of service provided and provision of        4/1/2009   4/30/2009
information to customers
Feedback on customer experience of using Propertypool                    4/1/2009   3/31/2010

To consult stakeholders on a new approach to reducing rough             5/22/2009   5/22/2009
sleeping in line with the new National Rough Sleepers Strategy 'No
One Left Out' with the aim of eradicating rough sleeping by 2012.
To consult widely on the new Fuel Poverty and Warm Homes            9/21/2009   11/30/2009
Strategy and Action Plan.

To consult on the current services offered by the Central Library    4/2/2009   12/31/2009
and Archive in William Brown Street and explore people's views
on the future services which could be offered in the refurbished
To consult on the services delivered from the refurbished Toxteth    4/1/2009   10/31/2009
To obtain public views on the services provided from the proposed    7/1/2009    3/31/2010
new library in West Derby School
To seek to amend the policy which would prevent further licensed     9/1/2009   12/14/2009
premises in certain areas of the LCC area

To seek to amend the current policy with effect that all movies     7/20/2009   10/12/2009
showing smoking be re-certificated as "18"

The Gambling Act 2005 requires that the Statement of Principles     9/21/2009   10/23/2009
regarding how LCC deals with premises licensed under the Act is
reviewed every three years. Since the initial policy was drawn up
there have been a number of amendments to the legislation and
Guidance and these changes have been incorporated into the
draft policy which requires statutory consultation.

To measure residents and visitors perceptions of Liverpool City      4/1/2009    6/30/2009

The place survey replaces the annual quality of life survey and     10/1/2009    3/31/2010
seeks to establish how local people feel about their local area.
This is a statutory perception based survey which must be carried
out by all councils every 2 years. NB: Liverpool intends to
distribute this survey every year rather than every two.
As the annual exercise has not been agreed Neighbourhood
Management Services intends to examine approaches to
collecting comparable Place Survey data through a combination of
focus groups in each NMA and questionnaires
To inform the development of our future Playground Policy to         5/1/2009   12/31/2009
ensure access is equitable all
GreenStat is a national park and park service user survey which           5/1/2010    3/31/2011
is provided by Greenspace; a registered charity which works to
improve parks and green spaces by raising awareness, involving
communities and creating skilled professionals. Sponsored by
CABE, the survey will give a direction to travel indicator for the
Business Unit and help it to align priorities in order to address the
needs of the customer. We will be rolling out our survey as part of
the Respect Weeks programme, across the city.
GreenStat has also been rolled out nationally and therefore the
opportunity exists to measure our performance against like for like
authorities, in particular Core Cities.
This consultation is being held because there are some important         1/27/2009    9/30/2009
changes to the way that Adult Social Care will be delivered in the
future. Liverpool City Council needs to ensure that the views of
existing and new users of the service are taken into account
before final decisions are made.
These changes are being driven by Central Government and there
will be some aspects over which councils have little choice if they
are to meet the national agenda for change.

However, there are some areas where there are a number of
options within the new Social Care model we are designing. The
consultation aims to give some background to the current system
and how we wish to carry the changes forward.

We have now completed the feedback report from phase one –
„Personalisation - the conversation begins……‟. There have been
a series of events for people who use services, Carers, Social
Care Workforce, Care and Support Providers and Elected

There have been regular updates to the Health, Care and
Safeguarding Select Committee, a Members Seminar and a
briefing to the Executive Board.

A completed feedback report from phase 1 has now been
completed and disseminatedto service all participants, key
Seek comments with regard widely to provided by our partner /            7/10/2009    8/31/2009
agents 2020 Liverpool Ltd
To consult on new initiatives/service standards                         11/10/2009   11/10/2009

Date set for next focus group is Tuesday 10.11.09. To be held in
Herculaneum Room, Millennium House 4pm to 6pm. Agenda to
include a review of our Business Units Customer Care Standards,
information on the following initiatives, Emergency Plannings 'Lets
get ready Liverpool', Environmental Protections Live Air, Trading
Standards PCT funded initiatives and The Markets Charter
As part of the BME Housing Strategy there is a target for Public         10/31/2009    3/31/2010
Protection to monitor and ensure that service take up reflects the
ethnicity of the community.

