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									BlackBerry from Vodafone
Upgrade Guide
for BlackBerry Enterprise Solution (BES)

Issued on: 11 August 2005

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BlackBerry Wireless Handheld Upgrade Guide
for BlackBerry Internet Solution (BES)

This upgrade guide provides the necessary steps required to upgrade your
BlackBerry from Vodafone to version 4.0.2. Please note this upgrade is ONLY
applicable to BlackBerry handheld purchased from SmarTone-Vodafone.

In order to upgrade your BlackBerry Wireless Handheld to version 4.0.2, you must:
I)     Install/Upgrade the BlackBerry Desktop Manager Software to version 4.0.1
II)    Install Handheld Software to the BlackBerry Desktop Manager
III)   Upgrade BlackBerry Handheld Software

Hardware Requirements for HandHeld Upgrade
   Personal computer (Intel® compatible 486 or higher) running Microsoft® Windows
   2000 or Windows XP with USB 1.1 or higher port available

   USB cable that comes with your BlackBerry from Vodafone

A. Install/Upgrade the Desktop Manager Software
   <If you are upgrading please first remove existing BlackBerry Desktop Manager that is installed in your PC>

   1. Download the Desktop Manager Software from SmarTone-Vodafone website
      to your PC and run (by double clicking the downloaded file “40119dt.exe”) to

   2. When below welcome box appears click “Next”

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3. Select “Hong Kong” and then click “Next”

4. Read the License Agreement, if you accept the details select “I accept the
   terms in the license agreement” and then click “Next”

5. Enter “Customer Information” in the box below accordingly then click “Next”

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6. Confirm the Destination Folder which the Desktop Manager is to be installed
   then click “Next”

7. Select “Typical” (Recommend) or “Custom” Setup Type, and then click

8. When below box appears select “BlackBerry Enterprise Server or
   BlackBerry Desktop Redirector” then click “Next”

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9. Choose the Messaging System accordingly and then click “Next”

10. When the “Messaging Redirection” box appears select “Redirect messages
    using BlackBerry Enterprise Server” then click “Next”

11. Select your “Shortcut Installation Options” and the click “Next”

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12. Click “Install” to start installation

13. Below box will be displayed during installation

14. Make sure the two checkboxes in the box below are unchecked and then
    click “Finish” to complete installation

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B. Install Handheld Software to the BlackBerry Desktop Manager
  1. Download the handheld software from SmarTone-Vodafone website and save
     the file in a PC folder (can be any folder of your choice). Then go to Windows
     Explorer and start the installation by double clicking the related file.
     Handheld 7100v:     7100C_PBr4[1].0.2_rel49_PL1.8.0.138_A4.0.2.35-SMART.exe

     Handheld 7290:      7290C_PBr4[1].0.2_rel49_PL1.8.0.138_A4.0.2.35-SMART.exe

     For 7290 you can select the language for the installation, in below box just
     select “English” then click “OK”

     When below box appears click “Next”

  2. Select “Hong Kong” and then click “Next”

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3. Read the License Agreement, if you agree the details select “I accept the
   terms in the license agreement” and then click “Next”

4. During installation below box will be displayed on screen

5. Click “Finish” to complete installation

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6. To check that the new handheld software has been added to the Desktop
   Manager you need to first launch the Desktop Manager

   6.1    On Windows task bar click “Start”

   6.2    Click Programs > BlackBerry > Desktop Manager

7. Click “Help” and then select “About Desktop Manager”

8. Click the “Handheld Software” tab and check that the version 4.0.2 handheld
   software for your handheld model has been added

If you have installed the 7290 software then you should see
“v4.02.35 (Platform for the BlackBerry 7290 Wireless Handheld”

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C. Upgrade BlackBerry Handheld Software
  1. Connect handheld to PC and launch Desktop Manager

     1.1 Connect handheld to PC via USB cable

     1.2 On Windows taskbar click “Start”

     1.3 Click “Programs” > “BlackBerry” > “Desktop Manager”

     1.4 Make sure the status is “Connected” and your handheld BBPIN is

  2. If the “Application Updates Available” box appears then click “Update Now”

     If the “Application Updates Available” box does not appear double click
     “Application Loader” in Desktop Manager, wait for below “Application
     Loader Wizard” box to appear then click “Next”

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   Below “Retrieving Handheld Configuration” box will then appear on screen

3. When the “Handheld Application Selection” box appears, for 7100v check
   the Chinese support checkboxes and Password Keeper checkbox (do not
   change the status of the other checkboxes) then click “Next”. For 7290 just
   click “Next” to continue.

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4. Select first option to backup your handheld data before upgrading then click

5. Click “Finish” to start the loading process

6. During the loading process below box will be displayed, please do not
   disconnect your handheld from the PC until all the applications have been

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7. Click “Close” to complete upgrading your handheld

8. To check that your device has been upgraded, click “Settings” on your device
   and then select “About” from the menu and make sure you can see

   BlackBerryTM 7100 Wireless Handheld v4.0.2.35 (Platform or

   BlackBerryTM 7290 Wireless Handheld v4.0.2.35 (Platform

9. To enable you to use all the features of the new handheld software, you
    MUST perform “Enterprise Activation” with your handheld

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