Cleaner and greener by decree


									Section 3: Your money gets results

Cleaner and greener
We know how important clean and well-maintained streets and parks are
to our residents. So last year we put time and effort into making sure they
are just that. We continued our work to get rid of dog mess by establishing
more dog-free zones, issuing Dog Control Orders and introducing new
cleaning equipment.

We’ve also gone the extra mile to make sure people of all ages can enjoy
our green spaces. This hard work was recognised in the London in Bloom
competition, where we were crowned “Overall Winners”. Plus, eight of the
borough’s parks gained green flags – national awards given to open spaces
considered outstanding by the Civic Trust.                                                                        “ Now
We’re committed to doing what we can to reduce the borough’s impact on                                             recyc e can
the environment, and there’s a whole range of ways in which your money                                            make le plastic
has helped us achieve this, while also making Islington cleaner. In the past
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12 months we:
 invested £9m as part of a three-year project to improve parks and green spaces
 embarked on a £20m investment programme to renew 150 roads and
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 pavements over a two-year period
 invested £400,000 on a revamp of Cally pool
 extended the peppercorn lease to the Freightliners Farm charity – where                                                week ng
 residents can learn and interact with the environment – for another 50 years                                Highb          .”
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                                                                                                                    Mann sident
 provided grants of up to £2,000 each to a number of home owners and private
 tenants to help make homes more energy efficient and reduce heating costs
 were one of only two London boroughs to receive a green flag from the Audit
 Commission for our climate change work
 added £1m to the Climate Change Fund – which supports and funds energy and
 transport projects that help reduce our CO2 emissions
 trained 12 local residents to become volunteer domestic energy advisers
 gave away over 2,500 dog fouling bags and issued more than 600 informal                              improved
 cautions for dog fouling.                                                            Last year we rvices so
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                                                                                       you can recyc          to
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Section 3: Your money gets results                                                    Section 3: Your money gets results

Of course, to achieve our aim of making Islington one of the cleanest and
greenest boroughs in London, there’s still more to do. So this year we plan to:        Getting environmentally friendly
 help the borough cut emissions by 40% by the end of 2020                              We take the responsibility of tackling climate change very seriously.
 increase the amount of waste that is recycled to 37%                                  So last year we committed to help the borough reduce carbon emissions
 plant more than 700 trees in the borough                                              by 40% by 2020.
 invest in ‘Bright Spark’, a project that will provide Islington residents with        One area we’ve prioritised is helping people travel in a more sustainable
 easy ways to reuse, repair or recycle their old electrical items rather than          way by working to reduce transport-related emissions across the
 putting them in the rubbish                                                           borough. Under the council’s emission-based permit charging, owners
 invest in 80 food-growing projects – helping residents grow their own food,           of electric vehicles now receive free residents’ parking permits.
 which saves money and promotes healthy eating.
                                                                                       Another way in which we’ve made it
                                                                                       easier for you to do your bit is with
 The Poover                                                                            our improved household recycling
                                                                                       services. You can now recycle a
 With clean streets and responsible dog ownership both top priorities for you,
                                                                                       whole range of plastic packaging,
 we came up with an innovative way of tackling the problem of dog mess in
                                                                                       in addition to paper and card, tins
 Islington. As part of our investment in cleaning machines for the borough’s
                                                                                       and cans, and glass bottles and jars.
 streets, we introduced the Poover! This spraying, sucking, faeces-devouring
                                                                                       Thanks to this, last year we sent
 machine is the first in the country and is on a street near you!
                                                                                       30% less waste to landfill. We also
 The Poover is a modified Honda 125cc bike, specially fitted with a water              set up our ‘Recycling Islington’
 and suction kit. It removes dog faeces from our streets by spraying a jet of          Facebook page so you can get the
 water to loosen it and then removing the mess with a suction mechanism.               latest information about recycling
 A fragrant detergent sterilises the area simultaneously.                              in the borough.
                                                                                       Juliet, an Islington resident who has
                                                                                       been recycling in the borough for
                                                                                       many years, says: “We all want to
                                                                                       do our bit to help the environment
                                                                                       and now that we can recycle our
                                                                                       drinks cartons and household plastic packaging, it makes it easier to
  In 2010/1                                                                            recycle more. It means I have less rubbish to throw out every week.
  want Isling we                                                                       It is such a noticeable difference.”
 be cleaner n to                                                                       So what if you are out and about and want to recycle? Good question
             and                                                                       and one we can now answer. Last year we placed 30 new recycling bins
 greener th
            an ever.                                                                   along Upper Street between Highbury Corner and Angel tube. The bins
                                                                                       are easy to spot and take the full range of recyclable materials. It all adds
                                                                                       up to a cleaner and greener place to live.

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