In addition the survey will also act as a customer satisfaction
To measure user satisfaction                                              1/25/2010    3/31/2010

To include the views of all internal and external key stakeholders         5/1/2009    3/31/2010
on how LCC will address poor air quality by identifying the actions
needed to deliver necessary improvements

The carers pilot survey was carried out and the national report has        4/1/2009    6/14/2009
been published. Information received from the pilot survey was
fed back to the carers JCG and is to be used as part of the
commissioning plan.
Understand the experience of older people currently in receipt of          2/1/2009    5/31/2009
LCC and Commissioned domiciliary care

Gauge Customer satisfaction with the level of service provided             7/1/2009    7/31/2009

To quality assure service delivery / confirm that the service is 'fit-     4/1/2009    3/31/2010
for-purpose' by obtaining feedback from users
The Careline Customer Satisfaction Monthly Survey aims to                  4/1/2009    3/31/2010
quality assure service delivery from Careline and the Safeguarding
Support Service to confirm that service is "fit-for-purpose".

To review customer perception of the Hall and its services/facilities     10/1/2009   11/30/2009
to set targets for improvement
To consult on any proposals to make changes to the organisation           4/23/2009    1/30/2010
of primary school provision in the Princes Park, Riverside and St
Michael‟s wards.

To consult on proposals to replace New Heys Community                      6/5/2009   12/31/2009
Comprehensive School and St Benedict‟s Catholic College with an
Statutory annual review and refresh of Children and Young               12/11/2009    4/13/2010
People‟s Plan 2009-2011

Assess feasibility of developing an Access gateway to improve             7/7/2008   10/31/2009
access into and out of short-term accommodation
To consult on the development of an Older Person‟s Housing                3/1/2009    3/31/2010
Strategy with some emphasis on the development of a Home
Improvement agency and the long term future of sheltered and
extra care housing
To consult on the update and contract renewal of the Disabled Go         6/15/2009    7/31/2009
information website.
To produce a tourism strategy for Liverpool to 2024 in line with         11/2/2009    2/26/2010
Liverpool First
to ascertain and benchmark (where possible) customer                      8/1/2009    8/31/2009
experience and perceptions of the tourist information service
To consult the coach and groups sector on the attractiveness of           7/1/2009    9/30/2009
and willingness to use a Coach Welcome scheme in Liverpool
were one to be established.
To establish satisfaction levels of SEN Transport customers               7/1/2009    7/31/2009

This exercise will enable the council, and its transport partners, to    3/16/2009    5/25/2009
develop a computer transport model of the city. This will help us to
plan future improvements on the highway network, helping to
reduce congestions, improve journeys and understand the impact
of new developments. The questions in the survey are designed to
find out how people are travelling (car, van etc) and what for
(education, employment etc). Origin and destination addresses
are also collected together with the number of passengers and
where motorists are parked.
To assess the views of the community on highway proposals and             4/1/2009    3/31/2010
where appropriate to involve communities in scheme development

To evaluate the effectiveness of street lighting design and               9/8/2009    3/31/2010

Funding has been secured and report is in draft form. Final report
should be ready March 2010
To review on street disabled parking provision across the City            1/1/2009    1/31/2010
Centre, and identify potential for new spaces
To consult with members of the public and businesses with regard          9/1/2009    9/15/2009
to public realm and traffic management proposals in Castle Street

To engage customers on a wide spectrum of highways and                   6/30/2009    9/30/2009
transport services and compare with peer groups.
To gather information from young people that will help to reduce          4/1/2009    3/31/2010
the risk of re-offending once the sentence is completed.
Who will be consulted (inc. members)                        Method to be Used

All providers who submitted a tender for community          Electronic questionnaire
support services (phases 1 and 2)

Service users and carer reps, commissioning officers,       Information via Powerpoint,
lead for LD, task group and sub group chairs                workgroups, Easy read material

Older people representatives and stakeholders               Presentations, work groups

A range of stakeholders, service users, carers and          Information to be given via
members of the JCG for disabled people with a physical      presentations, email, post
and or sensory impairment.

