Poland, 1918-1945 by P-TaylorFrancis


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									Poland, 1918-1945
Author: Peter Stachura

Based on extensive range of Polish, British, German, Jewish and Ukranian primary and secondary
sources, this work provides an objective appraisal of the inter-war period.Peter Stachura demonstrates
how the Republic overcame giant obstacles at home and abroad to achieve consolidation as an
independent state in the early 1920s, made relative economic progress, created a coherent social order,
produced an outstanding cultural scene, advanced educational opportunity, and adopted constructive and
even-handed policies towards its ethnic minorities.Without denying the defeats suffered by the Republic,
Peter Stachura demonstrates that the fate of Poland after 1945, with the imposition of an unwanted,
Soviet-dominated Communist system, was thoroughly undeserved.

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