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									Beyond The Rank Awards - Cub Scout Awards
Symbol Key: $ = Financial Donation; W = Webelo; X = applies to this group; OA = Order of the Arrow;
Rlgs = Religious; VL = Varsity Leader; VA = Varsity Advisor; TA = Troop and Adult; Y = Youth; U = Unit

                  Web Address                                                                    Description
                                                                                This program of the World Scout Foundation
                                              Baden-Powell World                recognizes individuals for their financial support
     Baden Powell World Fellowship                                        $
                                                  Fellowship                    of world Scouting. See "World Scout
 8                                                                              Foundation."
                                                                                The BSA Family Award is earned by a Cub Scout
                                                                                and his family when they complete five of eight
     Family Award                             BSA Family Award            X
                                                                                requirements that are outlined in the BSA Family
10                                                                              Book.
15   Crime Prevention                      Crime Prevention Award*        *     (on verge of extinction)
                                                                                The Emergency Preparedness Award, in
                                           Emergency Preparedness
     Emergency Preparedness                                               X     cooperation with the Federal Department of
27                                                                              Homeland Security.

                                                                        Is a collaboration between the Boy Scouts of
                                                                        America and the Salvation Army, Habitat for
     Good Turn For America                  Good Turn for America     X Humanity, American Red Cross, and thousands
                                                                        of other community organizations that focuses
                                                                        the power of volunteerism on important
35                                                                      community issues.
                                                                        This unofficial award/patch is presented to the
                                                                        Webelos Scout who has earned every activity
                                                                        pin that there is to earn! We call it the Heavy
     Heavy Shoulder Award                  Heavy Shoulder Award*      W Shoulder Award, because with all those pins on
                                                                        their colors, their shoulders sag from all that
36                                                                      metal!
                                                                        Participation in an international activity or
     International Activity Badge        International Activity Badge X
42                                                                      program as defined by a local council.
                                           International Friendship
     International Friendship Award                                       X Kandersteg International Scout Center

                                                                            The U.S. Scouting Service Project encourages
     Internet Scout                          Internet Scout Patch         X Scouts and Scouters from around the world to
                                                                            learn about the Internet and how to use the
45                                                                          Internet safely.
                                                                            Sufficient evidence of the
     Interpreter Strip                            Interpreter             X Scout/Explorers/Scouters' ability to
46                                                                          read/write/speak/understand the language.
                                               Leave No Trace -
     Leave No Trace - Awareness                                           X
52                                                Awareness                     Skills award
     Leave No Trace - Training            Leave No Trace - Training       X
53                                                                              Training Award (See Curriculum)
                                                                                May be awarded by the National Court of Honor
                                                                                to a registered youth member or adult leader
                                                                                who has performed an act of service of a rare or
     Medal of Merit                              Medal of Merit           X     exceptional character that reflects an uncommon
                                                                                degree of concern for the well-being of other
56                                                                              people.
                                                                                The Mission: Family! program is the only patch a
     Mission Family                             Mission Family            *
58                                                                              parent can earn for their son.
                                                                                This award may be presented by the National
                                                                                Court of Honor to a registered BSA member,
     National Certificate of Merit        National Certificate of Merit   X     youth or adult, who has performed a significant
                                                                                act of service that is deserving of special
61                                                                              national recognition.
                                                                                An award to recognize Cub Scout dens that
     National Den Award                       National Den Award          X
62                                                                              provide quality year-round program.
                                                                                A Cub Scout pack can earn this award by
                                                                                planning and conducting three pack
                                          National Summertime Pack              activities—one each in June, July, and August.
     National Summertime Award                                            X     Cub Scouts who participate in all three activities
                                                                                may wear the National Summertime Pack Award
66                                                                              pin.
67   Cold Weather Adventure                          OKPIK                      Cold-weather adventure program.
                                                                                To agree to become an organ donor, and to fill
     Organ Donor                           Organ donor Awareness*         X
68                                                                              out and carry an Organ Donor Card
                                                                                Scout or Scouter must be involved in organizing
     Organizer Award                           Organizer Award            X
69                                                                              a new BSA unit.

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                                                                            Any individual, family, or group can receive
                                                President’s Volunteer       Presidential recognition for volunteer hours
      Presidents Volunteer Service                                        X
                                                   Service Award            earned over a 12-month period or over the
75                                                                          course of a lifetime at home or abroad.
                                                                            Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts may earn the
      Recruiter                                       Recruiter           X Recruiter Strip by recruiting other boys to join
79                                                                          scouts.

                                                                            Youth members may earn a religious emblem in
                                                                            their faith. Such an emblem is not a Scouting
      Religious Emblems                          Religious Emblems        X award. It is conferred on youth members by
                                                                            their religious leaders. Each faith has its own
                                                                            requirements for earning its emblem. Adult
80                                                                          recognitions are also availabl

      Scout Sunday                                  Scout Sunday          X Recognition for participation in Scout Sunday
83                                                                          (Feb) by all Faiths. see your Local Council.
92    Service Stars                                 Service Stars         X Recognition of years of scouting.

                                                                            The Super Achiever award is for Webelos scouts
                                                                            that earn all 20 activity pins before their Arrow
      Super Achiever Award                     Super Achiever Award       W of Light ceremony. This award is a council-
                                                                            specific award, not an official advancement
98                                                                          award. (See: Heavy Shoulder Award*)
                                                                            Recognition for learning about the heritage of
                                               United States Heritage
      US States Heritage Award                                            X the United States of America, and being
                                                    Award Silver
105                                                                         involved.

      Veteran Unit Bar                            Veteran Unit Bar        X Worn by boys and adult leaders of units that
117                                                                         have been chartered 25 years or longer.
                                                                            An award emphasizing the importance of our
                                                                            natural resources and our interdependence with
      World Conservation                     World Conservation Award     X other countries in our world environment.
                                                                            Requirements differ for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts
123                                                                         and Ventures.
                                                                            Scouts, and Venturers to “think globally” and
      World Crest                                    World Crest          X “act locally” to preserve and improve our
126                                                                         environment.

                                                                            Through the World Friendship Fund, voluntary
                                                                            contributions of Scouts and leaders are
      World Friendship Award                   World Friendship Fund      X transformed into cooperative projects that help
                                                                            Scouting associations in other countries to
                                                                            strengthen and extend their Scouting programs.
127                                                                         Minimum $10 donation.

                                                                            TRAIL (Teaching Resources And Individual
                                                                            Leadership) Bosses are Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts,
      Patch available but no documentation          TRAIL Boss            X Varsity Scouts, and Venturers who have learned
                                                                            how to lead volunteers completing
130                                                                         environmental work on public lands.
                                                                            This may be awarded for recognizing acts that
                                             Local Council Certificate of   the council committee does not feel qualify for
      Patch available but no documentation                                X
                                                       Merit                national recognition but should receive some
                                                                            A lifesaving award presented to a registered
                                                                            youth member or adult leader who has
                                             Honor Medal(s) - Lifesaving
      Heroism                                                             X demonstrated unusual heroism in saving or
                                                      Award                 attempting to save a life at considerable risk to

                                                                            A posthumous recognition for youth members
      Spirit of the Eagle Award               Spirit of the Eagle Award   X
                                                                            who died as a result of accident or illness.
                                                                            Awarded by the National Court of Honor.
                                                                            To recognize participation in unit, council, and
      International Activity Badge           International Activity Badge X
                                                                            world scouting international activities.

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