A range of service users and carers who could be            Information sessions and one to
potentially affected by the community service review. To    one interviews,
inform people about the process and provide an
opportunity for service users and carers to ask questions
and give feedback on the process.
Service users and carers who may be affected by services    Service users and carers who
included in Phase 2 of the review.                          may be affected by services
                                                            included in Phase 2 of the review
                                                            were able to influence the content
                                                            of the service descriptions via
                                                            reference groups, and were also
                                                            invited to become independent
                                                            user and carer consultants to sit
Service users exiting the homelessness service              Interview survey document
Children and young people                                   Questionnaire
All members of the Liverpool Anti Homophobic Forum /         City Council internet / hard copies
Alliance / Head Teachers / Executive Members                 on request

all providers of Early Years education/childcare             Questionnaire

Users of children centre services.                           Postal evaluation and focus

A small number of young parents will be recruited to visit   Mystery shop
Children's Centres to assess the reception they receive
and to rate services available against an agreed criteria
Parents who are members of individual management
boards will be consulted

Managers, staff, governors and parents in schools,           Document consulted on. Focus
councillors, trade unions, the Archdiocese and Diocese       groups will be held during the
                                                             2009/10 academic year.
Community crime fighters                                     Work shop on 08/07/09

LCVS, Community Cohesion Steering group members              Circulation of Charter for
                                                             comment, Discussion during
                                                             CoCo Meeting
Members, Partners, General Public, Trade Unions and          Electronic Questionnaire
local authority employees
Residents, Members, Partners                                 Internet / Consultation Feedback
                                                             Flyer in Summary
survivors of domestic violence, victims, partners,           circulation of strategy and
Members                                                      associated action plan for
                                                             comments to listed forums and
Service Users                                             To be determined by service in
                                                          consultation with commissioners
                                                          and marketing advisers as
                                                          appropriate, e.g. signposting to
                                                          LCC Consultation Strategy, focus
                                                          groups and surveys.

Residents                                                 Postal survey

Members , Officers, actual and potential service users,   Various, briefings, presentations,
actual and potential grant holders , partner agencies     surveys , discussions , interviews

Customers who have submitted a complaint under the        A questionnaire
'Have your say' scheme will be consulted

A range of stakeholders including, HoBu's, members,       various methods including
citizens from all communities/networks                    briefings, open day events,
                                                          presentations, email, post,
Residents                                                 Fact to face contacting (door

vendors                                                   letter

Service Users/Children                                    Questionnaire

Individual Mortgage Account Customers                     Postal Survey

Applicants for Housing                                    With renewals various methods
Providers of services, lead Member, Service Users,        Stakeholder event / DVD of
department of Communities and Local Government            service users views
residents, neighbourhood groups, energy groups and           Resident consultation will be
voluntary organisations, local councillors                   organised by Marketing Division
                                                             via a formal tender exercise. Also
                                                             use of existing networks and
                                                             groups of agencies.
General public - users, non users and children               Focus Groups

Public, Elected Members                                      Meetings, HYS, Online feedback

Public                                                       Telephone

residents/businesses in relevant areas, responsible          questionnaire/telephone/face to
authorities ie police, community groups (including hard to   face focus groups
reach groups), licensees/breweries/leisure companies
cinema owners/licensees/responsible                          Questionnaire/telephone
authorities/members/tobacco industry/BBFC

members, stakeholders, licensees, interested parties -       questionnaire, telephone
legislation dictates who must be consulted                   interviews

1,281 face to face interviews along with 120 telephone     Questionnaire interview – face to
interviews with users of Liverpool City Centre. The sample face and telephone
covers night time users, day time users and City Centre
A representative sample of local people                    Questionnaire and focus groups

schools in close proximity to existing facilities, community To be determined
groups, stakeholders and partners.
Park users and general members of the public will be       face to face interviews in parks or
consulted                                                  at “Respect Week” events
                                                           through out the city.

People who use care and support services, their families   Face to face consultation events,
and Carers, Health, Care and Safeguarding Select           surveys, focus groups,
Committee, Executive Board.                                presentations, leaflets, media
                                                           coverage and written reports

Industrial and commercial tenants                          postal questionnaire

Attendees are being invited from the Liverpool Community Focus Group
Network and from previous customer consultation
exercised undertaken within the business unit
A random sample of service users                            Telephone survey

Random sample of consumers and businesses                   Postal Survey

Internal: Members, LCC Transport, LCC Planning            Questionnaires, Key stakeholder
External: Merseytravel, Bus Operators, neighbouring local workshops, consultation with
authorities, members of public                            public through citizens panel.

Unpaid carers                                               Questionnaire

older people (over 65) currently in receipt of LCC and      Postal and telephone survey
Commissioned domiciliary care

All customers                                               Questionnaire

Looked after children                                       Direct participation in reviews

Referers to the service                                     Questionnaire

Members of the public who visit the Hall                    Paper questionnaires

A wide range of stakeholders including parents, pupils,     Consultation leaflets and
governors, staff of all primary schools in the area, ward   meetings for parents, pupils,
members, Members of Parliament, local community             governors, staff at schools
organisations                                               affected by the proposals

A wide range of stakeholders including parents, pupils,     Consultation leaflets and
governors, staff of schools affected, ward members,         meetings for parents, pupils,
Members of Parliament, local community organisations        governors, staff at schools
                                                            affected by the proposals
Statutory consultees and key stakeholders (includes all   Questionnaire, focus groups,
elected Members)                                          workshops, presentations,
                                                          progress report cards
Providers, stakeholders, commissioners and service        face to fasce meetings, focus
users                                                     groups, events
Older People, PCT, RSLs, Support providers, Adult Social Stakeholder Events,
Care, Housing Strategy. Overseen by Multi-Agency         neighbourhood based focus
Steering Group                                           groups and postal survey to
                                                         10,000 older households
DisabledGo Steering Group                                 Letter/email with short
Members, businesses, regional and sub regional bodies,    one to one meetings, workshops
cultural partners (not exhaustive)
                                                      Face to face interviews, email
Customers of the service (counter, telephone and email)
                                                      and post questionnaire, self-
Members of Confederation of Passenger Transport & The completion tbc
                                                      On-line questionnaire
Mersey Partnership

All SEN transport parents / guardians                     Marketing Services

Members of the travelling public around the city          Survey - cars will be pulled over
                                                          by the police and interviewers will
                                                          ask the member of the public a
                                                          series of quick questions. The
                                                          survey is programmed to last
                                                          approximately 1 minute.

Local communities directly affected by a proposed         Direct mail Exhibitions
scheme, Ward members                                      Workshops (as appropriate)

Local community, Ward members as appropriate              Qualitative surveys, Focus

Local communities affected by proposed a proposed         Corporate Access Group, Local
scheme, Ward Members                                      Disability Groups
Businesses, members of the public, Cllr Warren Bradley,   Exhibition, public engagement
Cllr Peter Millea, Cllr Gary Millar, bus operators,
A sample of residents                                     Letter and questionnaire

Young people convicted of an offence and given a          On line Questionnaire
community or custodial sentence.
If yes provide
name of policy or
service being

The review of
Community Services

Accommodation -
Early Years Single
Funding Formula


Hate Crime Policy

Domestic Violence
Resources Unit
Funding Programme

Single Equality
Scheme undertaken
by Equal
Opportunities Team

Allocations Policy

Rough Sleepers Re-
ablement Service /
Fuel Poverty and
Warm Homes

Licensing Act 2003

Licensing Act 2003

Fixed Playground
Policy for Parks and
Transformation of
Adult Social Care
No, but as part of
the consultation
process an equality
impact assessment
will be undertaken to
ensure that those
groups most
disadvantaged by
poor air quality will
be included.

findings of the
consultation will be
utilised to support
the completion of an
equality impact
assessment which is
an integral part of
the City Council‟s
decision making
Children and Young
People‟s Plan



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